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Home Master HydroPerfection Review

An effective 9-stage filter with best-in-class contaminant removal and a mineral infusion for those who enjoy mineral water
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Home Master HydroPerfection Review
Credit: Home Master
Price:  $530 List
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Manufacturer:   Home Master
By Graham Faulknor and Isaac Laredo  ⋅  Nov 28, 2023

#7 of 9
  • Contaminant Removal - 60% 10.0
  • Taste - 30% 5.0
  • Setup and Use - 10% 6.2

Our Verdict

The Home Master HydroPerfection excels as an under-sink reverse osmosis filter, eliminating virtually all tap water contaminants and enriching it with minerals. Its superior contaminant removal capacity is noteworthy, albeit its mineral-infused taste may not appeal to all. Although setting up the Home Master is user-friendly, the maintenance process can be somewhat time-consuming, though manageable even for DIY enthusiasts. Despite its relatively high annual cost, it operates efficiently, producing less wastewater with a 1:1 ratio of waste to drinkable water. This system is a prime choice for those seeking optimum and efficient water filtration and a mineral water flavor experience. But, if you prefer more neutral-tasting water, we recommend other products in our review of the best water filters.
UV filter
Mineral infusion
Effective filtration
Wastes less water
Mixed reviews on taste test
Installation and setup time

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Bottom Line A highly efficient 9-stage filter that offers superior contaminant filtration and includes a mineral infusion for individuals who prefer mineral waterIf you have space and are willing to install a one-time system, this is the best way to purify your waterTop-notch filtration and convenience at an affordable price pointA low-cost pitcher that easily produces high-quality waterReduced installation hassle, comparable filtering power, and lowest yearly cost
Rating Categories Home Master HydroPe... iSpring RCC7 ZeroWater 10-Cup 5-... PUR Classic 11 Cup... APEC WFS-1000
Contaminant Removal (60%)
Taste (30%)
Setup and Use (10%)
Specs Home Master HydroPe... iSpring RCC7 ZeroWater 10-Cup 5-... PUR Classic 11 Cup... APEC WFS-1000
Type Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis Pitcher Pitcher 3 Stage under sink
Measured Annual Cost $163.33 $50.00 $57.50 $36.00 $40.00
Measured Chlorine Removal 100% 100% 100% 95% 100%
Measured Fluoride Removal 96% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Measured Sulfate Removal 99% 100% 100% 35% 39%
Measured Copper Removal 100% 100% 100% 88% 100%
Measured Iron Removal 100% 100% 99% 85% 46%
Measured Lead Removal 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Model TMHP RCC7 10 Cup 11 Cup WFS-1000
Replacement Schedule Filter Set changed annually
RO changed every 3 - 5 years
Stage 1 - 3 every 6 months
RO every 2 - 3 years
Post carbon every 12 months
18,000 mg of dissolved solids; 1-40 gallons 2 months or 40 gallons Every 12 months
Replacement Cost Filter Set for $130
RO for $100
2 year supply for $100 2 for $30
4 for $40
8 for $90
12 for $115
16 for $150
$24 for a 4 pack Stages 1-3 for $40
Pure Water to Waste Water Ratio 1:1 2:1 N/A N/A N/A
NSF/ANSI certified - NSF Certified Components | Meets or exceeds NSF standards for material safety and performance. NSF listed company.
  • Tubing is NSF 51 certified, FDA compliant, EPA Registered Food Safe, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, arsenic or polychlorinated phenols. Toxicity tests have shown them to cause no irritation or sensitization in skin contact.
N/A 5-stage Ion Exchange water filtration is NSF Certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, Lead & Chromium Tested and certified by NSF to reduce chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc and other chemical & physical substances. NSF Certified filters and tubing
Follows NSF/ANSI or other cert N/A In strict accordance with American quality standards. Certified to NSF/ANSI 58 N/A N/A N/A

Our Analysis and Test Results

The House Master HydroPerfection pulls out all the stops for a water filter. The under-the-sink reverse osmosis filter uses a 9-stage filtration, including UV light and an artisan filter to reinfuse the filtered water with minerals, providing hydration and flavor benefits. The infusion of minerals makes this filter a great choice for individuals seeking premier filtration but who prefer the mineral water experience.

Performance Comparison

Reverse osmosis systems require the installation of a separate faucet to dispense the filtered water.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Contaminant Removal

The use of water filters has increased in importance due to the presence of contaminants in some municipal water sources and the growing awareness among consumers about the impact of water on our health. We are often unaware of the invisible pollutants in our tap water unless the water appears discolored. Water filters offer a sense of security that our water is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. To determine the most effective water filters, we conducted an experiment by creating a water sample with high levels of chlorine, iron, sulfate, lead, fluoride, and copper for each filter to process. We had the filtered samples tested by the Western Environmental Testing Laboratories.

The Home Master is one of the most effective filters in the review. It uses reverse osmosis and UV light to produce best-in-class water. The intensive filtration process superseded the competitor's ability to remove our sample contaminates.

The filter removed 100% of the chlorine (12mg/l out of 12mg/l), 96.2% fluoride (9.62mg/l out of 10mg/l), 99.22% sulfate (2282mg/l out of 2300 mg/l), 99.86% copper (51.93mg/l out of 52 mg/l), 99.78% iron (628.6mg/l out of 630 mg/l), and 100% lead (.02 mg/l out of .02 mg/l). The original water sample had contaminant values that were far above the water quality standards. The elevated values help to simulate a faulty water system. The filter made quick work of the dirty sample and reduced each contaminate to be comfortably within the acceptable range. The impressive filtration performance of this model is among the best in our review pool and the current market; it's suitable for any multiple water source.

home master hydroperfection - our testers preparing samples to send out to third-party labs.
Our testers preparing samples to send out to third-party labs.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Drinking water can either be a chore or a refreshing experience. The enjoyment and opportunity of a delicious and clean glass of water is unparalleled. With the right water filter, it's an opportunity that could come directly from your tap. The world of Fine Water and water sommeliers built a profession and culture to describe the taste of water. In that culture, there is no bad water, just different presentations and experiences. Taste preferences are personal. In this metric, we attempt to describe and rank the water using a blind taste test. Our test panel felt polarized with the taste of this filter; people either loved or hated it. Testers who prefer mineral water thoroughly enjoyed the water from the artisan filter.

The extensive filtration process of the Home Master produces refreshing mineral-infused water. The filter has an additional artisan filter to infuse minerals into the water. The overall TDS of this water is higher than that of filters that lack infusion. Added minerals give this water more character than other models and can provide helpful hydration benefits. The filter will reshape your tap water experience by replacing chlorinated, iron-rich water with refreshing mineral water.

home master hydroperfection - some people enjoy mineral water while others don't. if you do, now...
Some people enjoy mineral water while others don't. If you do, now you can have it straight from the tap.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Setup and Use

Under-sink filters require installation, but not every process is the same. Someone with a light DIY background should easily be able to accomplish this task, while others might need professional assistance. After a filter is installed, there is a degree of required maintenance and an annual cost. In this metric, we compare the setup process, maintenance, and annual cost to help you find out which model is a good long-term fit for your budget and space. The Home Master has a longer and more challenging installation process and relatively high maintenance and annual cost.

Installing the Home Master takes a similar amount of time and effort to other under-the-sink models. Those with basic plumbing knowledge can knock this project out in a few hours, and a professional plumber could do it for far less. The included paper instructions lack clarity but are functional; we preferred to use the impressive step-by-step YouTube video.

The larger number of filters and additional UV requires more space and an AC outlet. The system is more challenging to tie up as it uses some zip ties and a spring clip to mount it. After installation, you'll need to purge the tank until there is no sediment. Ultimately, the setup is comparable to other reverse osmosis (RO) systems but is differentiated by its zip tie and spring clip mounting system. Our test team felt this made it more challenging to organize.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter set annually and the reverse osmosis filter every five years. Replacing the multiple filters will take a bit of time and also a few tools. The annual cost, including an allocation for the 5-year filter replacement, is among the highest of any under-the-sink model within the review at $163.33.

home master hydroperfection - this product takes up more under-the-sink space than other filters.
This product takes up more under-the-sink space than other filters.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Should You Buy the Home Master HydroPerfection?

This model stands out for its unique taste and incredible performance in removing contaminants. If you want best-in-class filtration with the mineral taste that you enjoy, then this is a great option for you.

What Other Water Filter Should You Consider?

The Home Master HydroPerfection was a solid performer within our key metrics; however, if you want a filter with no installation and easy maintenance, check out one of our favorite pitchers, the PUR Classic 11 Cup Pitcher.

Graham Faulknor and Isaac Laredo