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Best Jump Rope of 2021

Credit: Austin Palmer
By Austin Palmer and Ross Patton  ⋅  Apr 23, 2021
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We researched more than 50 jump ropes for days on end before purchasing the top 9 models to determine the best. Our expert team of testers jumped for hours and hours to assess the overall performance and the subtle differences of these classic exercise tools. There is a wide variety of jump rope types available on the market today, deciding which model is ideal for you can be difficult. Whether you want to step up your resistance training, skip as fast as you can, or just get some leisurely fun exercise, our expert recommendations will help you purchase the right rope for you.


Best High-Performance Model

Crossrope Get Lean

Handle Length: 5 ⅞" | Bearings?: Yes
Two interchangeable ropes
Ropes are easy to swap
Accompanied by a workout app

The Crossrope Get Lean is for those who take the fitness game seriously. The feature that sets this rope apart from the rest is its interchangeable ropes. This package includes both a quarter-pound and half-pound cord, allowing you to intensify your workout with the heavier cord or use the lighter one to focus on endurance. Changing between ropes is a cinch thanks to the fast-clip system on each handle. If you appreciate a coached workout, you'll love the Crossrope app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

We found a couple drawbacks while testing the Get Lean rope. For starters, it's not adjustable, so make sure to order the proper length for your height. Also, it's pretty pricey. If you're seeking a budget model, there are much cheaper options. Despite its flaws, we can't imagine a better jump rope for those that want to maximize the effectiveness of their home workouts.

It would be hard to find a better jump rope than the Crossrope Get...
It would be hard to find a better jump rope than the Crossrope Get Lean.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Beginners

Fitness Factor Adjustable

Handle Length: 5 ½" | Bearings?: Yes
Easy to trim to length
Great for beginners
Included carrying pouch
Not the best bearings
No interchangeable ropes or weights

The Fitness Factor is a solid choice for those seeking both performance and simplicity from their home exercise equipment. We found cutting the PVC cord to the proper length for the user to be extremely easy — with just a few short steps and a pair of scissors, it can be trimmed to size for heights of 4'9" all the way up to 6'6". The Fitness Factor's simple design renders it incredibly easy to use, especially for those just getting into the world of jump rope. As a bonus, this model includes a manual that outlines five workout routines to help you get going.

Although the Fitness Factor has bearings in the handles, they didn't spin all that well compared to a few other models in our review. While we wouldn't consider this a deal-breaker, if speed and consistent spinning are determining factors for you, it might make sense to go with a product with higher quality bearings. When it comes to bells and whistles, such as interchangeable cords with different weights or weighted handles, the Fitness Factor offers none. Still, if you're looking for a basic model with excellent all-around performance, this model is the one for you.

A great option for those just getting started with jumping rope.
A great option for those just getting started with jumping rope.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for the Buck

Degol Skipping Rope

Handle Length: 6" | Bearings?: Yes
Memory foam handles
Subpar bearings
Hard to cut to length

If you don't want to break the bank with your jump rope purchase, it's hard to top the DEgoL Skipping Rope. During our assessment, we became immediate fans of the memory foam handles with recessed rings for added grip. This model comes out of the box at a total length of 9 feet and can be trimmed to any size that you desire. The rope itself consists of a braided steel wire coated with PVC, meaning it would take a lot to break it.

On that note, cutting the rope to your desired length is no easy task. You're going to need a tool much burlier than scissors to get it done. Also, we weren't thrilled with the performance of the bearings on this model. During our spin timing test, the handles on the DEgoL barely spun for one second. Despite these flaws, we recommend the DEgoL for those shopping for a jump rope on a budget.

If you're shopping on a budget, we recommend the Degol Skipping Rope.
If you're shopping on a budget, we recommend the Degol Skipping Rope.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Weighted Handles

Pulse Weighted Handle

Handle Length: 5 ¾" | Bearings?: Yes
Removable handle weights
Large grips
High-performance bearings
Easy to trim
On the pricier side

The Pulse Weighted Handle sets itself apart from the other versions in our review with its weighted handles. Fairly quickly, our testers felt a noticeable difference in the arm and shoulder burn compared to jump ropes with lighter handles. If you decide you've had enough extra arm work and you just want to go for maximum reps, the weights in the Pulse handles can be quickly and easily removed. During our handle spin analysis, we discovered that the Pulse bearings provided a longer rotation than many of the models in our review. The rope on this model comes at a length of ten feet out of the box, but it's simple to trim down with a pair of scissors.

The Pulse Weighted is far from the most expensive model on the market, but there are many more affordable options. We'd recommend the Pulse to anybody looking for a version with weighted handles despite the cost.

A solid training rope with removable weights in the handles.
A solid training rope with removable weights in the handles.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Speed

WOD Nation Speed

Handle Length: 5 ¼" | Bearings?: Yes
Includes an extra rope
Many color options
Thin handles
Difficult to cut

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope likes to go fast. If you're looking to increase your endurance or the number of reps you can complete in a set amount of time, check out this model. It comes with an extra rope just in case you wear through one, or so you can keep two different lengths on hand. If style is your thing, WOD Nation has you covered — this one is available in nine different colors.

However, our testers were not the biggest fan of the WOD Nation's handles. They're hard plastic with a bit of texture for extra grip, but it doesn't take much sweat to get them slippery. As with other braided cable core ropes, this model requires more than just a pair of scissors to trim to length. Even with its flaws, our team concluded that the WOD Nation is the way to go for the quickest reps.

The WOD Nation model is best for doing fast reps.
The WOD Nation model is best for doing fast reps.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Steel Wire Version with Foam Handles

YZLSPORTS Adjustable Steel Wire

Handle Length: 5-¼" | Bearings?: Yes
Foam handles
Hard to trim
Rough rotation

There are a few things that we like about the YZLSPORTS Professional Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope. For one, we appreciate that the handles have an articulated plastic section for your thumb and forefinger, but the rest is foam, which rests nicely in your palm. If you're shopping on a tight budget and aren't picky about bonus features or style, the YZLSPORTS is worth a look.

One downside to PVC-coated braided steel cable models is that they require wire cutters or an even larger tool to cut to the size you desire. If you want the convenience of trimming your rope with scissors, you'll need to go with a hollow PVC or rope model. Regrettably, we found that the rotation on the YZLSPORTS has a bit of a gritty feeling to it. If smoothness is important to you, it'd be wise to spend a few extra bucks on a higher-quality model. However, if you like this type of grip and don't want to spend too much on your home workout, this one will suit most people's needs.

An adjustable jump rope with comfortable handles.
An adjustable jump rope with comfortable handles.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Blast From the Past

Champion Sports 9-Foot Segmented

Handle Length: 4 ⅛" | Bearings?: No
Available in small sizes
Very cheap
Small, slippery handles
No bearings

Who doesn't remember a segmented jump rope from their childhood? The Champion Sports PR9 Plastic Segmented model offers a classic design that brings back memories or helps create new ones. This jump rope is available in an array of sizes ranging from 6 feet for smaller people up to 16 feet in case you have three people or more for group hopping fun. If you're looking for an entertaining way to keep the family active, this is a very affordable way to get it done.

If you're a hardcore fitness enthusiast, this is likely not the model for you. The small plastic handles become slippery with even a tiny bit of sweat, and if you're going for speed, it might only be a matter of time before the string inside the segments wears out and breaks. That said, the PR9 Plastic Segmented is sure to provide endless hours of family fun.

The Champion Sports PR9 is the quintessential playground jump rope.
The Champion Sports PR9 is the quintessential playground jump rope.
Credit: Laura Casner


A So-So Cable Model

Survival and Cross Speed Adjustable

Handle Length: 5 ⅛" | Bearings?: Yes
Tough skull & crossbones graphics
Extra hardware
Hard to trim down
Inconsistent bearing performance
Difficult to use

In the realm of cable core jump ropes, we found that the Survival and Cross is relatively average. We like that it comes with extra hardware, as the screws that hold the handles to the rope could be easily misplaced. If you're a fan of skull & crossbones, you're in luck — the Survival and Cross model has them printed on each handle.

When it comes to trimming the length of the rope, we found that the Survival Cross was easy to measure to size, but cutting through the cable was difficult. Be sure to have some sharp wire cutters or another cutting tool available when it's time to make your adjustments — scissors are not going to do the trick. Sadly, we found that the bearings spun at different speeds while testing this model, which could end up being quite an annoying problem over time. Lastly, we found that the rope on the Survival Cross Jump was so light that it was more difficult to get a consistent rhythm than other models. However, the light cord weight might make sense if you are looking for an extra challenge.

The Survival and Cross features skull & crossbones graphics.
The Survival and Cross features skull & crossbones graphics.
Credit: Laura Casner


Not Our Favorite Handles

SPORTBIT Jump Trainer

Handle Length: 4 ¾" | Bearings?: No
Good for beginners
Easy to adjust
Short handles
Lacks bearings

If you're looking for an easy to use, easy to adjust jump rope, you might want to check out the SPORTBIT. Our testing team found that the weight and feel of the cord helped to get in a good rhythm. If you want to trim your rope down for a shorter person to use, all you'll need is a pair of scissors, as the SPORTBIT is made out of PVC.

If you want a rope for speed, a weighted rope, or weighted handles, the SPORTBIT is not the one. The handles are light, small, and lacking bearings. We didn't find the handles especially comfortable or easy to hang on to at all. For anything other than the most basic of uses, we'd recommend going with a more admirable model.

The SPORTBIT has some especially thin handles.
The SPORTBIT has some especially thin handles.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Our Lead Tester Austin Palmer and Review Editor Ross Patton hopped right on this review when it came down the line. Ross is a lifelong athlete and has competed in several sports that require rigorous off-season cross-training such as ski racing. In his adulthood, he has spent a decade in winter sports product research and development with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada, Reno to back it up. Also a lifelong athlete, Austin grew up playing flag football, soccer, tennis, and wrestled — and can still double under crisscross a jump rope to this day. Having tested hundreds of products for 15 years between the two of them, you can trust that these two are beyond qualified to distinguish well-made products from shoddy ones.

After buying the top jump ropes on the market, we initiated our extensive test plan. We began by taking several measurements and carefully inspecting each model for design strengths or weaknesses. Then our team of product testers and athletes used each one exhaustively, hopping and skipping for thousands of reps and comparing the overall feel and performance of every rope in our review.

The Fitness Factor is perfect for beginners.
We purchase and perform hands-on testing for all of the products in...
The WOD Nation is our favorite for jumping fast.

Analysis and Test Results

To determine the best models available, we tested and analyzed each model for overall functionality while thoughtfully considering which features would be better for different applications. We broke our evaluation down into three categories — rope type, adjustability, and grip.

Rope Type

The composition of the rope makes a massive difference in the overall feel while in use. Also, the material can determine overall durability and how susceptible the cord is to tangling, twisting, and kinking.

During testing, we found that ropes consisting of a braided steel cable with a PVC coating were the easiest to keep a good rhythm with, the least likely to tangle, and the most durable. Our favorite models that use this type of rope are the Crossrope Get Lean, WOD Nation Speed, and the DEgoL Skipping Rope.

This model uses a PVC-coated braided steel cable.
This model uses a PVC-coated braided steel cable.
Credit: Laura Casner

Many other modern jump ropes are made out of PVC without the braided steel cable core. This type tends to be a bit lighter and cheaper, which might be a positive thing for you. Though a bit more susceptible to wear and tear as well as tangling than their metal cousins, we were still very pleased with the overall performance of the PVC ropes. Our favorite PVC models are the Pulse Weighted Handle and the Fitness Factor.

Hollow PVC is not as durable as steel core ropes and it's more prone...
Hollow PVC is not as durable as steel core ropes and it's more prone to tangling.
Credit: Laura Casner

Lastly, some models are simply made out of rope or the classic construction that uses segmented plastic pieces to protect and add weight to a thin rope.

Segmented plastic is beefy on the outside, but the twine inside is...
Segmented plastic is beefy on the outside, but the twine inside is not very durable.
Credit: Laura Casner


The handles can make a surprising amount of difference when it comes to performance. Plastic grips can become slippery with sweat but are generally lighter than foam handles. Foam handles are generally easier to grip but absorb sweat, making them heavier and harder to clean. Some handles have bearings to help the rope spin freely, but we found a large degree of variability in the quality of the bearings. To assess the handles, we gave them a few good spins to time how long they could rotate while hanging freely, then measured each handle's length. Finally, we paid careful attention to how each model felt during an exercise routine.

The Fitness Factor has hollow handles and removable plugs for...
The Fitness Factor has hollow handles and removable plugs for adjusting the rope length.
Credit: Laura Casner

If you prefer a more slender plastic handle, it's hard to top the Crossrope Get Lean performance. With a length of 5 ⅞," you'll have plenty of room to position your hands whichever way is most comfortable for you. The Get Lean bearings are some of the best that we've seen — their spin time showed an average of 8 to 10 seconds. The WOD Nation is another option with thin handles, but this model has significantly shorter grips with a measured length of 5 ¼". When we measured the handle rotation time for the WOD Nation, we found that they will spin for 4 seconds on average.

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope handles are more slender than foam...
The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope handles are more slender than foam versions.
Credit: Laura Casner

As far as memory foam handles go, we are fans of both the Pulse Weighted and DEgoL Skipping Rope designs. Each has a large diameter for those with larger hands or people who want something more substantial to hold onto. The recessed grooves on the handles increase grip, even if they're soaked in sweat. These models have bearings, but we found the Pulse handles spun for 3 or 4 seconds while the DEgoL barely rotated for a second.

The Pulse Weighted Jump Rope handles are large and comfortable.
The Pulse Weighted Jump Rope handles are large and comfortable.
Credit: Laura Casner

Finally, the Fitness Factor handles are a plastic and foam hybrid that allows you to grab a bit of plastic with your thumb and forefinger if you so choose, then the palm grips are foam. These handles are 5 ½" and put up an average time of 2 seconds during our spin analysis.

The Fitness Factor handles have a section of plastic for your thumb...
The Fitness Factor handles have a section of plastic for your thumb and forefingers.
Credit: Laura Casner


For many people, adjustability will play a vital role in the decision-making process when purchasing exercise equipment. You may want to cut your cord to a specific custom length or have weight options for the handles or the rope itself.

You cannot cut the Crossrope Get Lean to a custom length, but this model has multiple sizing options available for purchase. The Crossrope sets itself apart from the rest with its quick-release interchangeable ¼ lb and ½ lb braided steel PVC coated ropes. The ¼ lb is excellent for cranking up your skipping speed, while the ½ lb is ideal for adding resistance to your workout routine.

The Crossrope Get Lean comes with two different weighted ropes.
Changing ropes on the Crossrope Get Lean only takes a matter of...

The Pulse Weighted is adjustable in two different ways — you can easily cut the PVC rope to a custom length using nothing more than a pair of scissors, and the weights can be removed from the handles by simply unscrewing the caps and sliding them out.

The Pulse Weighted handles unscrew with ease.
This model features removable weights to make your workout easier or...
The weights are a cinch to slide out of the handles.

The Fitness Factor, DEgoL Skipping Rope, and WOD Nation can all be cut to a custom length. However, the Fitness Factor is the only one of the three you can cut with scissors. For the other two, you'll need some burly wire cutters or another type of tool to get through the braided steel cable.

Many models require you to trim the rope to the right length for...
Many models require you to trim the rope to the right length for your body size.
Credit: Laura Casner


Deciding which product is the right one for you can be a complicated task, even for something as seemingly simple as a jump rope. We purchased and tested models for all types of applications and at several different price points to determine which are the best for which situations. We hope by reading our review that you now have the confidence to buy the one that matches your needs. Happy hopping!

Austin Palmer and Ross Patton

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