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The 5 Best Outdoor Heaters of 2023

We tested outdoor heaters from Rangland, Avenlur, Dr. Infrared, and more to find the best portable heaters for your outdoor space
Best Outdoor Heaters of 2023
Enjoying the ambiance and features that the Members Mark Tabletop Propane heater offers comes easily, especially on a cold winter's evening.
Credit: Bligh Gillies

Our Top Picks

By Kat Elliott ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 23, 2022

Cold weather got you needing some heat? We researched 25+ of the best outdoor heaters available today before purchasing and hands-on testing 9 top models side by side in a battle of the warmth. Exploring propane and electric-powered models, our team of patio and yard experts analyzed each heater meticulously for over six weeks in the dead of a Tahoe, California winter. We timed assembly time, measured heat radii and maximum output, and tested features like LED lights and auto-shutoff tilt sensors. Our detailed assessments and recommendations are here to help you find the model that will suit your outdoor lifestyle best.

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Best Overall Portable Heater

Member's Mark Patio Heater

Max Heat Output: 47,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Electric start ignition
Easy assembly
Wrap around adjustable table
Weighted base
Sharp metal on propane access doors
No tilt-safety override shutoff

Right out of the box, the Member's Mark Patio Heater impressed with easy to follow instructions. It took one person approximately 35 minutes to assemble, one of the fastest setup times of the mushroom-top and pyramid models. The sturdy wheels on the base make it easy to transport, too. This model doesn't have a tilt-safety override shutoff, but the base is weighted, giving some peace of mind on blustery days. We clocked the max heat directly at the heating coil at 913° F with an ambient outside temperature of 24° F, and as with all the mushroom-style heaters, the heat diminishes the further out you move from the unit. This model has an approximate 6-foot comfortable heat radius. We loved the adjustable wrap-around table as a place to set down your drink or even play a game of cards. The table features a built-in LED light that gave a sense of ambiance in the darker hours, although we're not sure about the long-term durability factor of the light.

One qualm that we encountered while testing the Member's Mark Patio Heater was that the stainless steel doors that housed the propane tank are thin and sharp. While opening and closing the doors of the propane housing, we sustained a few small cuts from moving the tanks in and out. Additionally, while we enjoyed having the table, it doesn't take too long for drinks on the table to heat up under the heating element, which is fine for hot chocolate and snacks but not ideal for cold beverages. That said, we like that this model provides a useable, illuminated surface that the others lack. These added features, plus adequate heat for 1-4 people, make this model a worthy consideration that encourages guests to huddle around the heat source.

outdoor heater - best overall portable heater
Standing at 86.6 inches high and cranking out 47000 BTUs, the Member's Mark makes a fine addition to patios with its small table and built-in LED light.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Best Maximum Heat Output

Rangland Outdoor Propane Heater

Editors' Choice Award
rangland outdoor propane heater outdoor heater
Editors' Choice Award
Max Heat Output: 46,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Easy assembly
Excellent heat output
Sturdy materials
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Ignition learning curve

The Rangland Outdoor Propane Heater impressed our testers with its high heat output and its quality design and build. Upon arrival, one tester unboxed and set up this model alone in 40 minutes, which was relatively quick. It has a large top reflector measuring a little over 32 inches across to direct heat in a large, even radius. We measured the max heat at the top at 960°F. When strong winds weren't present, we measured ambient heat well up to 8 feet away, the largest range of all models tested. Combined with its variable heat settings, this model creates a very cozy outdoor experience. Its durable steel construction has us convinced of its longevity, and a hammered finish resists dirt and smudges. In particular, this unit held up exceptionally well during high winds, ice, and snowstorms, continuing to heat with ease. It comes equipped with a tilt-safety override shutoff if the unit gets tipped over, a feature we think every heater should incorporate. The two wheels mounted to the base allow for easy mobility across relatively smooth and flat surfaces.

While we like the hammered finish on this model, we prefer the overall aesthetic of the pyramid heaters. The one thing to note with the Rangland is that you must follow the lighting instructions carefully, especially when connecting a new tank. It confused a few testers at first. There is a quick view hole that attaches with a small screw on the right side of the heated screen that allows you to see when the pilot has lit. This will save you a lot of trouble and makes for very easy and consistent lighting every time. We found this model to consistently provide a blast of heat on our test patios, with the ability to warm up several people at once, and we didn't feel worried about it surviving harsh winter weather. After testing many products, this outdoor patio heater is our top recommendation.

outdoor heater - best maximum heat output
The Rangland patio heater has a 32-inch wide reflector that provides warmth up to 8ft away, besting its competition in this aspect.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Best Bang for Your Buck

Dura Heat Tank Top

Max Heat Output: 30,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Low price point
Easy to assemble and use
Great adjustability
Warm infrared heat
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Low heat element not ideal for small children and pets
Requires matches or long butane lighter to use
Not very attractive

The Dura Heat Tank Top provides a low-cost heating solution for a variety of outdoor activities. It easily connects to a standard 20 lb. LP (propane) cylinder and is virtually ready to use directly from the box. Dual burners provide up to 30,000 BTUs of warm, luminous infrared heat. The burners are individually adjustable to spread the warmth in multiple directions, and you can rotate the individual swivel heads if you want to change the direction of the heat. The max temperature, measured directly at the swivel head, was around 840° F when the outside temperature measured 25° F. You can continue to feel the heat up to a 6 ft. radius, depending on the temperature outside and if there was any wind. It has a CSA-certified safety function that shuts the heater off if tipped over.

One thing to take into consideration is the height of these tank-mounted models. Standing at 29 inches tall when mounted to the tank, they heat the area around you well when you are sitting or kneeling. Since the heat source is lower, they don't work as well when you are standing around them. Its low stature could also be a hazard for curious young children or pets. We also can't say this is an attractive option visually, which might be an important consideration for some folks. If you are on a budget or just need to be frugal with space, we are very impressed with the Dura Heat Tank Heater for its low price and respectable performance.

outdoor heater - best bang for your buck
The adjustable swivel heads of the Dura Heat make it easy to adjust the heat distribution for two people.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Best Aesthetic Heater

Avenlur Pyramid Patio Heater

Max Heat Output: 42,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Attractive design
Warms up fast
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Timely assembly
Limited heating power

The Avenlur Pyramid Patio Heater offers a very pleasing aesthetic compared to its mushroom-shaped counterparts. Enjoying an evening with good company in cold temperatures is not only about the heat but also the ambiance. At the center of this heater is a 4-foot tall ceramic glass tube. With a quick turn of the adjustment knob, you can raise a column of flames that delightfully dance behind the wire panels. Touting a heat output of 42,000 BTUs, we measured the max heat at the top near the reflector at approximately 753° Fahrenheit with an ambient temperature of 25° F. On the downside, we found that the warmth didn't radiate very well down and around the pyramid itself. The heating radius is approximately 4 feet when little wind is present. It features a safety auto-shutoff that automatically shuts down the heater if the unit is tilted or tipped over, which we really like.

The Avenlur Pyramid wasn't the easiest to assemble. It took one person a little over 2 hours to fully erect from start to finish. If maximum heat output is not at the top of your list and you prefer an outdoor heater with more ambiance than heat, this model makes for a winning combination of form with functionality.

outdoor heater - best aesthetic heater
The Avenlur dazzles with its center flame encased in a 4-foot tall glass tube.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Best Electric Outdoor Heater

Dr. Infrared 1500W

Max Heat Output: 1500W | Power Source: Corded Electric
Instant odorless infrared heat
Indoor-outdoor use
Kid and pet friendly
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Needs to be mounted or purchase a tripod
Limited heat radius outdoors

The Dr. Infrared 1500W is designed for use in outdoor environments and can even be used inside your home. The included mounting hardware allows you to affix to walls. It can be suspended vertically, horizontally, or mounted to a tripod for more versatility. For testing purposes, we used a tripod (sold separately). There are three heating modes: L1 - 900W, L2 - 1200W, and L3 - 1500W. We found that to feel the most comfortable outside in sub-freezing temperatures, we needed to be seated or standing within 3 feet of the heater, making this a close proximity heat machine. With the ambient outside temperature of 24° F, we were able to measure the max heat right below the infrared coil at 845° F and felt cozy in just a down jacket and jeans. When it works, the remote is super handy, too. It is equipped with a tilt-safety override shutoff if the unit gets bumped or knocked over.

One issue we ran into was with the remote. We noticed some issues with inconsistency a couple of weeks into testing. Sometimes you had to be standing directly in front of the heater for the remote to work, and sometimes it worked just fine when you were seated or standing 6 feet away. Although installing new batteries seemed to completely remedy this issue, it left us feeling that using the remote will burn through batteries. If you are in the market for an effective electric heater for a small outside patio or living space, then the Dr. Infrared Heater will not disappoint.

best electric outdoor heater
The warm ambient glow of infrared heat Dr. Heater can heat indoor and outdoor spaces.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Great for a Single User

Dyna-Glo TT15CDGP

Max Heat Output: 15,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Warms up fast
Easy to use
Simple, fast assembly
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Not kid or pet friendly
Small heat radius
Requires matches or long butane lighter to use

The Dyna-Glo TT15CDGP heater offers warm, radiant propane-powered heat. It's a single burner unit that mounts directly on top of the tank. Assembly was quick and easy; all you need to do is loosen the tightening bolt and adjust the quick connect to mount it snuggly to your tank. It boasts a CSA-certified tip switch, support leg, and safety shutoff valve. The variable supply valve is easy to use and works smoothly. We measured the max heat output directly at the burner at 849° F, depending on conditions and the relative outdoor temperature. When we measure the outside temperature was 25° F. It claims to heat a 15 ft. radius, which would be closer to the truth if you were using this in a ventilated indoor setting. When used outdoors below 32° F, we needed to be within 4 ft. to effectively warm up.

Annoyingly, when even the slightest breeze was present, it was challenging to keep the match or long stem butane lighter to stay lit long enough to get the burner started. You'll need some practice and the correct body position to block the wind and light the burner. If you are looking for a single-person heating solution that can be ready in a snap, then the Dyna-Glo would be a great choice.

outdoor heater - the simple design and wallet-friendly price tag makes the dyna-glo...
The simple design and wallet-friendly price tag makes the Dyna-Glo an intriguing choice for solo winter nights.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Reliable and Easy to Use

Hampton Bay 4800 BTU Stainless

Max Heat Output: 48,000 BTU | Power Source: Propane
Simple design
Fast assembly
Easy to use electric start
No tilt-safety override shutoff
Does not come with wheels

The Hampton Bay 4800 BTU Stainless had fairly easy-to-follow directions. It took one person just under an hour to fully assemble, which was a bit longer than other mushroom-top heaters. One thing we noticed straight away was a rather large dent on the tank cover, most likely from shipping, but we wish it would have been better protected. This heater is made entirely of stainless steel, and it did seem to hold up to the elements well without any noticeable rust or damage. The quick light ignition button was one of the easiest and most reliable to use. We measured the max heat just below the reflector at 913° F with an outside temperature of 25° F and a slight wind. This made for warm ambient heat when you were within a 5 ft. radius of the heater on such a chilly day.

We realized quickly that the lack of wheels on the Hampton Bay was rather frustrating, especially when trying to move it around with a full tank of propane. It also does not have a tilt-safety override shutoff if the unit gets knocked over while in use. If you are looking for a mushroom-style heat source that you don't need to move often, this one works fine, but it's not our first choice.

outdoor heater - without wheels, the hampton bay is a bit trickier to move around.
Without wheels, the Hampton Bay is a bit trickier to move around.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Fell Short of Expectations

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Heat Output: Max 1500W | Power Source: Corded Electric
Heats up in seconds
Wind and draft resistant
Can use indoors and outdoors
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Faulty tilt-safety shut off sensor

The Briza Infrared Patio Heater charmed us for the first few weeks of use, but we ended up encountering a faulty emergency shutoff switch that halted its functionality. First, we'll share some of the things we liked. Within seconds it produces a precise beam of heat that warms you with a constant stream of heat. The easy-to-use tripod (included) allows for operation in a variety of places. You can also mount the heater directly to your wall. You can use this heater indoors and outdoors, and it does produce potent heat in indoor settings. There are three variable settings that produce either a 900W, 1200W, 1500W heat output, and we found it rather pleasant to sit in front of.

Now for the downsides. The Briza Infrared Patio Heater worked like a charm over three weeks of testing. Without any warning, we then encountered an error message with the slightest of movements. Even when you tiptoed by the unit while on its tripod, the slightest wobble sent this heater into shutdown mode. Although customer service responded to our inquiry within minutes, the unit, unfortunately, ended up being faulty, which we found disappointing for its price point.

outdoor heater - the briza was off to a great start with its ample features and soft...
The Briza was off to a great start with its ample features and soft warm infrared heat. Unfortunately, the unit encountered an error with its automatic shut-off switch that rendered it unusable.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Good Looks with Little Heat

ROVSUN Pyramid Flame

Heat Output: 40,000 BTU's | Power Source: Propane
Moves easily
Alluring look
Tilt-safety override shutoff
Lower heat output
Difficult and lengthy assembly

The Rovsun Pyramid Flame emanates an artful ambiance. We measured the max heat output near the top reflector at 689° F with an outdoor temperature of 24° F and little to no wind, ranking it near the bottom for overall heat output among the tall standing models. If you don't mind standing within a 1-foot radius around this heater, you will feel some heat up high and get a general sense of coziness. Pyramid-style heaters work great for warming up your hands and creating ambiance. This model features a tip-over protection system. A safety valve will automatically shut off the heater if it is tilted or tipped over. The large wheels on the base roll very well and make this especially easy to relocate even when loaded down with a full tank of propane.

We had major issues assembling this model. The Rovsun Pyramid Heater took one person nearly three hours to fully construct. Every screw was already in place, so we had to remove them first only to replace them later. If you can get past the frustrating assembly and don't need it to provide much heat, this model really is an eye-catcher. It might be a great solution for ambiance during warmer months of the year.

outdoor heater - although the rovsun offers dismal heat, the pleasing nature of the...
Although the Rovsun offers dismal heat, the pleasing nature of the flame makes it an artsy addition to any outdoor living area.
Credit: Bligh Gillies

Why You Should Trust Us

Our initial testing period lasted over six weeks, taking place mid-winter in South Lake Tahoe, California, a cold mountain town with evening temperatures consistently dropping well below freezing. All of the outdoor heaters we bought for testing arrived fully packaged and required some form of assembly. We timed how long it took to put them together, then got down to testing. Although a huge part of testing included spending weeks standing and sitting under and around the heaters, we also collected statistics on the heating power, features, quality, and assembly of each model to give you a better idea of what would suit your outdoor living needs. We used an infrared thermometer to measure the heating elements and heating radii to get accurate results. We took into consideration the ambient temperature outside and any wind or winter storms that impacted our testing.

This review was lead by our senior review editor Katherine Elliott. She has more than six years of diverse product testing experience under her belt. She has lived in Tahoe for the past eight years, giving her a great understanding of how essential an outdoor heater can be in the colder months. That, coupled with her scientific background, has honed her skills for creating in-depth side-by-side tests. We consulted our resident mechanical engineer, David Wise, who has a background in heat transfer, to verify our results.

With the help of an infrared thermometer, we were able to test how...
With the help of an infrared thermometer, we were able to test how much heat was being produced at the source.
Tightening down the mounting screw on the Hiland proved to be...
Tightening down the mounting screw on the Hiland proved to be challenging as it loosens over time.
Wheels turned out to be a must-have for moving around the larger...
Wheels turned out to be a must-have for moving around the larger models.

Analysis and Test Results

The details of our testing and the products that performed the best in each metric are discussed below.

Heating Power

The majority of outdoor heaters in our test use British Thermal Units (BTUs) or watts to measure heating power. BTUs are the unit of measurement for the propane-powered models, while watts are for the electric models. The warmest models with the largest heating radii are a few of the propane models, the Rangland and Member's Mark models. However, not all propane heaters were warmer than the electric models. For example, the pyramid-style propane heaters provided much more ambiance than actual heat, warming the smallest radii of all models. Note that wind and external temperature will affect the experience with these heaters.

outdoor heater - armed with our infrared thermometer and an ambient temperature...
Armed with our infrared thermometer and an ambient temperature thermometer, we were able to measure the max heating power as well as the heat at different distances around the heaters.
Credit: Bligh Gillies

For testing, we used an infrared thermometer to measure the max heat output at the source coupled with a temperature gauge moved around the heaters at different distances to give you an idea of the warming power of each model. The Rangland Patio Heater impressed us with its heat power when the mercury dropped. The max heat at the top measured at around 960° with an outside temperature at 25° F. As long as there was not a strong breeze, we felt the warmth radiate well up to 8 feet away, the greatest heat coverage of any model tested.

outdoor heater - the member's mark glows red when it's at its highest heat setting...
The Member's Mark glows red when it's at its highest heat setting producing warmth up to a 6 ft. heat radius.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


A huge part of what made some of these outdoor heaters stand out was the features they offered—whether it be an auto shut off tilt switch, wheels for easy transportation, or even a built-in wrap-around table.

outdoor heater - the wrap around the table on the member's mark made huddling around...
The wrap around the table on the Member's Mark made huddling around this heater a pleasant experience, especially when mulled dwine was on the menu.
Credit: Bligh Gillies

The features varied greatly, and so did our opinion about them. The Member's Mark Patio Heater not only comes with a sturdy set of wheels on its base for easy transport, but its built-in wrap-around table made standing around this heater an all-around pleasant and cozy experience. Just remember, when that thing is cranking on high, your cold brew won't stay cold for long. The Avenlur Pyramid has a flame that erupts right out of the center that is protected by a 4 ft tall glass tube, giving this a dazzling aesthetic and adding an artsy vibe to your outdoor space. We loved the ease of use that the Dr. Infrared offered with its remote for anywhere control and plug and play nature.

outdoor heater - dr. heater's remote made it easy to control the temperature output...
Dr. Heater's remote made it easy to control the temperature output from a distance, once we replaced the batteries.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Outdoor heaters are designed to be used amongst the elements. Thus the need to be crafted out of quality materials is a must for the longevity of these heaters. The Rangland Heater has one of the more impressive builds. It is made of durable steel with a hammered finish that holds up to brutal winter weather and easily sheds ice and dirt. The pyramid-style heaters' delicate nature with the glass tubs in the center seemed like they would fare worse when exposed to inclement weather, but the included covers kept them safe and protected for the most part. In particular, the cover on the Avenlur Pyramid Patio Heater was easy to use and added a sense of security to the pyramid heater.

outdoor heater - the ranglads hammered finish impressed when it came to withstanding...
The Ranglads hammered finish impressed when it came to withstanding the elements, easily shedding ice and dirt.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Spending hours in the cold trying to interpret vague directions and fumbling with frozen hands can be exhausting, especially when what you are trying to build will ease your frosty demeanor. We do recommend assembling your heater indoors, at least in a covered area like a garage. Even if you can put these heaters together in a warmer environment, spending less time assembling and more time enjoying the heat is ideal.

outdoor heater - a ladder was an essential tool to have while assembling the larger...
A ladder was an essential tool to have while assembling the larger propane heaters like the Avenlur.
Credit: Bligh Gillies

All of the outdoor heaters arrived boxed and required some assembly before use. For some, like the Dura Heat Tank Top, assembly was simply taking it out of the box and adjusting the fit to your propane tank. Others require painstakingly taking out each bolt and screw to turn right around and reassemble it. The corded electric heaters like Dr. Infrared 1500W can churn out the heat by putting it up on a tripod and plugging it in unless you'd like to mount it to a wall. The pyramid heaters took the longest to assemble, each requiring at least two hours. We were able to put together each mushroom-style model in less than an hour, with the Member's Mark heater being the quickest of these models at 35 minutes.

outdoor heater - right out of the box the dura heat is easy to assemble and use.
Right out of the box the Dura Heat is easy to assemble and use.
Credit: Bligh Gillies


Maybe you find yourself yearning to enjoy the warm, radiant ambiance that infrared heat offers, or maybe you prefer to huddle under the umbrella of warmth provided by the traditional mushroom-shaped heaters. No matter the source, an outdoor heater can be the perfect addition to any deck or patio, enabling you to host family and friends all year long. We hope this review helps heat up your next outdoor gathering.

Kat Elliott

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