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The 5 Best Dog Frisbees

We tossed dog frisbees from Chuckit!, KONG, Hyper Pet, and more to determine which ones our dogs liked best
Best Dog Frisbees
Head tester Buddy has a very expressive face. His enthusiasm for the Air Dash is impossible to ignore!
Credit: Hannah Marshall

Our Top Picks

By Hannah Marshall ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 10, 2022

Looking for a new dog frisbee, but don't know which one will be best? We researched over fifty frisbees and purchased the top 8 to test side-by-side. Because we understand that no two dogs are the same, we tested frisbees with pups of different ages and breeds. They played fetch and tug, ran, jumped, rolled, sniffed, and chewed to determine the durability, versatility, flight capability, and 'fun factor' for each frisbee. If you're considering a new disc toy, we've done the work to make sure you find the one that will be most suited to you and your dog.

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Best Overall Dog Frisbee

Chuckit! Paraflight

Material: Polyester and rubber | Floats? Yes
Rubber outer material is soft on teeth and hands
Nice balance of flight time and distance
Versatile as a tug or water toy
Great for many types of dogs
Light blue inner gets dirty quickly
Tears easily between foam outer and nylon inner

The Chuckit! Paraflight was our overall favorite dog frisbee. When given the option of several toys, our canine testers opted for this one most often. The outer rim is gentle on gums with a soft and chewy feel, allowing for easy pick-up and grab. The inner section consists of a lightweight mesh material that helps the disc glide across the air at reduced speeds, so your dog can focus in and perform a solid catch. The weight balance also makes it a great choice for playing in the water.

Although we had very few gripes, some of the Paraflight's positive attributes can present potential drawbacks. For instance, its light weight can make it harder to throw in higher winds. The soft rubber and fabric, though good for chewers who need a toy that's gentle on gums, is less durable than harder plastic or rubber. After an aggressive tugging play session, the stitching had some small tears where the rubber and mesh meet on the outer ring, meaning it should be used under supervision. The Paraflight is a great choice for dogs that enjoy variety in their play and for owners who want a good balance of fun for their dollar. Additionally, the large size we tested is a solid fit for medium to large dogs.

Available Sizes: Small, Large

best overall dog frisbee
The Chuckit! Paraflight was a universal favorite, and its bright colors make it easy to spot in any conditions.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Best Bang for Your Buck

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper 2-Pack

Material: Rubber and nylon | Floats? Yes
Bright colors make it easy to locate
Flies well
Comes in multi-packs of two or five
Firm rim is not ideal for chewing
Frays quickly when bitten or tugged

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is an all-purpose nylon frisbee that comes in a multi-pack option, giving you more fun for your dollar. Unlike some softer choices, the rigid outer ring is more user-friendly for both humans and their canine companions. The inner material is made of lightweight nylon, allowing the disc to soar well without feeling too insubstantial or thin.

Unfortunately, the black nylon stitching on the outer rim shows wear quickly. Luckily, this dog frisbee comes with a spare (or four, depending on which option you purchase). Our dog testers are heavy chewers, leading us to expect it will need a replacement at the six-month mark. The rigid outer ring makes it very fun to throw and catch, but it is not as soft on teeth or fun to chew as some foam or rubber alternatives. Overall, the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is a great option if you want a lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable toy for your pup.

Available Sizes: One Size

dog frisbee - best bang for your buck
The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper comes in a variety of bright colors that make it easy to spot. Here Peitu is evaluating the durability of the outer nylon.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Best for Long, Arcing Throws

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Disc

Material: Plastic | Floats? No
Easy to throw, flies extremely well
Durable, puncture-resistant construction
Easy to clean
Doubles as a fun frisbee for humans
Hard plastic is tough on teeth and gums
Rim construction makes it harder for small dogs to pick up

The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Disc will truly make you and your dog feel like masters of the craft. This disc is the Ferrari of dog frisbees: its aerodynamic shape and weight balance allow you to effortlessly make long, arcing tosses for your dog to chase. It is made of supremely durable, puncture-resistant plastic, and it comes in a variety of bright colors (including glow in the dark), making it as easy to locate as it is fun to throw.

The downside of any sportscar is that its capability is limited in scope. While the Jawz Competition Disc is a great option for large, open fields or dog parks, it flies so far that it can be hard to use in a typical backyard setting. It also only comes in one size, which can be cumbersome for smaller or lighter dogs, and the hard-plastic material makes it a frisbee that should be used with a great deal of supervision. Buddy, who loves to play fetch and tug in the yard, had trouble catching and carrying this disc. Peitu, who enjoys long runs, jumping, and other athletic feats, was enamored with it. This frisbee is a great choice for medium to large athletic dogs with owners who have plenty of time and space to supervise play.

Available Sizes: One Size

dog frisbee - best for long, arcing throws
Assistant tester Peitu having a field day with the Hyperflite Jawz Competition Disc. This frisbee is such a capable flier that we had to use it off trail. While we love this disc, the glow color was difficult to locate in snow and tall grass.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Best for Backyard Play

KONG Flyer

Material: Natural rubber | Floats? No
Comes in multiple sizes
Stands up to heavy chewing
Natural, non-toxic material
Flies in a straight path
Easy to throw and catch
Does not fly very far
Hard to grip for tug

The KONG Flyer is made for durability. Its simple construction also touts all-natural rubber, which we found was soft on hands and teeth and easy to clean. It's flexible enough to be packed into a jacket pocket or backpack for fun on the go, yet sturdy enough to have some loft when tossed. Unlike some other soft rubber alternatives, this disc is pretty easy to get the hang of throwing.

The Flyer falls short in predictable ways, which we also appreciate — no surprises here. Like most soft rubber discs, it does not have a ton of loft or airtime when thrown. It also does not float in water, so it's best to avoid the beach when using this model. Still, the Flyer is a great option for pet owners who want a durable, reliable, and simple backyard frisbee.

Available Sizes: Small, Large

dog frisbee - best for backyard play
Buddy is a smaller dog, and he chased and retrieved the small KONG Flyer with ease.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Best for Tugging

ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz

Material: Nylon | Floats? Yes
Excellent for tug
Dogs and owners can grab the inner fabric or outer rope
Simple design
Gentle on teeth
Heavy when wet or frozen
Stitching between inner and outer rim comes loose

If your dog loves to play tug and fetch, look no further than the ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz frisbee. Our canine testers unanimously loved this disc. They had so much fun fetching and tugging with it that we were entertained for hours, too! This frisbee is made from real climbing rope, which stood up to heavy biting and tugging from multiple dogs. The nylon inner provides a high-visibility surface and aids with floatation, while the crescent-shaped cutouts create space for a firm grip on the outer rope.

Upon first glance, we noticed that the stitching between the inner fabric and outer rope is a weak point. This stitching came loose after a few hours of play. Adding to our disappointment, we found the Rope Gliderz is not an extraordinarily capable flyer. However, we did find this frisbee to be a viable choice for dogs who like to tug and fetch at shorter distances.

Available Sizes: One Size

dog frisbee - best for tugging
Buddy hamming it up with his favorite frisbee.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Great for Small Dogs

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

Material: Thermoplastic rubber | Floats? Yes
Made in the USA with non-toxic, recyclable materials
Gentle on teeth and hands
Rim shape makes it tough to pick up off the ground
Flies fast and low without significant loft

The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc is a frisbee that lives up to everything we expect from West Paw, a Montana-based company that prides itself on making durable, sustainable, "no-frills" dog toys. The rubber-like material is flexible and gentle on teeth, with the added benefit of floating in the water. It's easy to wash, and, unlike many other frisbees, the size small is truly light enough for small dogs.

The Zisc is not a particularly capable flying disc, though. It does well with short and fast tosses and likes to remain low to the ground. This is a good frisbee for those seeking an option for smaller dogs and backyard play, but don't expect it to go super far or fly very high.

Available Sizes: Small, Large

dog frisbee - buddy loves the soft, chewy rubber material on west paw toys. he...
Buddy loves the soft, chewy rubber material on West Paw toys. He also loves that they're locally made in his hometown of Bozeman, MT.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Excellent Versatility for the Price

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Material: Polyester | Floats? Yes
Bright colors make it highly visible in any conditions
Lightweight and durable
Affordable price
Soft edges and low profile make it versatile for many types of play
Slow and unpredictable flight
Feet are easily caught on obstacles such as trees and shrubs

The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is a flying toy that offers a great alternative for folks who want more versatility than a dedicated frisbee can offer. It is lightweight, brightly colored, and sports a graphic of a squirrel face that is pretty darn cute, too. The abrasion-resistant polyester is reinforced at the feet with a stiffer, glow-in-the-dark material, providing great points for owners and dogs alike to grab onto. These feet are great for tug, too. For the price, we were impressed by the Squirrel's versatility and durability.

Where the Flying Squirrel falls short is in its weight. While its lightweight construction makes it versatile for indoor use or tug, it is also very prone to getting caught up in trees and fences. Its shape and weight come together in an unpredictable flight path, and our testers often found themselves accidentally hurling this toy over fences and onto private property. This is a great option for owners of medium to large dogs who either have a lot of space or who don't mind throwing this highly versatile toy a bit lower to the ground.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium

dog frisbee - buddy preferred to carry this squirrel by the tail.
Buddy preferred to carry this squirrel by the tail.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Best Training Tool

Puller Dog Fitness Tool

Material: Plastic | Floats? Yes
Includes lots of training tips and advice
Punctures easily
More of a toss/roll toy than a flying ring

Unlike other discs, the Puller Dog Fitness Tool markets itself as a dog fitness tool rather than a toy. At this, it is very effective. The packaging comes with directions and a comic, as well as links to the company's website, where you can find even more training advice and opportunities to compete in running and jumping competitions with your dog. The Puller comes as a set of two rings designed to be used together to incentivize return and increase running time for your dog. In our testing, we did find that introducing the second ring enhanced buy-in for our dogs. These rings are lightweight, making them easy to toss for long periods.

The downside to the lightweight material is that it punctures easily. Chief tester Buddy and his assistant Peitu were quickly bored by the toss game, which negated any enhanced fitness benefits. That said, for those looking to get their dog tired quickly or who want some structure to work on retrieval commands, this tool will do the trick.

Available Sizes: Micro, Mini, Midi, Standard, Maxi

dog frisbee - peitu demonstrates proper puller-catching posture. on this catch...
Peitu demonstrates proper Puller-catching posture. On this catch, her teeth punctured through the outer material and left large holes.
Credit: Hannah Marshall

Why You Should Trust Us

Because we know that no two dogs have the same needs or preferences, we assembled a team of two canine testers with very different backgrounds. Buddy, our tester in chief, is a three-year-old terrier mix known for his expressive face and honest demeanor. Buddy spends most of his time playing fetch in the yard in his hometown of Bozeman, Montana. He loves to play with toys, but he will let his humans know if there's one he doesn't like. In classic terrier fashion, Buddy has strong opinions, making him a perfect candidate for rigorous frisbee testing.

Our assistant tester is Peitu, a two-year-old mixed breed. Like most members of her mountain town, she is extremely active, joining in on adventures running, biking, and skiing all year long. Peitu loves to run, chase, and catch things, and she's got an iron grip. She helped us immensely in testing the durability of our frisbees and volunteered hours of her time to playing tug.

Since neither Buddy nor Peitu can tell us which ones they like best, human reviewer Hannah Marshall paid close attention to clues the dogs gave. She devised a plan that put each frisbee through rigorous testing with and without each dog and threw the frisbees in all types of settings: windy parks, in the snow, at night, in the yard, and in the sun. We purchased all of these frisbees at retail price to ensure objectivity in our ratings.

Buddy contemplating his experience with the Flying Squirrel.
Buddy contemplating his experience with the Flying Squirrel.
Hannah and Peitu.
Hannah and Peitu.
Peitu, ready for her next frisbee.
Peitu, ready for her next frisbee.

Analysis and Test Results

We tested each frisbee based on its flying ability, durability, versatility, quality, and fun factor. Here you can see how we evaluated each metric and which products stood out in each category.

Flying Ability

An unspoken expectation we have of frisbees is that they can fly through the air. Dog frisbees are often intended to double as toys, though, and the myriad designs that allow for both flight capability and resilience to wear and tear result in a similarly wide array of flying styles. Some dog frisbees fly fast and far, others fly slower, and some are designed more as tossing and fetch discs. We scored each frisbee on average flight distance and flight time, measured through repeated throws. The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Disc was by far the most capable in this metric, traveling about 30% farther and longer than the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper, which was our next most capable flyer. In general, it seemed that soft rubber frisbees flew fast and far, while nylon and polyester models had more airtime and less distance.

dog frisbee - we measured distance by paces of one person, then measured the...
We measured distance by paces of one person, then measured the length or their stride and converted it to feet with this tape.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


Let's face it, dogs can be rough on their toys. We wanted to know which frisbees could hold up to repeated use and unsupervised play, which is why we played about an hour of tug with each model and then left them out overnight in the snow.

dog frisbee - peitu and hannah testing with tug.
Peitu and Hannah testing with tug.
Credit: Arlin Ladue

The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Disc did well in this metric. Similar to flight capability, the materials used seemed to predict durability. In general, the rubber and hard plastic frisbees were more durable than nylon and polyester models, which began to show significant wear after tugging.

dog frisbee - process in action: peitu bit into and tugged all ten frisbees with...
Process in action: Peitu bit into and tugged all ten frisbees with enthusiasm.


Most manufacturers try to make their dog frisbees versatile to suit a range of dogs and owners. We based versatility on numerous factors, including how well each model performed as a tug toy, floated in water, and whether there were additional applications such as doubling as a food bowl.

dog frisbee - we used a bathtub to float-test. note the kong classic floating...
We used a bathtub to float-test. Note the KONG Classic floating here: it sank when flipped upside-down.
Credit: Hannah Marshall

Both the Chuckit! Paraflight and the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel scored highest in our versatility metric: they float, can be used as tug toys, and the bright colors allow for fun day or night. The KONG Flyer and West Paw Zogoflex Zisc are shaped in a way that will enable them to double as water or food bowls when needed. The Hyperflight Jawz Competition Disc, which does not float and is comprised of hard plastic, was the least versatile.

dog frisbee - buddy tugging on the soft fabric of the squirrel.
Buddy tugging on the soft fabric of the squirrel.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


We evaluated quality based on the materials used in each product, how easy the frisbee was to clean, and how accessible it was for humans to handle and use. The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc stood out in this category, as it's made in the USA from non-toxic, recyclable, and dishwasher safe materials.

dog frisbee - buddy gnawing on his zisc which works pretty well as a water dish...
Buddy gnawing on his Zisc which works pretty well as a water dish during break time.
Credit: Hannah Marshall

The KONG Flyer is also made from natural rubber and is dishwasher safe. These frisbees come in bright colors, which are easy to locate for dogs and humans alike. On the other end of the spectrum, we found that the ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz was difficult to clean and had loose stitching out of the box, though the inclusion of climbing rope is appreciated for dogs that love their tug-of-war.

dog frisbee - the kong flyer is a great option if your dog is a strong chewer. we...
The Kong Flyer is a great option if your dog is a strong chewer. We love its durability, and its ribbed edges make it easier for dogs to pick up.
Credit: Hannah Marshall

Fun Factor

While we are firm believers that all dog frisbees are happy things, some make us smile more than others. For this metric, we relied heavily on input from our canine testers. After introducing each toy, we assessed how long the dogs wanted to play with each one and which ones they favored over others.

dog frisbee - buddy never wants to give back the paraflight, but he's learning...
Buddy never wants to give back the Paraflight, but he's learning that running for it is pretty fun, too.
Credit: Hannah Marshall

Two unanimous favorites in this class were the Chuckit! Paraflight and the ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz, and the Paraflight edged into first place as our overall favorite. Both frisbees are made from soft nylon and polyester materials that our dogs kept coming back to chew, fetch, and tug upon. Conversely, it was clear that both dogs were confused by the Puller Dog Fitness Tool, which they quickly abandoned.

dog frisbee - seriously, peitu and buddy both went crazy over this frisbee.
Seriously, Peitu and Buddy both went crazy over this frisbee.
Credit: Hannah Marshall


A frisbee can be a great way for you and your dog to bond, get outside, and enjoy some exercise. There are innumerable options out there, and we hope this comprehensive review helps you find the flyer that suits you and your pup best.

Hannah Marshall

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