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The 5 Best Gardening Gloves of 2023

We put gardening gloves to work, testing models from Pine Tree Tools, Handylandy, Cooljob, and more to make sure we found the best gloves for the job
Best Gardening Gloves of 2023

Our Top Picks

By Liv Mertens ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 14, 2023

If you are hunting for the best gardening gloves, we've found them for you. We bought and tested the top nine garden gloves to unearth the best pairs to protect your hands while working in the garden. After plenty of repotting, planting, pruning, and weeding, we have uncovered the advantages and disadvantages of each product. We have provided a helpful and inclusive guide to the best products available.

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Best Overall Gardening Glove

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo

Material: Bamboo | Number of Pairs Included: 1
Breathable and absorbent
Second-skin feel
Touchscreen sensitive fingers
Environmentally friendly
Excellent finger dexterity
Cannot machine dry

The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo garden gloves immediately stood out from the pack because of their superb fit. They're dexterous and agile, with a comfortable second-skin feel. As a bonus, they are latex-free, constructed from bamboo. The protective rubber-like layer on the palm side of the glove provides excellent grip and water protection, and the back of the glove is breathable and absorbent. This pair excelled in our dexterity and comfort tests, and we also discovered that the finger pads are sensitive enough that you can use your touchscreen phone without taking them off, a nice modern touch.

Our sole issue with the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo gloves is that they can only be washed in cold water and cannot be put in the dryer. However, we don't find ourselves frequently washing our gardening gloves, as they are intended for dirty jobs. At the end of the day, we don't mind the slightly more complicated washing instructions for a comfortable, dexterous, and more environmentally friendly pair of gloves.

gardening gloves - best overall gardening glove
The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo garden gloves were the most comfortable and most dexterous gloves we tested.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Cooljob Gloves

Material: Polyester and Latex | Number of Pairs Included: 2, 6, or 10
Comes in two fun colors
Comfortable and close fit
Fantastic finger dexterity
Protective latex coating
Not as breathable as leather or cotton

The Cooljob Gloves are a simple and effective pair of gloves to keep you comfortable and clean in the garden. The slim and elastic fit allows plenty of dexterity, and the latex finish on the palm side of the glove keeps your hands dry while working in wet soil. The fingertips of these gloves are also sensitive enough to use a touchscreen phone. We found this pair to be a great all-around option for just about any gardening activity.

The comfortable cotton-elastic back of the Cooljob Gloves makes the product extra breathable and form-fitting. However, they also have a greater propensity to stretch out over time, catch on thorns, or wear down. Out of the packaging, these gloves have a powerful and off-putting chemical smell, but it wore off over time. This pair turned out to be one of our favorites due to the comfortable fit and great dexterity they offer, as well as the great value they provide at their price point.

gardening gloves - best bang for your buck
The COOLJOB gloves have a comfortable all-day fit.


Best Leather Gardening Gloves

Handylandy Pruning Gloves

Material: Pigskin Leather | Number of Pairs Included: 1
Protective sleeve for pruning
Supple, comfortable leather protection
Need to be taken care of

Looking for a great leather glove for your gardening chores? Handylandy Pruning Gloves are by far the best leather gloves we tested. They offer the best fit, provide comfortable and agile finger mobility, and have a sleeve to protect your arms when pruning rose bushes. We appreciated the sleeve protection when sticking our arms deep into a summer squash plant, and also found that we could roll the sleeves up when we didn't need the extra protection. We were pleasantly surprised by how adept these gloves are with delicate tasks and how comfortable they are for extended periods.

These gloves weren't without a few minor flaws, however. After leaving the Handylandy Pruning Gloves fully immersed in water and allowing them to dry, the protective sleeve became stiff. But after a couple of uses, they broke in again. It came to our attention that these gloves need to be taken care of if you want them to last. This is not a pair of gloves to leave in your garden bed every night, or they could easily become stiff and even break down. They are a glove designed for thorny tasks, and not so much digging in the dirt.

best leather gardening gloves
The Handylandy Pruning Gloves have a protective sleeve to help keep your arms clean and clear of scratches.


Best Staple Garden Glove

Amazing Stuff for You Grippy Gloves

Material: Polyester and Latex | Number of Pairs Included: 2
Second-skin fit
Protective latex layer
Deftly handles small seeds and delicate tasks
Not very breathable

The Amazing Stuff for You Grippy Gloves are comfortable, protective, and durable. These gloves fit and feel great. The elastic back and band make this glove feel like a sock for your hand. The protective latex layer is flexible and holds up well against dirt and thorns. This product also allows for dexterity and makes it easy to pick up small seeds.

However, these were among the least breathable of the gloves we tested. If you tend to spend long days in the garden, these gloves might become uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so, especially in the summer heat. For short periods, though, their poor breathability is hardly noticeable. This is a workhorse glove for a quick pruning or replanting project.

gardening gloves - best staple garden glove
The Amazing Stuff for You Grippy Gloves are both durable and have a fantastic fit.


Best Protective Glove

FZTEY Thorn Proof

Material: Leather | Number of Pairs Included: 2
Breathable for all-day wear
Thick protective leather
Great option for a work glove
Bleeds when wet
Not good for deft fingerwork

The FZTEY Thorn Proof glove is great in both the garden and in any workshop. These gloves have a comfortable worn-in feel almost right out of the box, and offer a versatile range of capabilities. Although they make an excellent garden glove, they are also good general work gloves and can be used for anything from handling splintering wood to repotting a delicate prickly plant.

Although we loved the durable leather make and the simple and comfortable design of the FZTEY Thorn Proof glove, we found that they were not agile enough to handle small seeds. We also observed that these gloves bleed a little bit of yellow when soaked in water. Overall, these gloves offer adequate protection and comfort.

gardening gloves - best protective glove
The FZTEY Thorn Proof gloves provide good protection against thorns and spikes.


Best Cotton Garden Glove

G and F 1852-3

Material: Cotton | Number of Pairs Included: 3
Breathable and comfortable for all-day wear
PVC dots
Dexterous finger mobility
Fun colors and patterns
Poor thorn protection
Not good for weeding

The G and F 1852-3 glove is simple and is 100% cotton. These gloves come with PVC dots for grip and fun, colorful designs for style. We saw that the PVC dots on this product work incredibly well and make it easy to pick up tiny seeds or grains of rice. We also discovered that they are easy to wear for long periods and have excellent breathability. This model is easy to throw on for quick garden work and comes in a set of three, each with a different color and design.

The G and F 1852-3 gloves were not as fitted or comfortable as some other gloves we tested. We didn't like that you can feel the seams inside the gloves while wearing them. We also found that because these gloves only have the PVC dots and no further latex or rubber protection, they aren't great for working with plants with thorns or spikes, and we would not recommend pulling out a large yard full of dead weeds with them either. The soft, breathable fabric is easily penetrated by anything sharp.

gardening gloves - the g and f 1852-3 glove come with pvc dots for grip and protection.
The G and F 1852-3 glove come with PVC dots for grip and protection.


Most Affordable Leather Gloves

OZERO Leather

Material: Leather | Number of Pairs Included: 5
Durable leather
Can be used as work gloves
Strange fit
Does not have good finger mobility

We enjoyed the OZERO Leather work gloves in both the garden and in the shop. The leather feels nice against your skin and has a slightly waterproof finish to help repel water. The leather did a great job of protecting our hands against thorns and cactus spikes and even kept our fingers warm. These are also the most affordable leather gloves per pair that we tested. Since they are so similar to some of the other leather gloves, they are a great deal. If you are looking for a glove you can wear while picking blackberries or handling cactuses, these are a great option.

While watering the garden, the OZERO Leather Work Gloves happened to get wet enough to soak through the cowhide. After removing the glove, we found that it had left yellow stains on our hands, and on the following day, we noticed the glove had shrunk a little. Our tests on these gloves reinforced that they bleed yellow and shrink when they get wet. We also found that they are not very dexterous and are not good at working with small delicate things.

gardening gloves - the ozero leather work gloves bleed yellow when they get wet.
The OZERO Leather Work Gloves bleed yellow when they get wet.


Most Interesting Feature

Garden Genie Claw

garden genie claw gardening gloves
Material: Polyester, Latex, and hard Plastic | Number of Pairs Included: 2
Hard plastic claws for digging
Great for replanting and repotting
Not comfortable for long periods of time
Claws not removable

When we received the Garden Genie Claw, the first thing that came to mind was a Halloween costume or elaborate back scratcher. However, once we put them on and took them out to the garden, it became clear that these are fantastic gloves for your garden. The claws make digging incredibly easy, and the gloves have more plastic protection than other gloves to keep your hands from getting dirty when you are digging.

We were under the impression that the Garden Genie Claw would be great for planting seeds because of how easily they make small holes in the dirt. However, these gloves failed our dexterity test, proving that handling small seeds is not what they are made for. Also, the extra plastic coating on the gloves makes them considerably less breathable than the other products. We found them to be more gimmicky than anything, and you'll want another pair for longer, hotter days in the garden.

gardening gloves - the garden genie claw has plastic claws that are great for digging...
The Garden Genie Claw has plastic claws that are great for digging and replanting.


Does the Job

SEUROINT Cotton Gloves

seuroint cotton gloves gardening gloves
Material: Cotton and Latex | Number of Pairs Included: 6
Soft against skin
PVC dots
Nice breathability
Fun designs
Not good for delicate fingerwork
Strange fit

The SEUROINT Cotton Gloves are comfortable and cute. They have a soft fleece-like lining inside the glove to keep your fingers comfortable and are nice and breathable for the summer. They are flexible, making it easy to do delicate pruning. There are PVC dots on the palm side to help with gripping and to keep dirt out of the fabric.

The SEUROINT Cotton Gloves have a strange fit; they're baggy at the wrist and tight in the fingers, and their material is not very elastic. Although these gloves have PVC dots for protection and grip, our rice test revealed that the bulky material accumulated at the fingertips prevents delicate fingerwork. We also thought white was not the best choice of color for gloves meant to spend all day in the dirt, especially since they are in no way waterproof.

gardening gloves - the seuroint cotton gloves are made with comfortable, breathable...
The SEUROINT Cotton Gloves are made with comfortable, breathable cotton, but have a strange fit.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our landscaping team spends hours in the garden, most of the time wearing gloves. They have learned the ins and outs of garden gloves, what to look for, and what to avoid. Although garden gloves come in all different shapes and materials, our team has learned the advantages and disadvantages of each. Whether you are looking for waterproof gloves, gloves for weeding, or perhaps just something comfortable in the garden, we made sure to cover all the bases. We soaked the gloves in water, dug into the dirt, and went deep into thickets of roses.

Head tester Liv Mertens loves gardening and understands that a good pair of gloves is essential to a good experience in the garden. From weeding cattails to pruning roses, she has been working in the garden since settling in Reno. She organized the product testing based on her own experience, making sure to test the gloves for durability, comfort, precision, and protection.

The OZERO Leather Work Gloves are comfortable for all-day wear and...
The OZERO Leather Work Gloves are comfortable for all-day wear and protection.
COOLJOB gloves are super comfortable.
COOLJOB gloves are super comfortable.
In case you aren't in need of arm protection, the sleeves on the...
In case you aren't in need of arm protection, the sleeves on the Handylandy Pruning Gloves can be folded up.

Analysis and Test Results

By creating a series of tests based on what one might want out of a garden glove, we could determine which products performed best in which areas. We tested the versatility, durability, comfort, and extra features that some of the gloves included. For each metric, we performed tests to help us determine the functionality of each product and give you a better idea of what each glove can do. We tried to pick up a single grain of rice on a hard flat surface, repot cactuses and house plants, and weed dry foxtails with each glove. We left each pair in a bowl of water for a couple of hours and then noted how well they dried out or if the colors would bleed. We grabbed thorny vines and squeezed till we could feel each thorn.

gardening gloves - we found the most important factors in choosing a gardening glove...
We found the most important factors in choosing a gardening glove are comfort and finger sensitivity.


Ideally, we want one glove to do it all: weed, prune, and plant. Instead of having an arsenal of gardening gloves, it would be undeniably easier to have one glove that is good at everything. And yet, inevitably, there will be some gloves that are better at one thing and other gloves that are better at another. Although it is important to know what you want out of a glove before making a choice, it is also nice to have the option to use it for something unexpected. For this reason, we decided that the versatility of each product was an important factor to test. We tested each glove for pruning prickly plants, handling small and delicate seeds, repotting plants, and weeding.

To test the dexterity of the gloves, we designed the rice test. This was a simple test to see how easily you can pick up a grain of rice with each glove. This test reveals what it might be like to handle small seeds or do delicate pruning in each of these gloves. We found the gloves that performed the best in this test were the Cooljob Gloves and the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo working gloves. Both pairs easily grabbed a single grain of rice off of a flat hard surface.

gardening gloves - the pine tree tools bamboo were able to easily pick up a single...
The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo were able to easily pick up a single grain of rice.

To test repotting, we simply repotted some of our own plants. Of all the gloves, the Garden Genie Claw are the easiest to use for repotting. The claws at the end of each finger cut through the dirt quickly and effectively without having to pull out a shovel or spade. Just be careful not to cut through the roots. The protective latex lining covering the outside of most of the glove also made it easy to replant small and prickly cactuses.

gardening gloves - the garden genie claw is a great glove to repot with if you don't...
The Garden Genie Claw is a great glove to repot with if you don't have a small spade.

To test pruning, we grabbed a thorny stem on a rose with each pair of gloves. We were able to tell right away that the SEUROINT Cotton Gloves and the G and F 1852-3 gloves would be difficult to use for anything prickly. The Handylandy Pruning Glove is our favorite due to the long protective leather sleeve.

gardening gloves - the handylandy pruning gloves are comfortable and protective for...
The Handylandy Pruning Gloves are comfortable and protective for pruning roses.

To assess what each glove would be like while weeding, we pulled a yard full of dead dandelions and cattails. We found that almost every pair of gloves ended up with dry sticks and prickly things sticking out of it except for the leather pairs and the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo gloves.


The comfort of each glove heavily relied on its fit. This includes seams, stretch, and material. Alongside fit, we considered breathability for longer and hotter days in the garden.

To test breathability and comfort, we wore each pair of gloves for 45 minutes without taking them off. Although simple, this test told us a lot about the comfort of the gloves. For example, we didn't realize how uncomfortable the Garden Genie Claw was until we had them on for a while. They are an excellent tool for digging in the garden for short stints, but if you're planning on wearing gloves all day, you will want a different pair. We found them hot and sweaty, and the claws created discomfort. During the comfort test, we fell in love with the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo working gloves. We expected them to be sweaty and hot due to the rubber-like outer coating. Instead, we found that the material was both breathable and absorbent enough to keep the glove comfortable for extended periods of use.

gardening gloves - the pine tree tools bamboo gloves have a rubber-like protective...
The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo gloves have a rubber-like protective layer on the palm side of the glove.

As we went through the testing process, we discovered that the OZERO Leather Work Gloves and the FZTEY Thorn Proof gloves had uncomfortable seams between the fingers. The more they broke in, the less obtrusive the finger seams became.

gardening gloves - the ozero leather work gloves and the fztey thorn proof gloves are...
The OZERO Leather Work Gloves and the FZTEY Thorn Proof gloves are bulky between the fingers.


To test durability, we decided to put the gloves in extreme environments. Our water test entailed soaking each pair of gloves in a bowl of water for a couple of hours, then removing them and waiting for them to air dry. Once dry, we put them back on to see if the gloves held up. The first thing we noticed with this test was that the leather gloves bled. We already knew this might happen because while watering the garden, one of the leather gloves turned our tester's hand yellow. The water test revealed that the OZERO Leather Work Gloves bleed the most, the FZTEY Thorn Proof glove bleed a little less, and the Handylandy Pruning Gloves hardly bleed at all.

gardening gloves - the ozero leather work gloves stained our hands yellow.
The OZERO Leather Work Gloves stained our hands yellow.


All of the gloves we tested had specific features that distinguished them from the rest. We assessed each feature, from PVC dots to claws to pruning sleeves, and rated their effectiveness.

Our favorite unique feature was the Garden Genie Claw to help with digging. We found that we loved the plastic claws for digging, but they were not suitable for picking up small seeds - or in this case, a grain of rice. It is important to note that the claws on these gloves are not removable.

gardening gloves - the cooljob gloves have a grippy, protective latex layer.
The COOLJOB Gloves have a grippy, protective latex layer.


In reviewing these nine pairs of gloves, we discovered a preference for well-fitting dexterous gloves over something that may offer more protection but less finger agility. The more time we spent in each of these gloves only reinforced the importance of being able to use our hands with freedom and comfort. For this reason, we were drawn to gloves that felt more like a second skin than a thick protective coat; these were usually stretchy with a protective but flexible layer on the inside of the hand. Although we preferred these gloves, they did not offer the same protection against thorns and weeds as thicker, less dexterous gloves. Each glove offers a technical advantage depending on what you need out of your pair of garden gloves. We hope our review has helped you choose the right pair for your gardening needs.

Liv Mertens

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