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Editors' Choice Award
When it comes to overall performance, this model is very hard to beat
If you're looking for a great space heater that offers a high level of performance, this is a great option
Top Pick Award
The Dyson Hot + Cold Jet Focus AM09 has an impressive set of features offers fantastic performance
Editors' Choice Award
The Dr. Infrared Heater DR-968 is the perfect choice for those that are in the market for this style of space heater
Best Buy Award
Great retail price and some good performance
Best Buy Award
It's hard to go wrong with the AmazonBasics if all you need is the simplest of space heater
The Lasko Designer Series has a unique and stylish look, but unfortunately it's outperformed by several models in most ways
We were not inordinately impressed by this overly ordinary space heater
This space heater is great if you'd like to keep your power bill increase as small as possible
We weren't very impressed by the Vornado VH200 during our space heater analysis