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Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Review

This burly blender continues to impress us with exceptional performance and longevity, but it comes at a premium price
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Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Review (The Vitamix A2500 ready for action.)
The Vitamix A2500 ready for action.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman
Price:  $600 List
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Manufacturer:   Vitamix
By David Wise, Austin Palmer, and Aaron Rice  ⋅  Jun 4, 2024

#2 of 16
  • Smoothies - 30% 9.7
  • Convenience - 25% 7.8
  • Ice - 20% 10.0
  • Pureeing - 15% 10.0
  • Grinding - 10% 8.5

Our Verdict

The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series is a high-performance blender that continues to impress us in nearly every way. Although it doesn't have the same variety of presets as other premium models, the three it does have — Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts — are just what you need. The angulated blades blend smoothies to a creamy consistency, the speed of the blades can make a steaming batch of soup in just a few minutes, and the 2.2 horsepower motor crushes ice perfectly for a margarita in under 15 seconds. You can even swap for additional containers, and a smart base will automatically adjust program settings for maximum efficiency. Of course, all of this performance comes at a premium price. However, if you don't mind paying a little extra for a blender whose high-end performance is only matched by its durability, the Vitamix A2500 is an excellent choice. Compare it directly against other top-tier options in our review of the best blenders.
Excellent performance over time
Perfect at pureeing
Handy presets
Easy to clean
Slightly less convenient than other comparable blenders
Included tamper feels cheap
Editor's Note: We recently retested the Vitamix A2500 and updated this review on June 4, 2024, with additional insights.

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Bottom Line This stands the test of time as one of the best blenders on the market, easily handling any kitchen taskThis premium blender features a plethora of handy presets, offering top-notch versatility for blending, pureeing, and millingA reasonably priced blender that is built to lastConvenient and affordable, this blender is the perfect balance of price and performanceA solid option for blending frozen beverages, without the same versatility as more expensive blenders
Rating Categories Vitamix A2500 Ascen... Breville the Super Q Blendtec Total Classic Nutribullet Combo Ninja Professional...
Smoothies (30%)
Convenience (25%)
Ice (20%)
Pureeing (15%)
Grinding (10%)
Specs Vitamix A2500 Ascen... Breville the Super Q Blendtec Total Classic Nutribullet Combo Ninja Professional...
Model Number A2500 BBL920BSS1BUS1 ES3 NBC-12A BL610
Power Peak 2.2 HP 2.4 HP Peak 3.0 HP Peak 1.6 HP Peak 1.3 HP
Pitcher Capacity 64 oz 68 oz 32 oz 64 oz 72 oz
Presets Yes, 3: Smoothie, Frozen Drink, Soup Yes, 6: Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Ice Crush, Frozen Desserts, Soup, Clean, 12 speed settings Yes, 6: Smoothie, Batters, Hot Soup, Whole Juice, Ice Cream, Mixed Drinks Yes, 2: Extract, Pulse, 3 speed settings Yes, 1: Pulse, 3 speed settings
Measured Dimensions (base with pitcher) 17" x 11" x 8" 18" x 10.5" x 8.1" 15.3" x 8" x 7" 17" x 7" x 9.5" 18" x 10.5" x 7.5"
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes - the blender jug, the personal blender cup, tamper, scraper, and the lids Pitcher; top rack only Yes Yes
Accessories Yes
  • Tamper
  • Personal cup
  • Recipe book
  • Two tampers
  • Personal cup blade system
-Manual with recipes
-32oz Cup with blade attachment
-24oz Cup with blade attachment
-2 To-Go lids
-Recipe book
Digital Timer Yes Yes Yes No No
Meant for Heating? Yes Yes Yes No No
Cord Length 4 ft 3.8 ft 2.9 ft 2.5 ft 2.8 ft
Wattage 1400 watts 1800 watts 1560 watts 1200 watts 1000 watts
Measured Decibels for Standard Smoothie 88 82.4 84 83.7 84.1
Measured Soup Temperature 153.2 160 129 145 73

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Vitamix A2500 comes with a single, 64-ounce pitcher. However, any blender in Vitamix's Ascent Series features built-in wireless connectivity and a motor base with their trademarked Self-Detect technology. This new tech automatically adjusts program settings based on the size of the container attached and will adjust appropriately for a 48-ounce pitcher or a 12-cup food processor attachment, both of which can be purchased separately. This blender also includes a tamper — which we felt was surprisingly low quality, considering the price point — and a cookbook with commonly blended recipes. In addition to the three presets, this blender also features variable speed control, pulse capabilities, and a digital timer to assist with manual processing. Although an 88-square-inch base will take up some counter space, it is fairly average among blenders we tested, and the utility of this versatile blender is surely worth the investment.

Performance Comparison

From blending green smoothies, to crushing ice for margaritas, to processing a steamy bowl of fresh soup, the Vitamix A2500 can do it all.
Credit: Natalie Kafader


In terms of flat-out blending ability, it is very difficult to match the power and speed of the Vitamix A2500. Whether it's blending a fruit, nut, and oat smoothie for breakfast on the go or a green smoothie as a healthful meal substitute, this blender creates what one tester called an “absolutely delicious” smoothie.

Although it doesn't feature the same nitty-gritty presets as other premium models — some of which differentiate between different types of smoothies — it didn't seem to make much of a difference. The stand-alone Smoothie setting on the A2500 performed remarkably well with a pitcher fully loaded with kale, spinach, banana, and a frozen fruit medley. The resulting silky-smooth green smoothie was perfectly blended, with no chunks or even any semblance of grittiness. There was no need to shake or use the included tamper to knock down ingredients, and in 50 seconds flat, we were pouring a very tasty green shake that ran right through our sieve without any leftover residue.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the 64-ounce pitcher included with the a2500 is plenty capable of...
The 64-ounce pitcher included with the A2500 is plenty capable of making a large-batch of smoothies from fresh or frozen ingredients.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Unsurprisingly, the same consistent flavor profile shined through while making berry-based smoothies. But unlike other top-tier blenders we tested — including other Vitamixes — the A2500 didn't miss a single seed, resulting in a thick, creamy smoothie without any discernable texture. This was one of the few models we tested that could produce a nearly perfect smoothie.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the speed and specialty design of the angulated blades on the...
The speed and specialty design of the angulated blades on the Vitamix A2500 all but guarantee complete breakdown of even the smallest food bits.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

But the truly standout performance came while making a fruit, nut, and oat smoothie. No liquid? No Problem. The 2.2 horsepower base (equivalent to 1618 watts) cruised through this notoriously thick recipe, resulting in a pourable mixture. The fact that the A2500 even managed to maintain the cold temperature of this breakfast blend speaks to this smart blender's power and self-tuning capability.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the green smoothie blended with the vitamix a2500 poured...
The green smoothie blended with the Vitamix A2500 poured effortlessly through the sieve.
Credit: Austin Palmer


Compared directly to other premium blenders on the market, the main shortcoming of the Vitamix A2500 is that it isn't as intuitively user-friendly as other models we tested. While the three presets — Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts — work swimmingly for almost all tasks, the options aren't as well refined as other competitors.

The preset buttons are labeled with images representative of their use — a cup, a Sunday cup, and a steamy bowl of soup — but even so, we needed to look at the manual for the first few uses. But the digital timer is brightly lit, and is visible from anywhere in the kitchen as it counts down for any preset cycle.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the a2500 features a clean digital display. while it doesn't have as...
The A2500 features a clean digital display. While it doesn't have as many presets as other premium blenders, we feel like it has all of the presets you need.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Due to its powerful motor, this blender is a bit on the loud side — measuring an average of 88 decibels on the Smoothie setting — and, of course, that noise level only increases with more powerful speed settings. The A2500 features 10 speed levels and a pulse switch, allowing you to easily dial in the correct speed appropriate to the task.

The A2500 is easy to clean manually. Although the blades are not removable, the large pitcher offers plenty of space to maneuver a sponge. There aren't any lips or crevices prone to collecting food on the blades or in the pitcher, although some texture on the lid makes it a bit harder to scrub if any residue is allowed to dry. The entire blender, sans base, is dishwasher-safe, so the lid is a non-issue if you have a dishwasher. While it doesn't feature a specific auto-clean function, we used the Smoothie preset for a timed cleaning cycle. You can place the pitcher back on its base to dry, freeing up valuable space in your dish rack.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the wider pitcher makes this blender very easy to clean by hand.
The wider pitcher makes this blender very easy to clean by hand.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Like smoothie production, the A2500 stands out above the rest of our test suite for its ability to process ice. The powerful motor base and unique blade design make quick work of ice, efficiently crushing or evenly blending it for perfectly blended margaritas.

Using the maximum power setting without the assistance of pulsing, the A2500 easily crushed a cup of ice cubes in less than 15 seconds. It broke down the ice into an even mixture without pulverizing it into oblivion. Considering that not all blenders we tested are even capable of crushing ice, this is a standout performance.

Surprisingly, not every blender is capable of crushing ice. That is...
Surprisingly, not every blender is capable of crushing ice. That is not the case with the Vitamix A2500.
Whether you want to simply break ice up or process it into a blended...
Whether you want to simply break ice up or process it into a blended margarita, the variable speed and pulse settings on the A2500 will make quick work of ice.
The A2500 is quick to shred ice, perfect for margaritas and other frozen favorites.

The A2500 also makes an excellent margarita. Other blenders we tested tend to under-blend ice, resulting in random ice chunks in what appears to be a well-blended frozen drink. Using the Frozen Dessert preset, the A2500 turned out a velvety smooth margarita, uniformly mixed throughout the entire pitcher.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the vitamix a2500 makes efficient work of ice and ideally blended...
The Vitamix A2500 makes efficient work of ice and ideally blended frozen drinks with its Frozen Dessert preset.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Now that we're back to our regularly scheduled programming of stellar performances by this blender, the ability to puree is one of the primary reasons home cooks and chefs have flocked to high-end Vitamix models like the A2500 for years.

Once again highlighting the power of the motor and speed of the blades, the A2500 processed a batch of homemade tomato soup in 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Pureeing fresh ingredients down to a nearly perfect consistency, we could pour the pitcher's extent through a sieve without catching even the smallest chunk. This blender will simultaneously heat soup enough to serve right out of the pitcher — in our tests, we measured an average final temperature of 153 °F. The soup processed with the A2500 even outstripped other Vitamix blenders we tested with regards to texture and overall flavor profile.

To make a fresh batch of tomato soup, we started with whole, fresh...
To make a fresh batch of tomato soup, we started with whole, fresh ingredients, just like you would at home.
The result was a steaming bowl of fresh tomato soup, ready to pour...
The result was a steaming bowl of fresh tomato soup, ready to pour and enjoy!
Starting with fresh ingredients, we had hot, ready to serve soup in just a few minutes.

This model also delivers a near-perfect performance when making nut butter, producing a smooth spread with a rich, creamy texture. The A2500 required no assistance from the tamper, and it was remarkable how little extra oil we needed to add to the mix. After eight minutes of blending, the nut butter poured easily from the pitcher, ready to spread onto bread.

The A2500 climbed to the top of our list for versatile blenders...
The A2500 climbed to the top of our list for versatile blenders, making a top-notch nut butter, among other processed foods.
The resulting nut butter was smooth, creamy, and perfectly spreadable.
The resulting nut butter was smooth, creamy, and perfectly spreadable.
In under 10 minutes, with little effort from us, we had smooth, spreadable nut butter.


As a task normally reserved for a food processor, the A2500 doesn't disappoint with its ability to process powdered sugar, grate parmesan cheese, or mill popcorn into fine-grained cornmeal. Once again, this appliance's versatility stems from high-speed blades driven by an impressively powerful motor.

The A2500 does an excellent job of milling corn flour, with 99% of the finished product passing through a sieve. It does a decent job of grating hard cheeses like parmesan, although we were surprised to find a few larger chunks interspersed throughout the mix. However, it did a fantastic job of processing granulated sugar into powdered sugar, grinding it to a powdery perfection in just 30 seconds.

vitamix a2500 ascent series - the a2500 created high-quality corn flour, with only a small amount...
The A2500 created high-quality corn flour, with only a small amount of cornmeal remaining in a sieve after minimal sifting.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Should You Buy the Vitamix A2500?

We have no issue giving the Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series blender our full vote of confidence. Even after years of testing, it continues to prove itself as one of the best blenders on the market. Building upon Vitamix's reputation for designing professional-quality appliances, integrating smart technology into the A2500 only adds a new level of efficiency to time-tested performance. While it is not as objectively user-friendly as other directly comparable models, the A2500 includes exactly the right features for any level of cooking. If you're willing to pay for it, the A2500 is a solid investment built on quality and durability; it's a blender built to last for many years.

What Other Blenders Should You Consider?

Among other similar, premium models like the Breville the Super Q blender, we recognize that the Vitamix A2500 is quite expensive. For similar performance at a more reasonable price point, consider this blender against the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro 3.5. However, by the end of our extensive testing period, the A2500 was still in like-new condition, while the Hurricane Pro 3.5 showed some signs of wear and tear on the blades. For quality on a budget, we suggest either the Nutribullet Combo, a blender nearly on par with other Vitamix models for much less.

David Wise, Austin Palmer, and Aaron Rice