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Best Muscle Massage Gun of 2021

Credit: Rob Woodworth
By Rob Woodworth ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 10, 2021
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To track down the highest-performing muscle massage gun, we spent over 30 hours researching more than 60 different models before purchasing eight of the best muscle massage guns for comprehensive analysis. For our 2021 update, we not only chose to examine leading brands that you'd recognize by name but also economical units that came with promising user reports. Our selections were put to the test by a team of reviewers with differing body types and muscle recovery preferences, and each model was rated on power performance, sound, functionality, and overall user experience. We took into consideration elements like design features, settings, and accessories for a thorough examination of ergonomics when testing each product.


Best Overall Massage Gun

Theragun Pro

Max PPM: 2,400 | Amplitude: High | Run Time: 150 min per battery
Very high-quality design
Powerful motor with deep percussions
Two batteries for continuous operation
Variety of attachments, programs, and speeds
Multiple grips and piston angles
Features Bluetooth integration
Most expensive of the lineup
Not as quiet as others
Large carrying case
A bit heavy

The Theragun PRO is by far our testers' favorite massage gun in the lineup. Marketed for "professional grade" percussive therapy, it came as no surprise that this model has exceptional power and versatility compared to competitors. Tech-specs and analytics aside, it was evident to all who used the Theragun that it delivered a very powerful effect. Boasting 2,400 percussions-per-minute at an amplitude of 16mm, the Theragun PRO received our only perfect mark when it came to power performance. Even at lower speeds, this device produces such great percussion that no other contender seemed to compare. Beyond the force it generates, the Theragun has a whole range of in-app programs, presets, and tutorials that you can utilize via Bluetooth connectivity on the Therabody app. Not only is it ergonomic and powerful, but it's also made of high-quality materials. Add to that an easy-to-grip triangular handle, six closed-cell foam massage tips, and four adjustable piston angles, and you're looking at a powerhouse of percussive performance.

Though it wasn't whisper-quiet, our testers concluded that the hum generated by the QX150 motor wasn't obnoxious or intolerable. Equipped with two batteries and a charging stand, the Theragun is ready for continuous use without waiting to charge — or bring two batteries along in the carrying case for four hours of runtime while you're on the go. If you're looking for an absolute top-tier massage gun, no matter the cost, consider the Theragun PRO.

With a variety of modes, settings, and attachments, this massage gun...
With a variety of modes, settings, and attachments, this massage gun is an all-around winner that delivers an impressive amount of force.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best Bang for the Buck

Opove M3 Pro

Max PPM: 3200 | Amplitude: High | Run Time: 3-6 hrs per charge
Solid power performance
Economical package
Quieter than similar models
Stout construction and carrying case
Variety of massage tips
Less-than-stellar battery life
No programs or presets
Lower amplitude than some

While it isn't a household name, the Opove M3 Pro was one of the highest performers, especially considering its lower price point. It also happened to receive the second-lowest decibel reading in our testing, making the massage experience much more peaceful. With five massage tips and three speeds, it has a good deal of versatility without being over-engineered. The grip, user interface, and overall design have thoughtful elements that lend themselves to user-friendliness.

Though it doesn't have quite the amplitude we saw in the Theragun, it still provides a deep percussion comparable to higher-end models. In fact, at 3200 max PPM, it has a higher operating speed than some of the big-box options. While it doesn't have a spare battery, the battery is removable, and there are extras available for purchase. Despite this, the large lithium-ion can provide more than three hours of run time consistently. The stout design also eliminates rattle when operating the motor; regardless of speed, this unit doesn't exceed a decibel range of 70 while in operation. If you're looking for solid performance without breaking the bank, the Opove M3 Pro is the massage gun for you.

Combining power, economy, and low noise production, this model...
Combining power, economy, and low noise production, this model offers tremendous performance for the price tag.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Ideal for Travel

Medcursor Precision

Max PPM: 3200 | Amplitude: Low | Run Time: 4-8 hrs per charge
Small and lightweight design
Very affordable
Extremely quiet
Comes with six massage tips and a case
Weaker power performance than others
No removable battery
Fewer grip positions

Sporting a compact frame and weighing in under three pounds, the Medcursor Precision is a fantastic choice for those seeking an on-the-go massager. This massage gun easily stores in a gym bag or backpack without issue. Operating at its highest speed, the motor produces no more noise than a small fan. Coupled with an ultra-quiet brushless motor that had the lowest decibel reading in our testing, this device is also perfect for use in shared spaces.

While the small motor is quiet, it leaves the Medcursor lacking a bit of power compared to the rest of the lineup. With a very simple design, there is little guesswork in operating this massage gun; the five variable speeds are very much point-and-shoot. Furthermore, the low-amplitude strokes act more like vibrations than percussions. However, our testers felt that this model was still totally capable of providing relief from tight muscles and sore knots. We also noticed that we could sustain longer run times on a single charge compared to other similar models, likely due to the smaller motor. If you need a lightweight, packable massage gun for relief on the road or in the office, look no further than the Medcursor Precision.

Lighter than all the rest and with the smallest, quietest motor in...
Lighter than all the rest and with the smallest, quietest motor in the lineup, the Medcursor Precision massager is a great option for relief on the go.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best Heated Massage Gun

MaxKare Heated Gun

Max PPM: 3600 | Amplitude: Medium | Run Time: 3-4 hrs per charge
Large albeit quiet motor
Highest-rated PPM
Heated massage tip
Three different presets
Heavy, bulky in the hand
Lower battery performance
Low stall force rating

The MaxKare Heated Massage Gun can add an extra dimension to your recovery routine. It incorporates a special massage tip that heats to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and though we can't say whether or not the heat made a difference in aiding recovery, we can say with certainty that this heated massage gun had a more perceptible warming effect than other comparable models at lower price points. Impressively, this unit remained quieter than some of the other top-end models. Plus, it comes with additional features, like ascending fluctuating speed modes. This model also boasts an impressive 3600 PPM (the highest in this lineup) as well as a variety of other attachments for non-heated therapeutic massage.

On the downside, it has a lower-than-average stall force rating and mediocre amplitude, so this gun didn't feel quite as forceful as some others, even with its high PPM rating. The grip is very similar to other gun-style massagers, though it's got a much larger top-end profile due to its larger motor, making the unit a little unwieldy when in use. The 24v LI battery charges in two hours and provides roughly four hours of runtime — less if you're using the heated tip. Consider the MaxKare Heated Massage Gun over other models if you're looking for the added bonus of heat therapy.

Reaching temps of nearly 125 degrees, this massage gun and heated...
Reaching temps of nearly 125 degrees, this massage gun and heated tip provide an extra layer of therapy to your recovery routine.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Another Powerhouse Option

Hyperice Hypervolt

Max PPM: 3180 | Amplitude: Medium | Run Time: 3-4 hrs per charge
Quality materials and components
High stall force rating
Ergonomic design
Does not include a carrying case

The Hyperice Hypervolt is perhaps the most recognizable gun-style massager on the market, and other manufacturers have emulated the design. It is a high-speed, mid-amplitude massager that delivers powerful strokes with considerable stall force. Because of this, the user can apply a great deal of pressure when targeting sore muscles, and the device won't back down in power.

However, this device does not feel quite as forceful in comparison to the overall award winner. Featuring a brushless 24V motor with Quiet Glide technology, this powerful unit hovered in the mid-range when it came to decibel testing. We would have expected that it came with a carrying case to hold its five attachments and charging cables; however, there are accessories like extra batteries and a carrying case available for purchase through Hyperice. Included in the packaging is a booklet with recommended routines and strategies, though the device itself lacks any sort of user interface other than a variable speed setting. There's no doubt this unit is a solid performer, but there are cheaper alternatives that offer similar performance.

Our testers liked the power performance of this massager, even...
Our testers liked the power performance of this massager, even despite having a lower amplitude than some models.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Heavy Duty Massager

TimTam PowerMassager PRO

Max PPM: 2800 | Amplitude: High | Run Time: 1 hr per charge
Very rugged construction
Powerful motor with a high degree of amplitude
Built-in programs and presets
Comes with a heated massage tip
Ergonomic grips and multi-angle piston
Noisier than average
Only three included massage tips
Poor battery life

The TimTam Power Massager has become a ubiquitous name in the physical therapy world. Popular with gyms and performance centers, this device has a powerful motor and rugged design that even include threaded tips to ensure a firm connection. With 16mm of amplitude and 2800 max PPMs, the TimTam had nearly identical stats to the top-performing model. Of the three included spherical massage tips, two have added features that may be a selling point to some. One attachment is capable of heating up to 100 degrees while the other provides a subtle vibrating effect to the targeted muscle.

Despite all the good, we noticed that its performance comes with a slight compromise: this was one of the heaviest and loudest massage guns in the review. It also comes at a significant cost. Though fairly imperceptible, the device also has just a slightly lower stall-force rating than other top contenders. For such a hefty price tag, we would've liked to see a better carrying case option, though numerous accessories (including extra batteries) are available through the manufacturer.

Though it's a bit loud and bulky, there is no doubt that the TimTam...
Though it's a bit loud and bulky, there is no doubt that the TimTam Power Massager delivers a forceful percussion.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Another Bargain Option

Legiral LE3

Max PPM: 3200 | Amplitude: Medium | Run Time: 3-6 hrs per charge
Affordable performance
Ultra-quiet motor
Wide range of speeds
Variety of attachments
Relatively low stall force
Lower quality components

The Legiral Le3 Pro comes at less than half the price of its leading competitors and also boasts many of the same accessories. The motor housing is constructed of carbon fiber and composite materials for a very lightweight, sleek construction. In addition to the sporty aesthetic, it also had one of the lowest decibel readings during our side-by-side analysis of noise production. There are 20 different speed settings to allow for a much larger gradient of customization in frequency and six different attachments for a variety of applications. The unit can fully charge in under two hours and runs for a solid three hours at full bore. The carrying case is convenient, and the overall design is practical.

Forty-five pounds of stall force and 3200 PPMs make this a formidable muscle massage gun, yet it doesn't have quite the percussive depth as some other models. Though it isn't as powerful as some of the others, it's suitable for many different uses. Consider this option if you're on a budget and aren't nit-picky about design details or trim.

The Le3 Pro has a fair amount of accessories, power, and...
The Le3 Pro has a fair amount of accessories, power, and functionality, especially for its price.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Our Least Favorite

LifePro Pulse Fx

Max PPM: 3000 | Amplitude: Medium | Run Time: 3-6 hrs per charge
Multi-grip handle
Adjustable piston
Loudest decibel reading in the lineup
Power ratings seem unreliable
Low-quality construction
Battery drains faster than others

Our research showed that the LifePro Pulse FX came highly reviewed and with comparable marketing claims to the contenders in this roundup. The list of technical specifications at least looks appealing on the surface: numerous massage tips, variable-angle piston, a carrying case, and a charging stand.

However, our testers found themselves unimpressed with this model for a few notable reasons. Namely, it is the loudest muscle massage gun in the entire review, hitting 95 decibels on the fastest setting. Though it does deliver quick and deep percussions, it required very little pressure to notice a reduction in power. The overall quality of this unit is low in relation to its competitors. These shortcomings were noticeable as we had to fuss, getting the massage tips in and out, and were subject to high degrees of rattle in the plastic body. Simply put, we don't think the juice is worth the squeeze.

The LifePro Pulse FX operates much the same as a standard massager...
The LifePro Pulse FX operates much the same as a standard massager. But its lackluster power performance and low-quality design left us unimpressed.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Why You Should Trust Us

As the head coach of an elite youth alpine racing team, our primary tester Rob Woodworth has a nuanced understanding of the importance of muscle activation and recovery. When he's not on-skis or in the performance center with his athletes, he can be found biking, climbing, kayaking, or wakesurfing. In his ripening age, he finds tools like muscle massage guns extremely helpful in expediting the recovery of sore muscles and preventing injury through preventative maintenance. Rob gathered insight for this review by having his colleagues, friends, and athletes test each unit in conjunction with their pre-existing recovery or maintenance programs. Besides athletics, the users also examined performance and functionality in a variety of everyday scenarios to replicate at-home or on-the-go use.

Following research on more than 60 various massage guns, we narrowed the field to only the eight best models on the market. Every model in our lineup is categorically considered a "percussion massager" that delivers concentrated pressure deep into muscles and connective tissue. Though, there are several design variances to note that affected the user experience in particular ways. That said, all of the massage guns chosen for this review were subjected to the exact same testing rigors.

Types of Massage Guns

There are two primary types of massage guns, vibration massagers and percussion massagers. To quickly summarize the differences, percussion massagers deliver deep, focused percussive strokes that penetrate deeper into muscle tissues than vibration massagers, which are more superficial than percussion massagers. All of the massage guns in our review are percussion massagers.

The LifePro, TimTam, and Theragun options all utilize a...
The LifePro, TimTam, and Theragun options all utilize a variable-angle design and multiple grips in order to provide more accommodating positions for massage.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Percussion-style muscle massage guns hammer down on the surface of your body, sending deep-vibrational pulses into the soft tissue. This type of massage is ideal for recovery after an intense workout because of the deep muscle penetration that allows for increased blood flow to the targeted areas, which in turn can promote myofascial release and increased distribution of micronutrients, which are important for healing the body.

Analysis and Test Results

We subjected each muscle massage gun to an arsenal of tests designed to find their strengths, weaknesses, and best applications in use. Contenders were run throughout the range of their operating speeds and subjected to stall force tests that would measure the amount of force each unit could deliver before losing power and "stalling out". To examine versatility, we utilized all the various attachments included with each model and were sure to use each attachment on different muscle groups. Additionally, we performed more exacting tests using a decibel meter to measure loudness and a voltmeter to measure charging performance.


In this metric, we examined the force each muscle massage gun could generate while in various modes of operation. It is common for manufacturers to list the percussions-per-minute (PPM) or motor speed of each model; rarely will they make mention of the actual force or power generated by each stroke. Since PPM is a somewhat arbitrary measurement of speed, we chose to dig deeper by also examining stall force — a performance concept that is unique to percussive therapy tools.

The Theragun PRO was no doubt the highest-performer in the power...
The Theragun PRO was no doubt the highest-performer in the power category. The deep, forceful percussions are great for targeting larger muscle groups.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Stall force is a measurement of how much pressure a massage gun can withstand before the motor loses power or stalls completely. Since not every manufacturer has a marketing claim for stall force, we rated it on a scale of 1-10; 1 requiring very little pressure to stall the unit, and 10 requiring a great deal of pressure to stall. In addition to stall force, we also examined amplitude — a measurement of how far the massage attachment travels during each percussion.

The Theragun Pro received the highest power rating out of the whole lineup; it was the clear winner of this category. With 16mm of amplitude and a stall force rating of 10, this model delivers an extremely powerful percussive blast that is felt deep in the muscle tissue—even at its lowest speed setting. Also boasting a good degree of amplitude is the TimTam PowerMassager Pro, though it didn't have quite as high of a stall force rating. With powerful motors and a good deal of travel in each stroke, both models seem ideal for those seeking intense therapeutic percussions.

Models like the Hyperice Hypervolt and Opove M3 Pro also received solid stall force ratings with their quiet brushless motors. However, neither of these muscle massage guns had an amplitude that could compare to the Theragun. With a powerful motor delivering shallower strokes, the result feels less percussive and a little bit more like vibration massaging. But don't be mistaken, the Hypervolt and M3 Pro both produce a powerful effect.

The Medcursor massage gun was suitable for targeting smaller muscles...
The Medcursor massage gun was suitable for targeting smaller muscles or knots with percussive vibration--though it wasn't markedly powerful. A name like Precision fits.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Less powerful but still effective were the MaxKare Heated Massage Gun and the Medcursor Precision — the latter of which packs an impressive punch for its size. The Legiral LE3 delivers an impressive array of speeds but is noticeably underpowered compared to the aforementioned models. And the LifePro Pulse FX rounds out the rear of the power category with a totally abysmal stall force rating.

Ergonomics & Design

We found the ergonomics of the devices to be just as important as the power output. An unwieldy massage gun that isn't comfortable to operate isn't very useful, no matter how powerful it is. Taking into consideration elements such as grip(s), adjustability, and overall durability, we set out to identify which models were easy-to-use and reliably intuitive.

Both the MaxKare (left) and TimTam (right) were...
Both the MaxKare (left) and TimTam (right) were heavier and bulkier than the other models in this review. Though, we favored the multiple grips and variable piston angle of the TimTam.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Yet again, the Theragun PRO takes the top spot — with numerous rubberized grips and four different piston angles to provide an arsenal of different massaging positions. We found it easy to reach virtually any sore spot with this massager. Also versatile with grips and piston angle was the TimTam Power Massager, though the closed triangular grip is a bit smaller and stockier compared to the Theragun. The only other contender with a variable piston angle was the LifePro Pulse FX, which was overall unimpressive in every other factor of its design.

We thought that the quality in design and materials was unsurpassed...
We thought that the quality in design and materials was unsurpassed with the Theragun PRO.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

The rest of the lineup more or less features the same fixed-angle, gun-style design that incorporates a primary grip on the battery portion of the unit. Of this variety, we found the Hyperice Hypervolt to have the highest-quality design and best overall user experience. The Medcursor Precision received good marks because of its slender and lightweight design, whereas the MaxKare Heated Massage Gun got knocked for its hefty motor that felt top-heavy in hand.


Massages are supposed to be relaxing and the loud buzz of an electric motor and rattling plastic is anything but. We chose to examine not only the relative loudness of each unit but also the overall noise that the massage gun would produce while in use at various speeds and pressures. We were able to verify or disprove manufacturers' claims of quietness by using a digital decibel meter.

With smallest motor of all the models we tested, it is perhaps not...
With smallest motor of all the models we tested, it is perhaps not surprising that the Medcursor Precision had the lowest dBa rating.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

The least-loud massage gun we tested was the Medcursor Precision, which is perhaps not surprising because it has the smallest motor. At its lowest speed, the device registers 51.5 decibels and sounds similar to an electric toothbrush. Also in the fifties at low speed were the Opove M3 Pro and the Legiral LE3, which were recorded at 53 decibels and 58 decibels, respectively. At higher PPMs, these models are a bit noisier, though still completely tolerable.

Because of their powerful motors, the Theragun PRO and TimTam Power Massager registered a touch higher on the decibel meter than did some of the less powerful models. However, their solid construction ensures that there are no menacing noises from intense vibrations — just a smooth, humming sound. Quiet yet still powerful was the Hyperice Hypervolt clocking in 63.7 decibels at the lowest speed setting.

The Hypervolt was silent enough to be almost totally subdued by...
The Hypervolt was silent enough to be almost totally subdued by sound cancelling headphones.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

The LifePro Pulse FX was by far the noisiest massager in this review. At the lowest speed, it was generating 75 decibels of noise — the chief contributor being a consistent rattle in the plastic of its construction. At higher speeds, the rattle becomes even more unpleasant.

Features & Attachments

It is typical for a percussive muscle massage gun to have several different tips, attachments, or accessories to achieve various therapeutic effects and to target specific muscle groups. Furthermore, some models incorporate a variety of settings or presets that allow for a customizable experience. In testing each massage gun, we used every available tip, attachment, and accessory to see which we liked best. We also fussed around with the various modes and settings when available.

Most massage guns come with a variety of attachments that provide...
Most massage guns come with a variety of attachments that provide different types of therapeutic effects.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

When it comes to accessories and features, there is no denying that the Theragun PRO is the clear winner. With six different massage tips, an extra battery, and customizable programs and presets via Bluetooth connectivity, the Theragun yet again proves itself to be a versatile wunderkind. Sporting quality tips but requiring that you purchase the carrying case separately, we were less impressed by the Hyperice Hypervolt, which also lacks any settings beyond variable speed.

The heavy-duty construction of the TimTam came standard with...
The heavy-duty construction of the TimTam came standard with threaded massage tips that really locked on; however, there were only three tips to choose from.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Of the two massagers that featured heated tips, we found the MaxKare Heated Massage Gun to be more effective than the TimTam Power Massager to that end. However, we were quite fond of how the tips actually threaded onto the piston of the TimTam, which also has five different presets programmed in.

Battery Life & Charging

All the massage guns chosen for this review feature some variety of lithium-ion (LI) battery. This configuration can allow for lighter construction, less discharge, and quicker charging times. However, not every battery is created equally; each model will have limitations depending on motor draw and storage capacity. Potential operating time was considered as well, measured by how easy it was to juice each unit when depleted.

Getting wrapped up in constantly charging your device will...
Getting wrapped up in constantly charging your device will ultimately reduce the amount of time that you spend using it. We liked models that had extra batteries and quick charge times.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Despite bold claims from some of the competition, our testing showed that the Theragun PRO was the highest-performer in continuous run time. With two removable LI batteries that last about two hours each and an included charging stand, you can run the unit perpetually so long as you have access to an AC wall outlet. The Medcursor Precision had a very comparable run time but wasn't able to swap batteries for continuous use.

Charging stands, like those included with the TimTam and Theragun...
Charging stands, like those included with the TimTam and Theragun, allow you to charge one battery while another is in use.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Though it only comes with a single removable battery that lasts around an hour, the TimTam Power Massager also comes with an AC charging stand and has extra batteries available for purchase. Models like the Hyperice Hypervolt, Legiral Le3, and the Opove M3 PRO have batteries that also serve as the primary grip and could technically be described as removable since they detach from the motor. However, these models don't come included with a bonus battery and can only be charged when the massager is not in use.


After researching the best performing muscle massage guns on the market, we selected eight unique products to purchase and put to the test. Whether you spend too much time at your desk or are sore from a long run, a muscle massage gun can go a long way towards helping you recover. With more and more companies offering massage guns, it can be confusing to figure out which ones actually work the best. We tested their power performance, sound, functionality, and the overall user experience so you don't have to. We hope our comprehensive results will help you find the right massage gun for you.

We put each unit to task in a series of rigorous tests designed to...
We put each unit to task in a series of rigorous tests designed to illuminates weaknesses and performance deficiencies.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Rob Woodworth