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The 5 Best Pencil Sharpeners

We put pencil sharpeners to the test from brands like X-Acto, Bostitch, Office Goods, and more
Best Pencil Sharpener
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 25, 2022

Are you in need of a quality pencil sharpener? We bought and tested 8 of the best machines available today. A lot of products appear to be similar but when used side-by-side they display stark differences. That's where we can help you out. We looked at everything from size, shape, and the lead type that the machines can accommodate to their noise output, durability, and sharpening time. So, rest assured that we have done all the hard work and that with our guidance it'll be much easier to find the right product the first time around.

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Editor's Note: This article was updated on July 25, 2022, with information about an updated version of our favorite pencil sharpener.


Best Overall Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO School Pro Electric

Max Pencil Diameter: 10 mm | Sharpening Time: 3 seconds
Fly away cutters
Replaceable parts
Slow on large pencils
Our favorite sharpener has been updated since testing. The revised model, pictured above, has sleeker aesthetics and the pencil diameter knob has been redesigned for easier turning. We're linking to the updated X-ACTO School Pro in our review.
The X-ACTO School Pro Electric is a workhorse pencil sharpener made for high volume usage across a variety of pencil types, including color, graphite, and charcoal of varying hardnesses. This unit has six preset pencil diameters covering a wide range of sizes up to 10 millimeters. The shavings are collected in a large, clear container, so it's easy to see when it needs emptying. This machine helps combat oversharpening (and thus, pencil waste) by disengaging the "fly away" spiral blade once it achieves a fine point.

While we were quite impressed with this sharpener, one issue we encountered was the suction cup feet often required resetting on our smooth desktop. Additionally, this model isn't as quiet as we'd like for library or classroom use. This issue is more apparent when sharpening large diameter pencils because the machine slows under the load. Lastly, this product is relatively expensive compared to the others we tested. That said, few of the sharpeners in our review can bring such a wide variety of pencils to a fine point as quickly as the X-ACTO School Pro.

best overall pencil sharpener
This unassuming workhorse looks sharp on any desktop.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Personal Size

Kum Long Point

Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | Sharpening Time: 30 seconds
Super fine point
Clear shaving bin
Two-tier sharpening system
Struggles with non-standard pencils

The KUM Long Point uses two separate sharpeners in one unit. It first renders the wood into an elongated cone and then shaves the lead to a fine point. The palm-sized sharpener easily fits into a briefcase or tote, and the clear shavings bin allows you to see when it's time to empty the filings. The sharpener is designed for the 2- and 3.15-mm lead common to art pencils but can handle 8 mm diameter pencils as well.

The KUM utilizes two razor blades, one for each stage of the sharpening process. These blades are effective, but the second stage tends to break off the fine lead point if you're not careful. Moreover, this unit doesn't do well with charcoal or colored pencils. Odd-shaped pencils are difficult as well, such as those with a triangle cross-section. Finally, given the manual nature of this model, sharpening a brand new pencil is quite slow. Despite these shortcomings, the sharpener is a boss for its size and produces one of the finest tips of the group.

pencil sharpener - best personal size
There's never a dull moment with this compact sharpener.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for Your Buck

Toolsand Electric

Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | Sharpening Time: 7 seconds (electric mode)
Batteries included
Spare blade included
Requires a tight grip
Hexagonal pencils are a pain

The handheld Toolsand Electric is unique in that it is both a manual and battery-powered device. If the situation calls for it, or you're just out of batteries, you can silently clean up the tip of your pencil. This model can handle a variety of pencil shapes, sizes (up to 8 mm), and types (color, graphite, and soft charcoal).

Although the Toolsand is versatile, it struggles with certain tasks. Namely, the sharpener doesn't do well with hexagon-shaped charcoals or pencils that are on the harder side of the spectrum. Moreover, we would not recommend this sharpener for kids because it requires a fair amount of grip strength to hold the pencils against the single razor blade that shaves them down. Despite these limitations, this product is inexpensive, versatile, compact, and effective.

pencil sharpener - best bang for your buck
Having both hand and battery-powered options make this unit unique in the class.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Multiple Pencil Diameters

X-ACTO Ranger Wall Mount

Max Pencil Diameter: 12 mm | Sharpening Time: 7 - 15 seconds (user dependent)
Can't sharpen charcoal
Must be mounted

The scholastic classic X-ACTO Ranger Wall Mount may induce feelings of nostalgia for elementary school arts and crafts. This hand crank unit requires neither deskspace nor electricity. The wall mount makes turning the handle a breeze, and the lack of a motor keeps the sound to a minimum. Moreover, this machine can handle a broad range of pencil diameters ranging from 4 to 12 millimeters and will bring all these sizes to a fine point.

There are several features we like about this model, but in some people's eyes, these same features could be perceived as drawbacks. Such is the case with the wall mount requirement on the Ranger. If you don't have a place on your wall to mount this model or you don't want to put screws into your wall, then it's not for you. Also, if you don't like hand cranking, then it's a no-go because there is no electric option. Finally, this model won't sharpen charcoal. However, look no further if you want a reliable, quiet machine produced by a company that will stand behind their product.

pencil sharpener - best for multiple pencil diameters
The mega-classic schoolhouse sharpener.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Adjustable Sharpness

OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated

Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | Sharpening Time: 7 seconds
Three sharpening levels
Handles color and charcoal pencils
Requires decent grip strength
Ineffective blade stops

The OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated pencil sharpener is a nicely designed product, and it handled all the pencil types that we threw at it — namely graphite, colored, and charcoal. The machine sharpens fairly fast (7 seconds for an 8 mm graphite pencil) and, perhaps best of all, you can set the tip angle to blunt, medium, or sharp to match your intended use or preference.

Conversely, the OfficeGoods sharpener requires you to be alert when bringing pencils to a point because the machine does not effectively stop sharpening when the desired angle is reached. As such, if you're not paying attention, it can unwantedly eat up a pencil. The single blade digs into the pencil forcefully enough to make holding a pencil stationary relatively difficult. That said, we think this machine is a good product all around for those sharpening a diverse pencil selection to a variety of point angles. Moreover, the two power options (battery or plug-in) gives the user flexibility.

pencil sharpener - best for adjustable sharpness
This unit's three sharpening options will satisfy all users.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Standard Pencils

AFMAT Heavy Duty Electric

Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | Sharpening Time: 3 seconds
Good-sized shaving bin
All-metal spindle/cradle construction
No sharpener cut-off
Feet not very grippy

The AFMAT Heavy Duty Electric has a narrow range of pencil types that it performs well on. When using a standard 8 mm pencil, however, it works great. While the unit only uses a single spiral blade, its construction is entirely metal — a more robust design, to be sure. Finally, its shavings bin is amply sized for infrequent emptying and heavy use.

Unfortunately, the AFMAT's feet are not very grippy, which makes using it a two-handed operation — one to hold the machine in place and the other on the pencil. Additionally, if you don't monitor the sharpening, the machine can eat up a pencil. Nonetheless, this machine will sharpen most charcoal pencils as well as achieve beautiful tips on round, triangular, or hex graphite pencils.

pencil sharpener - this sharpener works best on standard 8 mm pencils.
This sharpener works best on standard 8 mm pencils.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for One-Handed Sharpening

Bostitch Personal Electric

Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | Sharpening Time: 6 seconds
Relatively blunt sharpening angle
Sharpens all standard pencils
Messy when emptying

The unique design of the Bostitch Personal Electric lends it an interesting look. It sharpens standard pencils to a fine, though steeper point. Additionally, the unit's feet have a strong enough grip to allow for one-handed operation.

While we like the look of the Personal, the tapered sidewalls make emptying a full tray a messy affair. Additionally, this product is limited to standard 8-mm pencils. Although it can't handle colored lead, it can bring charcoal pencils to a point with little effort. So, if you're looking for an electric model that can be used one-handed and looks interesting to boot, this is the ticket.

pencil sharpener - unlike some of the competition, this desktop unit stays put when at...
Unlike some of the competition, this desktop unit stays put when at work.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Manual Sharpening


Max Pencil Diameter: 11 mm | Sharpening Time: 40 seconds
Non-see-through shavings bin
Manual sharpening

The STAEDTLER Sharpener is a great travel-size sharpener for a tote bag or backpack. The cylindric design is easy to grip, and the tip it produces is finely acute. This model can handle several lead types and pencil diameters. It's also simple to operate and inexpensive.

On the flip side, this manual unit took a long time to sharpen a fresh pencil. Additionally, the filings bin is small, and since it's opaque, you can only check its fullness by unscrewing the lid. That said, the STAEDTLER will handle a variety of lead types (including color, and, to a lesser degree, charcoal) and pencil shapes (including triangular).

pencil sharpener - simple, reliable, and effective. what more could you want from a...
Simple, reliable, and effective. What more could you want from a travel-sized sharpener?
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Senior Research Analyst Austin Palmer has been testing consumer goods for the better part of a decade. He often uses a number two pencil to draw out his testing schematics and tools, as well as to take his extensive notes. He knows the value of a sharp pencil and a well-designed sharpening machine. Augmenting Austin's experience is Senior Review Editor Nick Miley. In his previous career as a dendrochronologist, he spent many an hour staring through a microscope at tree cores marking out rings narrow enough to barely accommodate a single dot with a pencil. He appreciates the value of a fine point pencil.

Regardless of your preference, there is a point type for you.
Regardless of your preference, there is a point type for you.
Analyzing point type was critical to our evaluation of these products.
Analyzing point type was critical to our evaluation of these products.
The sound level of these machines was an important aspect of our...
The sound level of these machines was an important aspect of our analysis.

Our team's analysis of pencil sharpeners was straightforward but exhaustive. We sharpened every kind of pencil commonly available and rated the machines on their performance. Namely, these were round, hexagonal, and triangular-shaped pencils with lead types of graphite, color, and charcoal. We rated the machines on the range of diameters they could accommodate as well. Perhaps most importantly, we delved into the convenience features that each machine offered. For example, we timed how long it took to sharpen a standard pencil, how much noise the machine produced, and whether the blade included an auto-stop mechanism to prevent over-sharpening.

Analysis and Test Results

Our analysis of pencil sharpeners relies on four metrics to examine all aspects of a good pencil sharpener. Specifically, these are convenience, lead type, pencil diameter, and shape, as well as sharpness and point type. Under each of these broad categories were carefully designed tests to provide a full understanding of each machine and who it will best suit. For the details of each metric and the machines that performed best, please continue reading.


Admittedly, convenience is not a self-explanatory category title. For our purposes, it covers aspects of sharpeners such as the number of hands needed to operate the machine, how noisy it is when sharpening a new pencil, how long it takes to bring a new pencil to a point, and the size of the shavings bin. Additionally, we looked at whether the machine has an auto-stop to prevent over-sharpening, what kind of blade it uses, and whether replacement parts are available. Without a doubt, the electric X-ACTO School Pro is the most convenient of all the sharpeners reviewed here. It has a "fly away" blade that never oversharpens, a large filings bin that limits trips to the wastebasket, and it isn't overly noisy or slow in its work. Moreover, the manufacturer offers replacement parts for purchase if the need arises.

pencil sharpener - measuring sound levels may seem a bit nit-picky, but we think...
Measuring sound levels may seem a bit nit-picky, but we think librarians and teachers will appreciate the information.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Alternatively, if you need a sharpener on the go, a desktop machine won't be convenient at all. If this is your situation, then have a look at both the KUM Long Point and the Toolsand Electric Pencil Sharpener. Both units are travel-sized and offer a fair amount of flexibility to sharpen different pencil types. The Toolsand is unique in that it is both manual and battery-powered. For added convenience, it comes with an extra blade and batteries.

pencil sharpener - the toolsand will bring a variety of pencil diameters and shapes to...
The Toolsand will bring a variety of pencil diameters and shapes to a fine point.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Lead Type

As the name implies, the lead type metric looks at the types of pencils that the shaper can reliably bring to a point. Specifically, we tested graphite and color, as well as soft, medium, and hard charcoal pencils for this analysis. Surprisingly, many of the models in our review have blade systems that do not do well with anything save a standard graphite pencil. If you need a sharpener that can do it all, check out the desktop X-ACTO School Pro or the handheld OfficeGoods. Both sharpeners are likely to impress because we saw them effectively sharpen all lead types, including the challenging charcoal pencils.

pencil sharpener - here we see perfectly sharpened soft, medium, and hard charcoal...
Here we see perfectly sharpened soft, medium, and hard charcoal pencils. While it seems pedestrian, many sharpeners could not handle this task.
Credit: Austin Palmer

If you are only concerned with sharpening standard graphite pencils, then have a look at the X-ACTO Ranger. This classic hand-cranked, wall-mounted machine is a workhorse for bringing graphite to a fine point. If colored pencils are your main concern, the Toolsand is a pro. As for charcoal, the electric AFMAT does very well but be aware that it's hard to tell when the pencil is sharp, making over-sharpening and wasting your pencils a real concern.

pencil sharpener - while this model can't handle color or charcoal pencils, it is a...
While this model can't handle color or charcoal pencils, it is a boss with standard graphite.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Pencil Diameter and Shape

There are a lot of different pencil shapes and diameters out there. As such, we looked at the range of shapes and sizes that these machines will accept. Specifically, we looked at round, hexagonal, and triangular shaft pencils. The triangle-shaped pencils posed problems for several sharpeners, as you might imagine. Additionally, many sharpeners are designed for the standard 8-mm pencil type, such as the number two graphite variety made infamous by standardized testing. If versatility is what you desire, look no further than, you guessed it, the X-ACTO School Pro. There isn't much this machine can't sharpen, except for carpenter pencils.

pencil sharpener - there isn't too much that this sharpener can't sharpen.
There isn't too much that this sharpener can't sharpen.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Another notable product is the X-ACTO Ranger, which covers diameters up to 11 mm and pretty much any shape. Additionally, the STAEDTLER can tackle any pencil shape, but it is limited to 8 mm diameters.

pencil sharpener - the ol' standby ranger will accept any shaped pencil up to 11 mm in...
The ol' standby Ranger will accept any shaped pencil up to 11 mm in diameter.
Credit: Laura Casner

Sharpness and Point Type

Regardless of point type, a sharp pencil is desired by all. The angle of that point, however, is a matter of intended usage and preference. For example, a long narrow point, such as that produced by the KUM Long Point or the X-ACTO Ranger, might be desirable if you're doing fine line work. However, you'll likely want a blunt tip if you are working on a rough medium such as wood. Fortunately for those who want options, the OfficeGoods sharpener has three settings (blunt, medium, and sharp) so you can make task-specific decisions.

pencil sharpener - if you want tip options, look no further than the officegoods.
If you want tip options, look no further than the OfficeGoods.
Credit: Austin Palmer


In this review, we analyze and describe every aspect of a good pencil sharpener. Although the desired head on a pencil is an individual preference, we provide all of the details so that you can choose the right sharpener for your needs. Specifically, these features are pencil shapes and lead types that the sharpeners can handle, the time it takes to sharpen them, the quality of the tip rendered, and the noise they produce, to name just a few. So, whether you're a finish carpenter looking for a wide-angle tip for rough surfaces or a sketch artist looking for a long, fine point for detail work, there is a sharpener here for you.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer

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