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Zach Lovell

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Zach grew up recreating in the mountains and playing music thanks to his adventurous parents. He moved over 16 times from the time he was born through college so he considers home a mix of the Rockies and the Midwest- an upbringing that has encouraged a travel-intensive lifestyle and career in the mountains. For the better part of a decade Zach has worked full-time in the outdoors industry both in the field and in administrative jobs including content manager, writer, website designer, and program manager/developer. He studied Business Administration and Recreation Outdoor Education in college and has created curriculum at multiple universities-where he still teaches.

Zach is excited to bring his diverse background to Tech Gear Lab after years of product-testing and technical writing to provide objective and relevant reviews. When not on skis, a rope, or a computer, you can find Zach writing and performing music in a surprising array of genres.