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The 6 Best Pizza Cutters of 2023

We sliced some pie with pizza cutters from KitchenAid, Love This Kitchen, Checkered Chef, Rösle, and more
Best Pizza Cutter of 2023
A look at the wide variety of pizza cutter options we tested this year.
Credit: amber king

Our Top Picks

By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 6, 2023

Our pizza-loving experts examined over 50 of the best pizza cutters before choosing 11 of the market's best. To put each to the test, we tried them out in our kitchen, slicing and dicing pizzas, tortillas, fruits, vegetables, and unthinkable numbers of crackers and charcuterie items — all in the name of gauging and comparing performance. We measured blade and handle length and put them into drawers to see how much space each takes up. After all this work, we offer you our insight. We have recommendations for those seeking a stellar deal and for those who want the best of the best.

Nothing compares to homemade pizza fresh out of your favorite pizza oven, and we've got the details on how to pick one out. We've got recommendations on other kitchen utensils and appliances, too — our kitchen test team has scrupulously tested everything from garlic presses and graters to the best ice cream makers and the best air fryers.


Best Overall Pizza Blade

Love This Kitchen Ultimate

Type: Blade | Blade Length: 14.25 inches
Excellent blade quality that performs like a knife
Incredibly versatile
Easy to clean and maintain
Easy to sharpen for long-term use
The very sharp blade needs to be handled with care
The larger size can be more difficult to store

If you're on the hunt for a high-performance pizza knife that's versatile to boot, the Love This Kitchen Ultimate is a great choice. It can cut all pieces in under 10 seconds with three pushes. In our testing, this model had the best overall cutting performance for thick, deep-dish pizzas. The sturdy blade is long, with ergonomic handles that make it easy to rock the blade back and forth. The Ultimate Rocker Blade is also versatile enough to chop veggies, fruit, and cheese easily, plus it's a breeze to clean.

We only recommend this knife for adult use, as the blade is quite sharp and requires both care and caution. At 14 inches long, the pizza cutter's long length and bulky handles may not easily fit in smaller kitchens. Despite these minor concerns, this knife is one of our favorites and would be an excellent addition to any pizza-loving kitchen.

pizza cutter - best overall pizza blade
This rocker blade pizza knife is sharp and burly - ready to slice through any pizza.
Credit: Amber King


Best Overall Pizza Wheel

KitchenAid Gourmet Pizza Wheel

Type: Roller Wheel with Handle | Blade Diameter: 3.5 inches
Ergonomic handle with non-slip functionality
Built for thin to medium thickness pizzas
Excellent construction that doesn't wobble
The blade is relatively sharp with medium leverage required for cutting
Requires at least two rolls to cut through a thicker or heavier topping
The blade is hard to sharpen and can dull easily

The KitchenAid Gourmet Pizza Wheel is one of the finest wheels we've had the pleasure of using. It uses an ergonomic, non-slip handle with a huge knuckle and thumb catch. It easily cuts through medium to thin crust pizzas with a heavy and sturdy construction that doesn't wobble while you work. We especially love the cute colors which fit any kitchen design.

While we appreciate the performance with most types of pizza, the blade isn't the sharpest out there and struggles when cutting through a super thick crust. Another issue is the size. The handle is rather large and requires a good deal of space in your kitchen drawer. However, consider this option if you're seeking a high-quality traditional design.

pizza cutter - best overall pizza wheel
The KitchenAid Gourmet is our favorite pizza wheel for its stylish flair and high-quality design.
Credit: amber king


Best Bang for the Buck Pizza Blade

Checkered Chef Rocker Blade

Type: Blade | Length: 13.75 inches
Lightweight construction is easy to handle
Rocker construction has excellent cutting performance
Can be used to cut veggies, fruit, cheese, and other items
Excellent value
The protective sheath is a little small, and harder to get the blade in and out

The Checkered Chef Rocker Blade is 100% stainless steel that makes a nice addition to your kitchen collection. The blade is sharp, thin, and easy to sharpen. The rockered construction allows you to rock the blade side-side easily to get a straight and evenly sliced pizza in seconds. Compared to other pizza wheels and scissors, it's much faster and easier to use. You can also use it to cut veggies, fruit, or anything you'd regularly cut with a knife. This is basically the same blade as the Pizza Blade by Kitchenstar but comes at a way lower cost. This is an excellent option for penny pinchers seeking a stainless steel pizza blade that'll slice and dice all day long!

The protective sheath it comes with is nice and burly but is much thinner than other options. It's also hard to get the blade inside the sheath because both sides are the same height and dark in color. As a result, you need to be careful when cleaning and putting it away, as the blade is incredibly sharp. Like all pizza blades, it also requires additional storage space. That said, the thin profile will easily slip into the corner of your drawer. If you're in the market for a thin, lightweight stainless pizza blade, this is the best deal out there.

pizza cutter - best bang for the buck pizza blade
This low-cost pizza blade has the construction and performance of more expensive options at a great price.
Credit: Amber King


Best Bang for the Buck for a Pizza Wheel

Schvubenr Premium

Type: Handled Pizza Wheel | Blade Diameter: 3-inches
Great price and good construction
Easy to clean
Excellent for all pizza thicknesses
Ergonomic handle
Some wobble in the wheel

If you're seeking a traditional handled pizza cutter at an excellent price, the Schvubenr Premium won't disappoint. Slice through pizzas thick and thin with the stainless steel blade construction and ergonomic, non-slip grip. It can be sharpened for longevity with performances that mirror high-end products on the market. It is very similar to the KitchenAid Gourmet Pizza Wheel, with a wheel that's just a touch smaller. If a deal is what you seek, this is what we recommend.

Our only gripe is wheel wobble and a relatively thin blade profile. While it can be sharpened, the thinness of the wheels makes us believe you won't be able to sharpen it very many times. However, this traditional pizza wheel offers stellar value and is one you should consider adding to your kitchen, as it comes in at a low cost.

pizza cutter - best bang for the buck for a pizza wheel
A look at this traditional pizza cutter with an ergonomic handle at a ridiculously low price. It's great to slice through any pizza.
Credit: Amber King


Best for Storage and Leverage

Kitchy Wheel

Type: Handheld Wheel | Blade Diameter: 4 inches
Ergonomic silicone handle with non-slide grip
Decently sharp blade slices through most pies
Retractable shield for protective storage
Slim profile and five-inch diameter makes it easy to store in small spaces
Can be used to chop other items but not recommended
Needs to be taken apart to clean
Difficulty cutting thick pizza because of protective shield

The Kitchy Wheel is a unique, handheld design that is super easy to use. The round blade is protected by a plastic sheath that also functions as its handle. The blade easily slices through thinner pizzas, focaccia, and even veggies. Since the handle is built above the blade, you can securely and safely push down on it while cutting, making it one of the easiest wheels to use! It features a retractable protective shield that'll keep your fingers protected when rifling through drawers, and its slim profile takes up next to no storage. What more can you ask for?

Unfortunately, while it does have a four-inch blade, only about two inches of it is usable, as the housing and wheel limit cutting depth. So if you're dealing with a thicker pizza with heavy toppings, it can easily get jammed up. For regular or medium thickness pies, it'll do exactly what you need. Our last and biggest caveat is the cleaning process. Since the blade is covered, the housing gets messy. You can take it apart, but it doesn't easily unsnap and takes more time to assemble and disassemble. If you're willing to deal with cleaning this handy device, then you might enjoy its space-saving features and construction.

pizza cutter - best for storage and leverage
The Kitchy Wheel is small and compact with a sharp blade that'll cut through most things.
Credit: amber king


Best Quality Stainless Steel Wheel

Rosle Stainless Steel Round-Handle

Type: Wheel with handle | Wheel Diameter: 2.75 inches
Stainless steel design is of high quality and stylish
Easy storage options
Very sharp with an ergonomic handle
Heavier design is sturdy and rugged
Smaller blade diameter struggles with thicker pizzas and heavy toppings
Difficult to sharpen

The Rosle Stainless Steel Round-Handle is designed and engineered in Germany, boasting the best quality of any option tested. Its 100% stainless steel construction is petite but sturdy, using heavier, high-quality steel. As a result, there's no wobbling through a thick crust pizza. Cleaning is simple as well. The ergonomic design easily catches your hand when pressing into a cheesy pie, and you don't need to apply a ton of pressure with its super sharp wheel.

The biggest downside is the smaller blade diameter of only 2.75 inches. While it works on thin and medium crust pizza, it'll drag toppings and require more work on a thicker pizza. Aside from that and its high price, this cutter is built for pizza lovers who need a high-quality option that'll keep slicing through the years.

pizza cutter - best quality stainless steel wheel
This premium pizza cutter is constructed of stainless steel. The blade is incredibly sharp with high-quality construction.
Credit: amber king


A Stainless Steel Blade for Thick Pizzas

KitchenStar 14"

Type: Blade | Length: 13.75 inches
A super sharp blade with a versatile functionality
Deeper construction for thicker pizzas
Rockered technology that is easy to use
Higher price
Not a space-saving option

The KitchenStar 14" is a stainless steel blade with a 13.75-inch construction. It's basically the same as the Checkered Chef, making us wonder if they're made by the same manufacturer. Its only difference is its two-inch blade depth (compared to the 1.75 inches on the Checkered Chef blade) designed to take on pizzas of all thicknesses. The blade is sharp and will easily slice through anything you need. Four easy slices, and you'll have a medium-sized pizza chopped in no time. Also, don't be afraid to take it to your veggies and fruit. The rolled-over handle allows you to grasp it anywhere along the body. If you need a cutter that'll easily get through a thicker crust, check this contender out.

While we appreciate its functionality, we're not sure why it's priced higher than similar options. Needless to say, the value isn't as high as other pizza blades out there. Also, it's not designed for child use and takes up a little more room in your drawers.

pizza cutter - the kitchenstar blade rocking its way into action.
The Kitchenstar blade rocking its way into action.
Credit: Amber King


A Handheld Option with a Protective Cover

FAVIA Handheld Wheel Slicer

Type: Handheld Wheel | Blade Diameter: 5.25 inches
The larger blade can handle thicker pizzas
Excellent storage
Handheld functionality is easy to use
Great price
Challenging to take apart

The FAVIA Handheld Wheel Slicer caught our eye for its larger blade diameter and easy-to-use functionality. When slicing pizza, it does great work, as the blade is as sharp as you'd expect for any high-quality option. It can handle deeper pizzas that are 2.5 inches thick with easy functionality. The handle isn't as easy to hold as the Kitchy, but we appreciate its larger size. It also stores incredibly well in a drawer and can cut many other food items that aren't pizza. We also love the lower comparative price!

Our biggest caveat is the cleaning. It advertises the ability to be taken apart, which is one of the reasons we bought it. However, upon receiving it, there are no instructions or videos explaining how to take it apart. We almost gave up until we used a knife to pry up the axle pieces (which seems impossible to do with your fingers) to learn that it comes apart into many pieces. This process is annoying and takes time, and you risk losing small parts. Aside from the cleaning process, it's a pretty epic deal and does perform well.

pizza cutter - the favia handheld doing great work slicing up a thinner pizza.
The FAVIA handheld doing great work slicing up a thinner pizza.
Credit: Amber King


A Large Blade Diameter for Thicker Pizzas

Yinghezu 4.72" Stainless

Type: Pizza Wheel with Handle | Blade Diameter: 4 inches
The very large blade is built for pizzas of all depths
Great price
Sharp and easy to use
Simple and lower-quality construction

If you want a simple pizza wheel without bells or whistles, the Yinghezu 4.72" Stainless is of excellent value with a large blade. The blade is thin and sharp, easily slicing through flatbreads and pizzas. The open-face construction allows you to cut into a deep-dish without pressing too hard to roll over it a hundred times. The handle isn't anything to write home about, but it's ergonomic and non-slip. The price also can't be beaten.

While this might save you a few bucks upfront, don't expect this lower-quality cutter to last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is a wobble in the wheel, and it uses less durable materials. This pizza wheel is best for thick crust lovers that need a little extra diameter on the wheel.

pizza cutter - a larger blade, built for thicker pizzas.
A larger blade, built for thicker pizzas.
Credit: amber king


A Unique Pizza Scissor

Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors

Type: Scissor | Length: 5 inch length
Large ergonomic handles
Works well with non-stick pans
Precise cutting for foods that aren't just pizza
Does not cut straight
Pizza cutting takes a long time
Must hold the pizza when cutting it
Take up a lot of storage, and the price is high

If you aren't a fan of traditional designs, look at the Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors. These are essentially regular scissors with a protective nylon base under the blade that protects cookware from scratches. Not only can it cut a pizza with precision, but it quickly became a kitchen tool we'd use to cut even slices of cheese and salami for delicious charcuterie plates. The blades are sharp, and the design seems to get the job done.

For most folks, this isn't the tool for the job. While some are lovers of cutting pizza with scissors, others don't like dealing with the extra time, care, and attention required. A larger pizza requires 5-7 cuts across the diameter with lines that typically aren't straight. Plus, you need to hold onto the pizza to keep it in place, which means burnt fingers from hot sauce and cheese. The 12-inch length also takes up a lot of room in a drawer. If you're a diehard lover of pizza scissors, this is a great option to consider; however, other options are much faster and easier to store.

pizza cutter - the scizza scissor is a different way to cut pizza and keep...
The Scizza Scissor is a different way to cut pizza and keep non-stick pans protected.
Credit: Amber King


Ideal for Non-Stick Cookware Protection

OXO Good Grips 4-Inch

Type: Plastic Wheel with handle | Blade Diameter: 4 inches
Plastic wheel offers protective use on non-stick cookware
Large diameter can be used with thick and thin pizzas
Sturdy construction
Ergonomic handle
The blade is not sharp, and cuts require leverage and effort

The plastic blade construction of the OXO Good Grips 4-Inch makes it ideal for use with non-stick pans. We tested to see if it damages these pans by rolling the blade over them several times with great force. The result — no damage! The large wheel diameter is sufficient for thin and thick pizzas, while the sturdy construction is easy to hold and use. When stored, the blade has no cover, but because it's not very sharp, it's one you don't have to worry about cutting yourself on. Plus, it does good work of keeping toppings in place!

While we appreciate the unique construction of this cutter, its blade performance is pretty bad compared to the rest. While it'll eventually make its way through the crust and dough of a pizza, it takes a lot of extra effort and leverage to get there. Plus, the plastic construction means the blade can dull and can't be sharpened, unlike metal blades in this review. While it certainly has a place in the pizza world, this is one we'd only recommend to those looking for non-stick pan protection.

pizza cutter - we tested if the oxo grip actually kept our pans protected and it...
We tested if the OXO Grip actually kept our pans protected and it does a pretty solid job!
Credit: Amber King

Why You Should Trust Us

A proper selection is where our testing process begins. We focused on the most popular options on the market and chose 11 of the best within a reasonable price range. After selecting options with various designs, we make pizzas and slice them up. We tried out thick and thin crust options, some with heaps of cheese and some without. We also sliced up other foods like crackers, tortillas, cheese, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and more to assess important differences in slicing capability and performance. In all, we spent about six solid hours slicing up different items in our kitchen and even more time eating them all. After gaining about five pounds from eating pizza, we meticulously compared each product to see which are the best and which should be left at the warehouse. Our testing is unbiased, and we buy all the products.

Amber King brings you this pizza cutter review. With over seven years of gear testing experience, she knows how to develop tests that'll pull gear to the test. Pizza is also her favorite food, and she's been making it from scratch for over ten years. As an artisanal bread connoisseur, she spends much of her free time with her sourdough starter, trying out new recipes for pizza crusts, loaves, and tortillas. As a tester that loves a good, thick, and delicious crust, she knows how important a good product is in the kitchen arsenal. In addition, she's reviewed over 30+ categories of gear, including kitchen cookware, external hard drives, and tripods.

We take the time to really test each product. Here we do a...
We take the time to really test each product. Here we do a comparison of cuts before a pizza night dinner!

Analysis and Test Results

An excellent pizza cutter will slice through pizzas of all shapes and sizes without too much effort or wobble. To test which offers the best performance, we rate each product using five important metrics. These include cutting performance, ease of use, cleaning effort, storage, and quality.

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pizza cutter - we extensively tested and compared the top pizza cutters.
We extensively tested and compared the top pizza cutters.
Credit: Amber King

Cutting Performance

The most basic function of any pizza slicer is to cut up a pizza easily and quickly. To test this, we specifically look at blade sharpness and how it cuts pizzas of different thicknesses. We started by baking over five different pizzas and slicing each, alternating cutters for comparison. In addition, we cut other items to determine intricacies that we wouldn't normally see with just pizza. Each blade cut up thin tortillas, baby tomatoes, cheese, crackers, cucumbers, apples, and more. The blades that could slice through everything with great ease are given the highest scores.

pizza cutter - the love this kitchen ultimate pizza blade is the sharpest, with the...
The Love This Kitchen Ultimate pizza blade is the sharpest, with the best overall cutting performance we've tested so far.
Credit: Amber King

Pizza blades like the Love This Kitchen Ultimate, Checkered Chef Rocker, and KitchenStar 14 inch completely crushed the cutting performance tests. They are incredibly sharp, slicing through all items easily. We were able to shave the skin off of an apple! All have similar performances when it comes to pizza slicing. The Love This Kitchen Ultimate is the longest with a thicker blade than the other options, making it THE top choice for larger pizzas with thicker crusts.

The other two are thinner stainless steel blades, with the KitchenStar 14 inch having a depth about a half-inch deeper than the Checkered Chef Rocker. All offer unbeatable cutting performance compared to other designs. Every time a pizza or tortilla is sliced, it separates all the pieces, so you're not pulling them apart with your fingers. They also keep toppings in place and are incredibly easy to use.

pizza cutter - we also cut up tortillas, salami, crackers, tomatoes, and cheese...
We also cut up tortillas, salami, crackers, tomatoes, and cheese with all the pizza cutters to really determine performance! Here we see the options that prevailed in our tests!
Credit: Amber King

Of the traditional pizza wheels tested, the KitchenAid Gourmet, Schvubenr Pizza Wheel, and Kitchy Wheel are the highlighted favorites. The KitchenAid Gourmet features a 3.5-inch wheel that does well on medium to thin-crust pizzas. The Kitchy Wheel is four inches large as well. Both have very sharp blades that easily allow you to slice through a pizza crust. The Schvubenr Pizza Wheel has a 3-inch blade that requires two passes to get through super thick crusts.

pizza cutter - the schvubner pizza cutter plunges and slices through this thicker...
The Schvubner Pizza Cutter plunges and slices through this thicker crust pepperoni pizza with no problem.
Credit: Amber king

We also like the FAVIA Handheld, which has a larger blade than the Kitchy but isn't as sharp. The Yinghezu 4.72 has the largest diameter wheel (a little over four inches) and is also suitable for deeper pizzas. All these wheel cutters can be sharpened, but it takes a lot more effort to do so in comparison to pizza blades. It's important to note that all-wheel cutters have some topping drop, especially if the wheel is too small for the pizza crust thickness.

pizza cutter - the dreamfarm scizza scissor not only cuts precisely but can be used...
The Dreamfarm Scizza Scissor not only cuts precisely but can be used as a serving tool too!
Credit: Amber King

The Dreamfarm Scizza Scissor is another unique option. It's a pair of scissors that allow you to slice your way right through the pizza. The blades are quite sharp and do well across our tests. Just know that cutting time is almost tripled, but you can ensure your toppings will most definitely stay in place.

Ease of Use

How easy is it to use your pizza cutter? In this metric, we assess handle ergonomics and the leverage required to cut through a pizza. We found that those without handles where you can apply direct pressure over the top of the cutter do the best for leverage. In addition, those with thicker handles and a non-slip grip earn top marks.

pizza cutter - a look at different handles with different features for an easy...
A look at different handles with different features for an easy, ergonomic grip.
Credit: amber king

The long blade and specific handle of the Love This Kitchen Ultimate is by far the easiest to use of all options! The handle's excellent handgrips allow you to apply your body weight easily when slicing a pizza. The blade is so sharp that hardly any effort is required at all. The Kitchenstar 14 inch and Checkered Chef are also easy to use but don't earn as many points because the handle is just a rolled-over piece of metal that's a bit harder to hold.

pizza cutter - a comparison of the different handles of the pizza blades.
A comparison of the different handles of the pizza blades.
Credit: amber king

Of the pizza wheels, we like those that are handheld better than those with handles. The Kitchy Wheel is our favorite. Since it doesn't have a handle that sticks out, you simply use the silicon and ergonomic grip to press down on the pizza with ease as it effortlessly cuts through the crust. The FAVIA Wheel is similar but larger with a more slippery exterior that's harder to hold. Of the traditional wheel cutters, we like the Kitchenaid Gourmet, Schvubenr Pizza Wheel, and Rösle Stainless Steel. The Kitchenaid Gourmet has a much thicker handle which is easy to hold, but both have a nice catch for the thumb and knuckle, making for easy slicing. The Schvubenr Pizza Wheel is similar, with a non-slip handle and a thinner construction than the KitchenAid. We found that the Rösle's super sharp wheel requires little pressure when getting through a thick pizza topping; the handle is easy to use but not as easy as the Kitchenaid Gourmet or Schvubenr.

pizza cutter - the kitchy wheel is a little smaller, offering an easier to handle...
The Kitchy Wheel is a little smaller, offering an easier to handle grip than the FAVIA.
Credit: amber king


How easy is it to clean pizza crud? To test this, we cleaned each one right after use and after leaving sauce and cheese to harden. Those that can easily be rinsed off without sauce or cheese getting stuck in cracks and crevices prevail, while those with extra spaces for the sauce to build up are a bit tougher to clean. Those that have to be taken apart for cleaning take more time and thus earn lower points in this metric.

To avoid stuck on grim and recleaning, be diligent about rinsing off cheese and sauce right after use. While all pizza cutters are advertised to easily be thrown into the dishwasher, most companies recommend handwashing for longevity.

pizza cutter - all the cutters tested are dishwasher safe, but recommend...
All the cutters tested are dishwasher safe, but recommend handwashing instead.
Credit: amber king

Of all the cutters, the pizza blades once again reign king. The solid blade construction of the Love This Kitchen Ultimate, Checkered Chef, and Kitchenstar 14 inch is easy to rinse or throw right into the dishwasher. Amongst them, the Love This Kitchen Ultimate is the easiest because, unlike the other two, it doesn't have a looped handle that water and food bits can easily get stuck inside.

pizza cutter - cutters like the oxo good grip, which boast a simple design, are the...
Cutters like the OXO Good Grip, which boast a simple design, are the easiest to clean. The plastic wheel allows sauce and sticky cheese to fall right off.
Credit: amber king, OXO goodgrip

All pizza wheels with larger blades and no protective casing do well in this metric. We found that larger models like the Yinghezu 4.72 inch, OXO GoodGrip 4 inch, Schvubenr Pizza Wheel, and Kitchenaid Gourmet have a simple construction that can be easily rinsed off without additional scrubbing. They can also be thrown into the dishwasher.

pizza cutter - the left shows the simpler construction of the kitchy wheel when...
The left shows the simpler construction of the Kitchy Wheel when taken apart. This is our favorite of the two, primarily because its easier to take apart and clean.
Credit: amber king

Handheld options with protective housings like the Kitchy Wheel have to be taken apart to clean, which is a bit annoying and takes more time. In addition, we typically found taking it apart to be a little problematic, as there's really no safe dismantling method where your fingers stay out of harm's way for the blade. The FAVIA wheel can also be taken apart, but the process requires leveraging open the device with a knife! When it came apart, we noticed that there were many pieces that could easily get lost. Thus, we prefer the Kitchy Wheel as it's easier to remove the protective blade sheath and has far fewer parts to lose while cleaning.


How well does the pizza cutter store? To assess this, we measure the overall length and experiment by putting each into our kitchen drawers at home. We also pay attention to those with safety features so you don't accidentally cut a finger while grabbing another item in the drawer.

pizza cutter - the kitchy wheel (right) easily fits into any drawer and...
The Kitchy Wheel (right) easily fits into any drawer and offers a protective cover. The FAVIA wheel is a little larger but is also easy to store.
Credit: amber king

An excellent option for storage is the Kitchy Wheel for its small size (five inches) and protective retractable shield. The FAVIA Wheel has similar features but takes up just a tad more space in the drawer (5.25 inches). Both are great options for those seeking a storage savvy option that is safe to throw into a cluttered drawer.

pizza cutter - a look at the relative sizing of some of the traditional pizza...
A look at the relative sizing of some of the traditional pizza cutters in this review. On the left are the smallest to the right, which is the largest in size.
Credit: amber king

Of the traditional wheel cutters, the Rösle Stainless Steel is the shortest (eight inches) with a convenient loophole for hanging. "Regular-sized" options range in length from 9 to 9.5-inches. The OXO GoodGrips 4-inch (9.25 inches) has a plastic blade with a bulkier design and hanging loop at its base, while the Schvubenr Pizza Wheel has an 8.5-inch length that doesn't take up too much space in a drawer. The KitchenAid Gourmet and Yinghezu 4.25 inch are larger than the OXO GoodGrips because of the larger blade diameter, without hanging loops. Of them, the KitchenAid Gourmet is the heaviest and will take up a regular amount of space in your drawers. None of these have a protective cover over the blade, but the OXO GoodGrip 4 inch plastic blade isn't as sharp and feels safer to have in the drawer without a protective cover.

pizza cutter - while pizza blades can be long, the thinner options, like the silver...
While pizza blades can be long, the thinner options, like the silver Checkered Chef can easily slide in alongside other drawer organizers. The Ultimate by Love This Kitchen is bulkier and doesn't fit as easily in your cooking drawer.
Credit: amber king

It's not surprising that the biggest downside to a pizza blade is its long and deep profile that's harder to fit into a drawer. The thinner profile of the Checkered Chef and Kitchenstar 14 (13.75 inches) are slightly easier to store than the 14-inch blade of the Love This Kitchen Ultimate Blade. While all have protective coverings, the Ultimate Blade by Love This Kitchen has a burly cover that won't accidentally come off. Any of these will slip alongside a drawer organizer, allowing you to up your storage game.


We assess the quality of materials used in each pizza cutter. Is this product well-built, or will it only last a short time? It's not worth dropping cash on a product that'll eventually just fail. Those with plastic components, wobbly axles, and rusting don't score well here, but those built with solid materials (like stainless steel) with sturdy construction thrive.

pizza cutter - the rosle stainless steel pizza cutter is a high-quality pizza...
The Rosle Stainless Steel pizza cutter is a high-quality pizza cutter that will last you a long time. It's well built with solid, German construction.
Credit: Amber King

A high-quality contender is the Rösle Stainless Steel. Not only is it stylish, but its full stainless steel construction is well-engineered and functional. The KitchenAid Gourmet is another we like but doesn't score as high because the handle is made of ABS plastic with chrome plating, which isn't as high quality. Compared to the rest, these two are the highest-quality wheel cutters in this review. All of the pizza blades we test also score high here. The Love This Kitchen Ultimate is thicker and is built better than any other blade option.

pizza cutter - which pizza cutter do you want? there's many options out there and...
Which pizza cutter do you want? There's many options out there and we hope our review has helped you find exactly what you're looking for.
Credit: amber king


Whether you love a deep dish or tend to stick to a thin crust, anybody that loves a good ole pie needs to ditch the knife and get a high-quality product that'll last. We've spent hours of hard work, research, and testing to find the best options in today's market. We sincerely hope our recommendations will help guide you toward the best pizza cutter for your budget and needs.

Amber King

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