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The 5 Best Rolling Pins of 2023

We tested rolling pins from Ultra Cuisine, J.K. Adams, Farberware, and others to determine the best pins for your dough creations
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Best Rolling Pin of 2023
Credit: Matt Bento

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By Daniel Dolan ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 20, 2022

We researched over 30 of the best rolling pins on the market and purchased 10 of the top models to test head-to-head. We looked at the effectiveness of each pin and determined how well each product performed when faced with the stickiest of doughs, how well they maneuvered to create a perfect circle, and how versatile they are for various applications. We judged how easy it is to clean up those stickiest of doughs, how their size factors into performance, and how well they fit in the smallest of kitchen drawers. We've rolled out a solid selection of different styles and brands to help you land on the right model for your needs and budget.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and we know that having the right cooking tool for the job can make all the difference. If you're an avid baker, check out our reviews on the best digital scales, stand mixers, and top-rated baking sheets.


Best Overall Rolling Pin

Ultra Cuisine Professional French

Length: 15.5 inches | Weight: 10 ounces
Can be chilled to prevent sticking
Machine washable
Light and easily storable
Doesn't have the traditional aesthetic

The Ultra Cuisine Professional French Pin proved to be the best overall product we tested. Its simple shape and unique material make it hard to beat. It is easily storable in any kitchen drawer as it is not excessively long or thick, and it is super easy to clean. You can even stick it in the dishwasher if you feel the need. The slight taper on either side of the pin makes it easily maneuverable, and the stainless steel surface keeps the dough from sticking excessively, especially after it's chilled in the freezer or fridge.

The Ultra Cuisine Professional French Pin might have a foreign aesthetic if you are looking for a product with a more traditional appearance. The stainless steel doesn't have the same homey feel that a wooden one might, but the material also makes it incredibly versatile and effective.

best overall rolling pin
Using the Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin to make dumpling wrappers.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Bang for the Buck

Karryoung French Tapered

Length: 18 inches | Weight: 8.6 ounces
Long and light
Super maneuverable
Not sticky
Simple and beautiful design
Very thin

The Karryoung French Tapered Pin outperforms other products more than twice its price and looks good doing it. This little dowel has a lovely tapered shape, making it easy to use. It is long enough to roll a pie crust but doesn't take up too much room in a kitchen drawer. This pin is also one of the least sticky pins we tested and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you're looking for something suitable for everything at a reasonable price, look no further.

The Karryoung French Tapered Pin is on the thinner side, making transferring pie dough somewhat challenging but certainly not impossible. This is a great all-around option that will get the job done if you're just not ready to commit to an expensive pie pin.

rolling pin - best bang for the buck
The Wooden Roll French Rolling Pin is about as simple and effective as it gets.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Pin With Handles

J.K. Adams 12-Inch Maple

Length: 12 inches | Weight: 2lbs 2.6oz
Unfinished surface to keep dough from sticking
Rolls smoothly
Thick 2" dowel width
Made in the USA
Cumbersome in your kitchen drawer

The J.K. Adams 12-Inch Maple Pin was the best pie pin with handles. This pin has self-lubricating bearings to keep it rolling smoothly, an unfinished surface to keep from sticking, is a good size and weight for rolling and moving pie dough, and is beautiful to boot. Like the J.K. Adams dowel, the unfinished surface texture helps keep the stickiest of doughs under control, making it a contender for the best pie pin. This is a decent choice if you prefer handles on your pie pin, as they are sturdy, and we found that there was enough space between the countertop and the handles that we could wrap our fingers all the way around.

The main drawback of the J.K. Adams Maple Pin is that it is one of the least storable products. The length and depth of the dowel make it challenging to fit in a shallow drawer, and even in deeper drawers, it still takes up a lot of space. That being said, this pin is an excellent choice if you prefer displaying this beauty on your countertop or have space to spare.

rolling pin - best pin with handles
This model is great for flattening a dumpling wrapper, but pie dough is its true forte.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Wooden Rolling Pin

Bamber Wood

Length: 17 inches | Weight: 15.4 ounces
Smooth, beautiful finish
Long and light
Easy to clean
Easy to store
Sticky when working with stickier dough

Our favorite wooden rolling pin was the Bamber Wood Pin. We believe the secret to this pin's success is in its simplicity. The Bamber Pin did not outshine the rest with any single feature but instead proved its usefulness with its versatility across the board. It is long enough to transport pie dough and thin enough not to be too cumbersome or to take up too much room in a kitchen drawer. It is beautifully made, and a quick rinse in the sink cleans it right up. This pin will work for you whether you are a frequent cookie baker or the once in a blue moon tart maker.

The Bamber Wood Pin wasn't perfect on the stickiest pie dough we tested; it stuck more than we would've liked. However, with a touch more flour, the Bamber pin was back on top. Aside from the need for a decent amount of flour, this product is an excellent option for any home baking you could hope to get into.

best wooden rolling pin
An up-close look at the Bamber Wood Rolling Pin's slick surface texture.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Pie Pin

J.K. Adams Dowel

Length: 19 inches | Weight: 1lb 6.6oz
Unfinished surface to keep dough from sticking
Thick 2" dowel width
Longest dowel length
Relatively light for its size
Made in the USA
Larger storage footprint

If you are an avid pie maker on the hunt for the perfect rolling pin, look no further than the J.K. Adams Dowel Pin. This American-made product managed to catch the attention of the New York Times and the Food Network with its beautiful and functional simplicity. It was one of our favorites as well. It has an unfinished surface texture to keep super sticky pie dough under control, making it the least sticky pin, and the 2" by 19" dowel is perfect for picking up a large and delicate pie crust. It was surprisingly easy to maneuver, and we could wash off sticky dough easily with a quick rinse. With its length, width, and surface texture, we found no other model to parallel this pin's pie dough finesse.

If the J.K. Adams Dowel Pin wasn't so big, it certainly would have taken the top spot. Although it fits in a kitchen drawer, it hogs quite a bit of storage space, which can be problematic in small kitchens where space is at a premium. If you prefer baking cookies or have limited space, this pin's girth and length would probably be unnecessary. However, this pin is perfect if you have room and frequently enjoy a good pie bake.

rolling pin - best pie pin
The J.K. Adams Dowel lies on the cutting board after being used to roll out a dumpling wrapper while it gets stuffed.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Adjustable Pin

Quellance Stainless Steel Adjustable

Length: 13.5 inches | Weight: 1 pound
Adjusts for thickness
Machine washable
Measurements written on the side of the pin
Rings restrict how big you can roll out your dough
Not very maneuverable

If you need your cookies to be the same size, the Quellance Stainless Steel Adjustable Pin is the pin for you. It has a great adjustable feature with which you can choose the depth of your dough. Just select the correct ring size, and bam — all your sugar cookies will be exactly as the recipe asks, ¼ inch thick. Our favorite part about this feature is that there is virtually no chance you will roll your dough too thin and have to start over. This pin has easy-to-use screws with four different size rings that can all go in the dishwasher when you're done. It even comes with a silicone mat with measurements and conversions so that when you're done making your perfect sugar cookies, you can just transfer your mess to the sink. This product can make the baking process fun, engaging, and it could keep your kitchen clean at the same time.

We found that the Quellance Stainless Steel Adjustable Pin could be on the sticky side when working with pie dough and was not easily maneuverable. Because of the adjustment rings at the end of the pin, the size of the piece of dough you roll out is limited. It could also be hard to keep track of all the pieces if you don't keep them together.

rolling pin - the quellance used without its adjustable rings on the silicone mat...
The Quellance used without its adjustable rings on the silicone mat it is delivered with.
Credit: Matt Bento


A Good Pin with Handles

Farberware Classic Wood

Length: 10 inches | Weight: 1lb 4.2oz
Option to hang to store
Easy to roll
Not very sturdy
Chemical smell out of box
Barrel length is shorter than advertised

If you're on the hunt for a pin with handles that store fairly easily, the Farberware Classic Wood Pin is a solid choice. It has no issues rolling and works well with less sticky dough. We love that this pin has a hole in one of the handles, so it can easily be hung instead of stuffed in a drawer. This unique feature makes this pin one of the more storable products.

We had our doubts about the Farberware Classic Wood Pin right out of the box. We immediately noticed a pungent smell of chemicals and that the rod that runs through the center of the barrel and attaches to the handles was slightly bent, leading us to believe that if you need a workhorse of a rolling pin, you should avoid this one. Also, Farberware advertises 17.5 inches, but that includes the handles. The actual barrel is only 10 inches, making it one of the shorter products we tested. The smell faded after a day, and the pin rolled smoothly despite the bent rod. Overall, this pin ended up performing decently well.

rolling pin - for some, a classic wooden-handled pin is the only way to go. we are...
For some, a classic wooden-handled pin is the only way to go. We are impressed with the performance of some of the metal options.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best for Kids

Nasnaioll Silicone

Length: 8 inches | Weight: 10.5 ounces
Easily storable
Dishwasher safe
Does not work well with sticky dough
Too small to use for everything and anything

We found that the pin best for kids was the Nasnaioll Silicone Pin, not only because it is colorful but also because it is small and lightweight. This pin did a great job rolling out less sticky dough and easily fits into any drawer. In addition to being small, light, and colorful, this pin has the benefit of being machine washable, making it the perfect pick for any play-doh clean-up or cookie madness. It can be placed on the top shelf of a dishwasher for quick and easy clean-up.

Although the Nasnaioll Silicone Pin is easy to store and works great rolling out cookies, we would not recommend trying to do any pie baking with this little guy. When trying to roll out pie dough, this pin was one of the most challenging as it seemed there was no way to keep the dough from gluing to the sides. This pie pin would be great fun as a kid's toy or if you are only planning on making sugar cookies with it.

rolling pin - this little pin is best suited for kids.
This little pin is best suited for kids.
Credit: Matt Bento


Most Difficult to Use

K BASIX Beech Adjustable

Length: 13.5 inches | Weight: 1lb 1.7oz
Not too sticky
Poorly constructed
Difficult to use adjustment feature
Not dishwasher safe

The K BASIX Beech Adjustable Pin is fun, innovative, and does the job, but not nearly as well as its stainless steel competitor. This pin performed decently well with the three different doughs and certainly wasn't the stickiest pin, but it proved challenging to use.

The K BASIX Beech Adjustable Pin wasn't a tester favorite. The screws that allow you to adjust your roll's depth are so hard to remove or tighten that we found it easier to remove the rings altogether and use it as a regular dowel than to try to use it as intended. This product has all the challenges of an adjustable pin with the added challenge of adjusting.

rolling pin - we found this adjustable model difficult to adjust, negating the...
We found this adjustable model difficult to adjust, negating the usefulness of this feature.
Credit: Matt Bento


Just for Looks

Fox Run Marble

Length: 10 inches | Weight: 4lbs 9.1oz
Beautiful marble pattern
Comes with a stand
Does not roll well
Very heavy
Incredibly sticky

Its beautiful and unique marble barrel is what initially drew us to test the Fox Run Marble Pin. It looks great in its own stand on the counter, but you wouldn't want to throw it in a drawer for fear it might crack the barrel or break the handles.

Not only was the Fox Run Marble Pin one of the priciest of the bunch, but it worked the worst. It advertises a self-lubricating bearing, but we found that it just wouldn't roll no matter what we were rolling out. The rod seemed to be sticking to the inside of the pin. The combination of the inability to roll and the incredibly heavy pin makes it the stickiest and least maneuverable of the ones we tested.

rolling pin - this model looks great in the kitchen but is heavy and pretty...
This model looks great in the kitchen but is heavy and pretty cumbersome to use.
Credit: Matt Bento

Why You Should Trust Us

We started the review process by researching the most popular and highly recommended rolling pins, then choosing the top ten contenders to battle it out on a field composed of pie dough, cookie dough, and dumpling wrappers. We tested each of the products for stickiness on each of the three different doughs. We considered maneuverability and how easy they are to use. We made sure to assess how easy they are to clean and store, and lastly, we scrutinized how aesthetically pleasing each of these rolling pins is. Using the data we collected, we can organize these top contenders from the best overall to the best at one application, the to worst.

Lead tester Daniel Dolan has been baking ever since he discovered the wonder of cookie dough in his early pre-teen years. After discovering the fun and delicious pastime, he slowly started to expand his baking horizons from cookies to cheesecakes to pie. Daniel's favorite dessert is pie. Although he would argue that cheesecake is his favorite pie, he has spent a fair amount of time perfecting his strawberry rhubarb and peach blueberry pies for his friends and family. Daniel is always excited to use his baking prowess to help you decipher the good from the bad and find the best tools for your baking experience.

Analysis and Test Results

We relied heavily on the testing process to determine the standing of each product. Our team made sure to test the products on three different types of dough to showcase each pin's strengths and weaknesses. While rolling out the pie dough, cookie dough, and dumpling dough, we paid attention to how easy each product was to maneuver and use, how much of the dough stuck to the pins, and the general aesthetic of each product.

rolling pin - a comparison of the four french rolling pins we tested. left to...
A comparison of the four french rolling pins we tested. Left to Right: J.K. Adams Dowel, Karryoung French Tapered, Ultra Cuisine Professional French, Bamber Wood Rolling Pin.
Credit: Matt Bento


Considering the most important qualities of a good baking pin, we found stickiness to be number one. During our testing, we discovered that no matter how pretty the pin was or how unique it seemed, if the dough stuck, it was no fun to use. Of the doughs we used to test the products, the pie dough was by far the stickiest and was, for the most part, the determining factor of stickiness.

rolling pin - one of our least sticky rolling pins, the j.k. adams dowel rolling...
One of our least sticky rolling pins, the J.K. Adams Dowel Rolling Pin in action.
Credit: Matt Bento

The two pins that were the best at mitigating doughy adhesion were the J.K. Adams Dowel Pin and the J.K. Adams Maple Wood Gourmet Pin. J.K. Adams makes their products with an unfinished surface, which caused a noticeable difference when working with the stickiest doughs.

rolling pin - the weight and the stiff bearing on the fox run marble pin makes it...
The weight and the stiff bearing on the Fox Run Marble pin makes it one of the stickiest of any we tested.
Credit: Matt Bento

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a close second to stickiness as it considers aspects like maneuverability and functionality. The most user-friendly pins were the Karryoung French Tapered Pin and the Ultra Cuisine Professional French Pin. The French pins were the easiest to use because of their shape and simplicity. The slight taper at the end of the barrels allows for plenty of maneuverability, and their simple one-piece design keeps things from getting complicated.

rolling pin - the easily maneuverable wooden roll french rolling pin
The easily maneuverable Wooden Roll French Rolling Pin
Credit: Matt Bento


Because most baking pins are made with wood, they usually are required to be hand washed. We wanted to make sure that it's easy enough to wash off in the sink if you are working with sticky dough. Although all the products turned out to do well in this category, some have a distinct advantage due to their materials or texture. The Ultra Cuisine Professional French Pin took first place not only because dough slides off of it with ease but also because you can stick it in the dishwasher if you so desire. The Bamber Wood Pin was also easy to clean due to its smooth, hard surface texture.

rolling pin - easy cleaning is paramount for keeping your kitchen in tin tip-top...
Easy cleaning is paramount for keeping your kitchen in tin tip-top shape.
Credit: Matt Bento


Depending on what you want out of your pie pin, size preferences may vary. Bigger rolling pins tend to be better at rolling out pie dough, whereas smaller pins fit seamlessly into a drawer. When we looked at the size of the products, we decided to consider the length and width, the weight, and ultimately how easily it can be stored without compromising the effectiveness of the pin.

rolling pin - a shot of the farberware classic wood rolling pin in action
A shot of the Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin in action
Credit: Matt Bento

The baking pins that topped out this metric are the Farberware Classic Wood, the Bamber Wood, and the Ultra Cuisine Professional French. These products fit easily into a kitchen drawer or utensil stand without compromising the pin's functionality.

rolling pin - even though the k basix pin has an adjustable height, we found it...
Even though the K BASIX pin has an adjustable height, we found it much easier to remove the size rings and use it as a regular dowel.
Credit: Matt Bento


The last thing we considered for each pin was aesthetics. Let's face it: if you like the way your pie pin looks, you'll probably like your pie pin that much more. This metric did not rely so much on science as it did on general opinion. The prettiest products, according to our team, were the J.K. Adams Maple, the Fox Run Marble, and the Bamber Wood. These pins had the cleanest and most beautiful builds.

rolling pin - despite the classic aesthetic of wooden pins, we are super impressed...
Despite the classic aesthetic of wooden pins, we are super impressed with the steel model and highly recommend it.
Credit: Matt Bento


Throughout the testing, we found that most of the products excelled in their own niche, making it hard to decipher any one winner, and making it clear knowing as much as possible about what you want out of your next pin is very important. We did the testing and comparisons to help you discover crucial aspects of each pin and give you a better picture of which pin would best fit your baking and cooking style. We hope that this review has been helpful in your search for the best rolling pin for your lifestyle.

Daniel Dolan

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