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SunJoe SPX3000 Review

This model offers adequate performance at a price that is hard to beat
sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
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Price:  $169 List
Manufacturer:   Sun Joe
By Austin Palmer and Ross Patton  ⋅  Jul 29, 2022

#6 of 11
  • Cleaning - 45% 5.4
  • Portability - 30% 7.0
  • Noise - 15% 5.0
  • Ease of Use - 10% 7.1

Our Verdict

The SunJoe SPX 3000 is a good all-around pressure washer that doesn't require you to empty out your bank account in order to purchase it. It's fairly easy to use, and it offers a good degree of portability. However, with the lower price tag comes a bit of a lower level of performance. Its cleaning abilities are less than spectacular and it's loud for an electric model. That being said, if you don't need heavy-duty performance and you don't mind a few extra decibels — the SPX 3000 is a great choice.
Great hose connections
Requires tools to set up
Doesn't work well with generic fittings

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sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
This Product
SunJoe SPX3000
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Price $169 List
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Pros Great hose connections, portable, affordable, electricCompact, good cleaning power, less maintenance than gas optionsSmall, light, inexpensiveHighly portable, inexpensive, quietExtensive onboard storage options, quiet for a pressure washer
Cons Requires tools to set up, doesn't work well with generic fittingsTips easily, no nozzle storage, difficult attaching to garden hosePoor cleaning power, no wheelsDisappointing cord and hose storage, limited cleaning powerPoor maneuverability on unpaved terrain, slow cleaning rate
Bottom Line This model offers adequate performance at a price that is hard to beatThis washer offers impressive performance and a solid value in a compact packageIf you need a pressure washer for household jobs and you know you won't need a ton of power, this model is a fantastic choiceThe compact RY141612 is great for light work but can't compare to the cleaning power of top models for heavy-duty applicationsThis pressure washer works okay but performed toward the bottom of the competition
Rating Categories SunJoe SPX3000 Wholesun 3000PSI Greenworks GPW1501 Ryobi RY141612 Stanley SHP2150 215...
Cleaning (45%)
Portability (30%)
Noise (15%)
Ease of Use (10%)
Specs SunJoe SPX3000 Wholesun 3000PSI Greenworks GPW1501 Ryobi RY141612 Stanley SHP2150 215...
Measured 15º nozzle PSI 1200 1200 N/A 1490 1475
Measured 25º nozzle PSI 1150 1200 1200 N/A 1450
Measured 15º Nozzle GPM 1.22 1.21 N/A 1.08 1.02
Measured 25º Nozzle GPM 1.2 1.22 1.16 N/A 1.04
Wheels 7.5" Plastic 5" Plastic None None 5.75" Plastic
Average Measured dBA at Machine 83.8 73.3 73.3 77.6 73.3
Average Measured dBA at 25 ft 61.4 67.3 63.8 62.2 65.5
Length of included hose 20' 3" 20' 3" 19' 8" 20' 5" 24' 6"
Electrical Cord Length 35' 3" 32' 5" 34' 9" 34' 1" 35'
Electric or Gas Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Measured Weight 28.2 lbs 16.3 lbs 15.5 lbs 15.6 lbs 26.1 lbs
Calculated Cleaning Units 1464.0 1464.0 1428 1609.2 1504.5
Measured Distance in Bocce Ball Power Test 3.50' 3' 2.60' 3.60' 2.75'

Our Analysis and Test Results

This model is a great purchase for someone that wants a product that offers decent performance that won't be used for heavy-duty purposes. Considering its price tag, we think this machine is worth every penny.

Performance Comparison

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
Credit: Ian Pearman


In order to score each model's cleaning ability, we devised a series of tests. Because cleaning is the primary function of these machines, this metric accounts for 45% of the total score. The SunJoe SPX 3000 showed a so-so performance during our testing process.

To get a good visual representation of the spraying power that each model possesses we built a wooden trough that we adjusted to an angle of 24 degrees, then measured how high up the trough each machine could hold a standard bocce ball. The SunJoe was able to hold the bocce ball 3.5 feet up the trough, earning it a decent score for the test.

We also measured the PSI in between the end of the high-pressure hose and the trigger for each unit, then measured the flow in gallons per minute in order to calculate cleaning units (CU). The SPX 3000 displayed one of the lowest numbers for this assessment that we've seen to date at 1464 CU.

In order to get a real feel for cleaning power, we coated a piece of clean carpet with activated charcoal and timed how long it took each machine to get it to a level of clean that we considered being adequate. The SunJoe did ok during this test, but it was nothing to write home about.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review - the spx3000 offers a good price to performance ratio.
The SPX3000 offers a good price to performance ratio.
Credit: Ian Pearman


Next, we looked at which models were the easiest to move around and transport. We opted to dedicate 30% of the total score to this metric because one of the attractions of owning your own pressure washer is that they can be used all over your property or job site, provided that there is water and a power source. The SunJoe offers a great degree of portability.

Portability is a tough element to judge for pressure washers. The heaviest ones have wheels that make rolling them around on a multitude of different surfaces a simple task, but they're difficult to get in and out of vehicles to transport from site to site. On the other hand, the lightest ones are easy to load into a vehicle, but you have to bend over and pick them up to move them around your property or job site. If you're moving them often or over long distances, a light one that you have to carry might be harder on your back than a heavy one that rolls on the ground. At 28.2 pounds, the SPX3000 is on the lighter side of most pressure washers, so it's easy to get in and out of a vehicle.

The SunJoe rolls around very well thanks to its 7.5-inch wheels. In combination with its low weight and an ergonomic handle, it's one of the easiest machines to move that we've gotten our hands on.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
Credit: Ian Pearman

As far as storing the machine goes, it is fairly bulky when compared to some smaller models, but is nowhere near the biggest. It is tall, but it's not very long or wide, it can easily be rolled into the corner of the garage or a workshop. One great advantage that electric pressure washers such as the SPX3000 have over gasoline models is the freedom from fossil fuels and fumes, which allows you to store them indoors.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review - the sunjoe spx3000 is light, but it also has wheels for optimal...
The SunJoe SPX3000 is light, but it also has wheels for optimal portability.
Credit: Ian Pearman


The sounds emitted by a pressure washer can either be mellow, or they can be painful. This can be a deciding factor when it comes time to make a purchasing decision — we concluded that noise should be worth 15% of the total score. To measure volume we employed a sound meter to take readings right next to the machine as well as from 25 feet away. We also used a panel of judges to decide whether or not there was anything particularly annoying or bothersome about the pitch each model made at full throttle.

The SunJoe was not especially aggravating to have to listen to, but it wasn't exactly quiet either. At a distance of 25 feet, we measured 61.4 decibels, which was one of the lowest numbers that we saw during testing.

Right next to the machine was a different story — the SPX3000 emitted 83.8 decibels. This is louder than most electric models in our review and almost as high as one of the gas-powered models. However, unlike a gas-powered model, the SunJoe is silent unless the trigger is depressed.

Ease of Use

Some people aren't looking for a complicated electric model or don't want to deal with the difficulties of owning a small engine. For these reasons, we decided to dedicate the remaining 10% of our final score to ease of use. The SunJoe has several features that helped it score well for this metric.

One of our favorite details on the SunJoe is that the hose connections are easily accessible. Also, the garden hose connection is on a different side of the machine's body than the high-pressure hose connection to reduce the possibility of tangling.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
Credit: Ian Pearman

The hose has a large hook on the front of the unit for storage which is convenient, but there's nothing to secure it. The cord storage consists of a hook on the side of the machine, it works just fine. It has a good amount of storage and a thoughtfully placed set of nozzle holders right below the handle.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review
Credit: Ian Pearman

One feature that sets the SPX3000 apart from the others is that it has two soap containers with a dial switch to select which one you'd like to draw from. This system makes it a cinch to switch from detergent to a rinsing agent while washing a vehicle or other grown-up toys, like RVs or boats.

sunjoe spx3000 pressure washer review - the sunjoe spx3000 has two soap tanks with a selector knob so the...
The SunJoe SPX3000 has two soap tanks with a selector knob so the user can have a detergent and a rinsing agent both readily available.
Credit: Ian Pearman


The SunJoe SPX3000 offers a spectacular degree of value. It isn't the most powerful machine in our review, but if you want a pressure washer that is easy to move around, has several convenient features, and won't drain your bank account this model is a great option.


If you need a pressure washer for lighter duties that is highly portable, yet still has wheels, the SunJoe is the right model for you. It's ergonomic, it's light, and offers a variety of nozzles for a multitude of household tasks.

Austin Palmer and Ross Patton
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