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The 5 Best Laptop Sleeves

We tested laptop sleeves from JETech, Amazon Basics, Tomtoc, and others to find the most protective options for your laptop
Best Laptop Sleeve
Testing laptop cases at our home desk.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Our Top Picks

By Jane Jackson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 19, 2022

Our technology experts did hours of online research before purchasing the best 10 laptop sleeves to bring into the "lab" for hands-on testing. We believe that every new computer definitely deserves a new laptop sleeve. Our review team rigorously tested our review lineup in our side-by-side tests, considering each product's aesthetics, overall protection, functionality, and features. We made sure to put each case through months of everyday use to gauge its durability over time. The review you see below summarizes our findings to guide you to the right laptop sleeve to suit your needs and budget.

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Best Laptop Sleeve

JETech Sleeve

Material: Polyurethane | Number of Pockets: 1
Very water resistant
Sturdy construction
Simple, effective design and feature set
Bulkier than some

Making laptop sleeves isn't rocket science, but there are a few features that propelled the JETech Sleeve lightyears above the rest during our side-by-side testing. This case is polished and simple, with a single external zippered storage pocket and a two-way closure zipper. When testing for abrasion and water resistance, it didn't show a single scratch, and it shed water like a duck. The JTech just feels like it was made well, with substantial zippers and a thick, cushy layer of padding and soft material that lines the inside. Additionally, the case fits a MacBook perfectly with enough wiggle room to make it easy to get in and out. Plus, it comes at an affordable price and in various colors.

The JETech is a little on the bulkier side if you want an ultra-slim case. Its quality construction, padded inside, and full-size pocket make it a larger laptop sleeve. For our reviewers, the protective benefits outweighed the size of the case, but for some, it could feel a bit too large.

best laptop sleeve
The JETech is a well-made and has a perfect feature set, landing it our top award.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Durability on a Budget


Material: Polyester | Number of Pockets: 1
Very abrasion resistant
Sheds water with ease
Reasonably priced
Fits MacBook perfectly
Two different kinds of zippers used in construction
Very basic design

The MOSISO Case is the affordable workhorse of the fleet. There are very few frills, bells, or whistles on this sleeve. The polyester upper material and simple lining fabric offer surprising abrasive resistance. After our abrasion testing in which we aggressively scratched the case with scissors and sandpaper, we hardly saw a scratch or thread out of line. This, paired with its ability to shed water, landed the MOSISO our outstanding value award and go-to for affordable durability. This case will protect your computer from the elements without costing you much.

We had one nitpicky observation about the case design. If you're detailed-oriented like us, you may notice that the sleeve uses two different zipper pulls for the closure zipper and the pocket. This is not a big issue but is just something we noticed. Additionally, some folks may be deterred by the overall basic design and aesthetic of this one — again, it is a no-frills option.

laptop sleeve - best for durability on a budget
The MOSISO sleeve is made of an incredibly durable material.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Neoprene Sleeve

Amazon Basics 13.3-Inch

Material: Neoprene | Number of Pockets: 0
Fits stated-sized computer perfectly
Slippery neoprene easily slides in and out of tightly packed backpacks
Simple, solid build
Small abrasion-marks after testing
Absorbs water rather than sheds it

For a great neoprene sleeve, look no further than the Amazon Basics Sleeve. It comes in a wide variety of sizes (from 7 to 17.3-inches) and fits its claimed size perfectly. We tested the 13.3-inch case for our 14-inch Macbook Air and were impressed by its fit. With a case as simple as this one, it really comes down to the fit, the material, and the closure mechanism. We were impressed by the Amazon Basics case in all these metrics. The neoprene fabric is stretchy and slippery, making it easy to maneuver. The zipper is solid and creates a tight seal to protect your precious electronics inside.

The few issues that arose with this case had to do with the material. Overall, we liked the neoprene and felt that it did its job well. When sprayed with water, the case absorbed it. The good news is, this is how neoprene is supposed to behave, and the lining protects the inside from getting wet (unless you put the case in a puddle of water). The fabric also scuffed a bit after we tested its abrasion resistance with sandpaper.

laptop sleeve - best neoprene sleeve
We appreciated the durable, well-made zipper on the AmazonBasics sleeve.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Lots of Storage

Lacdo 14-Inch Sleeve

Material: Water-Resistant Polyester | Number of Pockets: 3
Most pockets of any case tested
Sturdy zippers
Very durable
Sheds water
Fit is a bit baggy

If storage is important to you, then the Lacdo 14-Inch Sleeve will fit the bill. This is the only sleeve we tested with three external pockets. There are two zippered pockets of varying sizes on one side, while the other side sports a single folder-style pocket for extra papers or quick-access items. We are also impressed by the overall construction of this case, including the zippers and materials. The fabric is both abrasion and water-resistant. Overall, it is a great sleeve.

Our biggest hang-up with this one had to do with fit. We found it to be a bit baggy for the recommended laptop. We tested the 14-inch case with a 14-inch Macbook. There was an extra inch and a half of space surrounding the laptop. The extra space allows the computer to slide around.

laptop sleeve - best for lots of storage
With three different pockets, the Lacdo is a storage master.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Protection

tomtoc 360 Protective

Material: Polyester | Number of Pockets: 1
Sheds water effectively
Very protective
A bit large for the suggested laptop size
One of the more expensive options

The tomtoc 360 Protective sleeve is just that — extremely protective. This one is much like our editors' favorite, the JETech, but slightly bulkier and arguably more durable. Its polyester material sheds water very effectively, and the case is lined with a textured, soft foam that provides impressive impact resistance. Overall, this is a very well-made case that is built to last. Because of this, it comes at a slightly higher price than some of the other options listed here. If longevity is a concern, then this is a good investment.

Because it is so burly and well made, the tomtoc is also a bit bulkier than the rest. This case is substantially wider than a lot of comparable products. Overall, the sleeve's dimensions make it a baggy fit for the claimed laptop size it's designed for. This may not be an issue for some, but we found it a bit annoying to have the laptop sliding around inside.

laptop sleeve - best for protection
The materials used in the tomtoc 360 make this case both durable and stylish.
Credit: Jane Jackson


A Case with Flair

Canvaslife Marble 360 Protective

Material: Canvas | Number of Pockets: 2
Water resistant
Multiple pockets
Interesting pattern options
Long-term durability is questionable
External strap has limited use

The Canvaslife Marble 360 Protective sleeve is a stand-out product in the lineup. This sleeve features both an internal and an external zippered pocket, plus a lining that feels like a shag carpet. Also, the case comes with a strap across the bag so that you can attach it to a roller duffle when traveling. If you value these types of features, this is a great case.

On the downside, this sleeve is a bit bulky. We tested the 15-inch version with a 15-inch Macbook Pro, and it felt a little baggy. Plus, the extra pockets and strap add to the perceived width of the case. The zipper pulls and some of the stitching also seemed less reliable than some of the burlier sleeves we tested.

laptop sleeve - the marbled-patterned cavas on the canvaslife case is super...
The marbled-patterned cavas on the Canvaslife case is super water-resistant.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Unique and Slim

HYZUO 13-Inch

Material: Microfiber (faux) suede leather | Number of Pockets: 0
Super slim
Comes with external storage pouch
Very water resistant
Closure mechanism is magnetic and finicky
Fit is off

The HYZUO 13-Inch case is the only product in this review made of synthetic suede. The suede makes it the slimmest and softest sleeve in our test fleet. It also has a unique look to stand out in the office. It fits a laptop like a manila envelope and has a magnetic closure. This hidden closure mechanism is nifty, but in practice, it didn't hold up. Occasionally, it would not latch, plus the magnet isn't very strong. We definitely wouldn't trust this case to stay shut if accidentally tipped upside down. That aside, we appreciated that it has an external storage pouch and is made of very water-resistant material.

In addition to our concerns with the magnetic closure, we also took issue with the overall fit of the HYZUO. We tested the 13-13.5-inch case with our 14-inch MacBook. There was almost a two-inch gap above the 14-inch MacBook and the top of the case. When tested with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, though, the case was way too tight. This fit issue was almost enough for us to feel like we had ordered the wrong size.

laptop sleeve - the envelope-style design makes this case unique and slim.
The envelope-style design makes this case unique and slim.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Sleek Fit

Amazon Basics Felt Case

Material: Felt | Number of Pockets: 3
Soft outer material
Fit computer very well
Not abrasion-resistant
Back pockets are not useful

The Amazon Basics Felt Case is another sleek, soft, and unique sleeve. Instead of a zipper or magnetic closure system, this one has a small Velcro tab to secure its flap closed. We liked the simplicity of this system and found it to be almost as secure as a zipper. Additionally, the 15-inch size was a near-perfect fit for our 15-Inch MacBook Pro.

Our main problems with this case had to do with the durability of the material and the feature set. The soft felt feels nice but did not hold up in our abrasion tests. Both the scissors and the sandpaper pulled at the fabric and left tufts of felt sticking out of the side of the sleeve. The material also fell short regarding water resistance; the felt became saturated and soggy when subjected to our tests. In terms of features, this sleeve comes with three external storage pockets, none of which are secure. The back two seemed useless to us during testing as they are too thin to fit anything besides maybe a few pens or pencils.

laptop sleeve - the amazon felt case is one of the best-fitting sleeves.
The Amazon felt case is one of the best-fitting sleeves.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Textured Option

Evecase Diamond Foam

Material: Neoprene | Number of Pockets: 0
Fairly abrasion resistant
Interesting textured surface
Simple design
No storage
Poor fit

Though we were not entirely sure what the purpose of the textured Evecase Diamond Foam is, we appreciate it simply because it is unique. Made from neoprene with a raised diamond pattern on its surface, the Evecase handled spills similarly to the other neoprene products we tested. The water was absorbed into the material but was also directed into channels to allow the excess to run off. In our abrasion tests, this case saw a few scuffs from scissors but was otherwise fairly durable. For ease of use and features, this one is fairly straightforward. It has no pockets and a solid zipper. Though the texture didn't change our experience with this case very much, it does make it a bit more interesting, so if you are looking for a novelty sleeve, the Evecase could be it.

The main downside to this one was the overall fit. We tested the size designed for any laptop between 12.9 and 14-inches. We found this to be way too big for a 14-inch MacBook and annoyingly tight for a 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is one of our least favorites in terms of fit since the size listed didn't seem to work for any of the computers we had.

laptop sleeve - textured neopene makes this case unique and water-resistant.
Textured neopene makes this case unique and water-resistant.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Basic Neoprene Option

CCPK 15-Inch

Material: Neoprene | Number of Pockets: 0
Water resistant
Good fit
Not abrasion resistant
Lacks durability overall
Very basic design

This case is about as simple and straightforward as it gets. If you are looking for the most basic laptop sleeve out there, go with the CCPK 15-Inch. This sleeve comes in a few color options that could jazz it up (we tested the black version). Basically, the CCPK is a neoprene sleeve with a simple zipper and no distinct features. The sleeve fits nicely, which is a plus, and it's quite water-resistant.

Our concerns with this option mostly have to do with durability and longevity. The case is extremely affordable — almost to the point that we were a bit concerned with its overall construction. The zipper is not the most sturdy or durable feeling, and the material scuffed instantly with both sandpaper and scissors. Our abrasion tests left long-lasting marks right away, which raised concerns about durability with more prolonged use.

laptop sleeve - the ccpk was not our favorite case, in part due to these zippers.
The CCPK was not our favorite case, in part due to these zippers.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Why You Should Trust Us

To determine which products to test, we did hours of online research, looking into dozens of the top laptop cases. After purchasing the ten in this review, we tested them by sliding our laptops inside the sleeves and then tucking them inside various messenger bags and backpacks to test their portability and ease of use. We simulated coffee spills, drops, and abrasions to see how they would fare in the long term. We also assessed aesthetics, features, and fabrics used in their construction, and took note of the size options available online. After all this intense scrutiny and hands-on testing, we present the best and worst qualities of each one to help you find the right sleeve to protect your precious cargo.

Our lead tester Jane Jackson is a remote work expert. Having worked remotely while living on the road for several years, Jane is an expert at hunting down WiFi in the remote corners of the U.S. and the globe. This also means that she is no stranger to the importance of keeping a laptop safe and sound. When sitting in a coffee shop, your laptop case can say a lot about you. It also keeps your chargers, extra papers, headphones, and other gadgets organized and accounted for. Though Jane now lives in a house instead of a VW Vanagon, she still understands the importance of a protective laptop case. She is definitely familiar with accidental spills and drops. After years of personal experience traveling with and working from laptops, she focused her highly-tuned eye on the task of assessing these sleeves to determine the very best available online.

The JETech is our top durable option. This foam lining is protective...
The JETech is our top durable option. This foam lining is protective and durable.

Analysis and Test Results

We rigorously tested these laptop sleeves across several categories to see how well they dealt with the general wear and tear of daily use. Their performance across these rating metrics dictated how they landed overall. First, we assessed their ability to stand up to the inevitable spills and leaked water bottles that will happen over the course of a sleeve's lifetime. Two abrasion resistance tests followed these water resistance tests to see how the fabrics held up to the abuse of travel. Next, we considered each product's ease of use and features. We fiddled with pockets, zipped zippers, and packed and unpacked each one.

laptop sleeve - all the sleeves lined up for hands-on testing.
All the sleeves lined up for hands-on testing.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Water Resistance

Our at-home workspace fills with coffee mugs, kombucha bottles, water bottles, and bubbly water cans at an alarming rate. All this hydrating means plenty of opportunities for an accidental spill. More than once, this chaotic spread has resulted in at least one spilled drink and a resulting moment of panic. With those scarring memories in mind, we knew that testing these products' water-resistant qualities was a top priority. We used a slightly more controlled experiment to conduct this test and sprayed each case 20 times with a spray bottle. By doing this, we could observe how the fabric responded to water on its surface without experiencing the panic of an actual spill. Many of the canvas and polyester sleeves shed the water with ease — droplets beaded on the surface and eventually rolled off. The neoprene cases absorbed the water but never allowed it to soak through to the inner lining.

laptop sleeve - neoprene absorbs water quickly, whereas canvas sheds water.
Neoprene absorbs water quickly, whereas canvas sheds water.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Beading water is ideal since the case won't become waterlogged and soggy when liquid beads at its surface. Fabrics that bead also provide more protection because there's less chance of water getting to the electronics within. With this in mind, we found that our top performers in this category were the Lacdo, tomtoc 360 Protective, and the JETech sleeves. Each of these has a thick, coated polyester outer layer that sheds water easily without any absorption. The Amazon Basics neoprene sleeve seemed to do a bit better than its neoprene competitor from CCPK. The Synthetic suede of the HYZUO case performed well in these tests and behaved similarly to the polyester cases.

Abrasion Resistance

If you're a frequent laptop user, you understand the abuses that a laptop endures over the course of a day. The life of a laptop can be hard. A laptop leaving a messenger bag 5-6 times per day is not uncommon. It is also likely to encounter surfaces that are not always friendly. A sleeve may end up on the floor or getting tossed around in a bag. All of this goes to say that these sleeves need to be hardy. To accomplish their primary function — protecting your valuable electronics — they need to be able to stand up to anything thrown at them. Rather than running over each sleeve with our Prius, we decided to test this metric by using sandpaper and scissors to scuff the surfaces of each case. By doing so, we were able to get an idea of how they would withstand everyday wear and tear.

Our top award winner, the JETech our leading pick for abrasion resistance. We hardly saw a scratch after basically attacking this case with scissors and sandpaper. The majority of the cases we tested held up pretty well to our abuse, but the Lacdo, Canvaslife, and MOSISO cases all followed shortly behind the JETech. The plain neoprene sleeves saw a bit of fuzzing after the sandpaper test, while the Evecase, made of textured neoprene, saw more scuffing from the scissors. The Amazon Basics Felt was the most delicate model since its felt surface was easily disturbed by both scissors and sandpaper. Overall, canvas and polyester are generally more durable than neoprene or felt.

laptop sleeve - our abrasion-resistance testing materials didn't stand up against...
Our abrasion-resistance testing materials didn't stand up against our top pick, the Mosiso case.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ease of Use and Features

Here, things get a little more subjective. We tried to mitigate this by starting conversations with our housemates and friends about what they look for in a laptop case. We wanted to know — pockets or no pockets? Zippers or Velcro? Extra padding inside, or the sleeker, the better?

We used each sleeve in backpacks and messenger bags to test each one's ability to slide in and out with ease. We heavily used each zipper to ensure there were no frustrating issues at this traditional point of failure.

laptop sleeve - this strap allows for the canvaslife case to fit over a roller bag...
This strap allows for the Canvaslife case to fit over a roller bag for frequent travelers.
Credit: Jane Jackson

In general, we gravitated toward cases with one storage pocket, a sturdy zipper, and a sleek design. Our favorite case, the JETech took the prize mainly due to its feature set, robust design, and functional simplicity. It has one outer pocket, reliable zippers, and an internal lining that showed promising levels of protection. The tomtoc 360 Protective is one of the more robust options in this review and was rewarded with a proportionally high score in this metric. It is well made and built to last, with simple but useful features. If storage is your thing, the Lacdo is for you — it's the only sleeve we tested with three pockets. On the other end of the spectrum are cases with simplicity as their defining feature. These options do not have any external storage, like the Amazon Basics Felt or the CCPK neoprene sleeve.


Nearly all of the sleeves in this review come in various sizes, designed to fit anything from a small 7-inch tablet to a giant 15-inch MacBook Pro. Our goal here was to ensure and assess the sleeve's fit for the designed laptop size. To accomplish this, we measured each sleeve and compared it to its listed dimensions. We then put the designed laptop size in and critiqued the fit. The cases here came in a claimed size of anywhere from 12.9 to 15.6 inches. Most of them fell in the 13.3-inch category and were tested with a 14-inch MacBook. A few of the cases were tested in either 14 or 15-inch sizes. For these cases, we used a larger, 15-inch MacBook Pro. This way, we were able to get a good read on the fit with a few different computer models. We then ranked the fit on a scale of perfect to poor accordingly.

laptop sleeve - we measured each case and tested them with the appropriately sized...
We measured each case and tested them with the appropriately sized laptop to assess fit.
Credit: Jane Jackson

A case that was too tight, like the Amazon Basics Felt, was given a "good" rating since this may be ideal for some and slightly annoying for others. The Evecase Diamond Foam had an awkward fit; it was way too big for a 14-inch computer but too small for a 15-inch. The HYZUO was too baggy but allowed the computer to slide in and out of its envelope opening easily. The MOSISO was the only case that we deemed a "perfect" fit. Following close behind were the JETech, Amazon Basics neoprene, and Canvaslife sleeves that all fit our computer very well, with only a little wiggle room. The Lacdo and tomtoc cases were a tad baggy, which may work fine for some but seemed a hair too big for us. Our test computers had at least an inch of extra space.

laptop sleeve - pockets, zippers, and materials are all taken into consideration...
Pockets, zippers, and materials are all taken into consideration when assessing each case.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Finding the right laptop sleeve is an important task that is more complex than just finding the coolest-looking option online. This review is meant to provide an in-depth assessment of the features that make or break a good laptop case. Our aim with this review was to help you decide which case will perfectly suit your needs. Consider adding the best wireless mouse to complete your kit for less mess to carry if you like an external mouse.

Jane Jackson

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