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The 5 Best Dish Racks

We tested dish racks from Simplehuman, iSpecle, OXO, and more to find the best models for your kitchen
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Best Dish Rack
Doing dishes: a duty that can be done with ease, with the right dish rack, of course.
Credit: Kate Irvin

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By Kate Irvin ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 11, 2022

After researching over 50 of the best dish racks available today, we bought the best 12 to test side by side in the kitchen. We evaluated many features by calculating drying capacity and drainage times, along with dishware, cookware, and utensil loading tests. We analyzed organization, cleanability, durability, sturdiness, and design aesthetics to find a dish rack to fit your kitchen and needs. We also examined several types of dish racks — compact, over-the-sink, two-tiered, and collapsible — and rated their performance to find the best one within your budget.

Handwashing dishes may be a hassle, but your kitchen cleaning supplies don't have to be. We get down to the nitty-gritty of even the most often overlooked essentials like sponges, the best cleaning brushes, and top quality cleaning gloves, outlining our favorite products to make your shopping experience easier. You can also check out our reviews of the best trash cans and air purifiers.


Best Overall Dish Rack

Simplehuman Compact Steel Frame

Measurements: 14"L x 11.9"W x 8"H | Rack Type: Countertop
Sturdy and modern design
Highly versatile
Mobile swivel spout
Higher price tag
Only two cup slats

The Simplehuman Compact Steel Frame dish rack proves to be a valuable asset in the kitchen. The stainless steel design is sleek and modern, and the ever-versatile swivel spout can move with you, making it easy to turn if needed. This model scored the highest overall in our review, with excellent ratings for its ease of use, drainage and drying capacity, and aesthetics. The Simplehuman is ready to use out of the box and is compact enough to use in smaller kitchens. The four-piece design makes it easy to clean when needed, and surfaces take seconds to wipe dry after use; it appears it will keep shining for a long while in your kitchen.

Simplehuman revised this rack since this review was published. The updated model (shown above) features plastic legs. Though we haven't tested this new model, we are linking to it in this review since the version we tested is no longer available.

Besides the hefty cost, we don't have many gripes with the Simplehuman rack. We wish the compact option we tested came with more than two slats on the side to hold cups and glasses. For a large household, or those who cycle through many dishes, this design may not suffice. Although the manufacturer offers a larger-sized version of this rack, it costs quite a bit more. Even still, this compact version has an excellent organizational capacity. It holds full-size plates, a multitude of cookware, and silverware with ease, and it dries dishes for a family of three without difficulty.

best overall dish rack
The Simplehuman is easily filled with our test load amount. We appreciated the movable spout, along with the extendable drip tray under the glasses. The whole rack could have easily faced the other direction due to the mobility of the drainage system and swivel spout.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Bang for the Buck

Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-Plated

Measurements: 14.1"L x 12.3"W x 5.4"H | Rack Type: Countertop or In-Sink
Compact for small kitchen spaces
No drainage mat if used on counter
Silverware compartments too large

During our side-by-side testing, the Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated showed us some impressive dish-handling and drying skills. During our stability testing, excellent sturdiness was seen; it held our cast iron skillet and fragile glassware with unwavering strength. It is also convenient to lift the full rack and place it in the sink to allow sufficient drying time while freeing up counter space, even with the two glasses on the outside slats. We also like the sleek contrast of black and chrome and found no issues with corrosion or material integrity during our testing.

The Neat-O Deluxe is a two-piece set, so if you are looking for a rack with more frills, this is not for you. The one accessory is the silverware caddy, which is removable; however, the 1/4" slats to divide the container tend not to keep the utensils vertical. It is common for the silverware to lean when loading the rack, which may be cumbersome. All in all, the Neat-O is useful for a compact kitchen and best for small loads of dishes, although it is sturdy enough to stack away.

dish rack - best bang for the buck
The Neat-O Deluxe is pictured here on the countertop but can easily be placed for in-sink use for direct drainage, even with the cups attached to the sides, one of the impressive attributes of this rack that we like.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Two-Tier Dish Rack

iSpecle 201 Stainless 2-Tier

Measurements: 16.5"L x 9.8"W x 15.7"H | Rack Type: Two-tier
Excellent drying capacity
Space saver for smaller kitchen
Assembly required
No slats for hanging coffee cups

The iSpecle 201 Stainless 2-Tier dish rack is quite handy in the kitchen. It is a versatile rack that can be placed parallel or perpendicular to the sink because the drainboard is removable and the width is under 10". It could handle our eight-pound cast iron skillet with excellent stability on the top or bottom rack. It holds plates, bowls, and other cook and dishware without worry. We are also pleased with the removable utensil holder, as the silverware holds vertically in place while drying. The removable cutting board holder is a bonus, customizing the drying rack to the tester's preference.

Despite its high scores on our metrics, the iSpecle still had some drawbacks. For example, assembly is required, and if using the two-inch included wrench is not your cup of tea, purchasing an assembled dish rack is recommended. However, if you want to work on basic assembly skills, it builds relatively fast and appears to be a steadfast partner by the sink. Another disadvantage is the silverware caddy does not have a drain rack, although it appears other models have one now. Overall, the iSpecle's compact yet sturdy build handles various dishware easily, making it an excellent choice for a smaller household.

best two-tier dish rack
The iSpecle 201 Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack performed quite well overall. We were pleasantly surprised at the managability of the removable drain tray, as it allowed us to use the rack in a vertical or horizontal fashion.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Most Reliable Over the Sink Rack

SANNO Large Expandable Drying Rack

Measurements: 15.3-23" L x 11.8"W x 5.2"H | Rack Type: Over the Sink Expandable, Large
Large capacity
Expandable bars with protective rubber coating
Sturdy stainless steel design
In sink or countertop use
No cup slats
No drain pan on countertop

The SANNO Large Expandable Drying Rack rack is a top performer in the sturdiness and reliability categories. During our side-by-side testing, we found it highly manageable to move the rack from the over-the-sink position to the countertop and back. The expandable handles are a sturdy feature and hold our 8 lb cast iron skillet without wavering. The stainless steel build did not yield any signs of corrosion or rust after more than a week of daily use. Overall, this rack is recommended for those who prefer an in-sink rack to clear up countertop space.

Despite its high-performance marks, we do miss having cup slats on our rack. The SANNO's large capacity still has plenty of room for dishware and cups alike; however, after a multi-course meal or a surplus of dishes, we find cup slats go a long way to free up extra drying space. All in all, the SANNO comes highly recommended for its sturdy design; we envision its use not only for daily dish duty at home but also on the go due to its expandable handle design, possibly holding supplies for a picnic.

dish rack - most reliable over the sink rack
SANNO's in-sink design frees up countertop space for other kitchen duties.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Larger Size Dish Rack

Premium Racks Professional Stainless

Measurements: 18"L x 14"W (21" W with side drying racks) x 12"H | Rack Type: Countertop
Large capacity
Knife drying block included
Multiple drainage options

The Premium Racks Professional Stainless has it all, and we put it to good use. The two-tiered setup is a breeze, with clear instructions and visuals to refer to when assembling. There was plenty of room for our set amount of dishes, our chef's knife dried nicely in the knife block, and our glasses and cutting board even had their own side drainage trays. If you are looking for a drip-free countertop experience while washing the dishes, Premium Racks is a nice choice, as it comes with two draining board types underneath and a microfiber mat for catching water to utilize as desired. The silverware caddy is large, holds a variety of utensils, and also easily detaches for cleaning when necessary.

Due to the accessories, the Premium Racks can start growing "wings" and take up counter space, as it expands out to 21" with the side drainage systems in place. We find the drainage system attachments a bit cumbersome at times and feel they are less practical for smaller households where fewer dishes are done at a time, or if you don't mind, a quick wipe of the countertop to get a few water drops while the dishes are drying. However, if you have a bigger household, the size and add-ons of the Premium Racks might be a perfect fit.

best larger size dish rack
The three separate cup holder attachments are one of the PremiumRacks featured accessories. It holds an abundance of plates, dishes, silverware, knives, cups, and other items with a high degree of sturdiness.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Best Foldaway Dish Rack

OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway

Measurements: 19.4"L x 15.5"W x 5.2"H open dimensions | Rack Type: Countertop Convertible Foldaway
Foldaway design keeps countertops clutter-free
Removable silverware caddies convenient
Drying and drainage capacity not perfect

The OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway receives one of the highest scores in design aesthetics, highlighting the ease of storing it after use. The construction is useful, unique, and sturdy; it simply folds up even with the utensil caddies in place and tucks away into a cupboard, leaving the countertops clean and open after use. The rack can efficiently hold pint glasses on its slats, which is something that not all racks can do. It holds various plates, dishes, and cookware without difficulty, as this was verified during our load testing.

Despite its convenience, the OXO has some drainage issues, as water tends to pool at the edge of the rack toward the drain spout. It needs a little effort on behalf of the user to give it a slightly higher slope to empty the remaining water (only a couple of teaspoons). The main rack construction of sturdy BPA-free plastic (with slightly raised lines) provides air circulation; a raised surface for dishware does not give as much air circulation as other models, such as a wire rack. However, this is why the OXO is durable and folds away with good resilience. Due to the solid design may be perfect for someone traveling in an RV or those who prefer to stow away after each use.

dish rack - the oxo provides a stable drying zone for pint-sized glassed...
The OXO provides a stable drying zone for pint-sized glassed side-by-side. The plate rack, side walls, and legs also fold down for an easy foldaway, durable design.
Credit: Kate Irvin


All Around Kitchen Star

Surpahs Over The Sink Roll-Up

Measurements: 20.5" L x 13.1" W | Rack Type: Over the sink
Highly convenient kitchen tool
Easily stored away
Larger diameter plates not recommended
Not as silverware friendly as other racks
The Surpahs Over The Sink Roll-Up is a delight in the kitchen; it is a useful tool as a drying rack and as an additional temporary work surface that is frequently needed in a pinch, especially in smaller kitchens. It held 84% of our set amount of dishes in the tester kitchen, which is impressive for not having a silverware caddy. We love its smooth surface and appreciate that it's a reliable partner in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a primary rack for a two-person household or larger, the Surpahs is not recommended. The total surface area is large and sturdy enough to stack dishes and cookware; however, if attempting to stack larger diameter plates, the rack may stretch, and silverware may slip through. We appreciate the multi-functional design of the Surpahs and recognize that it is an excellent addition to a kitchen of any size.

dish rack - the surpahs is a great fit for any kitchen. it rolls out over the...
The Surpahs is a great fit for any kitchen. It rolls out over the sink, ready to be a handy helper holding dishes, veggies, and cookware with its durable silicone wrapped metal steel rods.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Reliable Countertop Dish Rack

Sweet Home Collection 3-Piece

Measurements: 19"L x 12"W x 5"H | Rack Type: Countertop or In-Sink
Compact, yet functional size
Available in many colors
No glass holders
Less stability on plate rack than others

The Sweet Home Collection 3-Piece brightens our test kitchen in a refreshing mint color. The 19"L rack is optimized on our countertop, holding the set amount without hassle. The mobile silverware caddy opening widths of approximately 2.5" hold utensils vertically with an excellent drying capacity. The matching color drainboard did the job with a wide-mouth spout facing the sink to unload excess water successfully, adding a sense of mid-century practicality. Additionally, the rack fit into our sink, freeing up countertop space and allowing the dish drain to be quickly dried or stowed away. The Sweethome is a beneficial addition to our kitchen.

We did see some issues with the Sweet Home. For one, the rack we received came with five small chips in the mint vinyl coating. One chip was significant; the others were noticeable upon closer examination. The other issue is that plates tend to lean when in the rack holder. They may stand up briefly, but when placing other dishware, one of the plates may unexpectantly lean forward, hitting the others. Despite these issues, it's a functional addition to our tester kitchen, serving a household of three.

dish rack - the sweet home collection is a nice addition in the tester kitchen...
The Sweet Home Collection is a nice addition in the tester kitchen, providing a safe place for our dishes to dry without hassle.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Sturdy Dish Rack Choice

Polder KTH-615

Measurements: 20"L x 14"W x 7"H | Rack Type: Countertop with expandable feature
Excellent capacity for large plates and cookware
Extra drainboard provided
Not the best direct drainage

The Polder KTH-615 is a four-piece set that comes with a highly sturdy dark gray plastic drainage rack that sits at an angle to allow the draining water to pour out of the five inches mouth of the board. The stainless steel rack is stout, with six glass holders lining the outside, which is a useful feature. It stacks large-sized plates and bowls with excellent stability on the dish rack posts. The removable drying tray is a handy feature to utilize when tackling a larger load size, and the cutlery bin is one of the largest seen in our side-by-side testing. Overall, the Polder scores highest in the durability and sturdiness metrics, making it a solid sidekick for your sink.

Despite being recognized for its sturdiness, we did have some issues. Namely, when setting up the sturdy drain rack, it did not lock or snap into place onto the stainless steel rods, making it somewhat cumbersome to set up again if misaligned. Despite the angle of the drainboard, which sloped at five degrees, the water tends to pool up and stop at the edges; this can be a common theme with many of the wide-mouth drainboards. The good thing is that drainage boards can easily be dumped and dried out after use. On the whole, the Polder rack provided plenty of space for our dishes and cookware pieces; it may also be a good fit for larger household sizes.

dish rack - the polder provides is a sturdy full size rack that expands to hold...
The Polder provides is a sturdy full size rack that expands to hold additional glassware, as pictured. If you have the countertop space, this is a good large-capacity choice.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Convenient Sinkware Set

Rubbermaid Antimicrobial 4-Piece

Measurements: 16.1"L x 14.9"W x 6.7"H | Rack Type: Countertop or In-sink
Compact size good for smaller kitchens
Resourceful kitchen tool
Includes sponge holder and kitchen brush
Smaller dish capacity
No cup holders

The Rubbermaid Antimicrobial 4-Piece is user-friendly due to the included sponge holder and a kitchen brush. We put them to use right out of the box, alongside the dish rack and drainboard in our tester kitchen. The clear drainboard and chrome finish are appealing and kept our kitchen bright without overpowering, like other bold designs and larger racks are prone to do. It held 95% of our set amount of dishes with an excellent drying capacity. It also is quick to wipe clean and dry as part of regular maintenance.

The Rubbermaid has its drawbacks, one being that it lacks cup holder slats, which reduces total load capacity. This was a factor in not passing our stability test in which a cast iron skillet was loaded beside three fragile glasses. The Rubbermaid could hold two out of three glasses safely; there simply was not enough room for the other glass. Despite this issue, this may be a perfect choice for a single or two-person household; it is also a great starter set.

dish rack - the rubbermaid is a package deal; it comes with a handy kitchen...
The Rubbermaid is a package deal; it comes with a handy kitchen scrub brush and sponge holder.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Convenient Collapsible Design

Masirs Collapsible

Measurements: 14.4"L x 12.5"W x 3"-5.4"H| Rack Type: Collapsible Countertop
Travel-friendly design
Drains directly to sink
Large capacity for utensils
Not recommended for a large number of dishes
Not as sturdy with heavier items

The Masirs Collapsible performed best in the drainage and drying category reliability category. Its unique design with universal pegs across the bottom of the rack held full-size dinner plates with good ability. It was easy to load our frequently used same-size bowls in a nesting position, too. Its collapsible design easily fits in a cabinet, and we recommend this rack to accommodate a small size household or those who prefer to take it on the road.

Despite its convenience, the Masirs rack does have limitations. Our load test did not accommodate all of the items; also, during stability testing, the cast iron skillet compressed the rack by 20%, thereby reducing its sturdiness. Yet, we find this rack's positive attributes to rise above any negative. Because of its capability to collapse and hold various dishware and an abundance of silverware and utensils, this rack may serve a kitchen with honorable performance, especially for those who desire to store it away after use.

dish rack - masirs collapsible has plenty of room to accomodate silverware...
Masirs collapsible has plenty of room to accomodate silverware, expanding four compartments wide.
Credit: Kate Irvin


Nice Chrome Finish

Simple Houseware 2-Tier

Measurements: 17.25"L x 12"W x 13"H | Rack Type: Two-tier
Compact two-tier rack
Five mug holder hooks
Durability issues
Drainboard quality issues

The Simple Houseware 2-Tier effectively holds a variety of dishware, and the mug holders are quite useful, adding a charming and functional appeal. We enjoy the sense of lightness it brings to the kitchen due to its shiny chrome, underlined with a translucent drainboard.

As much as we liked the design, there were issues right from the start. The drainboard arrived with a one-inch hole and cracked end, therefore it failed several of our tests. We found other online users also had quality issues with drainboards. The problem was modified using a towel to stop the leakage during use, as we prefer the translucent drainboard with the chrome finish. Overall, the rack held our set amount of dishes without difficulty; it may be an appealing rack for a budget-minded shopper.

dish rack - although we appreciate the simple houseware 2-tier's design...
Although we appreciate the Simple Houseware 2-Tier's design, especially its mug holders on the top tier, we experienced issues with its drainboard.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing process is an extensive one, starting with researching the best available products on the market. Next, the thoughtfully chosen dish racks were purchased and brought to the test kitchen, where we put them to work for over 50 hours of dish drying duty. Each one was used for over eight hours in our detailed comparative testing process and put through specific testing methods to measure and rate a defined set of metrics to help you find a reliable product.

The lead tester for this review is Kate Irvin, who is the main dishwasher in her house, and has been for several years. She enjoys finding kitchen products that help keep her household happy and healthy, especially ones that facilitate a viable work/life balance. She finds a sense of satisfaction in a clean kitchen and was eager to jump on board to find a highly effective product. She is detail-oriented, and analyzing comes naturally to her, so having the opportunity to be the head tester was a welcomed challenge.

Putting the dish racks to the test.
Putting the dish racks to the test.
Putting the dish racks to the test.
Putting the dish racks to the test.
Putting the dish racks to the test.
Putting the dish racks to the test.

Analysis and Test Results

To hone in on the specifics of each rack, we utilized five metrics — sturdiness, ease of use, reliability for drying and drainage, durability, and design aesthetics — to break down and describe our hands-on experience with each model.


This metric is of particular importance because to effectively hold a typical dish load with various plates, cookware, and glassware, the rack must be trustworthy and strong. We completed a load test for each rack, using a set amount of dishes. The set amount contained 19 pieces and reflected the number of dishes, cookware, and utensils used for three people for a meal.

dish rack - the premiumracks scored highest in the sturdiness metric as it held...
The Premiumracks scored highest in the sturdiness metric as it held our large dinner plates, knives, bowls, and utensils without waver.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Our top performer is the Premium Racks Professional for its undeniable and unwavering sturdiness; it easily handles the heaviest and most fragile. Another top contender is the Polder, as it stacks up various dishes with a high degree of steadiness. The SANNO also scored high in this category; the expandable arms held a variety of dishware and cookware with good resilience.

The Polder is built for a large capacity of dishware and then some...
The Polder is built for a large capacity of dishware and then some. It easily held our set amount of dishes, with room in front for extras with its expandable feature. The glass holders are seen being put to good use.
SANNO's over the sink design held steady during testing.
SANNO's over the sink design held steady during testing.

Part of our stability testing was subjecting each rack to simultaneously holding an eight-pound cast iron skillet and three fragile glasses. The goal here was to rate security and safety while holding these opposing objects. Many dish racks did well with the stability test; however, we were most impressed by the Neat-O Deluxe's performance in this metric.

dish rack - the neat-o demonstrates excellent stability with an eight pound cast...
The Neat-O demonstrates excellent stability with an eight pound cast iron skillet. This is a great choice for a small household or limited kitchen space as it can easily fit in the sink.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Ease of Use

When scrutinizing ease of use, we looked at the rack's organization, cleanability, rack type with potential use in multiple capacities, and finally, consideration of assembly required.

dish rack - the surpahs over the sink provided a stable base, handling a variety...
The Surpahs Over the Sink provided a stable base, handling a variety of dishware with ease.
Credit: Kate Irvin

The Surpahs Over the Sink Roll-Up was a top scorer in this category. It is handy, easy to wipe clean and dry, and its use is multi-faceted.

dish rack - we love the option of over the sink racks to free up counter top...
We love the option of over the sink racks to free up counter top space. The Surphas (R) and the Sweet Home (L) both do a wonderful job.
Credit: Kate Irvin

An essential part of having an organized rack is its silverware caddy, specifically ones that hold silverware and utensils vertically with good stability.

dish rack - the multiple types of silverware caddies are seen here. the...
The multiple types of silverware caddies are seen here. The Simplehuman's (far right) is one of our favorites due to the ability to hold silverware vertically without significant lean in the smaller compartments.
Credit: Kate Irvin

We appreciate the Simplehuman and OXO Good Grips removable silverware caddies as they hold all sorts of silverware and utensils with vigor and style.

dish rack - the two removable silverware caddies of the oxo are efficient and...
The two removable silverware caddies of the OXO are efficient and easy to use, plus they hold silverware with good stability.
Credit: Kate Irvin

The Premium Racks Professional has you covered for all of your organizational needs, including cutlery requisites with its nine knife capacity block, removable large utensil bin, and detachable cup holders.

dish rack - the premiumracks three cup holder attachments are highly convenient...
The PremiumRacks three cup holder attachments are highly convenient accessories that make the rack customizable and organized.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Reliability for Drying and Drainage

We found all racks could achieve dry dishes at the two-hour mark, aside from a few drops here and there. We analyzed whether the rack had direct drainage to the sink and the type of spout when looking at drainage. We took scrupulous notes of whether any drainboard had the capacity for pooling and if this impacted air circulation that could potentially leave moisture on any dishes, glasses, or silverware.

dish rack - the ispecle scored high on the drying and drainage capacity testing...
The iSpecle scored high on the drying and drainage capacity testing most likely due to its stainless steel design with lots of room for air circulation. We see the silverware starting to gleam here shortly after starting to dry.
Credit: Kate Irvin

The iSpecle 201 does a great job of drying the dishes due to its stainless steel build and plentiful air circulation. Its build is a top performer with a removable drainage pan that can easily pour out and dry after each use.

The iSpecle's (pictured at bottom) drain pan holds an...
The iSpecle's (pictured at bottom) drain pan holds an impressive amount of water (over five cups) without losing its integrity. Pictured at top is the Simple Houseware's drainboard that had poor integrity as it arrived with a hole in the bottom corner.
We found in our side by side testing that the common wide mouth...
We found in our side by side testing that the common wide mouth drain openings did not drain as efficiently as the swivel spout on the Simplehuman (R). Water tends to pool up around the edges on the wide-mouth drains.

The Sweet Home also boasts impressive qualities that assist in stout drying and drainage capabilities. Our steadfast rack, the Simplehuman, is a star here too. The original design of the swivel spout proves to be efficient for drainage, and its drying capacity is excellent.

dish rack - the sweet home can be lifted over the sink for direct drainage which...
The Sweet Home can be lifted over the sink for direct drainage which is quite efficient. The drainboard is seen here being emptied and measured for comparison testing.
Credit: Kate Irvin


We looked at any evidence of rust, corrosion, or other rack malfunctions that came up during our hands-on testing to test durability. We also tested by pouring cups of water through the rack to watch for pooling during its drainage process, how the materials handle water immersion and a vigorous clean per the manufacturer's recommendations.

dish rack - the oxo's foldaway design proves durable as its features hold strong...
The OXO's foldaway design proves durable as its features hold strong during the rigors of hands-on testing.
Credit: Kate Irvin

The OXO Good Grips is a highly functional and durable build of a rack and is one of our top performers in this section along with the Simplehuman, iSpecle, and the Premium Racks Professional.

dish rack - the transition from chrome to rubber coated steel provides a solid...
The transition from chrome to rubber coated steel provides a solid base, making the Neat-O a top contender for durability.
Credit: Kate Irvin


When rating the design/aesthetics metric, we took into consideration the rack's level of appeal.

dish rack - the versatility of the surpahs is seen here, used as a drying rack...
The versatility of the Surpahs is seen here, used as a drying rack for vegetables, which cleared up counter space for chopping.
Credit: Kate Irvin

Does the design have a particular style? Can it blend in with numerous amount of kitchen types due to its low-profile design? We answered these questions and also considered rack materials and storage capacity.

The Masirs rack collapses down to less than 2", making for an easy...
The Masirs rack collapses down to less than 2", making for an easy stow away solution to a clutter-free kitchen.
The sturdy stainless steel design, mobile swivel spout, protective...
The sturdy stainless steel design, mobile swivel spout, protective foot coverings make the Simplehuman an all-around top performer.

The Surpahs design is commended along with the OXO and Simplehuman. The collapsible design of the Masirs is also recommended.

dish rack - the oxo's sturdy and foldaway design proved itself a winner in the...
The OXO's sturdy and foldaway design proved itself a winner in the design department. It easily stowed away in our cabinet, keeping our countertops clean and clutter-free, which we appreciated.
Credit: Kate Irvin


We've conducted an in-depth expert comparison of the best dish racks, detailing our rigorous side-by-side testing outcomes. Each metric has been thoroughly assessed, and we report our findings. We hope you have gained valuable insight into what rack type is best suited for you and your kitchen.

Kate Irvin

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