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The 5 Best Tablet Stands

We tested tablet stands from Lamicall, Amazon Basics, MoKo, and more to find the best options for your needs
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Best Tablet Stand Review (With very different designs and builds, our selection of tablet stands are diverse enough to fit your individual needs.)
With very different designs and builds, our selection of tablet stands are diverse enough to fit your individual needs.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Our Top Picks

By Miya Tsudome ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 29, 2023

Our expert testers put in the work to find the best tablet stands and purchased 9 top models for side-by-side testing. Whether you use your tablet at the office or need a better way to view your favorite TV shows, we'll help you find the models that best fit your needs. Through our rigorous head-to-head analysis, we utilized the tablet stands for various common applications: attending zoom meetings, enhancing our workstations, and reading recipes in the kitchen. No matter your needs or intended use, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect tablet stand.

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The Best Tablet Stands


Best Overall Stand

Lamicall Desktop Stand

Style: Fixed-height stand, adjustable angle | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: Yes
No height adjustment

With a sleek and stylish design, the Lamicall Desktop Stand is a sturdy, high-quality option. This model is made of stainless steel and has a fixed height of less than five inches tall. Its hinged cradle allows for different viewing angles and stays in place but is still easy enough to adjust to a new angle. Rubberized points on the cradle protect your tablet, while a cutout on the back allows you to tuck charging cables away. The overall footprint of this model is small, taking up very little space on your desk or counter. It worked well as an auxiliary screen at our desk and a quick swipe recipe reference in our kitchen.

We had very few gripes about this stand. However, we should note that because the cradle raises the tablet about an inch off the table, it is not conducive to typing on the tablet for extended periods. (It is typically more ergonomic to rest your wrists on a surface while typing). Still, we love the Lamicall for its simple, high-quality design at an affordable price.

tablet stand - the lamicall is sleek and minimalist, coordinating great with the...
The Lamicall is sleek and minimalist, coordinating great with the Apple iPad. Its slim, functional design and adjustability make it our favorite.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best Bang for Your Buck

Amazon Basics Adjustable

Style: Foldable, fixed-height | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
Foldable and compact
Decent stability
Material feels and looks cheap

The Amazon Basics Adjustable is the most budget-friendly stand that still retains versatility while having a unique, fold-up design for ultimate portability. It comes as a compact, lightweight unit, which can be easily unfolded by pulling out the legs and standing up the backrest. The legs have three different width options, which can accommodate screens from a smartphone to a twelve-inch tablet. The back pivots easily to accommodate a variety of viewing angles, and the rubber contact points on the bottom of the stand ensure it stays put on a solid, smooth surface.

Constructed from cheap-feeling black plastic, the Amazon Basics Adjustable stand isn't the sleekest design, but the plastic also makes it extremely lightweight. We can foresee the rubber on the bottom of the stand losing its stickiness over time, but overall we were pleased with the stability it provided. This stand is a great choice for those on a budget who seek something simple and functional.

tablet stand - this simple stand from amazon basics is easy to assemble and folds...
This simple stand from Amazon Basics is easy to assemble and folds up into a neat package.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best for Travel and Compact Storage

MoKo Foldable Desktop

Style: Foldable, fixed-height | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
Folds up fully flat
Can be used for phone or tablet
Not made for bigger tablets
Made of flimsy plastic

The MoKo Foldable Desktop stand leads the pack for the smallest, most compact stand design. This model is made with very thin plastic pieces that fold up flat, and it is small enough to fit into a pocket or slip easily into a bag. This stand is a great choice to throw in your carry-on for movie-watching on a plane. It has divots that the backrest can easily secure into for six different angle adjustments, and the stand was surprisingly stable enough to do lengths of typing on a tablet screen without much movement.

Because it is so small and made of thin plastic, it did not feel suitable for an 11" tablet in portrait mode and would probably not be the best choice for a larger tablet. There is a noticeable wobble when you press hard on the tablet screen in portrait mode. Many tablet holders are also compatible with smartphones, but the phone can look strange on a big stand. The MoKo Foldable Desktop Stand is made for both phones and tablets. It is versatile, and our testers think it is a great option for those who want something to travel with or to tuck easily away.

tablet stand - the moko phone/tablet stand is the smallest, most compact stand we...
The MoKo Phone/Tablet stand is the smallest, most compact stand we tested.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best for Greatest Versatility

Tablift by Nbryte

Style: Gooseneck legs | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
Easy to use
Stable on uneven surfaces
Bulky and large

If you want a tablet stand that makes an excellent workstation out of your iPad and can sit comfortably on your bed for binging your favorite TV shows, look no further than the Tablift by Nbryte. With its large, fold-out gooseneck legs and bulky plastic tablet holder, our testers initially found its design to be unconventional. Our skepticism faded when we discovered how the sturdy gooseneck legs are fully flexible and can contour around your body while you lie in bed, creating a stable viewing experience. They also prop your tablet up to an eye-level height, which makes for a great workstation. With the addition of a wireless keyboard, you can easily have a desktop-like setup.

There are only four viewing angle options, where you put the tablet in different grooves in the holder and secure it in place with a convenient bungee strap. But the viewing angles will cover most of your bases, with an innovative low-angle setting for when you are lying in bed. The stand is quite bulky and heavy, and although the gooseneck legs can bend underneath the unit, it is not an ideal stand for traveling. If you use your tablet stand primarily to view videos in bed, on a couch, or other uneven surfaces, this is the one to have.

tablet stand - the gooseneck legs on the tablift take up a lot of space, but make...
The gooseneck legs on the Tablift take up a lot of space, but make for great stability.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Most Simple and Easy-to-Use

Stump Stand

Style: Silicone “stump” base | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
No moving parts to break
Only three angle adjustments
No height adjustment
Expensive for its simple design

If you seek a no-frills, easy-to-use stand, the Stump Stand takes away the headache of angle adjustments and moving parts. This model is made entirely of silicone with a weighted base. There are two grooves in which to place your tablet: an “upright” option and a “lean” option. One more angle option ("ramp") where you lean your tablet on the stand's angled base provides a moderately steady typing stand orientation. It's the simplest construction we encountered.

This tablet stand is a basic “stump,” which is not the most eye-catching design but is certainly functional. Due to its silicone construction, it is easy to clean if used in the kitchen and is the most “grab-and-go” type stand we could find, with no fear of dropping or breaking. Its relatively small grooves will not accommodate tablets with cases on, and it isn't the most stable when holding a tablet in portrait mode. The price tag also seems a bit steep for what is essentially a heavy piece of rubber, but it's a solid option for the most effortless and straightforward stand on the market.

tablet stand - the stump has a sturdy and basic design. it is easy to use and has...
The Stump has a sturdy and basic design. It is easy to use and has no moving parts.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Greatest Adjustability

SAIJI 360 Rotating Adjustable

Style: Telescoping, adjustable | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: Yes
Very adjustable
Easy to Use
Some assembly required

The SAIJI 360 Rotating Adjustable stand has a round, heavy base that provides excellent stability, while a telescoping pole and rotating cradle ensure endless angle and viewing options. We liked this stand the most for video-conferencing or use as an auxiliary screen since it already stands at eye level. With its ability to stand up to 18.1 inches tall and cradle that rotates 360º, it could also be great for presentations in the classroom or workplace. The cradle is a “clamp” style that fits tablets and phones snugly with its easy-to-adjust drawstring cords, and we liked how stable the tablet felt once situated.

On the other hand, the Saiji is large, heavy, and takes up a lot of space on a desk or counter. If you can find a place for it, it is an excellent option for its adjustability and versatility.

tablet stand - the saiji stand already comes at an eye-level height, making it a...
The SAIJI stand already comes at an eye-level height, making it a great choice for video-conferencing and movie watching. It also has many adjustability options.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best for Bigger Tablets

KABCON Quality

Style: Height and angle-adjustable, foldable | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: Yes
Height and angle adjustment
Large cradle
Stiff hinges

The KABCON Quality is a large, foldable stand with a wide base and big cradle, making it ideal for large tablets up to 15 inches. The platform on which the tablet rests makes for an incredibly stable user experience and is ideal for anyone who uses their tablet for drawing or writing. Although heavy, the stand does fold up completely and comes with a carrying case, making it a portable option.

The hinges that adjust the height and angle of the cradle are incredibly difficult to move. Although this model folds up entirely, we found it impractical to pry open and push closed every time we wanted to transport it somewhere. This stand is also very bulky and takes up a lot of space. For the user with a larger tablet, this stand's stability is top-notch.

tablet stand - the kabcon may not be the most eye-catching stand on the market, but...
The KABCON may not be the most eye-catching stand on the market, but its great for bigger tablets and for those who like to work directly on their tablet screen.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Light and Easy to Use

UGREEN Adjustable

Style: Foldable | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
Hinge moves too easily
Slides easily on surfaces
Made of flimsy plastic

The UGREEN Adjustable is a lightweight stand made of plastic that adjusts using an incremented hinge. It can fold up completely or extend to accommodate a variety of viewing angles. It can also be used with a smartphone, rendering it a good choice for those on the move.

One drawback is that the UGREEN hinge is not super stable. We found that it would often move into a deeper angle if we pushed on our tablet screens too hard. The bottom of the stand sports only a thin strip of silicone on the front, which doesn't stop the stand from sliding around on a solid surface. It is lightweight, but unfortunately, this model sacrifices stability.

tablet stand - simple and foldable, the ugreen is a good option for someone who...
Simple and foldable, the UGREEN is a good option for someone who wants to travel with their tablet stand.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Another Simple and Light Option

MoKo Metal Foldable

Style: Foldable frame | Supports Charging in Portrait Mode: No
Simple frame construction
Hinge moves too easily
Metal frame came warped

The MoKo Metal Foldable tablet stand is the only stand in our selection with a metal frame. Foldable and light, the metal is fully wrapped in rubber to protect your tablet and also prevent slippage on smooth surfaces. It is adjustable up to 180º in angle, and with its low profile and footprint, it's a good option for someone who will use their tablet as an auxiliary screen at a desk.

With large black knobs and exposed metal hinges, it's not a particularly aesthetic design. The hinges are awkward to adjust and fail to securely hold the stand's position. The model we received also came with a slight warp in one of the back pieces, causing the stand to wobble, which was an inconvenient issue.

tablet stand - moko's unique, metal frame design is another choice for portability...
MoKo's unique, metal frame design is another choice for portability and simplicity.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Why Trust GearLab

After researching dozens of products, we settled on the nine tablet stands in this review for thorough testing and analysis. Each product was purchased at full price to ensure there was no bias in our review process. We created a list of metrics to rate each product, ranging from versatility, adjustability, stability, aesthetics, and portability. We tested each tablet stand to see how they measured up in each of these metrics, and they were then compared rigorously side-by-side. We collected our data through objective measurements as well as the subjective ones gathered by everyday use of these products, which yields our honest and in-depth conclusions.

From the classroom to the workplace, in bed, on a yoga mat, or a kitchen counter, our main tester Miya Tsudome has been a heavy tablet user for years. With adept attention to detail, she is always looking for products that meet at the crossroads of design, function, and affordability, and she is constantly optimizing her tech products with add-ons that increase versatility and efficiency.

Analysis and Test Results

To test tablet stands, we used them in our everyday lives for various purposes. The point of a portable tablet is that it serves multiple functions, so we wanted to ensure we tested ours across different settings. From table to countertop, couch to bed, we assessed the stability of these stands, folded and unfolded their hinges, examined the quality and durability of the materials and moving parts, folded them up and carried them around if applicable, and measured and weighed the units.


All of the stands we tested have some kind of viewing angle adjustment, which is one of the most important metrics in our evaluation. Not every stand on the market is adjustable, but all of our chosen stands will allow the user to select a setting that is more ergonomic for viewing or more accessible if viewed from different heights. Some only have 3-4 angle options, while others have an infinite number of possibilities.

Although the SAIJI 360 Rotating Adjustable Tablet Stand is a taller-than-average stand, its adjustability options are endless. Its cradle can rotate 360º and adjust to angles from 0-70º, while the stand itself can be raised from a height of 11 to 18 inches. The KABCON Quality Stand also adjusts for height, although its stiff hinges are less convenient to maneuver. The Tablift by Nbryte Stand flaunts a different type of adjustability, with gooseneck legs that can be bent into endless configurations based on the surface you would like your tablet to stand on.

The SAIJI stand can be raised to a height of 18.1"
The SAIJI stand can be raised to a height of 18.1"
The Tablift has fully bendable gooseneck legs.
The Tablift has fully bendable gooseneck legs.

Some of the stands we tested, like the Amazon Basics and Lamicall, have cradles that rotate on a hinge. This allows for customized angle adjustments to the slightest difference in degree. Others, including the Tablift and Stump Stand, involve placing the tablet into established grooves, minimizing the options to 3-4 angles.

tablet stand - the saiji and kabcon stands at their full height extensions next to...
The SAIJI and KABCON stands at their full height extensions next to a MacBook Air for comparison.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

While height adjustment is a nice feature if you use your tablet for presentation purposes, as a desktop workstation, or video-conferencing, the most valuable feature is adjusting for the angle. This is especially useful when viewing a tablet screen while standing, like when viewing recipes at a kitchen counter. It's great to be able to angle your stand towards you for a more comfortable viewing experience. Conversely, when sitting and watching a movie on your tablet, you'll prefer a more vertical orientation.


We measured the versatility of each stand primarily by how many different functions the stand could serve. This metric is important for those who desire a stand that does more than sit on a desk. A versatile stand can move from table to couch, workshop to bed, and ideally, will also be able to stand on uneven surfaces.

tablet stand - having an auxiliary screen can greatly enhance the productivity of...
Having an auxiliary screen can greatly enhance the productivity of your workstation. The Lamicall was our favorite for this task.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Generally, these tablet stands did not fare very well on uneven surfaces. The one exception was the Tablift, which features four adjustable gooseneck legs to provide stability on surfaces from a soft mattress or couch to a hard table. We found ourselves using the Tablift often, especially for watching movies in bed.

tablet stand - the tablift is the best stand to use on even and uneven surfaces...
The Tablift is the best stand to use on even and uneven surfaces, and excels at the task of movie-watching in bed.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

All stands were adequate as working stands and viewing stands. The Amazon Basics is the best choice for those who seek the ability to type directly on their tablet screen. The KABCON and Lamicall models were our top picks for an elevated stand, and with the addition of a wireless keyboard, either could make a great workstation.


We measured each stand's stability using several methods: Assessing their performance on different surfaces, examining their methods for holding a tablet, measuring their weight and sensitivity to movement, and evaluating how well they could hold a tablet in landscape and portrait mode.

The SAIJI stand, with its weighted, round base and clamp-style tablet holder, is the most stable of our test fleet. It was not as suitable on uneven surfaces, though — that's where the gooseneck-legged Tablift stand excelled. The Stump stand was also a surprising front-runner in this category, with its heavy silicone base preventing slippage or movement on flat surfaces.

tablet stand - all stands came with rubber contact points on the bottom of their...
All stands came with rubber contact points on the bottom of their bases to ensure some stability on smooth surfaces. Pictured here is the KABCON, one of the most stable models we tested.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Every stand we tested could hold a tablet in both portrait and landscape mode, but smaller stands like the MoKo and the Stump struggled with wobble and instability with an 11-inch tablet oriented to portrait mode, especially when tapping on the top edges of the screen. Each tablet tested came with rubber contact points on their bases. Although the heavier stands felt more stable, the Lamicall and the Amazon Basics stands were surprisingly stable for their lighter weight.

tablet stand - we tested our stands on even and uneven surfaces like the bed...
We tested our stands on even and uneven surfaces like the bed pictured here, to see how they measured up in the stability contest. The gooseneck legs of the Tablift provided the ultimate stability on softer surfaces.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Tablets are typically a go-to choice for travel, as they are lighter and more portable than a laptop. If this is your intended use, it's nice to have a lightweight, compact stand that won't add much bulk to your bag and that stows away easily inside your desk when not in use. The stands we reviewed varied greatly in portability. All could be carried around the house easily enough, but only some could fold up completely for longer-distance travel.

The MoKo Foldable Desktop Stand is by far the most compact and portable of our test group. With its slim plastic build, it folds into a pocket-size unit, easy enough to take anywhere. The UGREEN and MoKo Metal Foldable stands were also great choices for portable, lightweight, affordable units.

tablet stand - the moko foldable tablet stand is thinner, smaller, and lighter than...
The MoKo Foldable Tablet stand is thinner, smaller, and lighter than an iPhone 8.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

While excelling in adjustability and stability, the Tablift and the SAIJI stands were too bulky and heavy to win any portability points. The Amazon Basics stand folds into a narrow unit. While the Lamicall does not fold up, it is light enough to move from place to place if needed but serves more of the function of a mainstay item on a desk.

tablet stand - pictured here are all of the most compact and portable stands we...
Pictured here are all of the most compact and portable stands we tested.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Tablets are sleek, impressive pieces of technology that have taken us from the world of clunky, boxy desktop computers to the future of portable touch screens. Whether in use at a professional workspace or in addition to a minimalist desk setup, we ranked the design of each stand to see how well they complemented the iPads we used with them. After all, we believe form lends to function.

The Lamicall stand stood out with its simplistic design in this category. Its silver, stainless steel construction, minimalist stand and cradle, and the added detail of a cutout in its base to tuck a charging cable neatly away were all noted as aesthetically pleasing qualities. These stands didn't detract from the tablet screen. Rather, their simple frames fade neatly into the background while remaining stylish pieces.

Other stands are more “function over form,” such as the Tablift, KABCON, and MoKo Foldable Desktop, which serve their purposes well without worrying about looks. The Tablift especially took us some time to get used to, with its large gooseneck legs and clunkier construction.

tablet stand - the lamicall model is one of our top choices for aesthetics, with...
The Lamicall model is one of our top choices for Aesthetics, with its slim profile and sleek design.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


A tablet stand is a valuable piece of equipment that will increase the versatility of your tablet. Therefore, we felt it important to do an extensive review of the best products that could offer the most value to your everyday life. We bring a scientific level of examination to all of our product comparisons and hope that we can streamline your decision-making process along the way to find the tablet stand that is best for you.

Miya Tsudome