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The 4 Best Running Armbands

We put various styles of running armbands to the test from brands like LifeProof, Tune Belt, and more to find the best products
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Best Running Armband Review
Credit: Matt Bento

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By Matt Bento ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 24, 2023

The Best Running Armbands

In our search for the best phone armband, we meticulously researched over 30 models and chose 6 of the most popular and top-performing bands for side-by-side analysis. Our fitness-obsessed testers evaluated each armband while running and performing various exercises, considering important aspects like comfort, ease of use, and stability. We've identified which models are the most comfortable and the best value, as well as which armbands can accommodate multiple devices of different sizes. Whether you want to run around the block or are running a marathon, we've found the best armbands to help you stay connected and keep the tunes going while you're on the move.

The vast world of smartphone gear is constantly evolving. We've tested the top iPhone 15 cases, as well as products like the best touchscreen gloves and the top car phone mounts to ease your purchasing process. We've also tested fitness equipment if you're looking to mix up your routine with some cross-training. If you're thinking about upgrading from an arm band, check out our best smartwatch review or consider one of our favorite fitness trackers.


Best Overall Phone Armband

LifeProof LifeActiv Armband Quickmount

Style: Mount | Extras: None
Phone detaches from armband
No case to interfere with touchscreen
Magnetic guide for easy, one-handed attachment
Lacks weather protection
No padding on velcro strap

The LifeProof LifeActiv Armband Quickmount sets itself apart from the rest as the most versatile and functional armband we tested. Removing the phone is quick and easy, so reviewing a map or changing the playlist can be done without interrupting your run. Some armbands come with a rotating mount, but those still require neck-craning and arm-twisting maneuvers to use your phone. The LifeActiv allows you to detach the phone one-handed just by flipping a lever and giving the phone a twist, and magnets guide the phone into place for quick and easy reattachment. It only took a few quick tries to get the hang of detaching and re-attaching, all while keeping our focus on the road ahead.

A potential dealbreaker for some is that the LifeActiv armband requires a mounting piece to be permanently attached to the back of your phone using a strong glue. It's not difficult to do, and the mount is slim, but it inevitably adds volume to your phone. That said, we didn't mind the extra bulk in exchange for long blissful runs with little time lost to fidgeting with an armband. Another important consideration is this model lacks protection from the elements because it doesn't encase your phone in any sort of sleeve. For serious runners who require GPS navigation and who like to switch up their playlist often, we think you will enjoy the LifeActiv.

smartphone armband - the lifeactive is a tester favorite. it allows for an easy "quick...
The Lifeactive is a tester favorite. It allows for an easy “quick draw” removal of the phone from your arm, and you can re-attach your phone with one hand!
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Bang For the Buck


Style: Sleeve | Extras: Key/cardholder, headphone clip
Snug and stable fit
Provides a little weather protection
Phone can't be accessed without removing the armband
Difficult to text or navigate apps while the phone is in place

The LOVPHONE Armband is a super affordable armband offering solid performance. This model gives you a convenient way to carry your phone along to track your fitness, and we recommend it for those who don't intend to utilize apps or switch up playlists during their run. This armband doesn't move once it is strapped into place, meaning it won't chafe, allowing you to focus on your run. A small pouch behind the main phone pocket gives you another safe place to stash tiny essentials like a key or credit card, and there is a little velcro tab to keep your headphone cord from flying all over the place.

Despite keeping your phone safe and secure, this armband makes it hard to use apps or adjust your music on the fly. The clear plastic cover allows for tapping, pinching, and swiping, but you'd have to contort yourself to actually see the screen, and you'll definitely need to stop running to use your phone. If you're the type of runner who likes to “set it and forget it” while focusing on putting miles under your feet, this is the armband for you.

smartphone armband - affordably priced, comfortable, and complete with features like a...
Affordably priced, comfortable, and complete with features like a credit card holder and a headphone clip, we are big fans of the PHONELOV.
Credit: Matt Bento


Most Comfortable

Tune Belt Sport

Style: Sleeve | Extras: Headphone clip
Padded strap
Easily adjusted
Multiple access points for headphone cords
Too thin for phones in bulky cases

Initially, we were skeptical about the thin padded strap on the Tune Belt Sport, but we were pleasantly surprised a few miles in to realize it stayed in place well and was actually quite comfortable. Its comfort is owed to the mostly neoprene construction. The thin velcro strap is easily adjustable while on the move, allowing you to promptly change the band's position to get a better view of the screen. The neoprene sleeve and clear plastic screen cover also add a bit of weather protection.

Removing the phone from the band isn't too challenging, but only our most determined and dexterous testers could place the phone back in the sleeve without removing the band from their arm. Although the plastic screen cover allows for touchscreen operation, it slightly impacts the touch response of the screen. Considering everything, the Tune Belt Sport occupies a happy medium between a floating mount style armband and a more protective sleeve while offering comfort for the long haul.

smartphone armband - the tune belt can accommodate a wide range of sizes. we found that...
The Tune Belt can accommodate a wide range of sizes. We found that when using a smaller phone, the tune belt still held the phone snug and secure, and we didn't experience any annoying jostling when running with it.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best One Size Fits All

Newppon 180 Rotatable

Style: Mount | Extras: Headphone clip, keyholder
180 degrees of rotation
Stretchy silicone mount holds phones of all sizes
Elastic strap accommodates arms 8"-16"
Plastic parts can feel uncomfortable
Very small key holder

"One size fits all" is a bold claim, but the Newppon 180 Rotatable delivers with a grippy silicone mount that stretches to accommodate devices as large as an iPad mini securely. We even tested it with an old iPhone 5, and it remained in place as we sprinted our way through our tests. There is no sleeve to interfere with the screen, and the rotation function makes it much easier to see the screen and use your phone while it's still attached to your arm.

This armband employs a solid plastic component to keep the phone firmly in place, and there is very little material to pad the plastic. If the band isn't situated high enough on your bicep, it can feel uncomfortable. When worn over a shirt sleeve in colder weather, this was less of an issue. We also found that the advertised keyholder is a bit small to hold most keys securely. If you're always upgrading to the newest device, this armband is a good choice since it can handle many different models and case sizes.

smartphone armband - the newppon is pretty nifty, with stretch silicon straps that hold a...
The Newppon is pretty nifty, with stretch silicon straps that hold a range of phone sizes, plus it rotates 180 degrees, making it a little easier to see what's on your screen.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Low Profile Armband

Tribe Fitness Water Resistant

Style: Sleeve | Extras: Keyholder, headphone clip
Water-resistant neoprene
Won't fit bulky cases
Not very padded

Do you loathe the feeling of your phone shaking and wiggling against your arm as you run? Are you looking for an armband that will hold your phone as snugly against your arm as possible? The low-profile Tribe Fitness Water Resistant is a solution for folks who just want a simple, effective way to run with their phone without having it flop around annoyingly in their pocket. Additionally, the Tribe provides a key holder pocket and a headphone clip without adding any extra bulk.

If your phone is in a bulky protective case, you might need to ditch the case to fit your phone in the slim neoprene sleeve. The armband has a snug fit, so removing the phone from the sleeve while the band is still on your arm feels nearly impossible. While the neoprene backing feels soft against the skin, our testers occasionally felt the vinyl front piece poke them in the arm. For runners who don't want to fuss with their phone while hammering out the miles, the Tribe Armband will do the trick.

smartphone armband - this armband holds your very snug against your arm, but the thin...
This armband holds your very snug against your arm, but the thin neoprene sleeve may not fit your phone if it has a bulky case.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Zippered Sleeve

E-Tronic Edge Armband Sleeve

Style: Sleeve | Extras: Zippered closure
No velcro band
Phone cannot be accessed without stopping activity
Hard to put on over a long-sleeved shirt

The E-tronic Edge Armband Sleeve is unique among its contenders. It consists of a one-piece lycra sleeve with a zippered pouch. This design has many advantages, such as comfortable straps, no pressure points, a key or card pocket, and a zippered pouch that can fit most phone sizes. If you nail the sizing, the whole sleeve stays put nicely at the base of your elbow.

Although the zippered pouch keeps your phone secure, it is not easy to unzip while it's on your arm. More often than not, pulling the zipper tab just ends up pulling the sleeve up or down your arm without opening the pouch. Furthermore, this armband can be hard to put on over a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Forget about accessing your phone or messing with your apps while wearing this armband, but if you're a smartwatch owner who pairs their device with wireless headphones, this unique sleeve may be the most comfortable option.

smartphone armband - there is a phone in there! while comfortable, this armband is not...
There is a phone in there! While comfortable, this armband is not for folks who like to frequently change their playlists or look at a GPS during their runs.
Credit: Matt Bento

Why Trust GearLab

We did the majority of the testing by strapping these armbands on and hitting the local trails and neighborhood streets. We also wore them while performing various exercises like pushups, pullups, and burpees. We paid special attention to how comfortable each model felt on our arms, how easy it was to view our phone's screen and use apps while the armband was strapped on, and how much movement or wiggle we felt while we ran. We conducted our tests with three different phones of varying sizes.

This review comes to you from lifelong runners Matt Bento and Hannah Hall. Both are seasoned gear testers who are very critical of their equipment. From backcountry slogs to urban marathons, these two have enough miles under their feet to know how much a comfortable armband can enhance a run. Matt likes to curate long playlists to stay focused as the miles go by, while Hannah likes to adjust the music on her phone mid-run, blasting the right tunes to charge the next hill, or check her GPS app to monitor her progress. Their diverse preferences and needs provide for a complete and comprehensive assessment of the top cell phone armbands.

Analysis and Test Results

We identified four key metrics to evaluate armbands. Comfort was first and foremost. Although comfort can be somewhat subjective, the Tune Belt Sport is an easy favorite. Ease of use also greatly affected our choice of armbands, with the LifeActiv coming up on top due to how easy it is to attach and remove our phones while the band is strapped to our arms. We took versatility into account, especially whether each armband could fit a variety of phone sizes. We looked at stability, paying close attention to the movement of our devices and whether or not the armbands shifted on our arms.

Why Do You Need an Armband?

Although you can keep your phone in a pocket, fanny pack, or backpack, an armband will give you the most access to your device with the least interference to your workout. Most athletic wear has small pockets (or none at all), and the feeling of a phone jostling around while you move can be distracting or downright uncomfortable. Anyone running longer distances with a small backpack will need to stop their activity and remove the pack to operate their phones. If your earbuds aren't wireless, you'll need to run the cord down your shirt or out of half-opened zippers to connect to your device. Many armbands also include a clip or velcro tab to manage the slack in your headphone cord. All these small conveniences add up to a lot of what will improve your running or workout experience.

smartphone armband - larger armbands can interfere with certain exercises and stretching...
Larger armbands can interfere with certain exercises and stretching positions. We found that armbands with softer materials mitigated this problem.
Credit: Matt Bento


A comfortable armband can encourage you to rack up the miles while listening to your favorite songs. An uncomfortable armband, in contrast, will have you turning around and heading home in disappointment. The most comfortable armbands we tested feature some type of moisture-wicking padding, highly adjustable straps, and soft, flexible components. The least comfortable models had rigid plastic parts that uncomfortably dug into our arms when we bent or stretched, or unpadded straps that pinched or chafed during a long run.

smartphone armband - we found the tune belt sport armband extremely comfortable despite...
We found the Tune Belt Sport Armband extremely comfortable despite having a thin velcro strap.
Credit: Matt Bento

The Tune Belt Sport is a favorite in terms of comfort because it is heavily padded with neoprene and provides good adjustability with its velcro strap. The strap is thin and easy to adjust on the fly and wide enough to avoid pressure points. The E-tronic Edge is also a comfy model, distributing pressure evenly over a soft, stretchy sleeve and forgoing any velcro straps. Because the E-tronic Edge isn't adjustable, it's important to pay attention to the manufacturer's sizing guidelines. Among the removable mount-style armbands, the LifeActiv Armband is the most comfortable, with only a small bit of plastic included for the mounting piece that never interfered with our movements.

smartphone armband - the unique e-tronic running sleeve keeps your device in a zippered...
The unique E-Tronic running sleeve keeps your device in a zippered pouch. Our testers found this design quite comfortable, but had trouble accessing their phones, since when they tugged on the zipper, it pulled the whole sleeve down instead of unzipping.
Credit: Matt Bento

The less comfortable models were the mount-style with larger plastic components like the Newppon 180 Rotatable. It wasn't particularly bothersome while running, but we noticed the rigid plastic poking our arms during specific exercises and stretching positions.

smartphone armband - models using stretchy silicone to hold the phone in place kept our...
Models using stretchy silicone to hold the phone in place kept our phones secure, but removing and reattaching the phone while the armband is still strapped to our arms proved incredibly difficult.
Credit: Matt Bento

Ease of Use

Some runners like to “set it and forget it,” strapping their armband on and enjoying their infinite playlist as the miles fly by. Most of us, however, will need to occasionally access our phones to change up the tunes, check our splits, or glance at a GPS app. Although we'd like to ignore our phones while running, constant connectivity is a necessity for some, so being able to quickly access your phone to receive a call is an important function. When assessing ease of use, we looked at how quickly we could strap on and remove the armbands, how difficult it was to see our screens and perform basic functions like texting and choosing songs, as well as whether or not we could remove our phones without removing the entire armbands.

Of the armbands we tested, sleeve-style models with clear plastic front pieces offered the most protection from the elements. The floating mount style armbands grip the back of the phone and expose it completely, making it easier to use your phone on the go but leaving the phone vulnerable in a drizzle. None of the models we tested are completely waterproof, so if you go running rain or shine, you'll want to pair them with a waterproof case, and you'll need to make sure you find an armband that can fit your phone with the case on. The Tune Belt is particularly accommodating to bulky phone cases, while the Tribe Fitness Water Resistant Armband offers the most weather protection, but it can be a tight squeeze for a phone in a waterproof case.

smartphone armband - magnetic guides help you dock the phone with the lifeactive armband...
Magnetic guides help you dock the phone with the Lifeactive armband, and a small switch locks it in place. The whole process takes about 5 seconds.
Credit: Matt Bento

The LifeActiv Armband easily takes the cake when it comes to convenience. After installing a thin plastic mounting piece to the back of your phone or phone case, you can easily attach it to the band on your arm, and remove it again by clicking the lock switch and twisting the phone. Then you can quickly check Strava, switch to your favorite metal playlist, slap your phone back in place, and run off into the sunset.

smartphone armband - to use the lifeactiv armband, you need to permanently fix a mounting...
To use the Lifeactiv armband, you need to permanently fix a mounting piece on the back of your phone or phone case. It holds the phone very securely, but you can't remove the mounting piece if you want to switch to another device.
Credit: Matt Bento

Armbands with rotating mounts like the Newppon allow you to change the viewing angle to make reading and typing a little easier while the phone is on your arm. This means you don't have to bend or crane your neck as much to use your phone as you do with a fixed armband.

smartphone armband - the newppon armband lets you rotate your phone 180 degrees on a...
The Newppon armband lets you rotate your phone 180 degrees on a floating mount, so you can better position your phone to see the screen or send a text. It s easy to rotate, but there is enough resistance that doesn't rotate when you don't want it to.
Credit: Matt Bento

Armbands with clear plastic screen shields like the Lovphone Armband and the Tune Belt Sport offer some protection for your phone while letting you see and manipulate the screen. However, they can't provide the same accuracy or sensitivity as an unprotected screen. The E-tronic Edge holds your phone in a zippered pouch. You'll need to completely remove your phone from the pouch to use it.

smartphone armband - sleeve-style armbands are less convenient when it comes to accessing...
Sleeve-style armbands are less convenient when it comes to accessing your phone. A clear plastic window in the front allows you to tap and scroll on the screen, but you won't be able to use buttons on the top or sides of the phone.
Credit: Matt Bento

Almost all the models we tested employed some form of velcro strap to cinch the armband down and secure it to your arm. The Tune Belt is the quickest and easiest to adjust, and most others are close behind. The advantage of the velcro strap design is that you can adjust the tightness of the band and easily put it on over a jacket or long sleeve shirt. The E-tronic Edge employs a strapless sleeve design that you slide on over your arm. It's comfortable but very frustrating to put on over a shirt sleeve.


A versatile armband would ideally fit a variety of devices and help you avoid buying a new armband whenever you have to get a new phone. The Newppon 180 Rotatable has stretchy silicone bands that secure phones in place surprisingly well and accommodate devices as small as an iPhone 5 all the way up to an iPad mini.

smartphone armband - these one-size-fits-all bands use stretchy silicone straps to secure...
These one-size-fits-all bands use stretchy silicone straps to secure the phone in place. They can hold a phone as small as an iPhone 5 snugly but can expand to accommodate and Galaxy 8 and even an iPad mini.
Credit: Matt Bento

Assuming that new phones will continue to keep getting bigger, the sleeve-style armbands are not as accommodating. In our testing, putting a small phone in a sleeve that is too big for it didn't detract from our experience at all. After you cinch down the velcro, even a small phone won't move around. The E-tronic Edge has a pretty stretchy pouch that could hold a small phone, keys, and even a couple of energy gel packets.

smartphone armband - several armbands feature a small pocket to hold a house key.
Several armbands feature a small pocket to hold a house key.
Credit: Matt Bento

Extra features also enhance a model's versatility. The Lovphone Armband, Tribe, and Newppon models include a key holder. With the exceptions of the LifeActiv and the E-tronic Edge, every armband had a small velcro clip to remove slack from your headphone cords and prevent them from flying all over the place.

smartphone armband - a one size fits all mount-style armband like this one will allow you...
A one size fits all mount-style armband like this one will allow you to use the same band if you get new phone of a different size. This design tends to wiggle around more than the sleeve-style bands, so if you plan to wear an armband while doing dynamic exercises, a sleeve-style is a better choice.
Credit: Matt Bento


Closely linked to comfort, stability refers to how much a device moves around or jiggles in the armband as you move. Some users may not find this to be an issue, but many of our testers found too much movement to be infuriating. If your phone feels like it's bouncing all over the place while secured in an armband, you might as well just keep it in your pocket. Although some models permitted more movement than others, none of the armbands had us worried that our phones would fall out.

smartphone armband - with "sleeve style" armbands, your phone is held very securely...
With “sleeve style” armbands, your phone is held very securely within a sleeve. These are the most stable and comfortable types of armbands, but once you put them one, it will be difficult to access your phone.
Credit: Matt Bento

The sleeve-style armbands are certainly the most stable, holding our phones snugly in place, especially after cranking down on the velcro straps. These include the Tune Belt Sport, the Lovphone, the Tribe Water Resistant Armband, and the E-tronic Edge.

Less stable are the floating mount-style armbands. The wiggle factor here seems to depend on how far away the mount holds the phone and can be compounded by the size of your device. The LifeActiv is the most stable. It keeps the phone mount close to the armband and includes a locking mechanism.

smartphone armband - the tribe armband on the left holds the phone farther away from your...
The Tribe armband on the left holds the phone farther away from your arm than the Newppon armband on the right, resulting in a less stable, “jiggly” running experience.
Credit: Matt Bento


We hope you find that this deep dive into cell phone armbands helps you find the best product to get you off and running. Remember, the whole point of these armbands is to provide more comfort and convenience than running with a phone in your pocket. Pay special attention to the size of your phone and the size of your arms when ordering an armband, and consider how much you like to tinker with your phone while you run. Additionally, you might consider a pair of top-rated running headphones to keep the music going with little hassle.

smartphone armband - the right armband will keep your phone secure and accessible, so you...
The right armband will keep your phone secure and accessible, so you can stay connected and inspired, mile after mile.
Credit: Matt Bento

Matt Bento