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Best Dog Clippers of 2022

We tested dog clippers from Wahl, Andis, PettingPal, and more to find you the best models to keep your pooch looking fresh
Best Dog Clippers of 2022
Wahl Easy-Pro dog clippers are perfect for a quick trim
Credit: Kyle McCann

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By Kyle McCann ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 30, 2022
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In the market for dog clippers? You've come to the right place. Our review ranks the top 7 dog clippers available on the market. To determine the best, we extensively researched popular models before purchasing those exhibiting top-notch potential for testing. We carefully evaluated various qualities, such as cutting effectiveness, ergonomics, and the power quality of both corded and cordless models. We also assessed the ease of cleaning the clippers, features and accessories included, and each model's noise and vibration level. Ultimately, our comprehensive review weeds out the best contenders from those lacking outstanding performance, helping you find the right, trusty clippers for your pup.

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Editor's Note: We updated this review on June 30, 2022, removing a discontinued product and ensuring the rest of our lineup is up to date.


Best Overall Dog Clippers

oneisall Dog Clippers

Power Style: Cordless | Clipper Speeds: 2
Blade and cutting quality are excellent
Maintenance is straightforward
Noise and vibration level are very low
Not very ergonomic
Not the sturdiest build

The oneisall Dog Clippers proved to be a cut above the rest, claiming the top spot in this review with ease. Upon opening the kit's package, we were met with an intuitive set of straightforward directions that answered all of our immediate questions. The blade quality and cutting ability reign superior to the rest of the cordless options we tested. The size, weight, and shape of the clippers, along with their noise and vibration level, are just right. The battery charging and life are exceptional, cleaning is simple, and the accessories included are just what we needed and nothing more.

However, we think the build quality on the oneisall could be improved. After performing our drop test, where we dropped the clippers from 2 feet above a yoga mat, we had small issues with the blades being offset. That said, with a quick adjustment to the alignment of the blade, we were able to fix the issue. The body of this clipper is also somewhat slick, so it doesn't feel as sturdy in our hands, but this is minor compared to the benefits of this well-rounded, good-quality option.

Measured Noise Level: 61.5 decibels

best overall dog clippers
The oneisall cuts with ease, is easy to clean, and has an impressive battery life.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Best for The Prosumer

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal

Power Style: Corded | Clipper Speeds: 1
High-quality look and feel
Cuts like butter through all types of fur
Long, flexible cord
No blade height control on clippers

Topping the list for overall quality is the Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal. Of all the clippers we tested, we recommend these to the dog grooming aficionado who deals with regularly cutting different fur types and lengths. The Andis excels in all aspects of grooming, whether on long, thick hair where there are occasional mats, to short, thinner hair. These clippers fit well in hand, the texture helps with grip, and the cord has just the right length and flexibility for maneuvering around your pup. The blade is also easy to remove, and the comb attachments fit all our needs just right.

Upon opening this kit, we were pleased with how well the clippers and accessories fit in their case but were surprised by the lack of scissors, comb, and blade brush. At this price point, we were also disappointed by the lack of blade height control on the clipper, although this can be solved with the attachment combs. If you're looking for a silent and still model, this may not be the right option, but if you want to use a professional-level clipper to keep your best friend looking sharp, look no further.

Measured Noise Level: 63.2 decibels

dog clippers - best for the prosumer
The Andis EasyClip Pro features outstanding cutting effectiveness.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Best Bang for Your Buck

Wahl Pet-Pro Grooming Kit

Power Style: Corded | Clipper Speeds: 1
Cuts all types of fur with no problem
Just the right amount of accessories
Great price-to-performance ratio
More vibration than any of the others tested
Not recommended to service at home

The Wahl Pet-Pro Grooming Kit won't break the bank and will cut efficiently on all types of dogs. The power of these clippers is intense, and it shows when clipping on long, thick fur and hair. The build of the clippers feels sturdy, and they are ergonomic and comfortable to hold. We found no issues with the cutting effectiveness, despite there only being one speed, even after our drop test. The included accessories fulfilled our needs and didn't leave us wanting anything beyond what is in the package.

These clippers are on the heavier side, and after a while, we had to take a break as the cord is relatively stiff and makes it hard to maneuver. The noise level is the highest of the clippers that we tested, and the excessive vibration hurt our hand after 20 minutes of consistent grooming. The manufacturer also recommends not removing the blade. That said, if you're looking for an efficient and effective set of dog clippers, your wallet will thank you for choosing the Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers.

Measured Noise Level: 73.8 decibels

dog clippers - best bang for your buck
Your wallet and your pup will thank you for picking the Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Best for Extended Battery Life

PettingPal Dog Grooming Clippers

Power Style: Cordless | Clipper Speeds: 3
Up to 4 hours of battery life
Least noise and vibration of any clipper tested
A wide range of accessories and features
Has a hard time cutting longer, thicker fur

The PettingPal Dog Grooming Clippers pack extended battery life and features like no other that we tested. The battery life is the longest of any model in our review, with a lengthy 4-5 hour run time. Features that we appreciated are the three-speed options, a battery level display, blade height control, an oil level indicator, and a charging indicator light. The accessories included also stand out, with a unique charging station and two blade width options, easily adaptable and unlike any other clippers we tested. Our decibel reading was elementary, but these were noticeably the quietest of the bunch.

Other cordless models in our testing have better cutting effectiveness than the PettingPal, however, and we wished for more success with long, thick hair. That said, packed with features and accessories, this kit is sure to get the job done. Just make sure to trim longer hair with scissors before putting these clippers on the job, and you'll have a happy, groomed pup in no time.

Measured Noise Level: 56.6 decibels

dog clippers - best for extended battery life
The PettingPal Clippers come packed with accessories, features, and seriously impressive battery life.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Top Choice for a Quick Charge

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series

Power Style: Cordless | Clipper Speeds: 1
Fully charges in just 15 minutes
Clipper feels sturdier than most other cordless models
Do not cut as well with thinner hair
Not recommended to do at-home maintenance

In just 15 minutes, it became evident to us that the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series is a great option for grooming while short on time. These clippers are the fastest charging of all the clippers we tested, and if you plan to cut numerous dogs' fur or have a quick window of time to get your grooming finished, you'll be pleased with their quick charging ability and battery life. When testing the clippers on long, thick hair, we had no issues, and you can even adjust the blade height on the fly with the control right at your thumb.

These clippers feel good when holding and cutting, but the slick material makes them easy to drop when maneuvering around. Like the other Wahl brand clippers we tested, these too come with a warning on the maintenance and an urge not to remove the blade. If your dog is triggered by sound, be aware that these also had the highest noise level of the cordless models, although the vibration levels did not match that detail. However, if you need quick charging dog clippers with reliable cutting effectiveness, we've found the product for you.

Measured Noise Level: 60.6 decibels

dog clippers - top choice for a quick charge
The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Clippers charge in just a few short minutes for cutting convenience.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Good Option for a Quick Trim

Wahl Easy Pro for Pets

Power Style: Cordless | Clipper Speeds: 1
Comfortable, ergonomic feel
Cuts well on shorter fur
Accessory quality and versatility are lacking
Takes 12+ hours to get a full charge

If you're simply in need of a touch-up or quick trim on short hair, the Wahl Easy Pro for Pets is an easy bet. Its cutting ability is acceptable on shorter hair, and the weight and feel of the clippers is better than most. The noise and vibration levels are average when compared to the entire testing group, and the range of combs are easy to snap on and off.

The feel and the accessories of the Easy Pro seem lower quality than others, but from our testing posed no issues. The battery life is the shortest of the cordless models at just one hour run time, and the time it takes to charge was longer than any other model — 12 hours, which is not the best ratio. As with the other Wahl clippers, the manufacturer also suggests not to remove the blade and head, and reviewers have claimed issues occurring after removal. Despite a few issues, these clippers are a fine choice if you plan to keep up with quick trims.

Measured Noise Level: 67.8 decibels

the wahl easy pro dog clippers will do the trick for a quick and...
The Wahl Easy Pro dog clippers will do the trick for a quick and easy trim.
Credit: Kyle McCann


A Functional and Inexpensive Option

Yabife Dog Clippers

Power Style: Cordless | Clipper Speeds: 1
Easy to clean and maintain
Minimal noise and vibration
Does not cut long, thick hair well
Clipper does not feel very sturdy

The Yabife Dog Clippers are a functional and impressively affordable option that comes packed with accessories. They are one of the quietest models we tested and don't have excessive vibration even with their light weight. The ease of cleaning on these clippers is a highlight, and they're one of the few that suggest the entire clipper is washable with water.

When clipping long, thick hair, the blades of the Yabife became stuck immediately, but when we focused on a smooth and short coat, we noticed increased efficiency. We also found that removing the blade was easy, but a more unintuitive step led us to confusion: the blade height must be set to 2mm to place the blade back on the clippers. If you're not looking to break the bank and are trimming a pooch with short hair occasionally, these will do the trick.

Measured Noise Level: 71.3 decibels

the yabife dog clippers come with just the right amount of...
The Yabife Dog Clippers come with just the right amount of accessories.
Credit: Kyle McCann

Why You Should Trust Us

Our expert dog clipper tester, Kyle McCann, has years of experience trimming and shaving his dogs with fur ranging from long to short and thin to thick. Growing up with dogs helping him in the field as retrievers and in the home as man's best friend, he is no stranger to the importance of a trim, clean-cut. Depending on the season, clippers find their way into Kyle's bag of tools on a monthly basis, and he's spent more hours cleaning the leftover fur than he cares to mention.

We spent countless hours comparing and scoring the products in this review for a showdown, completing a handful of grooming sessions on various fur types. To test our dog clippers, we started by carefully analyzing them for features, strengths, and weaknesses that might differentiate them from one another. This gave us a good idea about the overall quality of each clipper, its ability to cut a variety of fur types, and the overall price-to-performance and quality ratio.

The PettingPal dog clippers feature an intuitive LCD screen.
The PettingPal dog clippers feature an intuitive LCD screen.
The PettingPal clippers feature an easy-to-remove clipper head.
The PettingPal clippers feature an easy-to-remove clipper head.
The Wahl Easy-Pro clippers come with just the right amount of...
The Wahl Easy-Pro clippers come with just the right amount of accessories.

Analysis and Test Results

In our hunt to find the best dog clippers, we conducted extensive research on the available options beforehand and then picked some of the most viable options. We compared their clipping ability, power and battery quality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and the included accessories. When breaking down each clipper's score, we performed meticulous tests and weighted the results based on importance (cutting effectiveness being the most heavily weighted) to come up with our final results.

Cutting Effectiveness

When considering a new set of dog clippers, the blade quality, cutting prowess, and available speeds are of top importance. The clippers that we tested range in their blade material, from fully stainless steel to combinations of stainless steel and ceramic. Some only offer a single speed of varying RPMs (rotations per minute), and others have variable speeds that can be changed on the fly. We rated each clipper based on its effectiveness on a variety of fur types and the effectiveness of multiple speeds, if applicable.

With these metrics in mind, the oneisall, Andis EasyClip Pro, and Wahl Pet-Pro performed exceptionally well. Our theory that corded clippers would perform best in cutting effectiveness proved to be mostly correct. In comparison, the oneisall and Andis clippers have a combination of stainless and ceramic blades, which worked smoothly. On the other hand, the Wahl clippers are fully stainless steel and very well built.

the oneisall dog clippers cut very well through long, thick fur.
The oneisall dog clippers cut very well through long, thick fur.
Credit: Kyle McCann


Trimming your furry friend is no short task, even on the smallest of pups. Proper grooming requires an extended period of time with a set of clippers in hand, reaching for hard-to-get spots, and maneuvering in every direction. In our testing for ergonomics, we noted the weight and size of each clipper, how it fit in our hands, any build features that helped with grip, and, if applicable, how maneuverable the clipper was with its cord.

Between weight and size, there's a sweet spot: if light and small, you'll typically notice a shorter battery life but will have comfort for a longer period. The Wahl Easy Pro is just such a product — a compact and lightweight clipper that can be held for a long time but has short battery life. With a larger, heavier clipper, the characteristics are nearly the opposite; you'll find a larger motor and battery, which typically leads to more power and can be helpful when cutting a larger dog or thicker and longer hair, but will tire your clipping hand out faster. The Andis clippers are larger and heavier, but the speed and cutting effectiveness are a clear pro that outweighed the cons.

Shape and texture also have a sweet spot that you'll want to consider. Some clippers that we tested, like the Wahl Easy Pro and Wahl Lithium Ion Pro, have grooves built-in to assist with grip, and we found these to be easy to hold when maneuvering around. The impressive on-the-go features of the PettingPal Grooming Clippers are well-placed and right at our fingertips where they should be. The Andis is covered in a grippy material, making it easy to keep control even with a less-than-psyched pooch to contend with.

easy to grip, form-fitting to your hand, not too heavy; these are...
Easy to grip, form-fitting to your hand, not too heavy; these are all things we consider when evaluating the best dog clippers. The Wahl Lithium Ion is a great ergonomic option.
Credit: Kyle McCann

Battery and Power

Our clipper selection offered two power sources: corded and cordless with a rechargeable battery. In our research, we found that the corded models held more of the prosumer and professional standards. Their features are built for long-term and frequent usage, but a cord can pose its own complications with maneuverability. On the other hand, the cordless models range in their battery quality for both the charging and run time. Some cordless models also boast the ability to be used while plugged into the charger.

For the cordless options, we took into account both the time it took to get to a full charge and to drain the battery fully. The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro has an impressive 15-minute charge time and 2-hour battery life, which is 10x faster charging than its runner-up, the oneisall with a 2.5-hour charge time and 2.5-hour battery life. If you have numerous dogs to trim or a large dog with thick fur that takes longer than normal, these are great options. The PettingPal clippers have a run time of between 4-5 hours with a 3-4 hour charge time, which is excellent for longer cuts.

We didn't forget about the corded models. Although a cordless option may seem like a more convenient choice when evaluating a simplistic approach with no frills and no worries about a degrading battery, the corded models should not be dismissed, and the Andis scored the highest for this metric.

the pettingpal dog clippers boast the longest battery life, along...
The PettingPal dog clippers boast the longest battery life, along with the only included charging stand.
Credit: Kyle McCann

Ease of Cleaning

The lifetime and overall effectiveness of your clippers are based in part on your ability to clean and properly maintain them. There are a few primary things to analyze here: how difficult the clipper is to disassemble and whether it can be rinsed and brushed off easily. It's inevitable that your clippers will become filled with hair, and that will cause them to become less efficient without proper blade cleaning, so the harder the process, the less likely you will be to maintain your equipment properly.

The oneisall, PettingPal, Andis, and Yabife models are very simple to clean. Both the head of the clipper and the blade remove easily, which is an essential step in unclogging your clippers and cleaning behind the blade. Once removed, the only clipper that can be rinsed with water is the Yabife, and we found this to be a simple and efficient process. All the clippers were simple to oil and brush from the exterior, although the models not mentioned above had exceptionally difficult blades to clean. Also, keep in mind that the Andis clippers did not come with a brush to clean the blades.

some dog clippers have blades that are easier to remove than others...
Some dog clippers have blades that are easier to remove than others. The Andis Easyclip Pro's blade is easily removable.
Credit: Kyle McCann

Features and Accessories

Depending on the final cut you're going for, whether short, long, intricate, between tight places, or on sensitive areas, each clipper touts specific features and accessories. We looked at the on-clipper features that included blade height controls, battery level displays, and the color options available. Each kit included an array of attachable and useful accessories that ranged from guards and separate blades to cleaning accessories, cutting accessories, and even a few with carrying cases. The most feature-filled and accessory-packed kits were not always the best clippers in other metrics, but when considering usability for the entire package, this piece of the evaluation was crucial.

Interlaid features like an LCD screen for displaying clipper speeds, battery life, and even maintenance reminders are featured on the PettingPal clippers. Others like the oneisall and Yabife feature onboard battery displays and blade control. All kits featured guards for different lengths of hair, to accommodate the different parts of your pup's body. The quality of cleaning and cutting accessories ranged, with the oneisall, Yabife, and PettingPal models featuring the highest quality build feel, but the cutting effectiveness was entirely positive across all of the kits.

the omorc clippers feature the widest range of guards and cutting...
The OMORC clippers feature the widest range of guards and cutting and cleaning accessories, and come equipped with on-board blade height control.
Credit: Kyle McCann

Noise and Vibration

The less noise and vibration, the better the experience for most dogs. To keep them from getting spooked and feeling uncomfortable, we prefer clippers that don't exceed 65db (decibels), but some dogs don't mind the sound at all. As for vibration level, this can be a nuisance to both the dog and your hands after an extended time grooming.

some dogs will react negatively to the sound of a loud clipper, so...
Some dogs will react negatively to the sound of a loud clipper, so we made sure to test the decibel level of every model. The oneisall clippers were of some of the quietest.
Credit: Kyle McCann

In our testing, our theory that cordless clippers would be quieter proved to be true. The oneisall, PettingPal, and Yabife were exceptionally quiet even when at their highest speed. In terms of vibration, there were a few that irritated our hands after a few minutes of grooming. The standout was the PettingPal Grooming Clippers, which had nearly undetectable vibration for both the dog and our hands — impressive indeed!

we clipped. then we clipped again. and once more.
We clipped. Then we clipped again. And once more.
Credit: Kyle McCann


After in-depth research of some of the best clippers available online and some rigorous hands-on, side-by-side testing, we feel confident that this review can help guide you to the best dog clippers for grooming your furry friend. We paid close attention to cutting quality, accessories, noise levels, and price-to-performance ratio to help you make an informed purchase. Happy grooming to you and your best friend!

Kyle McCann

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