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Best Cookie Cutters

Looking for cookie cutters to ring in the winter? From holiday and sea...
Credit: Aaron Rice
By Aaron Rice ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 7, 2020
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Hoping to spread joy in the form of cookies this holiday season? Our review covers 11 of the best cookie cutters available today, so you can focus less on shopping and more on baking. After researching dozens of the most popular cutters on the market, we tested all of these sets side-by-side in our own kitchens. We baked a lot of cookies to analyze important characteristics like comfort and ease of use. Our comprehensive review offers a variety of types and sizes, from classic holiday cut-outs, to cookie presses and stamps, to professional rounds that are versatile for much more than just baking. Read on to find your perfect cookie companions!


Best Overall Cookie Cutters

K and S Artisan 11-Piece Heavy Duty Biscuit Cutter Set

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Pieces: 11
Welded seams for clean cutting
Wide, rounded edge is comfortable to press
Includes a carrying case and stencils
Not listed with size
Only a round shape

For nearly unsurpassed quality and comfort, the K&S Artisan Heavy Duty Biscuit Cutter Set may be marketed towards other forms of baking, but it certainly excels in the cookie cutter realm. This 11-piece, stainless steel set is graduated from 1-inch up to 3.5-inches and comes with a handy tin for storage. The cutters themselves are 1.25-inches deep and topped with a fat, rounded edge that is comfortable to press, no matter the density of the dough.

With so many pieces to choose from, we wish that K&S had stamped or laser-engraved each cutter with the size, or at least made the measuring print-out handier by drawing it to scale. We recognize that an 11-piece round set is less fun without creative shapes, but consider the versatility for baking everything from cookies, to doughnuts, to bite-sized hors d'oeuvres. The welded seams not only create flawless cuts but help ensure that this dishwasher safe set stays rust-free for years of creative cooking and baking.

Professional-quality stainless steel, in a variety of rounds large...
Professional-quality stainless steel, in a variety of rounds large and small makes this a versatile set. Don't be confined to just cookies (think doughnuts!)
Credit: Aaron Rice


Excellent Value for a Professional Set

KSPOWWIN 5-Piece Stainless Steel Round Cutters

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Pieces: 5
Sharp, stainless steel
Wide, rounded edge for comfortable pressing
No case
Limited sizes on the small side

For those aspiring professionals who aren't sure if they really need an 11-piece round set, the KSPOWWIN 5-Piece Stainless Steel Cutters provide near top-quality performance at a fraction of the price of directly comparable sets. These five cutters graduate from 1.7 to 3.3-inches, and are just as deep (1.25-inches) and sharp as our top-scoring K&S set above. Similarly, the stainless steel cutters have a comfortably wide, rounded top edge.

The main differences between this set and the K&S really come down to durability: the KSPOWWIN set isn't seamlessly welded, nor does it come with a storage case. Still, while you may miss out on a few pieces, you certainly will not miss out on any baking performance with this cost-effective, professional-quality set.

Stainless steel and more of a manageable set size than its direct...
Stainless steel and more of a manageable set size than its direct competitor, you will get all of the performance at a fraction of the cost with this set.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Bang for Your Buck

Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutters Set

Material: Plastic | Number of Pieces: 101
Every shape you could possibly need
Kid-friendly, with a lip for comfortable pressing
Plastic is not as sharp as metal
Large to store

If you are looking to bake cookies for holidays, birthdays, special events, or just for the fun of it, the Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutters Set should have you covered. This tub of plastic forms is particularly kid-friendly, with tons of playful shapes that are all topped with an extra-wide lip for easy pressing. Not only do they produce oversized cookies, but the cutters do a surprisingly good job of lifting cookie dough — again, a bonus for baking with kids. The wide, ½-inch deep cutters are both dishwasher safe and incredibly easy to hand clean. Although the heavy-duty plastic is durable, we admit that you will never get as clean of a cut from plastic as you will from metal.

When it comes to holidays, this set is certainly Christian-leaning, even though it includes plenty of other shapes, including the full alphabet. Again, as a literal tub, it is also not particularly easy to store — we actually had a very difficult time getting the cutters back in after use. But at a price of less than 15-cents per piece, the Wilton 101 Set is hard to beat when it comes to price-point.

We're not sure you need it if you can't find the shape you're...
We're not sure you need it if you can't find the shape you're looking for in this nearly-everything tub of cookie cutters.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best for Spritz Cookies

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

Material: Stainless Steel (disks) | Number of Pieces: 12
Ergonomic design is right/left hand friendly
Practically self-cleaning
Dough must be a consistent temperature to work properly
Specialized use

A little outside of the box of traditional cookie cutters, the OXO Good Grips Cookie Press is designed to create bite-sized cookies with consistency. This press particularly excels as a spritz-cookie-making machine. Twelve stainless steel disks offer a variety of shapes, from cute teddybears, to classic hearts, to more intricate fleur-de-lis. Like all OXO Good Grips products, you can expect that this one is designed with comfort and ergonomics in-mind — notably, it is both right- and left-hand friendly.

When it comes to cranking out spritz, we appreciated that the plunger seal on the Cookie Press is so exact that it is practically self-cleaning — you can switch over dough colors without having to wash in between batches. Although dough can jam if too stiff, this specialty tool provides concise instructions and specific recipes that will turn your kitchen into a holiday cookie factory.

What is a spritz cookie?
Spritz cookies are much like sugar cookies, sweet and buttery with enough integrity to hold intricate shapes while baking. They don't require additional rolling or chilling, which helps them come out more tender than something like a shortbread. The name spritz comes from the German Spritzgebäckspritzen means "to squirt" — named because the dough is specifically meant to be used in a cookie press and squirted through a fancy metal plate.

Small, intricate designs are no problem for this at-home cookie...
Small, intricate designs are no problem for this at-home cookie factory.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Cookie Stamp

R&M International 4-Piece Cookie Stampers

Material: Plastic | Number of Pieces: 3
Fluid motion to cut, dimple, and drop
Stamps an intricate design
Plastic edges don't cut as cleanly
Requires an even press to achieve clear design

Another break from the traditional, the R&M International 4-Piece Cookie Stampers are a sort of hybrid between a classic cookie stamp and a cookie cutter. In one smooth, three-part motion, you are able to cut, imprint, and drop these small cookies onto a baking sheet. Unlike others we tested, the plunger is metal and presses further out than others for a cleaner cut. It takes a few practice cookies to figure out even pressure, but these plastic presses cut surprisingly well and are able to inlay an intricate snowflake pattern that just begs to be delicately decorated.

Although hand washing is recommended, we found no issues with putting these through the dishwasher to help remove the bits of dough that can find their way into the internal housing. From cookies, to fondants, to pastries, the R&M Stampers emboss beautiful designs onto any baked good — the company says the versatility of these presses even stretches as far as pottery design. Now that's versatility!

These quality plastic cutters cut and cling surprisingly well to...
These quality plastic cutters cut and cling surprisingly well to dough, dispensing the cut-outs on your baking sheet with a simple press of the plunger.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Deep Rounds for Cookies, Biscuits, and Doughnuts

HULISEN 3-Piece Biscuit Cutter Set

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Pieces: 3
Comfortable handle
Laser-engraved sizes
Pricey per cutter
Limited sizes

For those who find small cookie cutters awkward to handle, the HULISEN Biscuit Cutter Set is designed with large, arching handles for improved comfort and pressing power. Designed for biscuits, these are the deepest cutters we tested, measuring just shy of 1.75-inches deep. Also available in a 5-piece set, the 3-piece stainless steel set offers a range from 1.75 to 3.75-inches and are thoughtfully laser-engraved with their sizes. If you love cookies but also can't get by without baking biscuits, this is a great set to consider.

These cutters are a bit limited in their versatility due to their narrow size-range. They are also professional-grade cutters that carry a professional-level price tag per piece. While a bit unnecessary for soft cookie dough, these ergonomically designed cutters are ideal for turning out sheets of biscuits and doughnuts with ease.

Unlike other rounds we tested, these thoughtfully-designed stainless...
Unlike other rounds we tested, these thoughtfully-designed stainless steel cutters are clearly labeled with their diameters.
Credit: Aaron Rice


An Affordable, Stackable Set

NELPLA 6-Piece Two Sided Cookie Cutters

Material: Plastic | Number of Pieces: 6
Nest and store easily
Smooth and scalloped edges cut well for plastic
Awkward to press due to dual edges
No storage case

As a plastic set of round cutters, the NELPLA Two Sided Cookie Cutters sets itself apart from the pack with its dual-edged design. One side is smooth while the other is scalloped, and both sides cut surprisingly well for plastic — however, it is worth noting that any plastic cutter will produce a rounder cookie edge when compared to metal. Notably, this graduated 6-piece set nests like stack-up-cups for babies so that they easily stay together despite their lack of container.

These plastic cutters score well across the board and really only lose points in-terms of comfort. Because both sides can be used for cutting, there's no comfortable place to put your fingers when pressing. You certainly won't cut yourself, but you'll need to press a little more gingerly. However, the NELPLA's dual-purpose design is like buying two sets for the price of one, and at a price-point that is nearly unbeatable when you consider their cost per cutter.

While these cut surprisingly well for plastic, the rim around the...
While these cut surprisingly well for plastic, the rim around the middle is a little too awkward to press comfortably.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Classic Christmas Set

Ann Clark 11-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Material: USA-Made Steel | Number of Pieces: 11
Stainless steel cuts evenly
Simple designs bake well
Flimsy construction
Strange pattern choices

The Ann Clark Christmas Set is a quintessential holiday collection. This 11-piece, USA-made, alloy steel set cuts cleanly and creates ideally sized Christmas cookies in a variety of classic shapes that bake well every time. We do wonder about the choice to include a sweater and light bulb-shaped cutter, but most of the set is pretty crowd-pleasing, with familiar shapes like a star, snowman, candy cane, and reindeer.

Not quite an heirloom set of holiday cookie cutters, the steelon this Ann Clark set is flimsy — without a case, a few shapes were even bent out-of-shape on arrival. And while these are not uncomfortable to press, a more rounded edge or a wider lip would distribute weight better and be more comfortable. Personal preferences aside, this is a reasonably-priced, classic set of cookie cutters that will turn out holiday favorites.

Just like Mama made 'em... this set will likely see years of use if...
Just like Mama made 'em... this set will likely see years of use if properly stored in between holidays.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Perfect Presses for Cookies and Pies

Joinor 4-Piece Leaf Pie Crust Cutters

Material: Plastic | Number of Pieces: 4
Sets designs well
Dishwasher safe
Plastic doesn't cut the cleanest edges
Small cookies are very fragile

Nearly identical in performance to our choice R&M Stampers, the Joiner Crust Cutters are a 4-piece stamp set that adds seasonal cheer to your baked goods. Although these small stamps make delicate cookies, they aren't quite as intricate as their rivals, so the embossed designs set much clearer when baking. Ideal for cookies and crust embellishments alike, these are a great option for those that want to celebrate the season as a whole instead of one particular holiday.

The main difference between this Joiner set and the higher-scoring R&M stampers is in the mechanism: these have a fully plastic build, including a plastic plunger that does not push quite as far through the cutter as the R&M. This means the cookies don't release quite as well. However, these are offered at nearly half the price, and we found them to work great for both print cookies and pie crust decoration.

Although the cookies themselves are small and delicate, the embossed...
Although the cookies themselves are small and delicate, the embossed designs are simple and therefore more obvious (and more beautiful) after baking.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Nesting Set of Snowflakes

Ateco 5-Piece Plain Edge Snowflake Cutter Set

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Pieces: 6
Nesting set stores easily in case
Different sizes are dough efficient
Fine lip isn't comfortable to press
Intricate designs burn at the edges

As we pulled these large, intricate cutters from their case, we had high hopes for the Ateco Snowflake Cutter Set. Indeed, this nesting, 6-piece stainless steel set is a quality set — one, unfortunately, that simply underperforms in key ways. With graduated shapes that range from 2 to 6-inches in diameter, this set offers enough variety in size to make it particularly efficient in using every little bit of dough — the smaller flakes seem to fit in well around the edges of the biggest cookies, helping you optimize every delicious morsel.

Unfortunately, although beautiful as a mold, the intricate dendrite design is so fine at the tips that those spots burn before the rest of the cookie is fully cooked. Additionally, there is very little difference between the shape of the cutting edge and the "rounded" edge, making them very uncomfortable to press. Ateco offers a variety of shapes that appear to have more rounded tops and simpler designs, so we wouldn't write-off this otherwise quality set of cutters based solely on this particular set.

Even though the delicate shapes are beautiful, it is nearly...
Even though the delicate shapes are beautiful, it is nearly impossible to not burn the thin tips of some of the designs.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Well-Priced Seasonal Set

Geefunn 8-Piece Large Fall Thanksgiving Set

Material: Tin-Plated Steel | Number of Pieces: 8
Versatile, fall-seasonal set
Some shapes nest for improved storage
Tin-plated steel must be hand washed and dried to avoid rust
Thin rounded edge is uncomfortable to press

Much like the Ann Clark collection, the Geefuun Large Fall Thanksgiving Set is a classic set of crowd-pleasing shapes. Slightly more versatile than its Thanksgiving-namesake implies, this set includes classic leaf and pumpkin shapes that are just as fitting to bake in September as they are in November. Comparable in quality, comfort, and cut to their direct competitor, these classic cutters don't cost nearly as much and offer a more secular take on the season.

The Geefunn lose points when it comes time to clean, however. Not only is tin-plated steel not dishwasher safe, but it must be dried immediately after washing to prevent rust — the manufacturer recommends drying them in your oven while it cools to avoid hand-drying. This extra step aside, if you are looking to save a few dollars, then this set certainly offers quality performance at a more affordable price-point.

From technicolor squirrels to maple leaves and acorns, this classic...
From technicolor squirrels to maple leaves and acorns, this classic autumn set is more versatile than your holiday-specific cut-outs.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Why You Should Trust Us

One of our kitchen experts, Aaron Rice, took on the not-so-difficult task of baking lots of cookies — with the added bonus of spreading holiday cheer. Aided by the superior baking skills of his wife, Jill, the two set to baking a dozen cookies with each set — nearly 200 cookies in total for this review. Beyond endurance-baking sessions, both are devoted to the sharing of good food, having worked on farms and in-and-around professional kitchens for the better portion of a decade. In the summers, they co-manage an on-site market garden for a fine-dining restaurant in Santa Fe, NM.

Strength testing the plastic Wilton cutters. It might be hard to...
Our testers literally baked hundreds of cookies to bring you a...
We closely examine all of these cutters to make sure that they...

Before getting to the fun of baking, our team of experts performed their due diligence of research, spending hours online scouring through some of the top products on the market. We then purchased all of these cookie cutter sets at retail value to bring you an unbiased and objective review. We compared all of these sets side-by-side during a week of intensive testing, analyzing every detail, and backing that up with actual baking experience. Whether you need a new set of holiday cut-outs or are a professional baker looking for a more versatile set of tools, our comprehensive guide will surely help you find the cookie cutters that best suit the needs of your kitchen.

Decorating cookies is fun, and the variety of shapes and sizes...
Decorating cookies is fun, and the variety of shapes and sizes available in the Wilton 101-Piece set makes it even more fun.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Analysis and Test Results

Good for more than just holiday baking, a quality set of cookie cutters is a versatile tool that every chef and baker should have in their kitchen toolbox. We agree that holiday-specific sets are, well, holiday-specific. But a round set can be used for cookies, biscuits, doughnuts, English muffins, mousse molds, dumplings, bite-sized hors d'oeuvres, and… you get the point. We tested a wide variety from professional, stainless steel rounds to classic holiday cut-outs to kid-friendly plastic sets. To directly compare these different models, we considered four ubiquitous characteristics: cutting performance, comfort, ease of use, and quality. By then comparing these cutters side-by-side, we are able to rank them relative to one another. So while plastic will never cut as cleanly as stainless steel, every product we tested is a worthy addition to any kitchen.

A stainless steel, professional-quality set like the K&S Artisan...
A stainless steel, professional-quality set like the K&S Artisan cutters are sure to deliver cleanly cut rounds.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Cutting Performance

Achieving clean-cut cookies, like most cooking and baking skills, comes down to time and practice. Namely, it is a balance between managing your dough's temperature and applying firm yet even pressure. However, it certainly has to do with the material of the cutter as well. Metal cutters tend to produce better results than plastic due to the hardness of the material. Duller plastic edges often require you to twist or turn the cutter, which can mess with the shape of the cookie. Heavy-duty stainless steel cutters, like the K&S Artisan or KSPOWWIN cut the cleanest, though we were impressed with the dual-sided NELPLA plastic cutters as well.

Proof of the accuracy of stainless steel, as shown in the intricate...
Proof of the accuracy of stainless steel, as shown in the intricate designs of the snowflakes included in the Ateco set.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Cutting is really only half of the game — once you cut through the dough, you also must successfully lift it and transfer it onto a baking sheet. While simple shapes may seem like they should be easier, without intricate edges or pinch points, these often don't hold dough as well during the transfer phase. For a smooth process, stamps like the R&M International or Joiner Crust Cutters are hard to beat for their simplified cut, stamp, and drop mechanism. The OXO Good Grips press also produces nearly identical cookies with one press of the plunger — just as long as you make sure that the dough stays at a consistent, workable temperature.

Want to produce consistent designs with minimal effort? The OXO Good...
Want to produce consistent designs with minimal effort? The OXO Good Grips Cookie Press delivers. The only shape that was annoying among this set of twelve was, curiously enough, the simple design of the butterfly (red, bottom right.)
Credit: Aaron Rice


Turning out sheets of cookies is harder than you might think, and without a comfortable press, certain cutters can be particularly tough on your palms. While clear-cutting stainless steel models are the ideal for professionals, plastic may be better for comfort, especially when baking with kids because the softer material is easier on little hands. After cranking out hundreds of cookies for this review, we can attest to the fact that comfort in your cutter makes a huge difference.

We really appreciated the handle of the HULISEN round cutters...
We really appreciated the handle of the HULISEN round cutters, especially when it comes to cutting denser biscuit dough.
Credit: Aaron Rice

We preferred the extra-wide lip of the Wilton 101-Piece set for this reason in particular. And for those who seek out ergonomics for all of their kitchenware, the tall, arched handles of the HULISEN stainless steel set is by far the easiest to handle, regardless of the type of dough you are working with. Though for the professionals, the wide, rounded lip on both the K&S Artisan and KSPOWWIN sets are a close second to the HULISEN cutters. And as we've come to expect from all OXO Good Grips products, their Cookie Press is designed with comfort in-mind and is easily handled by both right- and left-handed individuals.

Even though the Ann Clark cutter (left) has a minimally...
Even though the Ann Clark cutter (left) has a minimally rounded top edge, the Ateco cutter (right) has even less so. As a result, it was one of the least comfortable cutters we tested.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Ease of Use

Like all kitchen products we test, ease of use is always at the forefront of our minds — if a tool is not both practical and easy to use, we find it more often sits in the drawer. For this category, we primarily focused on versatility based on size, shape, special features, and whether or not they were more specialized (like for a particular holiday) or more universally accessible. Of course, we also took into account cleaning and storage — two factors that can vary greatly for cookie cutters.

It takes a bit of time to learn how to operate, but once you get the...
OXO includes a well-draining case to store the stainless steel...

Many of the round stainless steel cutters won out in this regard — including the K&S Artisan, HULISEN, and KSPOWWIN sets — namely because these rounds are versatile well-beyond baking cookies, and the stainless steel is both dishwasher safe and rust-resistant. We also appreciate the simple durability and ease of cleaning of plastic cutters like the NELPLA and Wilton sets. Both of these sets are particularly versatile: the Wilton set, more obviously, thanks to its variety of shapes; and the NELPLA for its dual-sided design, which is highly efficient, even if it is not as comfortable to use as many other cutters we tested.

The stamps of the Joiner set also make delicate decorations out of...
The stamps of the Joiner set also make delicate decorations out of pie crust, perfect for any holiday or to spruce up a pie just-because.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Lastly, though not least importantly, we rated all of these cookie cutters based on their overall quality. Like ease of use, the more durable and long-lasting a product is, the more inherently valuable it becomes. It may come as no surprise that stainless steel ranks at the top of the list for quality, although not all stainless steel models are created equally. The K&S Artisan cutters stand-out from the pack thanks to their fully-welded seams.

We were disappointed to find that this cutter from the Ann Clark set...
We were disappointed to find that this cutter from the Ann Clark set arrived all bent out of shape.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Others, like the Ann Clark and Geefuun sets, are classics that will likely see repeated use year-in and year-out during the holidays. But both are rather flimsy, and neither are stainless steel, which makes them more prone to rusting. For added protection in storage, we award extra points to the K&S Artisan and Ateco sets, the only two we tested that include cases.

A hard-sided, aluminum case helps protect and organize the K&S...
The K&S Artisan cutters (left) also have fully welded seams...


Cookies are a way to share home-baked love and shouldn't just be relegated to the holidays. Find yourself a quality set of cookie cutters, and help spread joy year-round — we know we all could use a bit more of that in our lives right now.

There's a whole solar system of possibilities when it comes to...
There's a whole solar system of possibilities when it comes to cookie artistry. Find a set of quality cookie cutters and start creating!
Credit: Aaron Rice

Aaron Rice