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The Vive Pro is a huge price jump for what we thought was a relatively trivial performance
Editors' Choice Award
The Rift S is one of our all-time favorite headsets and we think it's one of the best overall VR products out there
The Vive is one of the best when it comes to VR headsets
While the Index has some incredible features for the VR aficionados, it isn't necessarily the best bet for everyone
Best Buy Award
The Quest is a great option for casual to moderate gamers who want a highly portable VR headset without shelling out a ton of cash
Editors' Choice Award
This standalone headset takes all of the hassle out of VR without compromising quality
While the Mirage does have some unique features, it's priced more like a tethered headset but performs like a mobile one
Offering an exceptional gaming and VR media experience, the PlayStation VR is a fantastic choice, as long as you already own a PS4
This fantastic headset is awesome, but doesn't have a huge range of compatible phones
The Vive Cosmos delivered an overall lackluster performance, making it a bit of disappointment
While the Acer and Windows Mixed Reality show plenty of promise, it still can't quite match the top headsets
While this might be a great gift for the Star Wars enthusiast, its novelty may wear off over time
The Merge VR was relatively unremarkable in our test, but it is quite durable
Best Buy Award
If you want to give VR a try and are on a tight budget, then Google Cardboard is your best bet
Delivering one of the worst performances, we are far from thrilled with the SHINECON
Unless the Bnext is severely discounted, it is hard to recommend this product.
There are definitely better option available, in terms of value and performance