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The 10 Best iPhone Cases of 2023

We've tested the best iPhone cases on the market to help you find the perfect one for your new phone
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Best iPhone Case of 2023
Credit: Ross Patton

Our Top Picks

By Ross Patton ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 7, 2022

Our gadget experts researched over 200 of the best iPhone cases on the market before purchasing 50 cases to test side-by-side. We tested cases for iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models, and used each of these cases on our personal phones. We used these cases in our daily lives: going to work, hitting the gym, doing chores around town, and running in the mountains. Back in the lab, we measured weight and length and tested material longevity. We dropped them, bent the cases, and scratched their surfaces to see which ones were more durable than the others. Our careful analysis allows us to offer you expert insights and recommendations on the best iPhone case for your needs and budget.

In this review, we take a closer look at top cases for individual iPhone models, including the best iPhone 13 cases on the market as well as iPhone 12 case options, and our top picks for iPhone 11 cases. If you're in the market for the best smartphone accessories for your iPhone, we also have in-depth reviews covering everything from car mounts for your phone and top charging stations to the best iPhone lenses to help you up your photo game.

Editor's Note: This review was updated on November 7th, 2022, to ensure that we represent the best iPhone 11, 12, and 13 cases currently available for purchase.

Best Overall iPhone Case

OtterBox Commuter Series

Weight: 1.8 ounces | Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.0 x 0.5 inches
Military drop-test certification
Buttons work well
Dual-layer rubber and plastic
Charge port protection
Easy to remove
Bulkier than many
Extra install time

If you're in the market for a highly functional and stylish case that provides a high level of protection, check out the OtterBox Commuter Series. This model meets MIL-STD-810G US military environmental protection standards and has been specifically engineered to withstand repeated drops onto concrete. The rubber and plastic combination allows the case to slip in and out of pockets easily but also provides a decent grip on hard surfaces. This model has a charge-port cover that keeps dust and debris from getting jammed in the slot, and we found the buttons and silent toggle to function perfectly with the case installed. If you ever need to remove the Commuter, all you have to do is slip the outer plastic layer off then the soft inner rubber layer peels off with hardly any effort at all. This case is available in an array of colors so that you can select the tone that best suits your style.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks to owning the OtterBox Commuter. It takes a bit more time to unbox and install than the more simple cases, which is often true for dual-layer cases that offer military-certified protection. The Commuter is also relatively heavy and bulky, especially compared to thin silicone options. If you're looking for a low-profile case, it is best to consider other options. Despite its few flaws, the OtterBox Commuter is our top choice for an iPhone case that provides a great balance of protection and style.

best overall iphone case
The OtterBox Commuter is our top recommendation for people that are hard on their gear.
Credit: Ross Patton

Best Bang for Your Buck iPhone 13 Case

CASEKOO Crystal Clear

Weight: 1 ounce | Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.0 x 0.4 inches
Easy installation and removal
Affects silent toggle
A bit flimsy

The CASEKOO Crystal Clear case is a medium-profile iPhone 13 case that is very easy to unbox, install, and remove. This model offers more grip than many, holding onto our tilt-test board up to a much higher angle than most cases we tested. The CASEKOO case is clear, which allows you to show off the factory color of your phone. This case has a relatively low profile, adding minimal size and weight to your phone. Above all, it's our top-ranked iPhone 13 case for those shopping on a tight budget.

We didn't find much to complain about while testing the CASEKOO case, but our team noticed that it is a bit flimsier than a lot of the other cases we've had our hands on. Also, the silent switch port is shaped in a way that makes it more difficult to operate than similarly thick cases. Even with these short flaws, the CASEKOO Crystal Clear is a great product at a very reasonable price.

iphone case - best bang for your buck iphone 13 case
The CASEKOO Crystal Clear is functional, affordable, and includes a stand.
Credit: Ross Patton

Best Bang for Your Buck iPhone 12 Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Weight: 1.2 ounces | Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches
Simple design
Button difficulties
Lacks flare

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is our recommendation for folks shopping for an affordable iPhone 12 case. For a clear case, this model is especially scratch resistant, providing itself with high marks in our durability assessments. Although it's nothing fancy, there's something to be said for simplicity. It's very easy to install and a cinch to remove. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is your run-of-the-mill clear case, offering everything you need at an affordable price point.

The buttons on the Spigen Ultra Hybrid are more difficult to push than many of the other models in our review. If you decide to go with this case, be prepared to use a little bit of extra force for the volume and menu buttons, especially if you're used to the function of a bare phone. If you're looking for leather, metal, kickstands, or other accessories, we'd recommend a model with a little more personality — some people may think this clear case is kind of boring. But as we mentioned, there is something to be said for simplicity, and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a solid choice for an inexpensive iPhone 12 case.

iphone case - best bang for your buck iphone 12 case
No-nonsense and simple in design, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is one of our most affordable recommendations.
Credit: Jane E Jackson

Best Bang for Your Buck iPhone 11 Case

Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim

Weight: 1.2 ounces | Dimensions: 6 X 3.3 X 0.3 inches
Compact and lightweight
Offered in several colors
Easy to install
Excellent bargain
Less responsive buttons
Only grippy on the sides
Minimal protection

The Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim is a great option for those who want a slim, budget-friendly iPhone 11 case. This model is substantially lighter than many other cases we tested, and it barely adds to the thickness of your phone. It's available in several fun colors, or you can add your own custom design for a few extra dollars. The Smartish case is especially easy to unbox and install, especially when compared to dual-layer and other, more rigid models.

Despite its clever name, the Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim doesn't stick all that well to hard surfaces. The grippy material of the case is limited to the sides, so when it's on its back, it's rather slippery. The thick rubber on the sides makes the buttons more difficult to push, and the silent switch is recessed pretty far from the outer edge of the case. This model lacks any sort of drop-protection certification, and it does not have a raised bezel around the camera lenses. This leaves your camera a lot more exposed to impacts than many of the cases of the other cases we tested. Even with our short list of gripes, we recommend the Smartish Kung Fu Grip to those shopping for an iPhone 11 case on a tight budget.

Product Update Note — November 2022

Smartish has renamed the Kung Fu Grip Slim case the Smartish Gripmunk. The case remains the same besides the name change. We are linking to the updated case, which is more readily available.

iphone case - best bang for your buck iphone 11 case
The Smartish Kung Fu Grip is slim and simple at a great price.
Credit: Amber King

Best for iPhone Protection

OtterBox Defender Series

Weight: 2.4 ounces | Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.3 x 0.6 inches
Top-tier durability
Port covers
Includes a plastic holster
No wireless charging

If you're the type of person that's super hard on your gear, we recommend the OtterBox Defender Series. Whether you're headed out on a backpacking trip, going snorkeling in the tropics, or constantly using your phone at the job site, this model will keep your investment safer than the rest. It meets the same military-grade drop-test requirements as several other models in our review, but its outer rubber layer is the thickest we've seen to date. While many iPhone cases leave your charge port and silent switch exposed, the Defender has rubber flaps that cover both of them, ensuring that your phone is practically sealed from dust and debris. This model also includes a plastic holster with a utility clip on the back that doubles as a kickstand. The case attaches to the holster in four different positions, two of which have the screen oriented to the inside, effectively protecting it from impacts.

This level of protection does carry a few drawbacks. First of all, the OtterBox Defender is bulky. It adds about ⅛ of an inch to a naked phone — that may seem minimal, but it's very noticeable compared to other, thinner cases. It's also super heavy, weighing twice as much as most low-profile models without the holster. The Defender disables iPhone wireless charging capabilities, which makes it less convenient with Magsafe chargers becoming more popular. You'll be paying top dollar for this case, but for the level of protection, we think the OtterBox Defender is well worth the investment.

iphone case - best for iphone protection
The OtterBox Defender is the way to go for rugged durability.
Credit: Ross Patton

Best Wallet iPhone Case

Onetop Wallet Case

Weight: 1.9 ounces | Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.0 x 0.6 inches
Wallet flap is on the back of the case
Card and cash slots
Relatively light
No added grip
No protection certifications

Cases with integrated wallets are a great way to ditch your bulky wallet or purse for the night. As long as you can keep it to a few cards and bills, the Onetop Wallet Case is a fantastic choice for this type of case. While most wallet-style models have a flap that blocks the screen and buttons on one side of the phone, this version puts the flap and card holder on the back, leaving the screen and buttons completely accessible. We're fans of the magnetic closure and are pleased with the weight of the Onetop case compared to other leather wallet cases. Our panel of judges agreed that this is one of the most stylish models in the lineup and would be an appropriate accessory for formal events.

Our main complaint with the Onetop Wallet Case is that it does not have any drop-test certification. If you're looking for a high degree of impact protection, you'll need to go with a different model. Also, in our tilt-board test, this model offered no more grip than an iPhone without a case. Although it has some weaknesses regarding protection, the Onetop case is still the best wallet-style case around.

best wallet iphone case
The Onetop Wallet holds cards and cash but does not disrupt access to your phone buttons or screen.
Credit: Ross Patton

Best Leather iPhone Case

Apple Leather Case

Weight: 0.9 ounces | Dimensions: 5.8 x 2.9 x 0.4 inches
Great style
Genuine leather
Authentic modular accessories
Minimal impact protection
Difficult silent switch

The Apple Leather Case is simplistic but earns bonus points as the best leather case for a few key reasons. We love the overall look and feel of this genuine leather model. The finish on the case feels good and adds a degree of grip, while the metal button covers give it an extra touch of class. One of the best elements of this model is its seamless integration with genuine Apple MagSafe attachments. With the case installed, you can switch between accessories like a cardholder or an auxiliary battery, depending on the activities you have planned for the day.

Although the Apple Leather Case does a good job of protecting your phone from scratches, it doesn't do much in the way of protecting it from impacts. The size and depth of the silent toggle slot make the switch a bit more difficult to operate than most low-profile iPhone cases. Lastly, the Apple Leather case is not what we would qualify as "budget-friendly." As with most of their products, if you want an authentic Apple case, you are going to have to pay for it. Complaints aside, this genuine leather model is the way to go for a stylish case that integrates seamlessly with Apple MagSafe accessories.

best leather iphone case
In our eyes, the sleekest case in the bunch is the Apple Leather.
Credit: Jane E Jackson

Best Thin iPhone Case

Totallee Thin

Weight: 0.2 ounces | Dimensions: 5.75 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches
Incredibly thin
Buttons function perfectly
Tricky to remove
Minimal protection

If you like the size and weight of your bare phone but still want to protect it from scratches, we recommend the Totallee Thin case. Weighing next to nothing, it's unlikely that you'll feel any difference in weight with this model installed on your phone. It's razor-thin and hardly adds any bulk, either. Despite its thin profile, it still features a raised bezel around your screen and camera lenses to protect the glass when you place your phone on a flat surface. While many cases hinder the operation of phone buttons or the silent toggle, the Totallee Thin maintains full functionality.

The Totallee Thin case snaps into place on your phone, which makes it particularly difficult to remove. If you want to remove your case constantly or switch cases out regularly, a softer, more flexible model might make more sense. This case is designed to protect your phone from scratches, but the thin plastic material doesn't offer much in the way of impact protection. Even with these drawbacks, the Totallee Thin case is the way to go if you're in the market for an ultra-low profile case.

best thin iphone case
The Totallee Thin weighs practically nothing, and adds no bulk to your phone.
Credit: Ross Patton

Best iPhone Case with a Kickstand

Spigen Tough Armor

Weight: 1.4 ounces | Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches
Integrated low-profile kickstand
Dual-layer certified drop-protection
Durable exterior
Kickstand is landscape mode only

The Spigen Tough Armor has two elements that we find to be especially attractive — a military-grade drop-test certification and a foldaway kickstand. A certification rating of MIL-STD-810 516.6 means that this case can protect your phone from several drops onto concrete from a height of up to twelve feet. Kickstands are always useful for watching videos, filming, reading, or just browsing the internet. This Spigen case has an especially thick outer shell but still maintains a reasonably low profile.

Although it is still our favorite option in this category, the kickstand on this case only works horizontally. If you regularly use FaceTime or other portrait mode apps, you may want to consider a different kickstand model. This case is also pricey compared to the rest of the competition. There are better models with kickstands and there are more affordable drop-test-certified cases out there. But if you want both features in one case, the Spigen Tough Armor is the perfect case for you.

best iphone case with a kickstand
The Spigen Tough Armor is protective, slim, and comes with a nifty kickstand for hands-free use.
Credit: Amber King

Best iPhone Case for Style

Pipetto Origami Folio

Weight: 3.0 ounces | Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches
Inventive design
Magnetic flap
Lacks drop-test certification
Affects button operation

If you're looking for a unique iPhone case to help you stand out from the rest, check out the Pipetto Origami Folio. What appears to be a generic screen-flap case actually brings much more than just the basics. The soft shock-absorbent TPU flap has several super-thin magnets integrated into soft foldable sections. This magnetic design allows the flap to fold into five different kickstand positions. When it's not deployed as a kickstand, the magnets hold the flap in place as a screen cover or secure it to the back of the phone if you prefer to leave your screen exposed.

Although this case is fun and inventive, a few elements might make it undesirable to some people. Even though it's reasonably compact, the magnets in the Pipetto Origami Folio's main flap add a substantial amount of weight to your phone. With the flap covering your screen, the volume buttons and silent toggle are inaccessible. The TPU material certainly adds a degree of protection to a naked phone, but the Origami Folio does not boast any drop-test certification. But these few gripes aside, we are very impressed by the style and functionality of this innovative iPhone case.

iphone case - the seemingly simple pipetto origami folio case folds into five...
The seemingly simple Pipetto Origami Folio case folds into five different stand positions.
Credit: Ross Patton

Why You Should Trust Us

The GearLab team has been conducting hands-on reviews of iPhone cases for years, and we have tested a wide array of cases from the top manufacturers. We've toted cases along with us to weddings and concerts, and carried them on backpacking trips and while backcountry snowboarding. We have carried these iPhone cases everywhere, from the jagged peaks of Patagonia to the slot canyons of Southern Utah and into the cenotes of the Yucatan. We've researched hundreds of models and have purchased more than 50 cases for hands-on testing. We buy every single model at full price, just like you, to ensure a zero-bias approach to our review process. These iPhone cases undergo 130 individual tests during our side-by-side comparative analysis. This comprehensive round-up of features 10 of the best iPhone cases available for iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models.

We break down our overall score into four key metrics:
  • Protection (40% of overall score weighting)
  • Portability (25% weighting)
  • Design (25% weighting)
  • Ease of Use (10% weighting)

We put three of our top review editors — Jane Jackson, Amber King, and Ross Patton — to work on this category. Between the three of them, they have tested hundreds of products over a combined tenure of more than fifteen years with GearLab. Jane has been testing gear with GearLab since 2016, working with products ranging from the best laptop sleeve to top-tier water bottles. Amber has worked with GearLab since 2015, testing more than 300 products ranging from high-quality cookware to the best handheld GPS units on the market. Ross has tested hundreds of products across dozens of categories. He has worked with everything from the best electric skateboards to using his skill as a professional photographer to test iPhone gimbals.

We measured each case to double-check the manufacturer's claims.
We measured each case to double-check the manufacturer's claims.
The Onetop Wallet holds cash and cards but doesn't affect phone...
The Onetop Wallet holds cash and cards but doesn't affect phone functions.
We used a piece of maple-veneered plywood and an inclinometer to...
We used a piece of maple-veneered plywood and an inclinometer to measure grip.

How to Choose the Right iPhone Case

At this point, a new iPhone costs as much, or more, than a laptop. When you're spending that much money on a computer that fits in the palm of your hand, it's essential that you do something to protect it. Whether you're looking for a low-profile case to protect your iPhone from scratches, a stylish one to add some flair to your outfit, or a model you can go cliff diving with, our head-to-head review process will help you quickly and easily sort through the seemingly limitless options to find your ideal case.

iphone case - the otterbox commuter offers ample protection without sacrificing...
The OtterBox Commuter offers ample protection without sacrificing style.
Credit: Ross Patton

What Type of Case Do You Need?

Your lifestyle is the main thing to consider when shopping for an iPhone case. If you're outdoorsy or you work a physically tough job, you are going to want a case that can take a beating. If you're friendly with your electronics and aren't the type who tends to drop or break phones, then it doesn't make sense to haul around a bulky, ultra-protective case. Perhaps it's more important to you that your phone looks good and takes up less room in your pocket. Another critical consideration is a case's functionality. Many iPhone cases include a holster, a kickstand, or a spot to hold a few credit cards. The four elements to consider when shopping for an iPhone case are:
  • Protection
  • Portability
  • Design
  • Ease of Use

These metrics will help you decide which type of case will best your lifestyle and help you land on the perfect iPhone case based on your needs and budget.

Be Sure to Double-Check Availability

We have listed all of the currently available cases for specific iPhone models under each product description. As Apple releases new phones, case manufacturers will often discontinue cases for older models.


An iPhone case's primary job is to protect your phone, so it is most heavily weighted in our overall scoring. The degree of protection you require of your case will later dictate the portability, design, and how easy the case is to use.

iphone case - in addition to the water resistance, the otterbox commuter series...
In addition to the water resistance, the OtterBox Commuter Series adds a degree of certified drop-test protection.
Credit: Ross Patton

For older iPhone cases, water resistance was much more of a concern. iPhones used to be very susceptible to water damage, so case manufacturers focused on making up for this design flaw by selling fully-enclosed cases. However, newer iPhones have an IP68 water-resistant rating, meaning that they can be submerged in up to six meters of water (almost 20 feet) for up to 30 minutes. As a result, iPhone cases are now geared more toward shock protection.

iphone case - if you face the otterbox defender inward on the clip, the screen is...
If you face the OtterBox Defender inward on the clip, the screen is protected from bumps and scratches.
Credit: Ross Patton

Advertisements commonly claim that a case has been "drop-tested" or is "military-grade." The important thing to consider is whether or not the cases have an actual certification or if the manufacturer is just capitalizing on the buzzwords without actually substantiating those claims. We tested several models that meet military-grade MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop-test requirements. To include this certification on a product label, a manufacturer must submit the cases to a licensed lab that will perform the qualifying tests. For this particular certification, the cases are dropped 26 times on all faces from a height of 12 feet onto concrete.

iphone case - the otterbox defender and the otterbox commuter both have rubber...
The OtterBox Defender and the OtterBox Commuter both have rubber flaps that protect the charge port when it's not in use.
Credit: Ross Patton

Aside from drop-test certifications, it's important to consider the construction of the case. Some cases have rubber flaps that cover the charge port and silent toggle, while others leave those areas exposed. Certain types of cases have a screen cover and lens covers integrated into the case, while others leave the glass exposed. However, many of those "exposed cases" include a bezel that keeps the glass from resting directly on a flat surface. This essentially provides an extra layer of protection for the camera or screen.

iphone case - the apple leather is very hard to scratch.
The Apple Leather is very hard to scratch.
Credit: Ross Patton

Aside from protecting your phone, it's important to consider how easily the case itself can withstand some wear and tear. Although hard plastic cases may offer more impact protection, these can be much more susceptible to scratching than cases made with rubber, silicone, or leather. While many of these rubber or silicone cases only offer a single layer of protection, dual-layer cases tend to incorporate an interior rubber or silicone case that is further protected by a hard plastic shell.

iphone case - the spigen (left) and the otterbox defender (right)...
The Spigen (left) and the Otterbox Defender (right) are compared. The Spigen uses absorptive foam in its construction but is notably slimmer in profile.
Credit: Amber King


Once you've determined the amount of protection you require, you can then begin to consider other elements, such as the extra size and weight a case will add to your phone.

iphone case - not all wallet cases are as slim as our favorite, the onetop wallet...
Not all wallet cases are as slim as our favorite, the Onetop Wallet (right). We tested the icarercase (left) for iPhone 11s, which is a substantially larger wallet-style case than the Onetop Wallet.
Credit: Ross Patton

The size of iPhone cases varies significantly depending on the purpose of the case. In general, the simpler the case is, the smaller it is. If you want a case that will protect your phone from scratches but won't add much bulk, there are leather and silicone cases available that add practically nothing as far as size and weight go.

iphone case - the apple leather is one of the lightest iphone cases that we've...
The Apple Leather is one of the lightest iPhone cases that we've come across.
Credit: Ross Patton

But when you start adding features such as drop protection, kickstands, and wallets, the size and weight of a case increase accordingly. The dual-layer drop-tested models tend to be the bulkiest options, but they also offer the highest level of protection.

iphone case - we measured every case to double-check the manufacturer's claims...
We measured every case to double-check the manufacturer's claims. From left to right: OtterBox Commuter, Apple Leather Case, Totallee Thin case. While all of these are similar in length, they vary significantly in bulk.
Credit: Ross Patton


Certain models were created for drastically different lifestyles and day-to-day uses than others, so it's important to hone in on which elements of design are important for you.

The OtterBox Commuter is classy enough for everyday use but rugged...
The OtterBox Commuter is classy enough for everyday use but rugged enough for the outdoors.
Slim, somewhat protective, all at a great cost! For most people, the...
Slim, somewhat protective, all at a great cost! For most people, the Smartish Kung Fu Grip case will do everything they need it to.
The OtterBox Defender utility clip allows you to attach the case in...
The OtterBox Defender utility clip allows you to attach the case in several different ways.


Cases with lots of bells and whistles are often seen as less stylish, and style-oriented cases don't always offer much in the way of features. While shopping, you'll need to consider where your tastes fall on this spectrum.


Kickstands are a fantastic innovation that are useful for all sorts of applications, from watching movies on airplanes, to gaming, to making FaceTime calls. The design of kickstands varies greatly. Some fold out of the back of a phone, some are integrated as a part of a screen cover flap, while others are a standalone piece that is either included with the case or sold separately.

The low-angle landscape mode of the Pipetto Origami is perfect for...
The low-angle landscape mode of the Pipetto Origami is perfect for gaming or browsing.
The Pipetto Origami is perfect for watching movies.
The Pipetto Origami is perfect for watching movies.
One of many stand positions offered by the Pipetto Origami.
One of many stand positions offered by the Pipetto Origami.


Some cases are able to hold credit cards and cash. Obviously, this adds to the size and weight of your phone but simultaneously frees up the need to carry a wallet or purse. The design of these wallet-style cases can range from a hard plastic storage area to a sleek leather flap. This type of case is a fantastic option for events such as concerts or weddings when you're trying to minimize the number of items you have to carry while also making sure you have the essentials covered.

The Onetop has the wallet portion of the case on the back of the...
The Onetop has the wallet portion of the case on the back of the phone.
We tested the Smartish Wallet Slayer for iPhone 12 cases. Although...
We tested the Smartish Wallet Slayer for iPhone 12 cases. Although it's not one of our favorites featured here, it is a good example of another type of storage case that can free you from having to carry a wallet.


Since the iPhone X, every model has been equipped with wireless charging capabilities. In addition to wireless charging, Apple has released its MagSafe line of iPhone accessories that magnetically attach to certain Apple cases. This modular technology is innovative and exciting, as it allows you to magnetically attach mods such as a cardholder or an auxiliary battery to your phone without ever changing the case. Whether you need the added battery for extended backcountry excursions or the cardholder for a night on the town, a single case is now versatile enough to do either. Some cases come with bicycle handlebar mounts, others integrate fisheye lenses for action sports photography, and some have lanyards so that you won't drop your phone while snorkeling — the possibilities are endless.

It's important to consider which accessories will work with your...
It's important to consider which accessories will work with your iPhone case. Wireless charging and MagSafe are not available with certain models, generally double-layer cases.
The utility clip on the back of the OtterBox Defender's holster...
The utility clip on the back of the OtterBox Defender's holster snaps out to be used as a kickstand.


A truly subjective element of an iPhone case is style. Much like choosing the color of your car or which shoes you put on in the morning, the type of case you put on your phone is a reflection of your personality.

iphone case - the apple leather looks great and offers a good degree of scratch...
The Apple Leather looks great and offers a good degree of scratch protection.
Credit: Ross Patton

And rest assured, there is a style of iPhone case out there for everyone. From pink sparkles to tactical camouflage, to clear silicone to thick genuine leather. We're certain you'll choose the case that best suits your style preferences.

iphone case - the stylish totallee thin case adds a mere 0.2 ounces of weight to...
The stylish Totallee Thin case adds a mere 0.2 ounces of weight to your phone.
Credit: Ross Patton

Ease of Use

There are several things to consider regarding ease of use. During our testing, we found that some cases take a matter of seconds to unbox and install, while others require a lot more assembly than we'd like. Some even require a 30-minute soak in water to double-check their waterproofing.

iphone case - dual-layer models such as the otterbox commuter are generally more...
Dual-layer models such as the OtterBox Commuter are generally more time-consuming to install or remove than simpler cases.
Credit: Ross Patton

It's important to consider the button function. Certain models have thick button covers that take quite a bit of force to push, while others don't affect the button function at all. Features like port covers, silent toggle covers, and integrated screen covers all offer added levels of protection, but make overall phone operation more difficult.

The buttons on the Totallee Thin are extra easy to operate.
The buttons on the Totallee Thin are extra easy to operate.
The OtterBox Commuter Series silent button toggle is recessed, but...
The OtterBox Commuter Series silent button toggle is recessed, but the angled design makes the switch easy to operate.
The Apple Leather case has metal button covers that add an extra bit...
The Apple Leather case has metal button covers that add an extra bit of flare to the case.

The grip of a case is another element to consider. While it's great that grippy cases stick to hard surfaces, they're generally also harder to get in and out of your pocket and tend to attract lint and dust. On the other hand, slick cases are easy to pull out of your pocket but are more likely to slide off a table. As with many of these decisions, the grip of a case ultimately comes down to personal preference.

iphone case - during our tilt-board test, the pipetto origami folio stuck to the...
During our tilt-board test, the Pipetto Origami Folio stuck to the board up to an impressive 30 degrees.
Credit: Ross Patton


Choosing the best iPhone case for your phone will largely depend on your lifestyle and personality. Over our years of testing these cases, we've found that any given member of our team will choose a different case as their favorite. Our goal is to do the research, purchase the products, and conduct a side-by-side analysis of the best options on the market. Whether you're looking for rugged protection, innovative features, or sleek style, our aim is to guide you toward the best iPhone case for your needs and budget.

Ross Patton

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