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The 5 Best Cat Toys of 2023

We rounded up our feline testers and tested products from Kitty City, Catify, Cat Dancer, and more
Best Cat Toys of 2023
Pookah is seen enjoying the teaser wand toy from the Youngever 24 Cat Toys Assortment (pictured in background), which offers a wide variety of toys to entice cats of all ages.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Our Top Picks

By Kate Irvin ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 22, 2022

Looking for that perfect cat toy? After researching over 30 of the best cat toys, we purchased 12 top contenders available today. We understand the importance of our furry friends being engaged in meaningful playtime with a quality product, and thus this review has been conducted by our very own feline experts. With so many products out there, our goal was to get our paws dirty and test various toys. We also analyzed important aspects, such as cat engagement level and durability of the toy during instinctive and stimulating play that could evoke the bunny kicks, high-flying jumps, and pounces that we so love to watch. Our detailed comparative review can point you toward the toy that will be right for you and your finicky feline.

Cats aren't the only furry friend we cover in our pet product reviews. We've got plenty of goods for dog lovers too! From the best dog collars and top-ranked dog clippers, to frisbees and leashes, you name it. So whether you need a cozy cat bed or dog bed for your pup, we make your furry friends a top priority.


Best Overall Cat Toy

Kitty City Cat Tunnel Bed

Dimensions (L x W x H): 39" x 39" x 12.5" | Toy Type: Connecting Tunnels with Plush Cat Bed
Multi-use toy
Versatile tunnel setup
Good for multi-cat home
Super soft plush cat bed
Possible assembly for each play experience
Zippers may be challenging
Higher price tag

Our tester cats were readily enthused by the Kitty City Cat Tunnel Bed, and its multifaceted uses and durable build won us over. One cat was darting through the tunnels before we even finished assembly, and both cats loved the hanging hearts provided in the two tunnel openings. The toy comes in three pieces; we zippered it all together in a matter of minutes and noticed how surprisingly soft the tunnel fabric was compared with nylon and other polyester material. The tunnels held up to sharp claws, pouncing, rolling, and sprinting, as well as other durability tests like shaking, pulling, and cleaning. During the testing period, several hours of naptime were also accounted for, whether in the tunnels or on the plush bed in the middle. Our cats could not keep their paws off this one.

This cat toy requires assembly, which means extra time for the cat parent. It takes about 7-10 minutes to zip this product together and break it down. At first, we struggled a bit with the zippers, but we discovered that body position makes a huge difference in setup time. Working from the outside of the tunnels reaching inwards drastically reduced the time it took to zip the first tunnel to the second, which was a game-changer for setup. Our fastest time to assemble was roughly four minutes. Although Kitty City is pricey, we feel the versatility and enjoyment for our cats make it worth the splurge.

cat toys - best overall cat toy
Our cat is seen taking a luxurious nap on the soft plush bed of the Kitty City Tunnel Bed.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Lounger and Furniture Saver

Catify Cat-Shaped Cardboard Scratcher

Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.5" x 9.5" x 7.5" | Toy Type: Cat Shaped Scratcher and Ball Toy
Robust design
Scratcher and ball toy in one
Unique lounger
A bit bulky
Higher-priced scratcher

Our feline testers promptly claimed the Catify Cat-Shaped Cardboard Scratcher as their own special piece of furniture, digging their claws in the sturdy corrugated cardboard as soon as we unboxed it. We also sprinkled a bit of the included catnip on top, and one of our cats was in absolute heaven. The ball sections intrigued all of our cat testers, who loved to dig their paws in the bottom and top compartments, chasing the balls from side to side. The sleek design makes it easy to wipe away loose cardboard bits, and when leaning against the wall vertically or turned over, there is another 19.5" of cardboard ready to use. The unique lounger is a durable, claw-friendly investment for the pet parent and cat.

With many scratchers to choose from, the Catify is somewhat bulky, so if you are looking for a scratcher that you can tuck easily out of sight, check out the Bergan Turboscratcher. Some online reviews stated that the Catify toy tipped easily due to the curved base design when their kittens were playing; however, our nine-plus pound tester cats did not have an issue with this. Overall, we (and our cats!) loved the Cat-Shaped Cardboard Scratcher. If your cat loves to scratch furniture or is itching to get her claws on something, the contemporary and durable design of the Catify comes recommended.

cat toys - best lounger and furniture saver
Our cat loved the Catify's openings for ball play and frequently would leap side to side over the sturdy toy.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Toy for High Flying Fun

Cat Dancer Rainbow Charmer

Dimensions (L x W x H): 63" x 1" x .25" | Toy Type: Interactive Fabric Wand Toy
Great opportunities for exercise
No setup
Highly durable
Fleece fabric too dense for ultra-fast play
Tiring for some humans

The Cat Dancer Rainbow Charmer provides a fun and energetic way to interact with your cat. This wand toy elicits jumping, swatting, and pouncing from our tester cats, yielding moderate to extreme levels of cat engagement and play level. The 46" colorful rainbow soft fleece fabric waves around, making a target for our tester cats to pounce at floor level as well as soar high above--they were always ready to play with this toy. The Rainbow Charmer provides a meaningful connection between cat and human, along with the ability to showcase a cat's athleticism and adorable antics, making this toy a winner.

If you are already a wand toy aficionado, the Rainbow Charmer's ribbon may move a bit slow in comparison with other wand toy material types, which in turn may affect your cat's level of play and exercise. For example, one of our tester cats preferred pouncing on the fabric and rolling on the floor versus continuous chasing and jumping. We also wished that the 16" handle was a bit longer for improved ergonomic handling. Overall, our kitties were consistently engaged with the toy, and the wand proved highly durable. This wand toy could be an excellent bonding toy for you and your feline friend while providing an outlet for exercise and amusement.

cat toys - best toy for high flying fun
Tester Tisa consistently chased and pounced on the Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer.
Credit: Max Mutter


Best Crinkle Tunnel

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Cat Tunnel

Dimensions (L x W x H):46" x 29" x 11" | Toy Type: Mewnicorn Crinkle Multi-Tunnel
Crinkle sound enhances play response for some cats
Multi-tunnels to maximize hiding and play space
Good for multiple cats
Too noisy for some pet parents
Harder to secure tunnels with ties when storing away compared to other designs

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Cat Tunnel had our cat's full attention right out of the box. Within minutes she was confidently darting through the main tunnel; however, it took her some time to warm up to the smaller leg tunnels. Within a day or two, we found her enjoying poking her head out of the smaller tunnel openings, enjoying some independent and explorative play. The Mewnicorn's vibrant color pattern, hanging tail, and bold crinkly sound are some of the noted features that make it score high in the cat engagement level category. Its durable design, along with the ability to collapse and store away, makes it a go-to toy.

One shortcoming we came across is this is not the easiest tunnel to secure when storing away. We wish the strings were longer for this purpose. After gathering the tunnel, we either had another person hold it in the collapsed position or held it cinched between our legs to tie with moderate effort. We wound up adding a backup piece of twine to secure it while stored away. Despite this modification for storage purposes, we found no other issues as the Mewnicorn proved excellent in the durability category, surviving extreme play with good integrity. If you are looking for a tunnel, this is a sturdy and playful choice.

cat toys - best crinkle tunnel
Placing your cat's favorite toys outside of the smaller tunnels is entertaining and resulted in high engagement levels every time. Pookah is seen peeking her head out of the Magic Mewnicorn's smaller tunnel legs, in a bout of extreme play.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best to Elicit the "Crazies"

Yeowww! Catnip Banana

Dimensions (L x W x H): 7" x 2.5" x 1.5" | Toy Type: Banana Shaped Catnip Toy
A "go-to" catnip toy
100% organic catnip
Short-lived play behaviors
Extreme play may cause durability issues

The Yeowww! Catnip Banana is a lightweight, bright yellow banana that packs a lot of punch for the cats around here, enticing them to engage in extreme levels of play due to the potent catnip, which gave a couple of our tester cats a case of the "crazies." This toy proved to be highly stimulating, giving our cats an excellent outlet for biting, clawing, and kicking. The Yeowww! can be likened to a bag of potato chips for humans — never enough!

Possibly due to the never-enough mentality, the durability of the cotton twill was an issue when facing extreme play levels and sharp canine teeth as one of our bananas started separating at its seam after three days of extreme play, and another tester banana showed its wear clearly with teeth marks and slobber. The first banana was reparable with a needle and thread, so one of our tester cats, Ted, got right back to playing with his new BFF. This toy is best suited for inviting bouts of intense playtime; it may be helpful for cats who are lethargic to promote an increased activity level or be provided as a boost to start a round of play.

cat toys - best to elicit the "crazies"
The catnip inside the banana was more than potent enough to elicit a strong response.
Credit: David Wise


Most Likely Used for Cat Ninja Training

Cat Dancer 101

Dimensions (L x W x H):36" x 1.25" | Toy Type: Action Cat Toy
Intriguing for many cats
Good for cats of all ages
Lightweight, recyclable
Cardboard rolls non-replaceable
Too simple construction for some

The Cat Dancer 101 promotes some serious kitty play skills highlighting balance, tracking, and pawing, making this bare-bones toy a high scorer in the cat engagement category. We found that our tester cat loved the spring in the wire and the cardboard rolls held tough to her sharp canines. We appreciate the toy construction of wire and cardboard as they are recyclable materials. This toy would be good for a pet parent that enjoys hands-on playtime interaction to watch a feline's skills shine.

One shortcoming that we found with the Cat Dancer is that the wire may bend and not reshape exactly due to a cat's extreme play level or accidentally bent. This factor may also play into the life expectancy of the toy. Needless to say, if your cat enjoys wand toys, this might be the perfect pick to add to your collection.

cat toys - the cat dancer gave our tester cat a reason to balance on her hind...
The Cat Dancer gave our tester cat a reason to balance on her hind legs and stare at her prey before attacking.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Earth Friendly Felt Wool Toys

Earthtone Solutions Felt Ball and Mouse

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5" Ball; 8" x 1.5" x 1.5" Mouse | Toy Type: Felt Wool Ball and Mouse Toys
Colorful and unique
Eco-friendly design
Material may not handle extreme play as well as other types
Some cats prefer smaller sized mice

The Earthtone Solutions Felt Ball and Mouse are colorfully constructed and appear handmade, which they are, giving them a fun appeal for an environmentally-conscious consumer. They passed our durability testing with ease, even thrown in as dryer balls to tumble with some clothes. Our cat was easily engaged in ball play, batting a ball across the floor and chasing it through a tunnel; the mouse was made extra enticing when sprinkled with catnip as the wool readily grasped the catnip scent. These toys are easily stored away and taken out for playtime, making them a nice addition for cats who enjoy mousing around or ball play.

During testing, we discovered that our cat preferred smaller-sized mice; at 8" in length, our tester cat hesitantly pawed at the large wool creature, sensing it was not an itty-bitty field mouse; it was indeed the size of a city rat. However, when we rubbed catnip on the surface, she was more inclined to dig into the mouse with her teeth and claws, cradling and rolling around with it. Perhaps if you are looking to add some new mice toys to the family, this may be an eco-friendly choice.

cat toys - the mouse tails seemed to catch our cat's fancy. she really loved...
The mouse tails seemed to catch our cat's fancy. She really loved when we rubbed catnip on the wool surface of the Earthtone set.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Reliable Roller Track

Petstages Tower of Tracks 3-Level

Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.75" x 9.75" x 5.5" | Toy Type: 3-Tiered Roller Track Toy
Vivid design
Balls are secure on tracks
Too compact for some cats
Some cats prefer ball play off of the tracks

The Petstages Tower of Tracks 3-Level is paws down an engaging and durable toy. Our tester cats were drawn to the high-contrast tracks, colorful balls, and the thrill of the chase around the sturdy tracks. It proved to be a highly durable product: the non-skid pads are solid, stay together when shaken or pulled apart, and easily wipe down with a cloth if needed. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy for storage, and it tests out to have an excellent product lifespan.

Although the bright orange color is highly attractive, one downside is that some cats may not engage independently; their preference may be to freely bat and chase balls around a larger space. If this is the case, the toy will give you, the pet parent, a chance to interact and get down on the ground to show your cat how the toy works. Overall, the Tower of Tracks is an entertaining and safe choice for any cat.

cat toys - pookah is highly attracted to the polka-dot ball, the highly...
Pookah is highly attracted to the polka-dot ball, the highly discriminant rim, and the vivid orange color of the Tower of Tracks.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Reliable Scratch-N-Play

Bergan Turboscratcher

Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.5" x 16.5" x 1.9" | Toy Type: Scratcher and Circular Track Ball Toy
Reliable multi-use toy
Good for cats of all ages
Sturdy circular ball track
Easy to stow away
Replaceable cardboard discs
Durability issues with non-skid feet
May need help playing at first

The Bergan Turboscratcher is recognized as a reliable multi-use toy, making it a go-to for cats of all ages for scratching, stretching, napping, and swatting. We found it an effective toy for cat/pet parent interaction, as we found ourselves on the floor to initiate ball play multiple times. Our cats were consistently interested in this toy, whether tired and wanting to nap on it or tracking the ball and stopping it with a steady paw. Not only is the Bergan intriguing for cats, but we found it easy to swap out cardboard scratchers, it was a breeze to clean, and its small footprint makes it easy to tuck away under surfaces or hang in a closet with a handy tab.

The Bergan Turboscratcher had a durability issue, though. The small, 1/4" width non-skid feet kept popping out, and by the third day of use, we had lost three out of four of them. Most of the play was on a carpeted surface, so it was not a significant concern. Overall, if you are looking for a reliable scratcher that endures a moderate play level very well, this could be your cat's new toy.

cat toys - tester pookah demonstrates a good ability to paw the circling ball...
Tester Pookah demonstrates a good ability to paw the circling ball while sitting on the Turboscratcher.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Most Diverse Fish Toy

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.5" x 5" x 1.5" | Toy Type: Electric Flopping Fish Cat Kicker Toy
Durable and machine-washable fish cover
Easy and versatile use
Soft plush cover with catnip included
Fast recharge time
Some cats may be afraid of electric flopping motion
May need help playing at first

The Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish is appreciated for its soft plush outer covering, making a comfy companion in your cat's bed, or for stressful times due to the handy zippered pouch to stow away a catnip sack discreetly when the motor is switched off. During hands-on testing, this fish did extremely well for durability. When vigorously flopping, it was thrown around the room to entice our tester cat with good integrity; it even came out of the wash looking new. The motor is easily removed from the pouch, and it recharges within an hour. The varying rates of tail movement are welcomed as our cat preferred the mellower flop. If you are looking for a reliable kicker toy with versatility, this is your pick.

Unfortunately, some cats may fall into the "scaredy-cat" category when the tail is flopping around. We found this to be true with our cat. However, she did like to investigate when the motor was off, tentatively pawing at her likely un-flappable find. Due to our tester cat not using the fish as a kicker toy, we still found she was intrigued by it and prefer to use it as a catnip carrier and snooze sidekick. Overall, we think this is a reliable electric toy with sturdy qualities.

cat toys - the potaroma flopping fish was curiously swatted at mostly with its...
The Potaroma Flopping Fish was curiously swatted at mostly with its motor off due to our cat's skittish response to the electric toy.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Most Realistic

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Catnip Bird

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5" x 3" x 2" | Toy Type: Bird Toy with Catnip
Electronic chirping sounds
Realistic design
Excellent durability
May get misplaced
Chirping sound too annoying for some humans

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Catnip Bird toy has a realistic design, evoking our cat's most instinctual play patterns. Once the tab was pulled, the sound was initiated when tossed to the floor, which immediately turned our tester cat's head, provoking her to pounce, mouth, and paw at her indoor prey. We found this toy to be highly durable during our testing, easily passing the pull and shake test. The feathers remained steadily intact during playtime, as well as spot cleaning.

Due to its realistic features and small size, the Catnip Bird may tend to disappear when your cat's inner hunter has been released. Online reviews revealed that some users cited issues with the chirping sound--none at all, too much, or an electronic glitch--however, we did not have an issue with the chirping sound. The sound in our test unit even continued working when the toy was thrown around with force, even against the wall. Overall, we found this to be a great interactive toy that is highly durable and life-like.

cat toys - the catnip bird brings out instinctual play.
The Catnip Bird brings out instinctual play.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Cat Toy Party in a Bag

Youngever 24 Toys Assortment

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20" x 11" x 10" | Toy Type: Multi-Toy Assortment Pack, 24 Pieces
Good selection of toys
Convenient storage bag
Good for multiple cats
Durability issues
Toys may be misplaced

The Youngever 24 Toys Assortment is a cat toy party in a bag; if our cat could talk, she would agree. From the neon-green tunnel to the shine of the crinkle balls, this toy assortment pack is a sure-fire way to get your kitty moving. Our cat loved batting the balls and mice all over the place, darting through the tunnel, and jumping to try and catch the leopard-print teaser wand. An exploratory type of play was seen with the different toy types, making it fun to see what our cat gravitated towards. This pack was highly entertaining for the cat as well as for observing and interacting humans.

We did see some durability issues with the Youngever; for example, the teaser wand fabric came detached, one mouse tail pulled off, and one of the hanging pom-poms in the tunnel detached from the string without noticeable force when it gave way after tugging. The wand was able to be reattached with a hot glue gun to resume play. The other toys were not able to be repaired; we just snipped away the loose string ends. With some vigilance on behalf of the pet parent by inspecting the toys and putting them through simple durability tests, this might be the toy pack you are looking for.

cat toys - our cat loves this neon green 10" opening tunnel found in the...
Our cat loves this neon green 10" opening tunnel found in the Youngever 24 Toy Assortment. She darted through several times, even flipped around when it rolled side to side during extreme play.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Why You Should Trust Us

All of the cat toys have been rigorously tested by our experts, who diligently spent over 25 hours observing or engaging their cats with these toys, analyzing their behavior and play responses meticulously. Toys were put to the test by our resident felines and with other product testing techniques too, such as a toy shake test, a pull test, and toy cleaning to test for durability. We also considered the sturdiness of the toy, namely, if the toy had to be modified to enable safe and effective use. Our cats' engagement level was categorized into mild, moderate, or extreme play levels, and the direct playtime percentage was noted. The setup and ease of storage were documented, along with the recognition of eco-friendly materials among toy types.

Our lead tester Kate Irvin, along with others on the expert panel, have decades of combined experience caring for cats. Kate has experienced firsthand how a cat toy can positively affect a cat's behavior, attributing a small satchel of catnip to saving her previous cat's life after a stressful move across the country. Kate holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's in Occupational Therapy; she has spent several years working to help people develop, manage, and maintain routines for health and wellness promotion, including effective strategies for successful engagement in meaningful pet care activities. She spent over 20 hours testing toys with the help of her current cat, Pookah, a two-year-old playful striped tabby cat.

The Backyard Bird brings out instinctual play, enabling those sharp...
The Backyard Bird brings out instinctual play, enabling those sharp canines to test the durability of the toy.
Body position is key when zippering the Kitty City tunnels together;...
Body position is key when zippering the Kitty City tunnels together; set up time dropped immensely when working from the outside, reaching in.
Earthtone's 1.5 inch felt wool ball is an eco-friendly choice.
Earthtone's 1.5 inch felt wool ball is an eco-friendly choice.

Analysis and Test Results

To test the cat toys, we used our felines as part of the expert critique process. We looked at five metrics — durability, cat engagement level, sturdiness, setup/storage, and eco-friendly materials — to rate each toy and bring you the best reviews and recommendations to convey our hands-on experience with the products.


To test cat toy durability, we put the toy through hands-on testing as well as noting toy response during cat playtime to see how they each compared. We completed a shake test, pull test, and cleaning test while recording what level of play the cat engaged. Some top performers seen here were the Rainbow Charmer as it is highly resilient, along with the Kitty City Tunnel Bed and the Potaroma Flopping Fish.

cat toys - a place to hide and play will keep your cat feeling safe, happy, and...
A place to hide and play will keep your cat feeling safe, happy, and relaxed.
Credit: Matt Bento

Shake Test

All the toys were put through a two-minute vigorous shake test in a cardboard box that was slightly larger than the product to replicate rough-and-tumble play and product wear. The Catnip Bird, Yeowww!, and Earthtone Felt Wool Ball and Mouse all performed exemplary with this test.

cat toys - these small but mighty toys were able to pass the shake test without...
These small but mighty toys were able to pass the shake test without difficulty. The Yeowww catnip banana, Backyard Bird, and Earthtone's ball and mouse are pictured.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Pull Test

The toys went through strategic pulls with moderate force, with five good pulls given. Where indicated, some toys were pushed across the floor, too. One of our top performers here was the Catnip Bird along with the Rainbow Charmer, taking a lot of force through its parts without detaching or losing integrity. The Catify, Tower of Tracks, and the Magic Mewnicorn performed well here, too.

cat toys - the catnip bird is a durable little critter. it is pictured here...
The Catnip Bird is a durable little critter. It is pictured here being pulled at the wings with moderate force without a problem.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Each toy was cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. We washed and dried the Kitty City's soft plush bed, and it turned out just as soft and ready to use out of the drier. Other top performers were the Bergan Turboscratcher and the Tower of Tracks due to the smooth plastic surface that easily wipes clean with a dampened cloth. Potaroma's Flopping Fish also proved machine washable, keeping its alluring softness that could easily be used as a comfort toy when the flopping tail mechanism is in the off position.

cat toys - the soft plush bed of the kitty city tunnel bed is seen coming out...
The soft plush bed of the Kitty City Tunnel Bed is seen coming out of the dryer, still looking luxurious.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Cat Play Level

Each toy brought out different levels of play at different times; however, a few of the toys brought out extreme play levels more frequently, making them good testers of toy durability. The Rainbow Charmer wand toy did a great job of holding up to extreme play levels over an extended period (20 minutes) right along with the Cat Dancer 101. The Rainbow Charmer's polycarbonate wand has a reinforcement where the fabric attaches and can stand large amounts of force without losing integrity. The Kitty City Cat Tunnel Bed and Magic Mewnicorn tunnel also tolerate extreme levels of cat play with good resilience.

cat toys - during side-by-side testing of the wand toys, we found the rainbow...
During side-by-side testing of the wand toys, we found the Rainbow Charmer (R) to have a highly resilient design built to tolerate high levels of force during extreme play. The Youngever's fabric (L) came detached on the first day of use.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Cat Engagement Level

We analyzed our cat's engagement level during the designated play times for the toy. Some toys are multifaceted, which lends itself to longer use, and others, such as catnip toys, produced a large amount of energy in a short time, which enabled play with other toys. We looked at the direct percentage of playtime and the level of play (mild, moderate, or extreme).

cat toys - the rainbow charmer elicited an extreme play level from our cat.
The Rainbow Charmer elicited an extreme play level from our cat.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Percentage of Play Time

Analyzing 60 minutes of direct cat play with the toys over three days (for 20-minute sessions), we found that the top performers at 100% playtimes were the Youngever 24 Toys Assortment, Rainbow Charmer, Kitty City, Cat Dancer 101, and Magic Mewnicorn Tunnel. Our cat played with each toy for 20 min at a time, without a break. Some other top performers include the Catify (80%), Tower of Tracks (75%), and the Bergan Turboscratcher (75%).

cat toys - our tester cat is enraptured by the cardboard pieces on the cat...
Our tester cat is enraptured by the cardboard pieces on the Cat Dancer.
Credit: Kate Irvin

cat toys - the kitty city provides two openings with swing hearts to entertain...
The Kitty City provides two openings with swing hearts to entertain your cat.
Credit: Matt Bento

Level of Play (Mild, Moderate or Extreme)

Each toy evoked different levels of play; some evoked all three at different times, depending on our cat's mood and energy level. We rated this category for each toy according to the level of play that was most frequently seen. Mild play examples are gentle swatting, lounging on, or guarding the toy. Moderate play is seen with biting and clawing the toy with some rolling and kicking. Extreme play examples would elicit multiple leaps, tumbling, sprinting, pouncing, and lots of kicking. Our top performers that resulted in an extreme level of play are the Rainbow Charmer, Youngever 24 Toys Assortment, and the Yeowww! Catnip Banana.

Playtime in full effect!
Playtime in full effect!
Resting after putting the Catify to good use.
Resting after putting the Catify to good use.

Many toys elicited moderate play levels, such as the Bergan Turboscratcher, Cat Dancer, Catify, and Magic Mewnicorn.


Sturdiness was measured by whether the toy had to be modified or not to allow safe and successful engagement in play. A few of the toys had to be modified, such as reattaching the Youngever's teaser wand fabric with a hot glue gun, which was successful; however, some toys proved strong from the get-go, like the Potaroma Electric Fish.

cat toys - the rechargable tail is easily inserted into the zippered pouch on...
The rechargable tail is easily inserted into the zippered pouch on Potaroma's Electric Fish, proving a sturdy and durable choice for your cat. The included USB cable also charged the fish rapidly.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Here, a top performer is the Catify Cardboard Scratcher, along with the Tower of Tracks. What sets the Tower of Tracks apart compared to other roller track toys is the sturdy design, especially when inspecting the non-skid feet, which did not detach during testing. And the Catify's plentiful corrugated cardboard surface area makes for a sturdy cat furniture piece.

cat toys - our cat loved taking a rest break on the sturdy catify.
Our cat loved taking a rest break on the sturdy Catify.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Setup and Storage

We thought it would be helpful to investigate the setup and storage of each toy. Most of the toys were ready to go right out of the package, like the smaller catnip toys, the Tower of Tracks, and the Catify; the Catnip Bird and Cat Dancer took seconds to set up, and the Bergan Turboscratcher's setup time was one minute. The Kitty City Tunnel Bed took, on average, five minutes to set up once we understood the zipper system, and the Magic Mewnicorn's set up and storage was speedy once we adjusted the ties to our liking.

cat toys - our cat loved hiding and napping in the magic mewnicorn; she also...
Our cat loved hiding and napping in the Magic Mewnicorn; she also loved exploring through the four smaller connecting "leg" tunnels too, which were collapsible and compact, readily stowed away after use.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Storage for many of the smaller toys means finding a cupboard or special compartment in the home for your cat's collection. We love how the Bergan has a tab for hanging the toy if desired; it also easily slides under furniture, out of sight.

cat toys - the bergan (r) has a tab so you can easily hang the toy to...
The Bergan (R) has a tab so you can easily hang the toy to store away; on the left is the Kitty City broken down and stored away in a 11" storage cube.
Credit: Kate Irvin

The packaging of the Youngever 24 Toys Assortment is much appreciated for clean-up and storage as well.

cat toys - all 24 toys from the youngever assortment pack fit into the provided...
All 24 toys from the Youngever Assortment Pack fit into the provided zippered plastic bag, making it convenient for storage.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Eco-Friendly Materials

Perhaps sustainability is important to you when considering the best cat toy options. Here we look at material types and consider if they are environmentally friendly. The Catify, Cat Dancer 101, and Earthtone Solutions Felt Wool Ball and Mouse were top scorers in this category, either built from 100% recyclable materials or eco-friendly materials.

cat toys - the underside of the catify has another 19.5" of corrugated...
The underside of the Catify has another 19.5" of corrugated cardboard, an eco-friendly product, for your cat to get their paws on.
Credit: Kate Irvin

cat toys - two sizes and material types of mice are seen here, the top is a...
Two sizes and material types of mice are seen here, the top is a natural product made from wool felt by Earthtone Solutions, making it an eco-friendly choice. The bottom, from the Youngever pack, is made from synthetic materials.
Credit: Kate Irvin

We also liked how the Yeowww! catnip toy has 100% organic catnip, and the banana is made from cotton twill, which is an eco-friendly material.

cat toys - our cat appears satisfied while having her yeowww! banana catnip...
Our cat appears satisfied while having her Yeowww! Banana Catnip nearby.
Credit: Kate Irvin


We've conducted an in-depth comparison of the best cat toys, detailing the outcome of our hands-on testing with a team of experts, some human and some feline. We hope this has helped you on your quest to find the toy that best suits you and your cat!

cat toys - as pet parents, we only want the best toys for our feline friends.
As pet parents, we only want the best toys for our feline friends.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Kate Irvin

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GearLab is founded on the principle of honest, objective, reviews. Our experts test thousands of products each year using thoughtful test plans that bring out key performance differences between competing products. And, to assure complete independence, we buy all the products we test ourselves. No cherry-picked units sent by manufacturers. No sponsored content. No ads. Just real, honest, side-by-side testing and comparison.

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