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Lesley Robinson

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Growing up in Davis, California, Lesley discovered her passion for experimenting and cooking early on, evolving from an easy-bake oven enthusiast to a Food Science graduate of California Polytechnic State University. She spent the last decade of her career in the food and supplement industry, working with a diverse range of products, from delectable chocolate bars to protein powders and even gummy vitamins.

Lesley's professional journey includes extensive experience in quality assurance and food safety. She used her discerning palate to ensure the maximum deliciousness of the chocolate produced at a premium chocolate factory. Also, her keen eye for detail made her adept at auditing manufacturers, and evaluating their quality standards and processes.

Lesley joined Gearlab as a product tester in 2023. Her background in Food Science and commitment to quality provide her with a unique perspective when it comes to testing the latest kitchen tech products.

Lesley lives in beautiful South Lake Tahoe with her husband and Chihuahua rescue pup. When she's not meticulously testing the latest kitchen gadgets at GearLab, you can catch her experimenting with a new recipe, trying her hand at a new craft, or hiking the scenic trails surrounding her home.