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Best Clothes Hanger of 2021

We tested various types of clothes hangers to find the best options for your closet
Credit: Amber King
By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 29, 2021
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Our home experts looked over 50 of the best clothes hangers before selecting 10 to test side-by-side. We purchased options ranging from plastic budget-friendly contenders to the highest quality bamboo products. We tested each in the closest of our main hallway and bedroom. We hung delicates, heavy jackets, trousers, silky shirts, and more to assess differences across various metrics. We measured how much space is saved and which are the easiest to use. After months of using each product, we offer our recommendations to help you find the hangers best for your needs and budget.


Best Overall Clothes Hanger

Proman Products Kascade Natural Wood

Material Type: Wood | Maximum Width: 17.5-inches
Attractive styling
Versatile hanging options
Stackable space-saving feature
Some rough edges
The bottom rung isn't very high quality

The Proman Products Kascade Natural Wood is a wooden wide-armed clothes hanger with excellent overall performance. Its 17.5 inch arm span will easily hang clothing that varies between small and extra-large sizing. The wooden exterior offers an attractive and coordinated style to your closet with an ability to accommodate strappy dresses, heavy trousers, and your favorite dress shirts. The most unique feature is its space-saving ability that allows you to stack garments into small spaces. It uses a small ring in the neck of the hanger that you can easily hang another from, which makes it incredibly versatile; this is our favorite wood hanger for all its space-saving features, stylish look, and sturdy construction.

Unfortunately, while the arms and hook are relatively durable, we aren't too impressed with the quality of the bottom rung. The rung is only secured with a single nail on each side; though it was quite sturdy while holding the heaviest of jeans and work pants, it easily came apart during durability testing. While it does have cups along the arms for hanging strappy garments, it isn't completely non-slip. After four months of use, they seem to be holding up and are still our favorite stylish wooden clothes hanger that'll save space in your closet.

Stylish with stackable space-saving functionality.
Stylish with stackable space-saving functionality.
Credit: Amber King


Best Bang for the Buck

Sharpty Black Plastic

Material Type: Plastic | Maximum Length: 16.5-inches
Excellent value
Simple and featureless design
Versatile hanging options
Easy to slide clothing off
Cheap construction

If you are seeking a good deal and some consistency in your closet, the Sharpty Black Plastic Hanger is an excellent high-value option. The shoulders are relatively sturdy and won't flex when you hang a heavy jacket or shirt over the arms. This plastic hanger will accommodate clothing of all sizes. We like that it also has two smaller hangers off the arms so you can easily attach a strappy dress or top. Plus, clothing slides off easily if you're an on-the-go type who doesn't like to take the hanger off the rod and pulls clothing off instead.

Unfortunately, its generally lower price also comes with lower quality construction. The plastics used in its fabrication are relatively thin and may snap with hard bending. So, if you do buy, we'd recommend purchasing a few extra to replace some that might break. Also, the lower rung will bend out (but not break) when you hang a heavy pair of pants since the materials are thinner. Since the arms are thin and slippery, the slipperiest of garments might slide off this contender. We've broken many of these by just pulling heavy jackets off of them during our test period. That said, for most folks that are seeking a good deal for a hanger that'll do the bare minimum, this is the one to buy, especially if your garments are lighter weight.

The Sharpty Black Hanger is a simple and traditional black plastic...
The Sharpty Black Hanger is a simple and traditional black plastic hanger with a slim profile. It offers decent performance at an excellent per hanger price.
Credit: Amber King


Best Open Ended Construction

JS Hanger Non-slip Pants Hangers

Material Type: Open-Ended Metal with Rubber Coating | Maximum Width: 13.5-inches
Super durable open-ended design
Completely non-slip and well-balanced stability
Excellent value
Clothing must be folded over the lower rung
Not a space-saving

The JS Hanger Non-slip Pants Hangers is a unique open-ended hanger that we fell in love with. It is very easy to fold a pair of pants or skirt over the rung, and it boasts a neat look. The heavy metal construction couldn't be snapped in our durability tests, while the rubberized exterior is completely non-slip. After using it for the last four months, it still looks new. They stack well side-by-side, and the 13.5-inch arm span is long enough to accommodate most pants and skirt sizes. We also love the value. While most lower-quality options are more expensive, you're likely to keep these for many years without them breaking over time. They are sturdy and easily balancing and hold heavy pants or light skirts with ease.

We can't say that the "space-saving" claim is terribly accurate; this product also doesn't feature any clips for a skirt or pants to be hung from the waist. As a result, you have to drape them over the lower bar, which means your pants might get a crease, especially if the material is delicate or thin. Lastly, the rubberized material does attract pet hair that can be hard to remove and requires two hands for removable. Aside from that, we love the durable construction that makes it an excellent choice for pants and skirts.

This open-ended hanger is sturdy, durable, and best to hang your...
This open-ended hanger is sturdy, durable, and best to hang your pants, skirts, or dresses. We love its simple design that'll last you a lifetime.
Credit: Amber King


Best Skirt and Pant Clips

HOUSE DAY Clear Plastic

Material Type: Plastic and Metal | Maximum Width: 12-inches (adjustable)
Wide enough to fit pants and skirts of all widths
Super space-saving features
Sturdy construction with vinyl-tipped clamps
Superb value
Easy to break

We love the House Day Skirt hanger that also works for pants and suits. It features a plastic construction that doesn't flex or bend under the weight of heavy denim or a suit. Another unique feature is the small space at the neck of the hook, which allows you to stack the hangers for further space-saving performance. The rotating hook allows you to still clip and unclip garments while the hangers are stacked vertically. Also, the clamps are adjustable to easily accommodate any width of pant or skirt and wide enough for plus sizes. What's more, is the excellent price. Of all hangers specifically built for skirts and pants, it presents good value and features.

Even though this hanger works well in any closet space, it can break. During our testing period, no hangers broke when hanging up garments or pulling clothes off, but when we subjected it to our breakage tests, it immediately shattered after flexing and bending it just a single time. This is the one to buy for most who are simply looking for an excellent deal with the best all-around performance for hanging skirts and pants.

A simple and stackable skirt and pants hanger with a wide length.
A simple and stackable skirt and pants hanger with a wide length.
Credit: Amber King


Excellent Velvet Finish

Zober Premium Velvet

Material Type: Velvet Finish and Metals | Maximum Length: 16-inches
Hang all clothing with ease
Clamps allow you to hang pants and skirts for space-saving options
Velvet shoulder promotes a non-slip grip for the slipperiest of garments
Flimsy construction
Velvet can flake off

The Zober Premium Velvet Hanger is the most versatile clothes hanger with a plethora of hanging choices. Starting with the overall construction, it features a velvet body with a wire lower rung and clamps. The velvet construction ensures a non-slip grip on the arms, with little divots to accommodate straps for hanging work shirts or dresses. Slippery silk shirts? No problem. The lower rung is a thin metal material with adjustable clamps that are vinyl tipped. We tested it with suits, jeans, and heavier items, and the clamps are able to hold the garments without trouble without them eventually dropping to the floor.

Even though we appreciate the versatility of this product, we aren't too impressed with its construction quality. We found that the velvet can also flake off onto your clothes. Though the arms offer mostly sturdy performance for shirts and jackets, the lower rung is flimsy. When you hang heavy pants from the clamps, the whole hanger flexes and bends. In our durability tests, it broke after just two bends, with the lower wire easily bending with little work. Plus, it's hard to slide these into fuzzy or fleece-lined clothing as they stick. Aside from these caveats, it's still the most versatile hanger out there. It's best for those seeking one that will hang a shirt or jacket and can accommodate a pair of pants or skirt without making a crease.

This versatile hanger can either hang your pants using the clamps...
This versatile hanger can either hang your pants using the clamps along the bottom of the rung, or you can hang shirts and jackets over the arms. We love its functionality.
Credit: Amber King


A Stylish Non-Slip Wooden Construct

Zober Wooden Suit

Material Type: Wood | Maximum Width: 17.25-inches
Stylish wooden construction
Versatile uses
Non-slip trouser and skirt rung
Not space saving
Lower bar lacks durable construction

The Zoober Wooden Suit is a stylish hanger that'll look good in any closet. It can easily accommodate shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, and more. It offers a sturdy construction that won't flex or bend under the weight of your heaviest suits. The lower rung is wrapped in a vinyl coating, which promotes a non-slip functionality for skirts and thinner materials. The wooden style will make any closet organizationally appealing, while the 17.25 inch arm span can accommodate clothing of all sizes. It also looks great.

Unfortunately, the lower rung can easily be pulled off, which strips it of points in the durability metric. This hanger is almost identical to the Proman Kascade, except its wingspan is a little smaller, doesn't have a space-saving rung, and comes with a non-slip lower rung. It's also expensive. That said, for those seeking non-slip performance in a wooden construction where space isn't a worry, this option is might be exactly what you might be looking for.

This wooden hanger is stylish and features a non-slip pant bar with...
This wooden hanger is stylish and features a non-slip pant bar with a vinyl lining that we appreciate, especially in full closets.
Credit: Amber King


A Durable Metal Clamp Space Saver

Mawa by Reston Lloyd Space-Saving

Material Type: Metal & Rubberized Clamps | Maximum Width: 10-inches (adjustable)
Metal construction is more durable
Strong clamps won't have pants or skirts falling to the ground
Narrow, space-saving profile
Difficult to use with wide pants, skirts, or dresses without folding vertically
Very expensive

The Mawa by Reston Lloyd is a space-saving metal hanger with clamps that allows you to hang your pants and dresses from the waist to avoid creases. In addition, the claps are super-strong and bomber, with a rubberized tip. We hung heavy pants and delicates, and they didn't fall or get damaged. These narrow hangers are slim, and when all your pants are hung this way, it saves you space compared to hangers that require you to fold them over the lower rung. We love the durable materials used, which is a bonus.

Perhaps the biggest downside is the price. Even though it's quite durable, each hanger is more than twice the price of other options in this review. The super-narrow profile (only 11 inches across) only allows you to hang slim pants and dresses without folding them vertically. That said, if you're looking for a durable metal hanger and your clothes aren't too wide, and you're willing to shell out a little more money, it might just be worth it.

The Mawa by Reston is simple and well constructed. It's built to...
The Mawa by Reston is simple and well constructed. It's built to hang your pants, skirts, dresses, and more, with a reinforced metal clamp that is burly and protective.
Credit: Amber King


Another Budget Plastic Option

Sharpty White Plastic

Material Type: Plastic | Maximum Length: 16.5-inches
Space efficient
Good value
Easy to use
Not good for pants
Feel cheap

The Sharpty White Plastic Hanger is much the same as its budget-friendly sibling. It is great for button-down shirts, tank tops (using the two smaller hooks), and blouses. We appreciate the smooth plastic hook that doesn't get snagged on other clothing when removing it from the rack. The slim design also makes it possible to fit a ton of garments on one rack if you are really trying to maximize your closet space. The reinforced corners also give it a little more structure to bear the weight of heavier items.

On the downside, there is no escaping that this is a budget option. The bottom arm quickly sags under the weight of a pair of jeans or heavier pants. It can handle it — it bends but doesn't break — we just think there are better pant hangers out there. This high-value model will keep your clothing organized and fresh for its next wear.

These budget hangers offer high-value and some versatility for...
These budget hangers offer high-value and some versatility for lightweight items.
Credit: Ben Applebaum-Bauch


Low-Cost Plastic with a Slotted Arm

Utopia Home White Plastic

Material Type: Plastic | Maximum Length: 16-inches
Cup integrated into the arm for hanging strappy garments
Versatile for all types of clothing
High-value option
Plastic construction is less durable and feels cheap
Harder to slide clothes off without taking hanger off rod

The Utopia Home Plastic is another high-value option constructed from thinner plastics. The design is standard and quite simple. You can hang any kind of clothing garment or size, making it quite versatile. We appreciate the slots in the hanger's arms that allow you to effortlessly attach spaghetti straps or other items without an issue. We also love the price that's a little more expensive than our cheapest contenders but less expensive than most options out there.

While we love the great price and simple functionality, this is far from being super-sturdy or high quality. In our bending tests, it snapped after minimal bending. Additionally, while we like the slot in the arm, it's harder to pull the clothes off this hanger as it can snag on these points. Aside from that, this is another high-value standard plastic hanger that'll look great in any closet.

The Utopia White Hanger is another low-priced option with slots...
The Utopia White Hanger is another low-priced option with slots along the arms that makes hanging strappy shirts of dresses a breeze.
Credit: Amber King


A High Value Non-Slip Velvet Construction

Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip

Material Type: Velvet and Metals | Maximum Length: 16-inches
Non-slip arms with divots
Great value
Velvet wears off
Poor construction

The Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip is designed for those that love non-slip performance and a great deal. The velvet ensures that even the slinkiest of shirts and dresses stay in place. It utilizes divots along the arm's length to hang shirts and garments of any size. It also features a trouser bar that allows you to easily hang your delicates, skirts, shorts, or pants. The value is hard to beat, making it a great option for a velvet hanger.

As is true with most velvet hangers reviewed, the velvet can scrape off easily, which can get attracted to clothing. In addition, expect to replace these hangers in time; the construction is lackluster. Though it is sturdy enough for suits and other heavier garments, it's flimsy and breaks after just one bend. For those seeking a velvet construction at a great price, this is one of the best-valued options we tested.

If you have delicates that'll likely slip off the arms of plastic...
If you have delicates that'll likely slip off the arms of plastic hangers, this Amazon Basics Slim Velvet hanger is a great option. We love the grooves along the shoulder and the velour finish that makes it non-slip and easy to use.
Credit: Amber King

Why You Should Trust Us

Amber King leads up this review and has over seven years of experience reviewing many different types of gear, including household items and outdoor apparel. As a past retail manager working for Patagonia in Telluride, Colorado, she knows what goes into a quality clothes hanger, having seen many that simply don't stack up when being used in the store. In addition to her experience in the industry and as a total gear nerd, she's a science teacher. She has years of experience creating comparative and hands-on tests to determine true performance differences. Not to mention, she's been hanging her own clothing for over 30 years. We also consult with other clothing experts in the field to see where they think the best uses lie.

Our testing starts with taking a look at the most popular clothes hangers on the market. We select budget-friendly options, then order each at retail price. Finally, we actually test each out in our closets. We continue testing throughout the year. We hang heavy pants, skirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, and more. Not only do we use each hanger for a few weeks, but we measure arm span, note features, and try to bend and break each option to measure durability. Finally, we take note of top performers, which forges our recommendations. After spending hours with each clothing hanger, we can say we've done the legwork to truly test each product to form real recommendations that'll help you on your way to the best option out there.

Loving for a space saver? We appreciate the stackability of the...
Looking to save space? These stack nicely for a slim profile.
Ross tries to bend these babies out of shape. Luckily, the heavy...

Analysis and Test Results

We selected a wide range of models to help cover exactly what the market has to offer. Rubberized open-ended options, lower-priced plastic classics, and classy-looking wooden products. We even chose skirt and pants-specific options to help you optimize your space. Each is evaluated across a similar set of metrics and scored to help you see just how well each performs across all our tests.

A look at the clothing hangers we selected. On the left, we see...
A look at the clothing hangers we selected. On the left, we see those specific for pants and skirts. On the right, we see the traditional options selected to test side-by-side.
Credit: Amber King


We believe that a sturdy hanger is the key to success and dictates quality and ease of use. Solid materials, excellent construction, and longer arms typically make an excellent product. To test this, we loaded each up with five pounds of clothing to see if any bowed or flexed. We also look at the lower rung (if it's there) to see how to holds up when pulling off a piece of clothing.

We loaded each hanger up to see if it flexes or bows under five...
We loaded each hanger up to see if it flexes or bows under five pounds of weight.
Credit: Amber King

For general use clothes hangers, wooden hangers like the Proman Natural Wood Kaskade and Zober Wooden do the best when it comes to stability. This is because of the full wooden construction, long length of the arms, and thicker arm construction that'll easily hold a suit or a solid pair of slacks. Both are alike in construction, each with a lower rung that isn't nearly as stable as the upper arm. While they could both take a heavy pair of extra-large jeans, we did note a little flex in the lower run. The upper arms, however, are bomber.

The Proman Natural Kascade Hangers are quite sturdy and can take a...
The Proman Natural Kascade Hangers are quite sturdy and can take a lot of weight.
Credit: Amber King

Of the clothes hangers specific for hanging skirts and pants, we absolutely can't get enough of the JS Non-slip. This super durable metal option has an open concept that is perfectly balanced. When you load it up with a light skirt or heavy pair of trousers, it sits upright and will hold plenty of weight. We also like the Mawa by Reston-Lloyd that features solid metal clamps for hanging clothing full-length to avoid creases. It is, however, narrow and isn't as wide as the House Day Skirt, which is a sturdy plastic skirt-pant hanger that'll keep its shape under the weight as well.

This open-ended hanger is super sturdy and well-balanced which...
This open-ended hanger is super sturdy and well-balanced which offers excellent performance for hanging pants and skirts.
Credit: Amber King

Ease of Use

Which options can you easily load and unload? Can you pull clothes right off when you're in a rush, or is more care required? In this testing category, we look at how easy each hanger is to use. Clothes hangers might seem simple in general, but there are definitely differences that we note after using each comparatively for three weeks.

Our favorite easy-to-use options are the Proman Natural Wood Kascades and Zober Wooden. Both are wooden construction with thicker arms that are easy to slide a pair of pants or a sweater onto. We also love that the hook is quite burly with a 360 turn, which allows you to set it up in a number of configurations. Like the Sharpty Plastic, you can easily pull clothes off without them flipping off the rod. The slippery arm materials also make it simple to slide clothing on quickly and easily.

We test how easy it is to hang clothes and pull them off each...
We test how easy it is to hang clothes and pull them off each hanger. Here we look at the Zober Velvet Premium that features large clips, making it easy to hang pants and skirts.
Credit: Amber King

Of the skirt and pant-specific clothes hangers, we love the JS Non-Slip Pants hanger. The open concept design allows you to pull clothing off easily, even though the non-slip coating does require a bit more work. We also love that you don't need to deal with clamps, which takes more time than when hanging pants and skirts on the House Day Skirt Hangers and Mawa By Reston-Lloyd.

The Utopia Home is another plastic clothes hanger that's easy enough to slide clothes onto. Unfortunately, when pulling them off, the incut spaces on the shoulder tends to catch clothing. The velvet coated hangers, like the Zober Premium Velvet Skirt and Amazon Basics Slim Velvet score lower because of the non-slip coating that helps keep clothing on but also makes it harder to slide fleecy clothes onto.


In addition to assessing the quality of each hanger out of the box, we also subjected each product to a bending test. With a focus on budget-friendly options, it's not surprising that many of these aren't the highest quality, but after bending several, we've got a good idea of which you will have to buy again and which are meant to last for the long haul. In general, those with thicker metal or wood constructions typically do better and will last you longer than plastic or thinner wire options.

The carnage of our durability tests. The only hanger that remains...
The carnage of our durability tests. The only hanger that remains intact is the JS Non-slip Pants Hanger.
Credit: Amber King

The most durable option by far is the JS Non-Slip. Our biceps and triceps got a great workout trying to bend it out of shape. Even after attempting bends for over 10 minutes, we still couldn't get it to break, but we did eventually get it to deform. The Mawa by Reston-Lloyd is another burly metal product but seems flimsier than the JS. We were able to bend and break it after three hand bends. The material first bent then eventually broke with ample force applied. The House Day Skirt, on the other hand, completely shattered after one hard bend into many pieces.

Roz tries her hardest to bend this bomber hanger out of shape. While...
Roz tries her hardest to bend this bomber hanger out of shape. While it does eventually bend, we can see this lasting for many years without breaking.
Credit: Amber King

Wooden clothes hangers like the Zober Wooden Suit and Proman Kaskade have fairly durable arms, but the lower rungs are cheap. With one big pull, we were able to easily pull the lower rung out as a single nail only secures it. We wouldn't expect these to break in a regular use case unless the circumstances were quite extenuating. The arms wouldn't break until we flexed and bent them six times, each with similar performance.

While the arms of these wooden options are quite hefty and durable...
While the arms of these wooden options are quite hefty and durable, the lower rung lacks durability - so be careful with them.
Credit: Amber King

Of the cheaper plastic construction, the Sharpty is the most durable. It'll still flex under weight, but it took three big bends (with a lot of force) to snap it in half during the bending tests. The Utopia Home Plastic, on the other hand, broke after one hard bend and almost shattered. While prices are similar, the Sharpty is a far more durable option.

Non-Slip Performance

Are you sick of your delicates or slippery cami falling off the hanger and falling to the floor? In this metric, we assess which models offer the best non-slip performance. Those with a velvet finish or a rubberized coating do best, while others simply don't compare.

We love the non-slip performance of the JS Hanger. This is largely...
We love the non-slip performance of the JS Hanger. This is largely attributed to the rubberized coating overtop the metal construction.
Credit: Amber King

The clothes hangers with the best all-around non-slip performance are the velvet contenders, which include the Zober Premium Velvet Skirt and Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip. The texturized surface is quite friction-y, ensuring that your clothing will stay in place and off the floor.

This Zober Wooden Hanger has a pretty slick surface, but the divots...
This Zober Wooden Hanger has a pretty slick surface, but the divots in the shoulders and the non-slip lower rung makes it a little more functional for slinky clothing.
Credit: Amber King

In addition to a textured surface, other ways to make a hanger non-slip include incorporating grooves, hooks, or clamps into the architecture. For example, plastic options like the Sharpty Black Hanger and Utopia Home Plastic have these features which allow you to hang delicates with sewn-in straps with ease. The Utopia Plastic is the easiest to use as the grooves are built into the structure of the hanger itself to prevent slippage. Aside from these features, the plastic is quite slippery, and clothing will typically slip right off.

A look at the different clamps in this review. The Mawa...
A look at the different clamps in this review. The Mawa (right) is our favorite even though it is a little sticky. It'll hold the most weight and feels the most bomber.
Credit: Amber King

Pant and skirt holders have clamps to keep clothing in place or an open-ended design. The JS Non-Slip Pants lacks clamps but uses a rubberized coating that sticks to clothes to prevent them from falling to the floor. The best clamps on a clothes hanger set-up are those with rubberized tips, like that found in the Mawa by Reston-Lloyd. These clamps are super strong and burly. Other clamps like those found in the House Day Skirt and Zober Premium don't have as much force behind the spring, and the vinyl tips keep most articles of clothing in place and safe from damage.

Wooden clothes hangers, on the other hand, have a larger arm length and width, which increases surface area to avoid slippage, but they are still slippery. Not even the shoulder grooves won't prevent silk shirts from slipping off. We do appreciate the vinyl-lined trouser rung on the Zober Wooden Suit that makes it less slippery than the Proman Kascade and will keep your skirts and pants in place.


Features that save space or allow you to add more clothing per hanger offer exceptional functionality and value. Some options incorporate excellent space-saving performance that you wouldn't expect or even know about. In our testing, we try to load each clothes hanger up with different types of clothing to figure out the limitations of each product. We also take the time to measure the amount of space a group of each takes up, space-wise, to quantitatively assess which provides the best space-saving options. For all you living in shoe-box apartments or out of your vans, you'll appreciate these features.

One of the most versatile hangers is the Zober Premium Velvet Skirt. It features a non-slip construction that allows you to hang basically any garment of clothing in any configuration. It doesn't have space-saving features aside from the fact that you can slip your pants and skirts through them, which takes up less space overall.

The House Skirt hanger also stacks nicely and is specific for skirts...
The House Skirt hanger also stacks nicely and is specific for skirts and pants. We love the additional length it provides to hang these medium-sized pants.
Credit: Amber King

Two stand-out space-saving clothes hangers include the Proman Kascade and House Skirt. The Proman Kascade features a small round circle in the hook, which allows you to stack them when you've got clothing loaded onto the arms. You can easily unhook or keep them in position while you take clothing on and off. The House Skirt also has a similar feature but is a dedicated pant and skirt hanger. It also features a wider profile, allowing you to easily hang clothing of all different sizes. Both options are great if you are living in small spaces, while others stack in less space-saving ways.

Which clothes hanger do you need? We take the time to do all the leg...
Which clothes hanger do you need? We take the time to do all the leg work to help you find excellent recommendations to help organize your closet.
Credit: Amber King


There are so many online options to buy, and without touching or feeling each, it's difficult to assess quality and use. You're lucky to come across us, as we've done the research and all the hands-on testing. As an unbiased review, we hope that we have helped you find what you're looking for to help you organize your closet.

Amber King

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