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The 5 Best Kitchen Scales of 2023

We tested kitchen scales from Nicewell, Greater Goods, and others to find the very best
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Best Kitchen Scales of 2023
Precision eating requires precise measurements. A great kitchen scale is really an investment in a great diet.
Credit: Jediah Porter

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By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 3, 2023

Looking for the best kitchen scale? Our experts researched 27 models before selecting 10 of the best options to test side-by-side. This update includes this year's most popular models that we've tested in our kitchens. We take the time to assess unique features while using each day-to-day. All are evaluated by looking at ease of use, aesthetics, and accuracy, with our experts noting nuances and differences between each model. This unbiased approach is designed to be thorough and rigorous to help you find the perfect kitchen scale for your home.

From top-rated whisks to stand mixers, our experts have tested a wide variety of kitchen appliances and utensils. Whether you're looking for a killer deal or top-of-the-line products, our reviews can aid your quest for finding the best food processor, garlic press, rolling pin, pasta maker, and other culinary tools for your recipes.


Best High Capacity Scale

Nicewell 22-lb Digital Kitchen Scale

Surface Area (sq in): 45 | Lit Display: Yes
Heavy and stable
Clean design; no visible brand
Ten kg capacity
Touchscreen buttons

The Nicewell 22-lb Digital Kitchen Scale has a clean aesthetic and offers a much greater capacity than most other options. At 10 kg (about 22 pounds), the maximum capacity is more than enough for almost any home kitchen project. The base of the Nicewell is grippy, and the overall scale itself is pretty heavy. This makes for a highly stable scale that doesn't get easily pushed around.

The large, smooth, stainless steel platform of the Nicewell shows smudges and fingerprints more than others. Cleaning is only possible with gentle wiping; no liquids allowed, according to product instructions. In our accuracy testing, the Nicewell was decent but couldn't register the very smallest loads. Only a few scales in our review could differentiate between masses under three grams. If you're seeking a clean aesthetic, take a look at this beautiful stainless steel contender with a high capacity.

kitchen scale - the nicewell scale is sturdy and stable. for rosie's busy desk and...
The NiceWell scale is sturdy and stable. For Rosie's busy desk and fast-paced shipping, she liked that it stayed put through the jostling.
Credit: Jediah Porter


Good Performance at a Great Price

Greater Goods Digital Food and Kitchen

Surface Area (sq in): 39 | Lit Display: No
Thin and compact
Unobtrusive look
Nonstandard battery
Slow bootup

The Greater Goods Digital Food and Kitchen is small and sleek. The diminutive construction and grey color scheme virtually disappear in any kitchen, which we appreciate very much. In our accuracy test, it was an average performer. However, average accuracy, in this case, is pretty darn good. A one-gram error here and there is hardly noticeable in typical kitchen or home use.

The CR2032 battery is fairly common but not as standard as the AAA batteries that others employ. Thankfully, batteries in a kitchen scale last a long time. In our repeated, head-to-head boot-up races, the Greater Goods scored near the bottom of the pack. It differs from our leader by almost one second. This may seem minor, but in the application, this can mean the difference between actually using your scale for portion control versus skipping that step in your meal preparations. Boot-up time is one of the biggest differentiators in this otherwise pretty comparable category of consumer electronics. When weighing your food is an optional but valuable step, having a scale that powers on quickly removes a potential barrier to executing that task. This model is for those looking for a smaller scale at a good price.


Best Bang for the Buck

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction

Surface Area (sq in): 24.5 | Lit Display: No
Available in many colors
High capacity
Small platform

The Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction kitchen scale is versatile, compact, inexpensive, and as accurate as it claims to be. It boots up quickly and is available in many different colors. It uses standard AAA batteries. In our accuracy testing, it, along with just a few others, weighed every calibrated load exactly as advertised, to the nearest whole gram. The six-kilogram capacity of the Ozeri is larger than average.

Our primary complaint with the Ozeri is its small weighing platform. The round platform doesn't provide a lot of space to fit things onto the scale. The higher-than-average load capacity doesn't amount to much because you don't have space to put bigger items on the scale. One feature we did find to be useful is the small lip around the edge. Round things are a little less likely to roll off the Ozeri. Additionally, the unlit display screen was less pleasant to use than the backlit versions on higher-scoring models. Overall this is a basic but high-quality scale offered at a good price.

kitchen scale - the ozeri scale is simple, compact, and comes in a variety of...
The Ozeri scale is simple, compact, and comes in a variety of colors. It can be had for a very low price.
Credit: Jediah Porter


Best for Meal Preppers

Greater Goods Nourish Digital

Surface Area (sq in): 54 | Lit Display: Yes
Large surface area
Can calculate the nutritional content
Small display screen
Only offers grams and ounces as units

The Greater Goods Nourish Digital food scale is a niche option for those who want to get serious about meal prep and nutritional content. This scale comes with a handbook of over 2000 foods that, in conjunction with weighing your food, lets you enter a corresponding code that will tell you the nutritional content of whatever you weighed. Want to know how many calories are in that piece of cheese? The Nourish will tell you in one step. The display, though small, is backlit and easy to read. The scale is also equipped with rubberized feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. It has a reasonably fast bootup time, going from off to weigh-ready in about two seconds. Its accuracy, although not perfect, is in line with all the other scales we tested.

The nutritional content function makes the scale more complicated to use than most and is entirely reliant on having the food code bank manual on hand (or memorized, like those brilliant grocery store checkers that know every fruit and vegetable code). With its focus on nutritional content and meal prep, the only units it displays are grams and ounces. While you could use this to weigh anything, we found the nutritional content display to be visually distracting and too specialized for everyday use. If meal prep is part of your weekly ritual, this niche scale might be exactly what you're looking for.

kitchen scale - the greater goods nourish displaying the weight and nutritional...
The Greater Goods Nourish displaying the weight and nutritional content of a sweet potato.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Excellent Percentage Calculations

MyWeigh KD-8000

Surface Area (sq in): 45 | Lit Display: Yes
Wall plug or battery-powered
Removable, cleanable platform
Large and bulky
More moving parts complicate usage

The MyWeigh KD-8000 is a robust, full-function kitchen scale. It delivers weight results in a wide variety of formats, including baker-preferred percentage calculations. If you want to double (or halve or triple or adjust by 137%…) a recipe, this scale will do exactly that for you. You can measure out the initial amount and then add or remove the ingredient until the screen reflects the mathematical change you desire. We like that it will run on batteries or on wall power. No other scale we tested could be plugged into a wall outlet.

Compared to the other offerings, the KD-8000 is neither the most compact nor the easiest to use. With sensors, electronics, and power sources getting more and more compact all the time, other offerings are definitely smaller than the MyWeigh. Bulky and complicated to use, it takes up more than four times the space of any other award winner. The power cord alone is only a little less bulky than the entire AWS Pocket Scale. If percentage calculations and full functionality are what you need, look no further.

kitchen scale - the myweigh has a unique "percentage" feature. here we measured out...
The MyWeigh has a unique "percentage" feature. Here we measured out one serving of peanuts, and then removed half. Actually, we've removed 51.5%; 48.5% of the original serving remains. This is helpful in many food and recipe contexts.
Credit: Jediah Porter


Excellent Mini Scale

American Weigh Scale Digital Pocket

Surface Area (sq in): 7.5 | Lit Display: Yes
Accurate and precise
Small surface area
Small range (max 1.5 lb)

The American Weigh Scale Digital Pocket is just a little thicker than your average smartphone. It weighs small loads to the nearest tenth of a gram and displays readings on a clear, lit screen. Its weighing function is similar to that of a typical kitchen scale; it is just much smaller, with tighter resolution and a lower maximum weight. One of our favorite features is the additional space for an extra set of AAA batteries in the battery compartment. You can store extra, unused batteries inside the scale, ready for future use.

The American Weigh Scale Digital Pocket is much, much smaller in every way than the other products we tested. One of the most limiting factors is the low maximum capacity; six hundred grams, or about 1.5 pounds, isn't enough to weigh many of the things you really want to weigh. In our day-to-day use of scales, we have found that 5000g (or about 11 pounds) is a reasonable threshold for shipping estimates and recipe use. The AWS has a much lower capacity than that. For precise measurement of smaller loads, the AWS beats the rest of the competition.

kitchen scale - the aws pocket scale is tiny and very accurate at low ranges. here...
The AWS Pocket Scale is tiny and very accurate at low ranges. Here we weighed exactly one gram of popcorn kernels. We are confident in the mass because we had just tested this scale's calibration with a known 1g mass.
Credit: Jediah Porter


Kitchen Ready Units

Etekcity Kitchen Digital Scale

Surface Area (sq in): 30 | Lit Display: No
Lots of units options
Fast boot up
Smaller platform
suffered a little in our accuracy test

The Etekcity Kitchen Digital Scale features a wide selection of measurement units, is small, and looks clean and simple. It can measure in grams, ounces, and pounds. It will accurately deduce the volume of water and milk (and liquids of similar and respective density) by these fluids' mass.

We performed four different weight accuracy tests with each tested scale. Some got every single test correct to the nearest tenth of a gram. None had more than two errors, and when they did, the error was never more than one gram. The EtekCity missed two weights. This makes it the poorest performing scale, in terms of accuracy, in our test. One measurement was too much by one gram, and another was too little by one gram. This may sound dramatic, but it isn't. In all but the most precise of applications, the errors we found with the EtekCity will be entirely unimportant. If you commonly operate in such precise situations, you likely require a science-grade balance; consumer-grade kitchen electronics like this don't stack up. This is for the consumer looking for a wide range of unit selections that don't require absolute precision.


Removable Silicone Surface

OXO Good Grips 6-lb Precision

Surface Area (sq in): 32 | Lit Display: No
Removable, washable surface
Light and easily bumped
Touchscreen buttons

The Oxo Good Grips 6-lb Precision scale has a minimalist design. A couple of things stand out. First, especially in this age of enhanced attention to sanitation, we are glad to see the removable, washable weighing surface. You can replicate this on any scale with a dinner plate, but it is still somehow nice to see this feature integrated into the Oxo. Next, the screen of the Oxo includes a timer. This timer counts up from zero. It is better than nothing, but for kitchen use, we wonder why it doesn't count down and include a basic alarm.

The OXO is a fairly lightweight scale that offers less stability than its heavier competition. Although the difference is minor, heavier scales remain in place better during and in between use. Bumping and chasing your scale around the kitchen counter is a petty annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. We also generally prefer positive "click" buttons. The touchscreen of this model requires a little more attention than buttons that give clicking feedback. We appreciate the washable surface of this machine, and if you resonate with us on the importance of hygiene, you might like this unit.


Simple, Uniform Performance

Escali Primo Digital

Surface Area (sq in): 22 | Lit Display: No
Traditional round look
Unlit screen

The Escali Primo Digital scale is simple and perfectly measured all four of our calibrated accuracy-test loads. It looks like you expect a scale to look. If you have a guest in your kitchen or office and ask them to grab the scale, they'll identify it right away. Some of the other products do not look nearly as scale-like.

The initial purchase price is more than we'd expect for a product with this level of performance. We also wish the surface was a little larger. Finally, and especially at this price range, a lit screen would be very much appreciated with the Escali. Value and usability concerns like these are minor but are the things that differentiate products like this.


Excellent Price

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

Surface Area (sq in): 33 | Lit Display?: No
Lip on weighing surface
Above-average boot-up time
Accuracy issues

The Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale is simple and clean. It isn't perfect, but it'll do most kitchen and office jobs just fine. Given the overall storage size and round surface, it has a relatively large weighing surface area. Small items on that surface won't necessarily roll over the lip at the edge.

While we found the unlit screen easy enough to read, it would be even better with a built-in backlight. During our accuracy test of weighing four known loads, the Amazon Basics scale misjudged three loads by one gram each time. In a real-life scenario, a one-gram error isn't a major deal. However, when a competitor could precisely measure all four weights right to the nearest tenth of a gram, the Amazon model's performance does get dinged. That said, you can't beat the price. So if you are a budget-minded person, this may be an excellent fit for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

We have been testing home, office, and recreational equipment for many years. We do so with a rigorous, objective, repeatable protocol and employ experts in the field. For these digital scales, we employed a team consisting of long-time GearLab contributor Jed Porter and his wife, Rosie De Lise.

Jed is a full-time mountain guide known for spreadsheeting everything. He loves weighing things and loves the scales required. He has a spreadsheet that records the weight of every piece of gear in his possession, to the nearest gram. Rosie is a full-time eBay reseller, weighing packages for thrice-weekly shipping all around the world. She lent valuable insight into actual usability and efficiency. The testing protocol we developed mimics your actual use; we tested for accuracy, aesthetics, and ease of use. With the ease of use, we tested for, among other things, boot-up speed, button and screen use, units available, range, and ease of cleaning.

Larger, lit numbers are easier to view. We measured all the numbers...
Larger, lit numbers are easier to view. We measured all the numbers on every scale.
We employed and compared every function of every scale we tested...
We employed and compared every function of every scale we tested. Here, the only two that will measure the volume of both milk and water. Both scales gave equal results for each glass.
Most of our testing took place in "real world" use. Here, the...
Most of our testing took place in "real world" use. Here, the NiceWell on the kitchen counter, ready for action.

Analysis and Test Results

We've taken the time to select a wide range of kitchen scales to match the best options that'll find online. Popular in nature, we tested each across three key metrics, including ease of use, aesthetics, and accuracy. While some did really well, others have specific and niche uses that we pick apart for your reading pleasure.

Ease of Use

For a kitchen scale to be of actual utility, it has to be easy to use. If it stows easily, is fast to boot up, is the right size (not too big, not too small), washable, and employs buttons and screens that are easy to activate and interpret, you will use it more often and with greater confidence. Ease of use is the most important consideration. They all look good enough, and all are accurate enough. How they vary in terms of ease of use is what truly differentiates them.

kitchen scale - perhaps you already know this, but you can "tare" each of these...
Perhaps you already know this, but you can "tare" each of these scales with an empty container (in this case, the bowl) and the scale will measure just the weight of the apples. The scale does the subtraction for you.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Let's consider the display first. We prefer large and well-lit displays, of which half the models feature the latter. So it's no coincidence that most of our award winners have lit screens. The Etekcity Stainless is the only scale with a lit screen that didn't win an award. Meanwhile, the Ozeri ZK14-S is the only award winner that didn't have a lit screen.

Next, let us talk about boot-up speed. This wasn't a criterion on our radar at first. It wasn't until we had tested for a while that we realized how much this varied and how much it informed our overall impressions. To test, we simply performed a series of "head to head" tests and compiled a ranking. The AWS Pocket scale is definitely the fastest. There is virtually no significant delay between the on button and weigh-readiness. At the other end of the spectrum, the Oxo Good Grips and MyWeigh KD6000 are slow enough that we found ourselves waiting somewhat impatiently to gather basic data. The otherwise unremarkable Greater Goods Scale is very fast to boot up. It does so almost as fast as the AWS.

kitchen scale - boot-up speed isn't absolutely crucial, but you will notice a slow...
Boot-up speed isn't absolutely crucial, but you will notice a slow processor. Here lead tester Jed Porter "races" every combination of scales to deduce relative boot up speeds.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Our test team preferred buttons with a positive "click". This could be a matter of personal preference. Some tested scales have "touchscreen" style buttons. This feels modern and innovative, but it makes for clumsier use. Tactile feedback from the buttons is definitely helpful. Of the award winners, only the Nicewell has non-positive, "touchscreen" style buttons.


If your scale will sit out in view, you want it to look good. We collected a couple of opinions and found there to be enough patterns to draw conclusions. Our team preferred low profile, rectangular, steel, or glass scales. The appearance of the Nicewell is part of what earned it that award. Testers also liked that the Ozeri ZK14-S comes in a whole bunch of different colors. Few of the others have multiple color options, much less the plethora of options that Ozeri gives you.

kitchen scale - when the scale will sit out and visible in your kitchen you want it...
When the scale will sit out and visible in your kitchen you want it to look nice.
Credit: Jediah Porter


We tested accuracy by weighing calibration masses of known weights. We did so across a range of weights over a total of four tests with each scale. The most accurate scale got the "answer" right, to the nearest tenth of a gram. The least accurate scale missed three of the weights by one gram. In the grand scheme of things, given what we're typically weighing with these scales, this isn't a huge variation. In short, for typical kitchen and office use, all the scales we tested are accurate enough.

If you demand absolute accuracy for small loads, the American Weigh Scales Pocket scale is the absolute best. It has a one-tenth-gram resolution and weighed all our calibration weights exactly as marked. For reference, 1/10 of a gram is a little more than the weight of one typical grain of popcorn. One gram is seven grains of popcorn, roughly. The Oxo Good Grips scale also has a one-tenth gram resolution, but it wasn't quite as accurate as the AWS. Only when rounded to the nearest gram, did the Oxo get all the masses correct.

All the rest of the scales had one-gram resolution. Among them, the Escali Primo P115C and Ozeri got all four test rounds correct. The Nicewell, MyWeigh, and Greater Goods scales were accurate with three of the four weights. For all of these scales, the only one they missed was when weighing the one-gram calibration mass. This is the hardest mass to get right, and arguably the least important. We aren't often using a scale like this to weigh exactly one gram of something.

kitchen scale - we tested weighing accuracy with a set of calibrated steel masses...
We tested weighing accuracy with a set of calibrated steel masses purchased for exactly this task.
Credit: Jediah Porter


One thing's for sure — there are many kitchen scales on the market. We've done the hard work selecting, buying, testing, and assessing each contender. Our tests are rigorous, repeatable, and unbiased, all in the name of finding out the nitty-gritty of each product. While there's an ocean of choices, we hope that we've helped you sift through the thick to find a gem that you can purchase for your kitchen.

Jediah Porter

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