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HP Sprocket Review

This mini printer rendered some of the poorest quality photos in the review
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Price:   $130 List | $154 at Amazon
Pros:  Passable resolution, multi-photo queue, adhesive photo paper
Cons:  Magenta color cast, overall poor quality grayscale, microbanding
Manufacturer:   hp
By Nick Miley, Jason Peters and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Apr 6, 2020
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  • Color - 35% 3
  • Black and White - 35% 3
  • Print Capabilities - 15% 3
  • Operating Cost - 10% 6
  • Set-Up - 5% 9

Our Verdict

We were not impressed with this machine. When comparing its photos to the desktop models the prints looked abysmal. Yet, even among the mini printers, the Sprocket's test images were unsatisfactory. Suffice it to say, within this model's price range there are better options.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Unfortunately, the HP Sprocket produced what some might describe as cringe-worthy photos. Despite decent resolution, the color images were cast in magenta and had bleeding along the borders. As for the black and white… Let's just say that we wouldn't recommend printing in grayscale on this machine. We did like the app that controls the printer, as it allows you to print from your phone and stack up multiple photos in the queue.

Performance Comparison


We like the mini printer concept. We think that a picture is not a photo until you print it, and mini printers like this one make that easier than ever. Additionally, we like that you can do some creative edits on your phone before printing.

Another check in the pro column for the HP Sprocket — and mini printers in general — is that it is easy to set-up. The process is as simple as downloading an app onto your phone and then connecting to the printer via Bluetooth. That's it.


Simply put, this printer did not fare well in our evaluations. It's color renditions were pretty bad, and the black and white test images came out looking bazaar. Suffice it to say that this machine is not cut out for printing in grayscale.


Given that the Sprocket is in the same price range as mini printers rendering much higher quality images, we do not find it to be a very good value.


We don't have much positive to say about this printer except that it is a fun, and fairly inexpensive way to get pics off your mobile device and into the hands of loved ones. If you're shopping for a mini printer there are better devices in this review for about the same price.

Nick Miley, Jason Peters and Austin Palmer