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The 5 Best Turkish Towels of 2023

We dried off, patted down, and wrapped up in a selection of Turkish towels to find the top options
Best Turkish Towels of 2023
Credit: Hayley Thomas

Our Top Picks

By Hayley Thomas ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 4, 2023

In search of the perfect Turkish towel but overwhelmed by all your options? We researched over 45 top options and chose 10. It can be challenging to tell what a towel has to offer just by looking at it online, so that's where we come in. Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect towel to bring to the beach, a cute throw to liven up that bland living room couch, or a 100% cotton headwrap, Turkish towels are sure to meet your needs, and we can help you find the right one for the occasion. Our pre-testing research, combined with our hands-on experience with each item, will provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

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Best Overall Turkish Towel

Mebien Turkish Beach Bath Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 35" x 67"
Very versatile
Fast drying
Super soft
No traditional pattern option

The Mebien Turkish Beach Bath Towel is a great option for most situations. It excelled in most test metrics and is a rare combination of soft, thick, and quick drying. Doubling as a lightweight throw or comfy scarf, this towel is versatile with a snug weave and fluffy tassels providing coziness while its density holds in warmth. It has several color and design options and includes a small tag for hanging it up.

While all products generally have a downside, we had to search for one with this towel. The Mebien has quite a few design and color options, but none resemble a typical Turkish towel, which would be a nice option to add. This towel also didn't get much softer over time; however, this wasn't an issue, as it was the softest out of the package that we tested. Overall, the Mebien is an excellent choice if you want a versatile towel for almost any application.

turkish towels - best overall turkish towel
The tag is placed strategically in the middle of the towel, providing a perfect little loop to hang it from.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Towels for the Whole Family

Bosphorus Set of 6 Turkish Cotton Hammam Towels

Number of Towels: 6 | Size: 74" x 39"
Great value
Both fun and neutral color options
Tassels are sparse
Thin material

An excellent option for the entire family is the classic set of 6 Turkish towels, the Bosphorus Set. These towels are comprised of lightweight cotton, so they soak up water and dry quickly. The entire towel set is the same generous size — large enough to lounge on at the park but not so big that you're tripping over the hem when you wrap yourself in it after a shower. There are multi- and single-toned sets in both bright and neutral colors. This is a great bargain when you consider the cost per towel in this set. The towels can also double as a scarf or head towel and work great at the beach as a typical towel or even a sarong.

One caveat of lightweight towels is their ability to absorb water — and because these can only handle an average amount, our testers with long or thick hair needed two after their showers, one to dry their body and a separate one for their hair. Easy enough when you have six to choose from. The Bosphorus set also does not provide much warmth when used as a blanket and is a little see-through, so changing under it at the beach may not provide much privacy. Additionally, the tassels on these towels are rather small, though they are braided very neatly. Overall, we love this set and feel it would be best used by a family or someone looking to get a whole household's worth of towels in one purchase.

turkish towels - towels for the whole family
Enough lightweight, versatile, and quick-drying towel for you and all your friends.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Most Versatile

Demmex Organic Diamond Weave Turkish Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 71" x 36"
Thick and soft
Full tassels
Slower to dry
Only one pattern option

The thick and cozy Demmex Organic Diamond Weave Turkish Towel is so versatile that you could use it to dry yourself off in the morning and then as a scarf for an afternoon outing. The many color options are sure to help compliment any outfit, and the thick tassels and beautiful diamond design are eye-catching. The dense weave makes for a very absorbent towel — unlike some of the thinner towels in our test suite, you definitely won't need more than one to get good and dry after swimming in the lake or taking a shower. A common trait with Turkish towels is that they increase in softness with use, and the Demmex is no exception. After multiple washes and many uses, we fell more and more in love with it.

Because this towel is on the thicker side, it takes a bit longer to dry. That being said, the extra fabric allows it to absorb more liquid at once. As far as aesthetics, we absolutely adore the color options and traditional diamond weave patterns, but only one pattern is available. The Demmex is best for someone looking for top quality and versatility in a traditional pattern.

turkish towels - most versatile
Not many towels can complete an outfit, but this one sure does the trick.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Best Lightweight Option

Wetcat Original Turkish Beach Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 39" x 71"
Immediately soft
Abundant color options
Dries quickly
Doesn't protect from ground moisture

The Wetcat Original Turkish Beach Towel rocks the traditional striped Turkish pattern and offers a plethora of different color options. This cotton towel is prewashed to ensure that it does not shrink, but make sure you follow the directions to avoid compromising its durability and shortening its lifespan. Wash and wear make Turkish towels softer, so it makes sense that the prewashed Wetcat actually feels soft right out of the package. This towel also makes a great lightweight summer scarf.

Since the Wetcat is quite lightweight, it can only soak up so much water at a time. On that same note, it might not be the best option to use as a park blanket if the ground is moist due to its thinness. Most colors are also light and bright, so laying it on dark or dirty ground may stain it. This towel is best used for someone searching for a colorful, lightweight, quick-drying bath or beach towel.

turkish towels - best lightweight option
This towel is thin and lightweight but still absorbent, making a trip to the lake a breeze.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Stylish and Versatile Hand Towels

Smyrna Original Turkish Hand Towels Set of 2

Number of Towels: 2 | Size: 16" x 40"
Thick and absorbent
Larger than your average dish towel
Not machine dryable
Takes longer to dry

The Smyrna Original Turkish Hand Towels Set of 2 is a stunning set of thick towels for the hands, face, or dishes. Take one to the gym to wipe your brow during yoga, or use it as a runner to dress up your dining room table. This versatile towel is both absorbent and stylish. It gets softer with every wash so drying your hands and face is an absolute pleasure. The tassels are thick, and the pattern is traditional with a twist. Depending on how much hair you're packing on your head, it can also double as a hair wrap.

This works great as a dish towel, but because those need to be washed often to ensure clean dishes, it's important to note that, while these towels are definitely machine washable, they must be washed on gentle and hung to dry to ensure their longevity. And since they are relatively thick, they tend to take longer to dry than some of the thinner options in this review. The Smyrna towels are a great option for those looking to add a beautiful accent to the bathroom or spice up the kitchen with something a little more fun than the average dishtowel.

turkish towels - stylish and versatile hand towels
The thickness and absorbency of these towels make them perfect for dish drying.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Thick and Cozy

Bazaar Anatolia Diamond Turkish Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 38" x 77"
Thick fluffy tassels
Can double as a blanket
Threads began to pull after first wash
Takes longer to dry

The Bazaar Anatolia Diamond Turkish Towel is a thick, cozy, and versatile towel. If you're looking for a beach towel, bath towel, pool towel, scarf, shawl, blanket, throw, or all of the above, this is a great pick. The thickness allows for high absorption potential, and the big fluffy tassels are fun and attractive. Fold it up and use it as a cushion on hard rocks or lay it flat on the ground to get your tan on. Its high-quality appearance makes it a great decoration piece, and the thickness offers enough warmth to use it as a light blanket. While it didn't come out of the package super soft, it did get significantly softer after each wash.

The Bazaar Anatolia was a little rough straight out of the package, and after two washes, we found a couple of loose threads. That being said, everything remained intact. Being thicker than your average Turkish towel, this one takes a little longer to dry, though still less time than your average bath towel. Overall this is a great option if you're looking for one towel to do it all.

turkish towels - the fact that this towel gets softer with each use makes us want to...
The fact that this towel gets softer with each use makes us want to use it even more.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Colors for Days

Cacala Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 37" x 70"
Traditional Turkish style
Dries quickly
Tons of color options
Does not provide warmth
Easily soaked

The lightweight and absorbent Cacala Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel is a traditional Turkish-style towel with abundant color options. It is highly absorbent and dries very quickly, a common theme for the lighter-weight towels in our test suite. The more use it gets, the softer it becomes, and, even though it is thin, the Cacala holds its desirably tight-knit weave with each wash. It is a very versatile towel and even makes a great lightweight summer or fall scarf, as it is plush and falls nicely around the neck. It also makes for a great head wrap, especially for those with curly hair, as a tighter-weaved towel helps reduce frizz. To top it all off, this towel also has a strategically placed tag for hanging to dry.

Most of the thinner towels in our review are very absorbent but still can't absorb as much water as thicker options due to their lightweight. If you have thick hair, it is worth bringing two of these to the bathroom. Thinner towels also tend to have smaller tassels, which makes the overall look slightly less appealing, depending on your preferences. Still, the Cacala is well-made, and the tassels are very nicely twisted. This towel does not provide much warmth, but if you are looking for a lightweight option to take to a warm beach, look no further.

turkish towels - tightly twisted tassels for aesthetics and an intuitively placed tag...
Tightly twisted tassels for aesthetics and an intuitively placed tag for hang drying.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Absorbent Face Towels

Bosphorus Set of 4 Turkish Cotton Hand Towels

Number of Towels: 4 | Size: 17" x 35"
Great bang for your buck
Light colors stain easily
Not many color options

The Bosphorus Set of 6 Turkish Cotton Hammam Towels includes four lightweight and highly absorbent face, hand, or dish towels. This is a great collection to have around the house. Use them to hand dry dishes, wash your face, or wrap up your baby after a bath. They are larger than your average dish towel and thus more versatile. You can even use them as table runners to spice up your centerpiece. Since this is a set of four, the value per towel is high. They came out of the package a little stiff and scratchy but softened up after just one wash.

The Bosphorus Hand Towels are high quality and come in various patterns; however, the color options are quite limited. There are nine different colors and three different patterns, but only one of those is not a neutral palette. This won't bother anyone who prefers neutral colors, but we wouldn't mind seeing more variety. Since most color options are lighter and the patterns are relatively tame, stains are also quite noticeable. Still, this set is great for a household looking for something a little more versatile than your average dish towel.

turkish towels - a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or bathroom.
A gorgeous addition to any kitchen or bathroom.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


A Great Headwrap

Realgrandbazaar Pestemal Turkish Towel

Number of Towels: 1 | Size: 39" x 69"
Makes a good headwrap for curly hair
Lost of color options
Stiff out of the package

The Realgrandbazaar Pestemal Turkish Towel is a fast-drying cotton Turkish towel. The traditional pattern and plethora of color options are sure to please, and the thin cotton dries very quickly. This towel is a bit stiffer and smaller than the others in our test suite, which may not sound like a desirable trait, but it's great for wrapping up curly hair. A well-known fact among the curly-haired community is that finely woven cotton helps reduce frizz. The stiffness and slightly smaller size of this towel help it stay put until your hair is set and dry.

While the stiffness provides some additional support for hair care purposes, it isn't the most comfortable when used as a towel. The Realgrandbazaar is lightweight, and, like many of the towels in our test suite, it suffers the same negative consequences. It is not particularly warm when used as a blanket and struggles to absorb large amounts of water without becoming completely soaked. But if you have big beautiful curly locks that need extra support while they dry, this is a great pick for you.

turkish towels - the smaller size and slight stiffness of this towel make it perfect...
The smaller size and slight stiffness of this towel make it perfect for a headwrap.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Complete With a Carry Bag

Bay Laurel Turkish Towel with Travel Bag

Number of Towels: 1 + carry bag | Size: 39" x 71"
Comes with carry bag
Fun color options
Susceptible to pilling

The Bay Laurel Turkish Towel with Travel Bag towel is ready for your next adventure because it comes with a useful carry bag. It offers super fun colors (both neutral and loud), most are two-toned, and the bag is just as pretty. As far as aesthetics, these towels are super cute, offering enough options for everyone to find something that tickles their fancy. The towel soaks up liquid and dries quickly and, once dry, can be packed away neatly in its carry bag.

The Bay Laurel is on the stiffer side. The good news is that it gets a touch softer with use and laundering. The not-so-good news is we found it to be a tad itchy for individuals with sensitive skin. It also started pilling a tiny bit after the first wash. Remarkably, the pilling subsided after the second wash and mostly went away. This option is best for those who travel and want to keep their towel clean and separate from their other luggage via the carry bag.

turkish towels - the cute carry bag is easy to stuff, but the towel is a little...
The cute carry bag is easy to stuff, but the towel is a little stiffer than some of the others in this review.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

turkish towels - this lightweight towel passes as a summer scarf without question.
This lightweight towel passes as a summer scarf without question.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing process begins with research — lots of it. We took the time to research what makes a Turkish towel better than your average bath towel, as well as read through scores of personal accounts online. Once our research was complete and our test suite determined, we started testing. We knew that these long-fibered cotton towels become softer with use, so we were sure to use, abuse, wash, and rewash each one multiple times. They accompanied us from dry, aired Colorado to the wet and rocky lake beaches of West Virginia. We had multiple testers pat themselves down, wrap their hair up, and nap on top of these towels. A few were even thick enough to use as light blankets. All the while, we paid close attention to our key metrics: absorbency, drying rate, comfort, versatility, and aesthetics.

The person in charge of this review is Hayley Thomas from Denver, Colorado. She is nothing if not a water baby, having spent much of her childhood surfing in California and beyond. Coupled with her refined sense of style, she definitely appreciates the nuances of a quality towel.

With 6 towels in this set, you can use one for your hair and one for...
With 6 towels in this set, you can use one for your hair and one for your waist.
Wrap up in the thick DEMMEX for warmth.
Wrap up in the thick DEMMEX for warmth.
The thin towels don't offer a ton of protection from jagged rocks or...
The thin towels don't offer a ton of protection from jagged rocks or wet grass but they are perfect for a little sandstone lounge sesh.

Analysis and Test Results

We make sure that our comparisons are streamlined and detailed to ensure they cover everything you might need to know before purchasing one of these towels. Read on to learn about our findings for each metric.


Generally speaking, we use towels to dry off, so their ability to absorb moisture is critical. Lighter-weight towels absorb quickly, but they also become saturated quickly. Thicker towels don't tend to slurp up water as fast, but because they can hold more moisture, you will be able to dry all your bits without feeling like you are using a wet towel.

turkish towels - the mebien is a winning combination of think and absorbent.
The Mebien is a winning combination of think and absorbent.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

The Mebien Turkish Towel earned the top spot for absorbency. It manages to be both lightweight and thick, allowing for optimum soaking power at a faster rate than some of the thicker towels we tested. However, this model only won by a hair. All the other towels came in as a respectable second. If you have a thick head of hair that often soaks through lightweight towels, you may want to stick with one of the thicker options. On the other hand, lighter-weight towels are better if you require a quick dry-off and don't necessarily care about how much water the towel will absorb.

turkish towels - lightweight towels like the demmex set of 6 soak up water quickly...
Lightweight towels like the DEMMEX Set of 6 soak up water quickly but can only hold so much before they are fully saturated.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

Drying Rate

A quick drying time is a desirable trait that most Turkish towels possess. That being said, not all towels are created equal. A big fluffy towel that provides warmth on colder beach days may be a priority for some, but it can also take considerably longer to dry. Towels that take too long to dry can be impractical and often begin to smell mildewy frustratingly fast. As you might expect, lightweight towels dry faster than heavyweight ones.

turkish towels - being a lighter weight towel, the bosphorus set is a great choice if...
Being a lighter weight towel, the BOSPHORUS set is a great choice if you're looking for something that will dry quickly.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

We have quite a few winners in this metric, and it's no surprise that they are all lightweight — all but one, that is. The Mebien Beach Bath towel takes the cake for drying time, despite being on the thicker side. Our lightweight winners in this metric are the Bosphorus Set of 6, Wetcat Original, Cacala Pestemal, Bosphorus Hand Towel Set, and the Realgrandbazaar Pestemal.

turkish towels - want to wear your beach towel as a scarf when you're done patting...
Want to wear your beach towel as a scarf when you're done patting yourself down? No problem with the WETCAT.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


No one likes a scratchy towel. When you get out of the hot tub or run inside after taking a cold plunge and your skin is tingling, wrapping an itchy towel around your bare shoulders can really kill your buzz. During our hands-on testing period, we paid very close attention to the comfort level of each towel. How did it feel on our skin? How did our skin feel after using the towel? Did it provide warmth? Could you wear it as a scarf or headwrap? Would you want to?

turkish towels - fold up the mebien to make a really nice cushion for your backside.
Fold up the Mebien to make a really nice cushion for your backside.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

We have one clear winner in this category; the Mebien Beach Bath Towel once again. It was soft upon arrival and only got softer with use. Its thickness provides delightful warmth when worn as a scarf or used as a blanket. The Demmex and Bazaar Anatolia are also thick and cozy. Our favorite thin towel in the comfort department is the Wetcat. It comes out of its package soft and continues to soften with use and washes.

turkish towels - whether you're lying on rocks or soft grass, a thicker towel like...
Whether you're lying on rocks or soft grass, a thicker towel like the DEMMEX will offer more in the way of comfort than a lightweight one.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Turkish towels are known for their versatility. They make great throws, head wraps, bath towels, beach towels, scarves, and more. Since they dry so quickly, you could feasibly shower in the morning, dry off with your towel, and then wear it as a scarf in the afternoon. We understand that not everyone would want to do that, but it's nice to have the option. We love specialty items, but part of what makes the Turkish towel unique is that it was purposefully designed for all these uses.

turkish towels - the demmex is cozy and thick enough to use as a light blanket...
The DEMMEX is cozy and thick enough to use as a light blanket, stylish enough to use as a throw and absorbent enough to make the perfect towel.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

The thicker towels in our review were a bit more versatile than their lightweight counterparts. Our top contenders, the Mebien Beach Bath Towel and the Demmex Organic Diamond Weave are thick, soft, and absorbent. The Mebien is soft and lightweight but still thick and cozy enough to provide a good bit of warmth when worn as a scarf or used as a blanket. The Demmex is even thicker, offers more warmth, and can make a very stylish throw for the end of a bed or living room chair. The runner-ups in this category are the hand towels. The Smyrna Original Hand Towels are larger than your average hand, face, or dish towel and can be used as a stylish table runner or head towel.

turkish towels - a towel you can use as a scarf! the mebien was an easy favorite for...
A towel you can use as a scarf! The Mebien was an easy favorite for us.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


We recognize that aesthetics are highly subjective. However, during research, we came across a handful of trends. Most buyers enjoy thick, cozy tassels and lots of color and pattern options. We couldn't agree more. The thicker the tassels, the better. That said, it's rather difficult to get thick tassels from a lightweight towel, which is why this category also considers color and pattern options as well as durability. Does the towel hold its threads through multiple washes, or does it look ratty after a few trips to the beach? Is it a traditional-style Turkish towel, or is there a fun pattern twist? Does it look high quality? How tight is the knit? These are just a few of the questions we asked ourselves throughout testing.

turkish towels - big thick tassels, like on the mebien, give these towels a cozy look...
Big thick tassels, like on the Mebien, give these towels a cozy look and are quite the crowd pleaser.
Credit: Hayley Thomas

Most of the winners in this metric are a little thicker. The Mebien is a fun take on the Turkish towel. Usually, the tassels are knotted, but this towel lets its tassels fly free. It is also not your traditional minimalist striped towel, having more of a southwest vibe to its aesthetic. The Demmex and Bazaar Anatolia are also lovely — both are thick with knotted tassels and a diamond pattern. They come in many colors and are very pleasing to the eye, whether worn as scarves or used as towels. The Smyrna Hand Towel is also a very pretty towel with thick tassels, great as a functional asset to the kitchen or the bathroom. As far as an aesthetically pleasing lightweight towel, our heart is set on the Wetcat Original. Its traditional Turkish towel style and high-quality fabric put this one at the top of our list.

turkish towels - where fashion meets function. we liked using the smyrna as a table...
Where fashion meets function. We liked using the Smyrna as a table runner and placemat as well as a towel.
Credit: Hayley Thomas


Turkish towels can be a great choice whether you're a beach bum, a spa-goer, or looking for a cute throw to snuggle up in on movie night. They range in versatility, and some perform better than others in certain circumstances, so it's important to know what you are in the market for. It can be difficult to decide which towel is the perfect fit, but we are here to help. After hours of research and hands-on testing, we are confident that one of the Turkish towels in this review will be just what you're looking for while adding beautiful practicality to your home, wardrobe, or next water-focused adventure.

Hayley Thomas

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