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Westinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer Review

With best-in-class cleaning power and surprisingly good maneuverability, this is the best pressure washer currently available
westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer
Credit: Westinghouse
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Price:  $329 List
Manufacturer:   Westinghouse
By Austin Palmer and Conrad Salonites  ⋅  Sep 28, 2021

#1 of 11
  • Cleaning - 45% 10.0
  • Portability - 30% 5.9
  • Noise - 15% 4.2
  • Ease of Use - 10% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Westinghouse WPX3200 is a beast of a machine, and easily the winner of our admiration for overall performance in a review full of excellent pressure washers. With a 212cc 4-Stroke Westinghouse OHV Horizontal Shaft Engine, this pressure washer cleans surfaces in record time with its cleansing power. One of our favorite features of the Westinghouse WPX3200 is its included extended handle, which coupled with its large wheels, allows this bulky machine surprisingly great maneuverability. While this is our favorite machine to use for light and heavy cleaning jobs, it suffers from the typical drawbacks of gas-powered pressure washers—it's heavy, it's loud, and it requires more maintenance. But for cleaning prowess, it's the best.
Incredible cleaning power
Onboard storage options
High cleaning units
Gas engine maintenance

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Pros Incredible cleaning power, onboard storage options, high cleaning unitsCompact, good cleaning power, less maintenance than gas optionsNo gas, minimal noise, good wheelsSmall, light, inexpensiveHighly portable, inexpensive, quiet
Cons Loud, gas engine maintenance, largeTips easily, no nozzle storage, difficult attaching to garden hoseLarger than many electric types, less power than gasolinePoor cleaning power, no wheelsDisappointing cord and hose storage, limited cleaning power
Bottom Line With best-in-class cleaning power and surprisingly good maneuverability, this is the best pressure washer currently availableThis washer offers impressive performance and a solid value in a compact packageWhen it comes to electric models, it's hard to top this pressure washing machineIf you need a pressure washer for household jobs and you know you won't need a ton of power, this model is a fantastic choiceThe compact RY141612 is great for light work but can't compare to the cleaning power of top models for heavy-duty applications
Rating Categories Westinghouse WPX3200 Wholesun 3000PSI Sun Joe SPX3500 Greenworks GPW1501 Ryobi RY141612
Cleaning (45%)
Portability (30%)
Noise (15%)
Ease of Use (10%)
Specs Westinghouse WPX3200 Wholesun 3000PSI Sun Joe SPX3500 Greenworks GPW1501 Ryobi RY141612
Measured 15º nozzle PSI 2600 1200 1650 N/A 1490
Measured 25º nozzle PSI 2600 1200 1600 1200 N/A
Measured 15º Nozzle GPM 2.30 1.21 1.08 N/A 1.08
Measured 25º Nozzle GPM 2.34 1.22 1.09 1.16 N/A
Wheels 12" Plastic 5" Plastic 8" Plastic None None
Average Measured dBA at Machine 83.2 73.3 70.0 73.3 77.6
Average Measured dBA at 25 ft 68 67.3 65.2 63.8 62.2
Length of included hose 25' 20' 3" 20' 19' 8" 20' 5"
Electrical Cord Length N/A 32' 5" 30' 34' 9" 34' 1"
Electric or Gas Gas Electric Electric Electric Electric
Measured Weight 63.6 lbs 16.3 lbs 42.6 lbs 15.5 lbs 15.6 lbs
Calculated Cleaning Units 5980.0 1464.0 1782.0 1428 1609.2
Measured Distance in Bocce Ball Power Test 6.50' 3' 3.00' 2.60' 3.60'

Our Analysis and Test Results

We put the Westinghouse WPX3200 through a rigorous testing process, engaging its cleaning power, portability, volume, and ease of use. What really sets the Westinghouse WPX3200 beyond its competition is its ability to produce incredible power, while nonetheless still being relatively portable and easy to use. Moreover, this machine is designed with user convenience in mind, with easy-to-access connections, detachable appendages, and comfortable to utilize handles.

Performance Comparison

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - the westinghouse wpx3200 is a beastly machine that can do any...
The Westinghouse WPX3200 is a beastly machine that can do any pressure washer job.
Credit: Laura Casner


Those on the market for a pressure cleaner need a thorough cleaning job; thus, our cleaning metric accounts for 45% of the total score. The Westinghouse WPX3200 dominates the competition with high-performance showings in our subjective deep cleaning tests, pressure gauging bocce ball test, and calculated cleaning units.

To measure cleaning capabilities, we brought out our testing carpet, covered in activated charcoal. When the Westinghouse WPX3200 cleansed our test carpet in under three minutes, we were impressed. When it did it again, there was only one way we could think of describing the Westinghouse WPX3200: "beastly."

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - keeping a bocce ball suspended at 6.5 feet really showcases the...
Keeping a bocce ball suspended at 6.5 feet really showcases the Westinghouse WPX3200's power.
Credit: Austin Palmer

To aid in comprehending the Westinghouse WPX3200's power, we tried it out on our bocce ball test. This test helps narrow the pressure washer's focus, and visually illustrate the machine's power in keeping a bocce ball suspended on our angled trough. The Westinghouse WPX3200 kept the Bocce ball suspended at 6.5 feet, over double the distance of many pressure washers we tested.

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - a whopping cleaning unit calculation of 5980 (higher than any...
A whopping cleaning unit calculation of 5980 (higher than any other model tested) showcases this pressure washer's incredible power.
Credit: Laura Casner

We crunched the numbers behind the power of the Westinghouse WPX3200, and they empirically highlight what distinguishes this pressure washer as the top product in our tests. With a whopping cleaning unit score of 5980, this washer surpasses the second-highest by 1300 points. For those on the market for their first pressure washer, a cleaning unit score is the product of the washer's pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM), in this case, 2600 and 2.3, respectively. We calculate this data using an inline pressure gauge to identify the PSI, then weigh the amount of water released after a minute. Essentially, this calculation measures a pressure washer's efficiency, and the data for the Westinghouse top the pack.


The Westinghouse WPX3200 is not the most portable pressure washer we tested. However, it makes up for its weight and bulk by being remarkably easy to move around, thanks to two large wheels and a well-balanced design. If you have a smaller vehicle, transporting the Westinghouse WPX3200 will be a logistical challenge, but maneuvering on the ground is remarkably easy.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a big pressure washer. Weighing around 64 pounds, the Westinghouse WPX3200 presents its own unique challenges for both transporting and storing. Although when operating it stands at over three feet tall, this pressure washer thankfully features a removable handle, which can bring the machine height down to a slightly more manageable two feet. However, being over two feet long and almost two feet wide means that this is an incredibly dense machine. We would highly recommend that you do not store the Westinghouse WPX3200 inside, but rather secure it snugly under a workbench in your garage.

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - there is no escaping the fact that the westinghouse wpx3200 is a...
There is no escaping the fact that the Westinghouse WPX3200 is a very large pressure washer.
Credit: Laura Casner

Despite its bulk, the Westinghouse WPX3200 nonetheless surprises us by being gracefully easy to push and pull across both compact dirt and paved ground. Although it does not handle grassy terrain as deftly, despite its larger wheels, we nonetheless find it to be doable. A big plus for moving the Westinghouse WPX3200 by hand was its above-average handle height, allowing us to pull it through all of our tests without having to be hunched over. Our biggest appreciation, however, was how well balanced this pressure washer is. Despite its hefty weight and cumbersome size, we rarely felt concerned that the Westinghouse WPX3200 was in any danger of falling over.

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - the bulky westinghouse wpx3200 is surprisingly easy to maneuver...
The bulky Westinghouse WPX3200 is surprisingly easy to maneuver across most surfaces despite its large size and heavy weight.
Credit: Laura Casner


The noise metric is where the Westinghouse WPX3200 shows that it is a gas-powered machine. This pressure washer is one of the loudest we tested, falling in the lower percentile at both a close and distant decibel measurement.

Our noise metric separates the electric from the gas pressure washers, and the Westinghouse WPX3200 falls indisputably into the latter category. We took decibel measurements both right beside and twenty-five feet away from the machine, and the prognosis was loud. Alongside the Westinghouse WPX3200, the washer outputs an average reading of 83 decibels, less than two decibels short of the "harmful for human hearing" threshold. From twenty-five feet away, the volume is more manageable, lowering to a more modest 68 decibels. For reference, from twenty-five feet away, this pressure washer has a comparable volume to being nearby a vacuum cleaner.

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - although quieter than some other poorer-performing pressure washers...
Although quieter than some other poorer-performing pressure washers, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is still a loud machine.
Credit: Laura Casner

Ease of Use

In terms of being a pressure washer, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is a fine piece of machinery, which the designers went out of their way to ensure a fluid user experience. However, in terms of being a gas-powered machine, all the usual pitfalls are, unfortunately, unavoidable.

Hose connections on pressure washers are often uncomfortably close. The Westinghouse WPX3200, however, has very comfortable spacing, allowing for significantly easier connections. The hose included with the Westinghouse WPX3200 is twenty-five feet long and is simple to wrap up and store, thanks to a large plastic hook on the back of the machine. Moreover, storing the nozzle is incredibly easy thanks to a divot atop the handle.

westinghouse wpx3200 pressure washer - hose connections on the westinghouse wpx3200 offer plenty of room.
Hose connections on the Westinghouse WPX3200 offer plenty of room.
Credit: Laura Casner

However, where the Westinghouse WPX3200 primarily suffers is due to its gas engine. Oil changes, gas refills, carburetor cleaning, and all the other small engine maintenances are tiresome, yet required, additions to the Westinghouse WPX3200 experience. Another, admittedly milder, inconvenience involves the onboard soap container. We found that the medium-sized intake hole suffers slightly from the pull-starter partially blocking the entrance.

The Westinghouse WPX3200 brings with it all of the extra work...
The Westinghouse WPX3200 brings with it all of the extra work required of a gas engine.
The intake hole competes for space with the starter, so larger soap...
The intake hole competes for space with the starter, so larger soap containers may have an issue.


High-quality pressure washers are traditionally not very cheap. However, for a better price than some of the other products we reviewed, the Westinghouse WPX3200 vastly outperforms all of them. Although some of the electric competition offers some long-term maintenance convenience, the power and performance of the Westinghouse WPX3200 is nothing to balk at and makes an excellent addition for anyone needing a high-quality machine for any pressure washing requirements.


Offering incredible power and performance, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is by far the best pressure washer we tested. Although it took some hits for its bulk and the required maintenance of gas-powered machinery, this washer is ideal for anyone looking for a long-term investment. The Westinghouse WPX3200 is the ideal pressure washer for those who want to ensure the job gets done the first try.

No matter the type of grime...
No matter the type of grime...
... the Westinghouse WPX3200 will make quick work of it.
... the Westinghouse WPX3200 will make quick work of it.

Austin Palmer and Conrad Salonites
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