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Ninja 1550 Watt Review

Offers the most consistent quality of the bunch
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Price:   $130 List | $100 at Amazon
Pros:  Great cooking performance, user friendly, excellent temperature accuracy
Cons:  Not the easiest to clean
Manufacturer:   Ninja
By Max Mutter and Michelle Powell  ⋅  Jul 16, 2019
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#2 of 10
  • Cooking Performance - 35% 8
  • User Friendliness - 25% 9
  • Ease of Cleaning - 20% 7
  • Temperature Accuracy - 20% 10

Our Verdict

For those that want the most reliable cooking performance from an air fryer, along with a streamlined user experience, we think the Ninja 1550 Watt is one of the best. In our testing it added a delightful crispiness to food more reliably than almost any other air fryer, and it provides one of the easiest to understand interfaces of all the models on the market. It also maintains nearly perfect temperature accuracy, meaning you can count on it to provide the same results over and over again. Our only small gripe is that the crisping plate does have some grooves and holes that make cleaning slightly more difficult than it needs to be, but overall this machine makes air frying about as quick, convenient, and tasty as one can expect.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

If you're looking for a dedicated air fryer, the Ninja 1550 Watt provides both the fantastic results and a great overall experience.

Performance Comparison

The Ninja 1550 Watt was at the front of the pack in nearly all of our tests. This earned it one of the highest overall scores, and made it a shoo-in for your Editors' Choice Award.

Cooking Performance

The Ninja 1550 Watt was one of the top models in this metric. While no particular dish we made with it was the absolute best of the bunch, it proved to be far more versatile than most other machines, as all of its food offerings were of an above average quality.

Pretty much across the board the Ninja 1550 Watt cooked great food in our testing. Both its onion rings and tater tots came out golden brown with a nice crisp. Its doughnuts likewise had a great texture, with just a slight crunch on the outside and nice, fluffy insides. It also excelled at making chicken. Like all of the fryers we tested, it certainly couldn't replicate actual fried chicken, but it did cook a super tender chicken breast that had just a bit of a crispy skin.

The Ninja excelled in nearly all of our cooking tests  with only sweet potato fries being a slight weak spot.
The Ninja excelled in nearly all of our cooking tests, with only sweet potato fries being a slight weak spot.

The one area where none of the fryers we tested excelled, including the Ninja 1550 Watt, was in making sweet potato fries. No model was able to get these fries truly crispy, but there were a few models that did noticeably better than the Ninja 1550 Watt in this arena. While we wouldn't' call this a weakness, as no model made really good fries, the Ninja 1550 Watt may not be the best choice if all you're looking for is a healthier way to make sweet potato fries.

User Friendliness

Thanks to a clear interface, a well-designed frying basket, and a thoughtful range of cooking settings, the Ninja 1550 Watt earned one of the highest scores in our user friendliness testing.

This machine offers 4 different cooking settings: air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate. Within the air fry setting it offers a temperature range from 300˚ to 400˚. In our experience, these settings can accommodate pretty much any air frying recipes you'll find.

The interface is simple and intuitive.
The interface is simple and intuitive.

Despite having a number of settings, the Ninja still manages to make its operation pretty simple. Just push the dedicated button for one of the 4 cooking settings, set temperature and cooking time with the dedicated arrow buttons, press start, and you're off to the races.

The fry basket is amongst the smoothest we tested  making one-handed removal a breeze.
The fry basket is amongst the smoothest we tested, making one-handed removal a breeze.

Possibly the nicest thing about this device's user experience is the fry basket design. It has a nice, sturdy handle, slides in and out easily, and fits snugly. This makes it really easy to use just one hand to remove the basket, shake your food to encourage even cooking, and then slide the basket back in. This may seem trivial, but many other models have baskets that stick when you try to take them in and out, or even ones that require pot holders and a healthy dose of caution when you need to redistribute food mid-cooking.

Ease of Cleaning

While the Ninja 1550 Watt certainly isn't difficult to clean, this is the one metric where it didn't earn a top score.

Overall, cleaning this device is fairly painless. The frying basket doesn't tend to gunk up or hang on to grease too stubbornly, so there generally isn't any overly zealous scrubbing required. However, the crisping plate on the bottom of the basket has some smaller grooves and holes, as well as a small handle in the middle, that provide some places for gunk to hide. Thus, you do have to do a bit of extra precision scrubbing to make sure it gets totally clean.

The bottom of the fry basket does have some areas where grease can gather  sometimes necessitating some extra scrubbing.
The bottom of the fry basket does have some areas where grease can gather, sometimes necessitating some extra scrubbing.

Temperature Accuracy

The Ninja was essentially perfect in our temperature accuracy testing. It locked our testing thermometers into nearly the exact temperature we set it to every time. If you're one that likes to experiment with recipes, or just one that values an accurate machine that will be more likely to replicate the same results over and over, this is the fryer for you.


The Ninja 1550 Watt is fairly middle-of-the-road when it comes to price, yet offers top-notch performance, making it quite a good value. If you're looking to save some cash you can get comparable performance from other models for a bit less, but you do sacrifice some temperature accuracy.


The Ninja 1550 Watt is one of the best dedicated air fryer we've tested, offering top-notch cooking performance, impressive temperature accuracy, and a good overall user experience.

Max Mutter and Michelle Powell