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LG LP1022FVSM Review

This whisper-quiet portable AC scores big with its discreet room cooling capabilities, excellent onboard storage, and advanced convenience features
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LG LP1022FVSM Review (None could match the stealth of the LG LP1022FVSM as it faded into the background, silently piping in sweet relief...)
None could match the stealth of the LG LP1022FVSM as it faded into the background, silently piping in sweet relief from the heat.
Credit: Brian Walker
Price:  $719 List
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Manufacturer:   LG
By Austin Palmer and Adam Stout  ⋅  Nov 10, 2023

#2 of 9
  • Cooling - 35% 6.8
  • Energy Consumption - 15% 6.7
  • Noise - 20% 9.0
  • Portability / Install - 25% 7.5
  • Convenience - 5% 8.4

Our Verdict

The LG LP1022FVSM impressed us with its extremely quiet cooling prowess, practically fading into the background as it did its work. We also applauded its integrated storage for the hose and window kit. That might sound like an insignificant feature, but when you're packing up a portable AC for the season or moving it between rooms, not having to juggle its bulky accessories is a tremendous convenience. Last but not least, we were pleased to see the inclusion and quality of the LP022FVSM's mobile app.
Excellent onboard storage
Very quiet
Good mobile app
Single hose design
Short power cord
Somewhat involved installation

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Bottom Line This is a super quiet, feature-dense, portable AC with a great mobile app and convenient onboard accessory storageThis powerful portable air conditioner has more cooling capability and innovative features than any other to help you beat the summer heatThis portable AC is easy to install and even easier on the budgetThis portable AC is a breeze to set up and take down and demonstrates excellent energy efficiency, but it's loud and underperforms in coolingThis portable air conditioner is easy to cart or carry around and set up; just don't expect tons of cooling power
Rating Categories LG LP1022FVSM Whynter ARC-1230WN SereneLife SLPAC10 Midea MAP08R1CWT SereneLife SLPAC8
Cooling (35%)
Energy Consumption (15%)
Noise (20%)
Portability / Install (25%)
Convenience (5%)
Specs LG LP1022FVSM Whynter ARC-1230WN SereneLife SLPAC10 Midea MAP08R1CWT SereneLife SLPAC8
Manufacturer Recommended Cooling Area Up to 450 sq ft Up to 600 sq ft Up to 450 sq ft Up to 350 sq ft Up to 350 sq ft
Single or Dual Hose Single Dual Single Single Single
Wi-Fi / App Enabled Yes Yes No No No
Modes (fan speeds) - Cold (1-3)
  • Fan (1-3)
  • Dry (1)
- Cold (1-3 + Auto)
  • Fan (1-3 + Auto)
  • Dry (Auto)
  • Auto (Auto)
- Cold (1-3)
  • Fan (1-3)
  • Dry (1)
- Cold (Auto)
  • Fan (Auto)
  • Dry (Low)

  • Cannot change fan speed on the A/C unit
- Cool (Low, High)
  • Fan (Low, High)
  • Dry (Low)
Energy Star Certified No No No No No
10000 BTU (DOE)
14000 BTU (ASHRAE)
12000 BTU (DOE)
10000 BTU (ASHRAE)
6000 BTU (DOE)
5300 BTU (DOE)
4000 BTU (DOE)
24-Hour On/Off Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Type Button Button Button Button Button
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Washable Dust Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturer Window Width Minimum 23" 26.7" 26.7" 19.4" 26.7" *
Manufacturer Window Width Maximum 60" 49" 50.1" * 62.2" 50.1" *
Measured Window Kit Width 6.5" 9.8" 4" 6.5" 4"
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R410a R32 R410a
Child Lock No Yes, for the remote only No No No
Manufacturer Dehumidify/Moisture removal 6.7 pt/hr 87 pt/day 3.1 pt/hr Not Specified 2.5 pt/hr
Measured Weight 69 lbs 75 lbs 1 oz 52 lbs 4 oz 50 lbs 14 oz 44 lbs 3 oz
CEER 7.9 12.3 6.6 6.5 5.7
Estimated Summer Cost $191.74 $216.15 $167.34 $132.48 $125.50
Average dBa Reading on High 56 58.4 61 60.2 63.7
Difference of averaged temps 7.6 11.9 6.3 5.4 4.9

Our Analysis and Test Results

We found a lot to like about the LG LP1022FVSM, starting with how much quieter it runs than any other portable air conditioner we've ever tested. Pair that with its convenient onboard storage for hauling between rooms or packing away at the end of the season and its slick Wi-Fi mobile app, and it's easy to see how this well-appointed unit ranks so high up in our review.

Performance Comparison

The LG LP1022FVSM is one of the most feature-dense portable ACs we tested, but none could match its whisper-quiet operation.
Credit: Brian Walker


For our cooling tests, we set our test room at high heat temperatures and turned each unit on its highest cooling setting for at least an hour to see how much the temperature dropped. The LG LP1022FVSM performed slightly above average here and landed among the middle of the pack.

When the indoor air settled at 83.3 degrees Fahrenheit, we powered on the LG LP1022FVSM and ran it on high for 60 minutes. After we ran the unit for an hour, the air temperature dropped to 75.65 degrees Fahrenheit. That's a 7.6-degree temperature decrease, which was normal for most portable units.

lg lp1022fvsm - lg lp1022fvsm has very average cooling capability overall.
LG LP1022FVSM has very average cooling capability overall.
Credit: Austin Palmer


The LG LP1022FVSM did pretty well here, with a straightforward install and decent portability. This unit weighs in at 69 pounds, and we appreciated the depth and placement of the handles for hauling it up stairs. Pushing the unit around on hard floors was decent but not as smooth as many other models we tested. It rolled fine on short pile carpet, albeit with more resistance, but got a little tippy on medium to high pile carpets.

Initial installation on the LG LP1022FVSM was one of the best tested. The instructions were clear, and the process was straightforward, requiring essential hand tools for trimming and drilling for a secure and sealed window interface. Installing the hose into the window kit is a breeze since it is pre-attached to the unit, and you don't need to do anything but slide it and lock it into the window kit without messing with any screws.

lg lp1022fvsm - the window kit installation for this lg is very straightforward.
The window kit installation for this LG is very straightforward.
Credit: Brian Walker

Packing the kit up and storing it is fairly easy as well. Since the exhaust hose comes preinstalled, it stays installed and upright for storage. There's also a place to stow the window kit on the back of the unit and a bracket to wrap the power cord around.

One of our favorite things about the LG LP1022FVSM is its integrated storage for the window kit and hose.
Credit: Brian Walker


The Noise metric makes up 20% of the overall total in this category of products and is scored on the noise levels the portable air conditioner produces while running with the compressor kicked on and the fan set to high. The LG LP1022FVSM exceeded all of the competition in this metric with its noticeably quieter operation.

For this test we listened to each unit on all of its settings and busted out our sound meter at four feet away to measure the level of decibels produced by the LG. The final scores were based on our subjective listening in addition to the measured decibel levels.

The LG LP1022FVSM produced 56 dBa from the SPL meter with the fan on high. The compressor and fan are significantly quieter than those of competitors in our tests, making this the quietest unit in the review.

lg lp1022fvsm - our spl meter captures decibels on the quiet lg lp1022fvsm from 4'...
Our SPL meter captures decibels on the quiet LG LP1022FVSM from 4' away.
Credit: Brian Walker

Energy Consumption

The energy metric measures the power consumption of every portable AC tested. The LG LP1022FVSM performed slightly above average in this metric thanks to its inverter technology, which allows the compressor to work more efficiently.

In order to measure the energy consumption, we ran the LG on its highest setting and for 60 minutes while our watt meter measured the the Kilowatt Hours (kWh) produced by the machine during that time. Then, we calculated electricity costs and kWh consumption over three months to figure what it would cost to run the AC for 12 hours a day over that period. These numbers make the assumption that the unit will be running consistently at this rate, although we know that won't be the case for most. Still, the results should fall in the same order based on our controlled testing. AC units that included inverter technology were awarded with an additional point in our energy consumption metric, as these units have a more efficient variable speed compressor that doesn't run at full speed at all times. The LP1022FVSM has this and should perform even better than our test projects over the long term.

lg lp1022fvsm - the lg lp1022fvsm uses 1.1 kwh of electricity running on high for an...
The LG LP1022FVSM uses 1.1 kWh of electricity running on high for an hour as measured by our watt meter.
Credit: Brian Walker

The LG LP1022FVSM consumed 1.1 kWh in our 60-minute test. Over three months, used 12 hours of a day, it's likely to consume 1188 kWh and approximately $191.74 in electricity costs, coming in around the middle of the pack for all units tested.


The *LG LP1022FVSM was one of the top scores in this metric. This unit has a good range of manual vertical airflow adjustments and has a “swing” function that automatically moves the fin in a steady, constant motion to push air around the room more evenly. The primary modes, timer, remote, and child locks are all there and work well, but they are all on the average side compared to other units.

Our favorite thing about the LG LP1022FVSM is its ability to connect over Wi-Fi and work with a mobile app, which has many of the same functions as the remote. It also provides a lot of additional functionality and data where you can monitor energy use and air filters, run smart diagnostics, and access the product manual.

lg lp1022fvsm - the lg lp1022fvsm came with a remote control, but we prefer its...
The LG LP1022FVSM came with a remote control, but we prefer its slick mobile app for advanced programming and insights.
Credit: Brian Walker

The only thing finicky about the convenience features of this AC is the display placement, which is impossible to see from many angles and moderate distance because it is hidden behind the vent.

Should You Buy the LG LP1022FVSM?

If you're looking for the quietest portable air conditioner in the game, this is the one. It's jam-packed with premium features and packs up tidier than any other, thanks to its onboard storage. However, it comes at a premium price and doesn't match the cooling power of the most powerful units.

lg lp1022fvsm - the lg lp1022fvsm breaks down into a tidy package for enhanced...
The LG LP1022FVSM breaks down into a tidy package for enhanced portability or winter storage.
Credit: Brian Walker

What Other Portable Air Conditioner Should You Consider?

If you want a quiet, portable AC with top-tier cooling capability, you can't go wrong with the Whynter ARC-1230WN. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option and don't need top-tier cooling for a large room, check out the Whynter ARC-1230WN. Check out our full air conditioner review to see both window units and portable models.

Austin Palmer and Adam Stout