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Best Dog Hoodie of 2022

We tested dog hoodies from Ellie Dog Wear, Expawlorer, Fitwarm, and more to find the best options for keeping your pooch stylish and comfortable
Best Dog Hoodie of 2022
Credit: Hayley Thomas

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By Hayley Thomas ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 27, 2022
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Searching for a hoodie for your pooch? After researching over 45 different options, we tested the top 8 rated dog hoodies. Not all dog garments are created equal — some are fashionable, some are functional, and some are a healthy combination of both. We were sure to put every hoodie through the proverbial wringer so that you know what you're committing to before buying. We suited up our pups time and time again for hikes, runs, and dog park hangouts in an attempt to provide the necessary information you need to make an informed purchase.

We realize that clothes are often the lesser of your canine's hierarchy of needs, which is why we've also tested the everyday basics for your dog. We've called up a team of our favorite furry friends to test everything from leashes and harnesses for your dog to beds and toys for your cat.

Editor's Note: This review was updated on July 27, 2022, removing two discontinued dog hoodies.


Best Overall Dog Hoodie

Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up

Main Material: Not stated | Available Sizes: XXS to XXL, small to large breeds
High quality
Thick material
Nice zipper
Hood covers eyes

The Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up is a basic zip-up sweatshirt with a large hood and a velcro pocket. It comes in 5 different colors, all somewhat mute and organic looking. The first thing that stood out to us about the garment was its quality. The thick material, versatile fit, and tight stitching made us a little sad that Ellie Dog Wear doesn't make matching human hoodies. The sweatshirt material is cropped at the belly but runs further down the back. This allows for optimal surface area coverage without getting in the way of your pup's potty needs. The fit is next to perfect, the size chart is accurate, and the sizing is mostly inclusive. The XXL probably won't fit your Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog, but it will definitely fit your stocky Pitbull. The zipper is metal and glides with ease, even after your dog decides to roll around in the mud. Yes, we are speaking from experience. The pocket on the back is big enough to throw a few poop bags in, and the velcro keeps them safely tucked away with no risk of flying out. The drawstrings that come out of the hood are both adorable and functional. This garment also offers a good amount of warmth via its snug fit and thick material.

While we have nothing bad to say about the quality of the Ellie, it's noticeably more expensive than the rest of the options in our test suite. The quality definitely makes it worth it, but if you are unsure whether your pup will even wear a sweatshirt or know they will ruin it rather quickly, this might not be the best option for you. We also found the drawstrings to be a little short. This may have been done strategically so as not to bother your dog with unnecessary dangly bits, but we wouldn't have minded a little more length on this cute detail. Lastly, the hood is rather large and floppy. While this means it will fit over most dogs' heads, it has the potential to fall over their eyes as well, which can be a little spooky for a pup. All in all, however, this high-quality dog hoodie is a great option for those who don't mind spending a few extra bucks on something that will last.

A Note on Sizing
Finding the right size for your pet can be tricky because each manufacturer varies wildly. For some, an XL will fit a 70-pound Malamute - for others, an XL might be snug on a 30-pound Corgi. Measuring your mutt is crucial, and be sure to keep the measuring tape loose and size up if you're in between sizes. If your doggie clothes are too tight, your friend will not only be uncomfortable but will likely try to chew on their attire or wiggle out of it. For reference, our main tester Milo weighs 13 pounds with the following measurements:
  • Neck: 11.5"
  • Back (base of neck to base of tail): 17"
  • Chest/Girth: 18"

Each hoodie denotes what size Milo fit into - you will quickly see that he wore everything from an XS to a Large, depending on the manufacturer.

Size Tested: XS

best overall dog hoodie
This hoodie is not only functional but it is durable and fashionable.
Credit: hayley a thomas


Comfort Without the Cost

Expawlorer Fleece Dog Hoodie

Main Material: Polyester | Available Sizes: S to XXL, small to large breeds
Excellent fit
No leash hole
No sleeves may offer less warmth

The Expawlorer is another excellent option for a dog hoodie and is a comfy, cozy fleece vest with a large hood and a low price tag. The sleeveless design seems to be a little more comfortable, allowing your dog's legs to move uninhibited while still keeping their core warm. We could tell because there was no moment immediately after dressing our pups where they stood there looking at us like, What are we supposed to do now? Am I allowed to move yet? Instead, they happily bounded off to play with their friends as if their crazy human hadn't just dressed them up. The long back and short belly allow optimal coverage without sacrificing organic movement or getting in the way when nature calls. The fleece is soft and stretchy, which helps with the fit and makes pulling this layer over your dog easy. A small leash loop is also attached to the back of the sweater, which is great for small dogs or dogs that don't pull. The lack of buttons, zippers, or velcro makes this dog hoodie simple and easy to use.

The sleeveless nature of the Expawlorer makes it easier for your dog to run around unrestricted. However, the lack of sleeves may offer less insulation and warmth. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a straight answer from any of our pups confirming or denying our sleeveless theory, and they did still seem very cozy and warm on cooler days. The small leash loop on the hoodie's upper back is great for small dogs or dogs that don't pull but will be ineffective for the larger, more rambunctious types. The hood is very large, making it easy to fit over your dog's head, but it flops around a little, which tends to scare jumpy dogs. Those things aside, this sweatshirt is great for any occasion and any pup but will work especially well for dogs that don't like clothes since it doesn't inhibit their movement too much and is not too much fabric overall, making it more like a second skin than an article of clothing.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - comfort without the cost
The long back offers additional coverage and warmth and the stretchy fabric makes dressing your dog easy.
Credit: Matthew Blake


Trendy and Tactile

Fitwarm Puppy Pullover

Main Materials: Polyester and cotton | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small breeds only
Simple pullover
Baggy fit
Very stylish
No pockets
No option for larger dogs

The adorable striped Fitwarm Puppy Pullover is a stylish polyester cotton blend pullover. The slightly baggier fit gives it strong lounge-wear vibes, and the ¾ sleeves are a unique touch. This pocketless, buttonless, zipperless dog hoodie is easy to slip on and off, and the material on the stomach and back are thick and warm while the sleeves and hood are thinner. This allows the hoodie to breathe a little, ensuring that your pup doesn't overheat. The thin hood also flops around slightly less than some thicker ones we tested. This sweatshirt's somewhat loose fit is flattering and ideal for dogs who don't like tight clothing. The leash hole is placed at the base of the hood rather than on the back, which works better with a collar. The high-quality fabric is soft to the touch, warm, and machine washable, but we do not recommend drying this garment unless you don't mind a little shrinkage. This particular dog hoodie only comes in one color and pattern, but Fitwarm has quite a collection of different styles and colors.

The Fitwarm Pullover has ¾ sleeves — a super cute design, but the additional fabric may irritate dogs who are less comfortable or not accustomed to wearing clothing. It is also worth noting that Fitwarm, as a company, does not make clothing for larger dogs. Their XS is for Yorkie or Chihuahua-sized pups, while their XXL is for dogs like Corgis or Dachshunds. This limits the type of dogs that will fit into their collection, which is a shame since the clothing they make is both high quality and high fashion. This pullover is best for someone with a smaller dog in search of a unique design that still offers warmth and comfort in a simple package.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - trendy and tactile
The Fitwarm is not only stylish, but it is comfortable and warm too. Unfortunately, they do not make clothing for larger breeds, but if you have a small pooch we think you'll love their quality and selection.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Simple Yet Stylish

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie

Main Materials: Polyester and cotton | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small to large breeds
Size inclusive
Fun color options
Nice fit
Small hood
Size chart is a little off

The Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie is the perfect addition to any pup's wardrobe. The many color options, basic design, and stellar fit make this a very versatile garment. It feels like a human hoodie made for dogs, with a soft interior and plenty of warmth. Many companies don't bother making clothes for larger breeds, but Zack & Zoey do a great job making sure that this basic dog hoodie is inclusive of all sizes. This simple buttonless and zipperless sweatshirt is easy to put on and take off and can be thrown in the wash with your human clothes. Since it is mostly cotton, we suggest letting it air dry to avoid shrinkage. The small leash hole works great, and the pocket on the back can easily hold a few poop bags. We tried putting treats back there, too but felt it was a little cruel since the dog knew they were there but couldn't reach them.

Everybody needs a basic hoodie, and while the Zack & Zoey is a great option for most dogs, the sizing sheet is a little off. It runs a little small so if you are between two sizes, definitely size up. You will still be able to get your dog into a smaller size, though the neck and armholes will be tight, making getting the garment on and off a whole process. Not to mention, wearing a hoodie that is too tight around the neck is uncomfortable, whatever species you are. The hood on this piece is on the smaller end of the spectrum, which means it flops around less compared to some of the other models we tested. From small to large pooches (realistically up to about 80lbs, based on their measurements), if you need a basic dog hoodie in fun or neutral colors, look no further than the Zack & Zoey.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - simple yet stylish
The Zack & Zoey comes complete with a back pocket and a small leash hole.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Fashion Over Function

SILD Dog Jean Jacket

Main Material: Denim | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small breeds only
Very stylish
Hood snaps back
Provides zero warmth
Small dogs only

Is your pooch all about kicking butt, taking names, and looking fly while doing it? Well, then they need the SILD Dog Jean Jacket. The snap up front makes taking this garment on and off easy, and the built-in hood snaps down when it's not in use. This sweatshirt is a little less about keeping warm and more about looking cool, which is sometimes just as important. The details are adorable. A few distressed scratch marks on the back make it look like your tough little guy got into a fight. Not that we condone that kind of behavior, but a tough chihuahua in a distressed jean vest? It doesn't get much cuter than that.

The SILD Jacket is definitely more about fashion than function. The thin denim offers virtually zero warmth, so don't expect your pup to be toasty in this garment on a cold day. Aside from looking adorable, there aren't many perks to wearing this jean jacket. There is no leash hole, though the neckline is very loosely fitted, so it's still quite easy to clip a collar. This jacket is also void of pockets. Where the heck are we supposed to put the poop bags? We, the dog parents of the world, will just have to go back to carrying that weight in the name of fashion. The SILD is for the bite-sized tough guy or gal (no large dogs here!) looking for the perfect jean jacket to go ruffle some feathers in.

Size Tested: Large

dog hoodie - fashion over function
The built-in hood really completes this look. It fits perfectly and snaps back when not in use.
Credit: Matt Blake


Plaid and Pocketed

Kooltail Plaid Dog Hoodie

Main Materials Polyester and cotton | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small to large breeds
Traditional plaid
Functional pocket
Not very durable
Too short

The Kooltail is an adorable traditional plaid hoodie, equipped with a pocket on the back and drawstrings in the hood. The functional pocket works great for poop bags, and the drawstrings help tighten the hood in the event that it is flopping around. The leash hole is strategically placed at the nape of the neck. This pullover fits dogs of most shapes and sizes and does so quite well. The tightly cuffed sleeve but overall roomy fit allows your dog to move without restrictions while staying nice and toasty, and the soft inside is comfortable.

While the sizing chart for the Kooltail is mostly accurate, we found the neck hole to be a little small. If your pup has a particularly large chest or strong neck, you may want to consider sizing up. We were sure to put each hoodie through rigorous testing, which included letting our little four-legged test subjects wrestle, run, and roll around. This hoodie did begin to pill around the hood, and after a few wrestling sessions, the pocket popped some stitches. Overall the piece is still intact but will need a little attention to ensure that the pocket does not eventually fall off. This option is best for those seeking a traditional plaid sweatshirt for their mountain pup without breaking the bank.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - milo looks and feels adorable in this traditional plaid look.
Milo looks and feels adorable in this traditional plaid look.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


For the Comedian

Bingpet Security Hoodie

Main Material: Cotton | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small to large breeds
Fun colors
No pockets
Runs very small

The Bingpet Security Hoodie is sure to get attention and laughs out on the streets. It comes in a few different colors and rocks the word 'security' on the back. The inside is very soft and cozy, and the leash hole is strategically placed at the nape of the neck. It offers a rather inclusive size range and easily fits several breeds, from Chihuahuas to stocky Goldens. However, the hood is rather small, so it doesn't fit seamlessly on most dog heads. That being said, a smaller hood bounces around significantly less, which can be more comfortable for some dogs. The drawstrings are small but a nice touch. This hoodie is machine washable, but we don't recommend putting it in the dryer as it is mostly made of cotton.

The Security Hoodie is fitted and cozy, but it seems to run a little small. We recommend sizing up at least one size, or you may find that the neck hole is too small to get your pup's head through. And while the inside is soft and warm, the outside feels a little cheap. Generally speaking, this is a lower-quality option, but it might be worth it if you are on the hunt for something to make your friends at the dog park giggle.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - the neck hole is a little small, so size up if your pup has a...
The neck hole is a little small, so size up if your pup has a stronger upper body.
Credit: Matt Blake


Light and Thin

Blaoicni Plaid Dog Hoodie

Main Material: Cotton | Available Sizes: XS to XXL, small to large breeds
Leash hole
No pocket

The Blaoicni is an adorable red plaid hoodie with a complicated name. This one is rather thin and lightweight, so it's better suited for spring or whenever you might require a more breathable layer. The leash hole is small but usable. This hoodie is machine washable, although we do not recommend that you dry it. Most of the drawstrings we've seen are white, but this dog hoodie rocks black drawstrings and black cuffs, which is stylish and much better for hiding inevitable dirt.

Your pup will look just as cute in this dog hoodie as they do in any other one, but it lacks a bit in quality. The material is soft on the inside, but it is rather stiff and thin. It provides a small amount of warmth, but it's not going to break any records for heat insulation, so if you are looking for a garment to carry you through winter, you might want something a little thicker. The hood is quite small but won't bounce around when your dog is playing with their buddies. It does not come equipped with a pocket for doggy bags, so you'll likely have to carry some in your pocket. The Blaoicni is a lightweight, size-inclusive option for anyone searching for an affordable hoodie for their furbaby.

Size Tested: Small

dog hoodie - the hood is a little small, but clearly, this guy has no problem...
The hood is a little small, but clearly, this guy has no problem with it.
Credit: Matt Blake

Why You Should Trust Us

The human heading up this review is Hayley Thomas from Denver, Colorado. Her love for animals runs deep, having grown up with cats and dogs. Now, as an adult, she is the proud mama of Milo the Chiweenie (a Chihuahua and Daschund mix), the main dog tester and model for this article. Hayley's appreciation for pups and fashion makes her an ideal expert for this category, and Milo has no problem expressing either his disdain or excitement for everything from clothes and toys to various foods and activities. Together they make a discerning (and adorable) testing team for these dog hoodies.

It can be difficult to interpret an item's quality through its online description and product photos. That's where we come in. We always begin our testing process with hours of research, where we read up on customer experiences and other pertinent information for each product. For this review, we also researched different breed sizes to better understand how inclusive each hoodie's sizing is. Through this, we narrowed down our broad search to a smaller hands-on test suite. Once we had all our hoodies in hand, the real fun began. We dressed our pups up and down, then hiked through the mountains and walked through the city, sporting their new fits. During our hands-on testing period, we paid close attention to functionality, aesthetics/style, comfort, and quality.

Despite what this picture looks like, the EXPAWLORER is very easy to...
Despite what this picture looks like, the EXPAWLORER is very easy to slip on and off.
You just can't beat a dog in denim, and the SILD really nailed the...
You just can't beat a dog in denim, and the SILD really nailed the built-in hood.
The Fitwarm is both cozy and cute.
The Fitwarm is both cozy and cute.

Analysis and Test Results

We kept track of four different metrics to ensure consistency throughout each product review and comparison. Read on to learn about our findings for each metric.


We don't just wear clothing for fashion, we wear it for function too! Our dogs' clothes are no different. To test functionality, we snapped and unsnapped buttons, zipped and unzipped the zippers, and filled each pocket with doggie bags and treats. We took the time to ensure that everything functions as it was designed to, paying attention to the size of the pockets and hoods, the placement of leash holes, the length of the sleeves, and the garment's overall versatility.

dog hoodie - we love the leash hole on the zack & zoey.
We love the leash hole on the Zack & Zoey.
Credit: Matt Blake

The Ellie Zip Up, Expawlorer, and Zack & Zoey all have functioning pockets that work great for poop bags. The Ellie is a particularly well-made sweatshirt with an easy-to-use zipper and a velcro back pocket to keep those poop bags safe. The Expawlorer has a leash loop that works great for small dogs or pups that don't pull. The Fitwarm is also one of our more highly functioning hoodies. Its baggie nature makes it super easy to slip on and off, and the stretchy fleece allows for a little more flexibility in regard to sizing.

dog hoodie - the small leash ring on the expawlorer works great for smaller dogs.
The small leash ring on the EXPAWLORER works great for smaller dogs.
Credit: Matt Blake


Functionality is definitely important, but let's be honest here — we're not just putting hoodies on our dogs to keep them warm. There is something about a pup in a sweatshirt that will evoke a long drawn out awwwwwwwwww from even the grumpiest of passersby. We walked our pups daily with a new garment to see which ones got the highest aww-rating. We also took into account the number of different options each one offers. How many colors or patterns can we choose from? Is there anything special that sets this dog hoodie apart from the rest? A cute pocket or special button, perhaps? These were just a few of the questions we asked ourselves and others while testing for this metric.

dog hoodie - the sild jean jacket is sure to give your pup the edge they've been...
The SILD Jean Jacket is sure to give your pup the edge they've been looking for.
Credit: Matt Blake

Try to convince us that there is anything cuter than dogs in denim… go on, we're waiting. The SILD Jean Jacket easily takes the cake as one of the more stylish options in our test suite. With the distressed patches and snapback hood, we couldn't help but give this one a whopping 10 out of 10. The cozy, striped Fitwarm and well-crafted Ellie also deserve high scores for their style and aesthetics.

dog hoodie - the ellie is where quality meets style.
The Ellie is where quality meets style.
Credit: Matt Blake


A miserable pup is a sad sight to see, and physical discomfort can cause distress. During our hands-on testing, we paid attention to each garment's fit, warmth, and how our dogs moved when clothed. Since we can't ask our dogs how their clothes feel, we had to pay close attention to subtle cues like how they moved, facial expressions, and general demeanor while wearing each garment. Does the dog still want to play and jump around? Or do they stand very still, afraid to move? We were also able to determine comfort by trying the hoodies out ourselves. No, no, we did not squeeze into them like toddler-sized crop tops; we felt each one up and down and placed them on our calves like leg warmers to determine how much warmth each provided.

dog hoodie - the sleeveless expawlorer appears to be one of the more comfortable...
The sleeveless EXPAWLORER appears to be one of the more comfortable hoodies in our test suite.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

While each option offers some level of warmth and protection, one hoodie stands out from the rest. The Expawlorer lacks sleeves, allowing for organic movement while still supplying optimal warmth to your dog's core. The long back offers additional warmth while the cropped underside ensures that nothing gets in the way of them running around and playing with friends. Some other honorable mentions in this category are the Ellie, Fitwarm, Zack & Zoey, SILD and Kooltail.

dog hoodie - the fit of the zack & zoey is great with its high-quality thick...
The fit of the Zack & Zoey is great with its high-quality thick material.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


No matter what you do, your dog's clothes will only last so long. Whether they chew on the drawstrings or roll around in mud (or worse), the better the quality, the longer each garment can stick around. We looked for popped stitches, poor quality fabric, and subpar zippers and snaps. We also washed each garment to ensure it wouldn't fall apart in the spin cycle.

dog hoodie - the stitching of the zack & zoey basic hoodie is very durable.
The stitching of the Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie is very durable.
Credit: Matt Blake

Generally speaking, every hoodie in our test suite did a stellar job in this department; however, there is one that's clearly of a higher caliber than the rest. The Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up is thick, well crafted, and comes complete with strong velcro and an easy-to-use zipper. That being said, high quality often comes at a price, and this sweatshirt is no exception. Some less expensive runners-up in this category are the Expawlorer, Fitwarm, Zack & Zoey, and the SILD.

dog hoodie - the zipper on the ellie never failed or seized up, even after...
The zipper on the Ellie never failed or seized up, even after playing in the dirt all day.
Credit: Matt Blake


Whether you're searching for the cutest jean jacket for your tough Chihuahua or a cozy little number for your snow-loving Pitbull, we are sure to have something in our testing lineup for your best friend. Our dogs spent countless hours in each hoodie to ensure that we got an accurate read on which ones were the top performers. Don't worry, we paid them in delicious treats in exchange for wrestling them into different layers. Our experts spent ample time dressing up and down their pups for cold hikes and warm hangouts by the fire to ensure that you have the information you need to make the right purchase.

Hayley Thomas

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