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Tribit XSound Go Review

An inexpensive speaker that is totally waterproof and sounds better than built-in phone speakers
By: Max Mutter and Steven Tata  ⋅  Jul 10, 2018
Price:   $50 List  |  $28.04 at Amazon - 44% off
Pros:  Waterproof, inexpensive
Cons:  Weak bass, not very loud
Manufacturer:   Tribit Audio

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  • Sound Quality - 40% 4
  • Portability - 25% 8
  • Volume - 20% 3
  • Battery Life - 15% 8
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Our Verdict

There are certain situations, like long days at the beach or on the river, where a waterproof speaker that is cheap enough to not induce tears if it finds itself sunken to a watery grave is the best choice. This is where the Tribit XSound Go comes in. Despite being completely submersible, it lists for just $50 and often sells for less. This is the cheapest completely waterproof speaker we've come across. Sure, the overall sound quality isn't the best, but it beats a smartphone's built-in speakers 10 fold, and lets you share music with friends without worries of breaking or losing a super expensive piece of electronics.

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Our Analysis and Test Results


The Tribit XSound Go is the most wallet friendly waterproof speaker we've found. Sure, the sound quality isn't exactly anything to write home about, but for watersports fans looking for a low cost option, the XSound Go certainly fits the bill.

Performance Comparison

While not a top performer, the Tribit XSound Go still endeared itself to us due to its low price and IPX7 waterproof rating. You can read our full thoughts below.

Sound Quality

This is the weakest point of the XSound Go, and it only managed to earn a mediocre 4 out of 10 in our sound quality testing. Everything about the sound, from bass power to clarity to dynamic range, is slightly below average. That's not to say it sounds bad, however. Unless you're the type of person that cringes at anything but top shelf speakers, the soundscape produced by the XSound Go will be acceptable. Plus, it sounds infinitely better, and louder, than a phone's built-in speakers. This makes it a worthwhile purchase if more than one person is going to be listening to your music while out on the go.

The XSound Go sounds ok  but not great. ITs acceptable for casual listening  but might offend audiophiles.
The XSound Go sounds ok, but not great. ITs acceptable for casual listening, but might offend audiophiles.

There are certainly waterproof speakers that sound better. For instance, the UE Roll 2 has deeper bass and better clarity. It also lists for $100, making it much more expensive, so you'll have to decide how much of a premium you're willing to pay for sound quality.


The Tribit XSound Go did quite well in our portability testing. weighin in at only 13.4 ounces it is quite light. The IPX7 waterproof rating means it can survive even complete submersion in water, making it a perfect companion if your adventures take you to lakes, rivers, and oceans. The curved enges may seem like a minor design choice, but they actually make it much easier to shove the XSound Go into a bag full of wet towels than if it had square edges. All of this earned it a score of 8 out of 10.

Weighing in at 13.4 ounces  this speaker can easily be brought on any adventure.
Weighing in at 13.4 ounces, this speaker can easily be brought on any adventure.

Again, there are waterproof speaker that are lighter and smaller, namely the UE Roll 2. However, the XSound Go is significantly cheaper than any of these lighter options.


The small size of the XSound Go certainly limits its maximum volume, earning it the lowest score of 3 out of 10 in this metric. In our testing it was able to fill a small room with sound, but anything larger and the volume felt less than booming. For a few friends listening on the beach it has plenty of volume, but it would struggle in a room with lots of people hanging out and talking or dancing. For most uses this level of volume won't feel limiting, but if you're planning on a dance party you'll definitely want something with a bit more juice. If you're looking for something cheap that is also relatively loud the Sony XB10 is your best bet. However, this small and loud speaker isn't waterproof, which might be a dealbreaker.

The XSound Go and its included charging cable.
The XSound Go and its included charging cable.

Battery Life

The Tribit XSound Go excelled in our battery life testing, lasting a full 18.5 hours on a single charge. That's an entire day's worth of waking hours. This performance was better than eve more expensive waterproof models like the UE Roll 2, which lasted 14 hours, and the UE Boom 2, which lasted 12 hours.


The Tribit XSound Go's main selling point is ht efact that it's inexpensive, listing for $50 and often selling for less. Considering it is waterproof that feels like a fairly good price. The sound quality is only medicore, so you do have to make some sacrifices for that low price, but if you're looking for a budget friendly option we feel it is a good value.


The Tribit XSound Go is the least expensive waterproof speaker we've found. While the sound quality is slightly less tha average, its low price and IPX7 waterproof rating make it an attractive option for those seeking a budget and water friendly speaker.

Max Mutter and Steven Tata

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