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Lasko Designer Series Review

The best reason to buy this space heater is if you like the way that it looks, but other space heaters outperform the Lasko Designer Series
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Price:   $70 List | $52 at Amazon
Pros:  Unique look, fairly efficient, decent performance under a desk
Cons:  Unimpressive performance, awkward size and shape for some applications
Manufacturer:   Lasko
By Ross Patton and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Mar 3, 2020
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#8 of 10
  • Personal Heat - 40% 4
  • Convenience - 30% 6
  • Small Room - 20% 5
  • Power Consumption - 10% 5

Our Verdict

Scoring closer to the back of the pack than the front, the Lasko Designer Series doesn't impress us much. This model essentially put up average or below average results during most of our experiments, although it does have a feature or two that make it decently convenient to use. While the Designer Series isn't a terrible product, given its price tag and performance we don't think it's the best option unless its appearance is the determining factor.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The only attribute that we could establish that separates this model from the rest is its particular look and design. Considering its display of unrestrained mediocrity during our review, we are hesitant to recommend the Designer Series to anyone except for those who want a space heater that doesn't look like one.

Performance Comparison


During our assessments, we found that convenience was the strongest aspect for the Designer Series. It has an oscillation setting that helps to distribute heat throughout an area more effectively than models that don't have this feature.

The Lasko Designer Series fits quite nicely in tight places thanks to its small footprint and tall shape. It isn't the strongest model as far as pumping out heat goes, but if the oscillation feature is engaged it does a good job of heating up small areas such as underneath a desk.

The Designer Series is a decent choice for an office.
The Designer Series is a decent choice for an office.

The Lasko Designer has a digital thermostat and remote control, both of which we found decidedly straightforward to use. The symbols that indicate the function of the buttons on the remote as well as the heater itself are intuitive and easy to understand.

To obtain some more objective data we conducted a series of measured tests — one experiment to see how much temperature change each heater was able to produce in a small room over an hour and another assessment to see how much money it costs to run each model for a number of different time periods. For the small room test, we started with a temperature of 64.7 degrees Fahrenheit in a 161 square foot room and ran the Designer for an hour at its highest setting. 60 minutes later the Lasko had brought the temperature of the room up to 74.1 degrees for a total gain of 9.4.

To project the cost of running the heaters we began by looking up the national average price of a kilowatt per hour (kWh), which was 13.17 cents at the time of this review. We then hooked each model up to a wattmeter and ran them at their highest setting for an hour to see how much power they consumed. After an hour we measured that the Designer used 1.3 kilowatts of energy. Using this figure and the average kWh price we were able to then calculate that it would cost $1.71 to run this heater over a ten-hour period.


Unfortunately, we have quite a few gripes with the overall performance of this model. First and foremost, it doesn't do well in larger spaces such as a living room.

The breeze produced by the Lasko Designer series doesn't feel very warm from a few feet away.
The breeze produced by the Lasko Designer series doesn't feel very warm from a few feet away.

Our panel of judges found that the channel of air produced by the Designer Series felt more like a cold breeze than a blanket of warmth and that it isn't very good at projecting air of any temperature over any sort of substantial distance.

The Lasko is also lacking the option to use the blower as a room temperature fan without the heating element turned on. This means that this model will be useless during warm months and will either need to be stored or it will just be a waste of space.

We love that the Designer has a thermostat that goes from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but unfortunately, the settings jump up in increments of 5 degrees at a time. We prefer models that allow you to choose the temperature by the exact degree that offers the maximum amount of comfort.

The Lasko Designer Series is an uncommon looking heater.
The Lasko Designer Series is an uncommon looking heater.


The Lasko Designer Series is a bit on the expensive side considering its ordinary performance. That said, if you are in love with the look of this model, it does perform the basic functions of a space heater.


It is important to recognize that the primary reason that anyone should buy the Lasko Designer Series is for its looks. It offers a few basic bells & whistles such as a remote, an oscillation setting, and a digital display, but its overall disappointing performance has prevented us from recommending this model to our readers.

Ross Patton and Austin Palmer