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Midea MAP08R1CWT Review

This energy-efficient unit features an easy setup process and great portability, but it's loud and doesn't provide the most impressive cooling performance
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Midea MAP08R1CWT Review
Credit: Brian Walker
Price:  $339 List
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Manufacturer:   Midea
By Austin Palmer and Adam Stout  ⋅  Nov 10, 2023

#7 of 9
  • Cooling - 35% 5.8
  • Energy Consumption - 15% 7.2
  • Noise - 20% 4.5
  • Portability / Install - 25% 8.6
  • Convenience - 5% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Midea MAP08R1CWT is one of the most energy-efficient units in the review, with great portability and ease of setup, but failed to impress with its cooling power. To make matters worse, it was one of the loudest units we tested and lacked some basic features like a medium fan setting. We found this AC to be a decent option for larger windows where other units' window kits don't fit. But overall, we wouldn't recommend it for most. To find a quieter unit that cools better, see our review of the best portable air conditioners.
High energy efficiency
Works with large windows
Fan speed only adjustable from remote
Single-hose design

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midea map08r1cwt
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Midea MAP08R1CWT
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Bottom Line This portable AC is a breeze to set up and take down and demonstrates excellent energy efficiency, but it's loud and underperforms in coolingThis powerful portable air conditioner has more cooling capability and innovative features than any other to help you beat the summer heatThis versatile unit goes easy on the wallet in terms of power-consumption and purchase priceThis portable AC is easy to install and even easier on the budgetThis portable air conditioner is easy to cart or carry around and set up; just don't expect tons of cooling power
Rating Categories Midea MAP08R1CWT Whynter ARC-1230WN Black+Decker BPACT08WT SereneLife SLPAC10 SereneLife SLPAC8
Cooling (35%)
Energy Consumption (15%)
Noise (20%)
Portability / Install (25%)
Convenience (5%)
Specs Midea MAP08R1CWT Whynter ARC-1230WN Black+Decker BPACT08WT SereneLife SLPAC10 SereneLife SLPAC8
Manufacturer Recommended Cooling Area Up to 350 sq ft Up to 600 sq ft Up to 150 sq ft Up to 450 sq ft Up to 350 sq ft
Single or Dual Hose Single Dual Single Single Single
Wi-Fi / App Enabled No Yes No No No
Modes (fan speeds) - Cold (Auto)
  • Fan (Auto)
  • Dry (Low)

  • Cannot change fan speed on the A/C unit
- Cold (1-3 + Auto)
  • Fan (1-3 + Auto)
  • Dry (Auto)
  • Auto (Auto)
- Cold (1-3 + Auto)
  • Fan (1-3)
  • Dehumidify (Auto)
- Cold (1-3)
  • Fan (1-3)
  • Dry (1)
- Cool (Low, High)
  • Fan (Low, High)
  • Dry (Low)
Energy Star Certified No No No No No
5300 BTU (DOE)
14000 BTU (ASHRAE)
12000 BTU (DOE)
4000 BTU (DOE)
10000 BTU (ASHRAE)
6000 BTU (DOE)
4000 BTU (DOE)
24-Hour On/Off Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Type Button Button Touch Button Button
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Washable Dust Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturer Window Width Minimum 19.4" 26.7" 20.5" 26.7" 26.7" *
Manufacturer Window Width Maximum 62.2" 49" 59" 50.1" * 50.1" *
Measured Window Kit Width 6.5" 9.8" 6.5" 4" 4"
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R32 R410a R410a
Child Lock No Yes, for the remote only No No No
Manufacturer Dehumidify/Moisture removal Not Specified 87 pt/day Not Specified 3.1 pt/hr 2.5 pt/hr
Measured Weight 50 lbs 14 oz 75 lbs 1 oz 46 lbs 52 lbs 4 oz 44 lbs 3 oz
CEER 6.5 12.3 5.4 6.6 5.7
Estimated Summer Cost $132.48 $216.15 $156.88 $167.34 $125.50
Average dBa Reading on High 60.2 58.4 58.6 61 63.7
Difference of averaged temps 5.4 11.9 7 6.3 4.9

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

midea map08r1cwt - the midea map08r1cwt is all set up and ready to test.
The Midea MAP08R1CWT is all set up and ready to test.
Credit: Brian Walker


The 8000 BTU Midea MAP08R1CWT was one of the lowest scorers in this metric, but keep in mind that the gap between the worst and the average performers isn't that many degrees of air temperature.

midea map08r1cwt - the midea map08r1cwt has a single exhaust hose as opposed to a...
The Midea MAP08R1CWT has a single exhaust hose as opposed to a dual-hose unit that also features an air intake.
Credit: Brian Walker

When the indoor air settled at 82.85 degrees Fahrenheit, we powered on the FHPH142AC1 and let it cool the room on its highest settings for exactly one hour. The Midea managed to decrease the temp of the room by 77.45 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Midea MAP08R1CWT did very well here, ranking near the top of all units reviewed. We weighed the Midea MAP08R1CWT at 50 pounds 14 ounces and appreciated that it had wide, well-placed, deep handles to lift with and a pretty centered weight balance. All of that contributes to less fatigue and anxiety when carrying the machine to an upstairs room. Rolling the unit around on hard floors was smooth and free of wonky steering that can lead to walking/tipping issues. It goes over carpet well, too, albeit with more resistance as the pile height increases.

midea map08r1cwt - installation of the midea was fairly smooth.
Installation of the Midea was fairly smooth.
Credit: Brian Walker

Initial installation on the Midea MAP08R1CWT is relatively straightforward and takes only five to ten minutes. The hose assembly is really easy, requiring you to clip on some adapters and slide it into the AC without the need for any screws. Likewise, the window kit comes with a handy guide that shows you what to do with all of the included extensions. The rest of the installation is pretty typical and will require some work with basic hand tools to get a secure and sealed fit in your window.

midea map08r1cwt - we appreciate that you don't need screws to attach this hose, just...
We appreciate that you don't need screws to attach this hose, just tabs.
Credit: Austin Palmer

It's fairly easy to pack the kit up and store it. The hose slides easily out of the unit and unclips from the window kit. The only thing holding the Midea MAP08R1CWT from perfection in this metric is its lack of onboard storage for the window kit and hose. All you get is a strap to stow the power cord, and you'll need to carry and store the window kit and hose separately.


The Midea MAP08R1CWT was one of the loudest portable ACs reviewed. For this test, we used both an SPL meter and a panel of judges to lend their opinions (and ears) on the sound produced by each unit.

midea map08r1cwt - if you're sensitive to sounds, we don't think you'd like the midea...
If you're sensitive to sounds, we don't think you'd like the Midea MAP08R1CWT.
Credit: Brian Walker

The Midea MAP08R1CWT produced 60.2 decibels running four feet from the SPL meter with the fan on high. Both the compressor and the fan are noticeably louder than average, making this unit one of the noisiest of the bunch.

Energy Consumption

AC units with lower power consumption are better overall for your wallet and the environment. The 8,000 BTU Midea MAP08R1CWT was among the most energy-efficient units tested, performing well above the average.

midea map08r1cwt - this unit consumed a mere .76 kwh in our test.
This unit consumed a mere .76 kWh in our test.
Credit: Brian Walker

The Midea MAP08R1CWT consumed .76 KWh for one hour. After three months, with a half-day of use, we calculated that this unit would likely consume 1188 kWh and rack up around $132.48 in utility costs. It is one of the most efficient, least expensive portable ACs to operate during the summer months.


The Midea MAP08R1CWT was one of the lowest-scoring units tested in this metric. Our main criticisms were that the display is extremely hard to read and the operation modes are more limited than most units; everything else is fairly average. It has a remote, timer, child locks, and other common features, but one area where it stands out is its above-average airflow adjustability. It has a nice vertical range that allows it to concentrate air lower in the room than many units, and it can direct air left to right, which isn't something we saw on many others.

midea map08r1cwt - this ac has really good manual airflow direction adjustment.
This AC has really good manual airflow direction adjustment.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Should You Buy the Midea MAP08R1CW?

If energy efficiency and portability are high on your wish list, and you don't need top-tier cooling capacity, the Midea MAP08R1CWT might work for you. It's also a decent option if your windows are too large to secure the window kits from other units. Just keep in mind that it's on the noisier end of the spectrum and missing some basic convenience features that are standard on most other units.

midea map08r1cwt - the midea map08r1cwt's display can be difficult to read unless you...
The Midea MAP08R1CWT's display can be difficult to read unless you are standing directly over it.
Credit: Brian Walker

What Other Portable Air Conditioner Should You Consider?

If you require the ultimate cooling capability, check out the excellent Whynter ARC-1230WN. If you want respectable cooling capacity, great portability, and ease of setup on a budget, it's hard to beat the SereneLife SLPAC10 SLPAC.

Austin Palmer and Adam Stout