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Dupray Neat Steam Review

Serious cleaning power and accessories for tackling tough messes and stubborn stains
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dupray neat steam steam mop review
Credit: Dupray
Price:  $320 List
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Manufacturer:   Dupray
By Michelle Powell and Maggie Nichols  ⋅  Oct 28, 2021

#4 of 13
  • Cleaning Performance - 40% 9.4
  • Ease of Use - 25% 6.6
  • Maneuverability - 20% 7.4
  • Features - 15% 6.9

Our Verdict

The Dupray Neat Steam doesn't mess around when it comes to getting things clean. It has serious steam pressure and a slew of attachments that let you aim at just about anything around your house. With a monstrous water tank, we deep cleaned for an hour straight without having to refill. Because this top-tier steam mop is designed differently than most others, it's a cinch to pop off attachments from the hose and snap on the one you need at the moment. It doesn't have adjustable steam, and its high pressure and intense cleaning powers may be overkill for many homes, but if you're on the prowl for a deep cleaning steam mop for your home, this is the one for you.
Powerful pressure
Massive capacity
Tons of easy to use attachments
Fantastic deep clean
Only one steam setting
May be overkill for simple jobs

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dupray neat steam steam mop review
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Dupray Neat Steam
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Pros Powerful pressure, massive capacity, tons of easy to use attachments, fantastic deep cleanBuilt-in scrub brush, stands unsupported, articulating headTons of attachments, great handling, good spot cleaning, versatile for more than just the floorMany accessories, huge tank, great at cleaning heavy stainsTop-notch cleaning performance, user friendly, easily maneuverable, combines vacuum and steam clean functions
Cons Only one steam setting, may be overkill for simple jobs, expensiveLimited accessories, designed for floors only, scrub brush is a bit smallSwitching between attachments isn't convenient, tank fills on sideHard to fill tank, bulky and heavy, expensiveSlight mopping gap on one side, no attachments
Bottom Line Serious cleaning power and accessories for tackling tough messes and stubborn stainsA simple, easy-to-operate, highly effective steam-cleaning device with a motivating price tagTons of attachments offer unique, high-quality cleaning options for all throughout your homeA steam-cleaning powerhouse that comes with many accessories but is a bit of a pain for quick clean-upsExceptional steam cleaning and great vacuuming performance from one relatively compact device
Rating Categories Dupray Neat Steam Bissell PowerFresh Bissell PowerFresh... McCulloch MC1385 De... Bissell Symphony
Cleaning Performance (40%)
Ease of Use (25%)
Maneuverability (20%)
Features (15%)
Specs Dupray Neat Steam Bissell PowerFresh Bissell PowerFresh... McCulloch MC1385 De... Bissell Symphony
Steam Adjustability No Low, med, high Low, high Dial Low, high
Water Tank Capacity 1600 ml 455 ml 399 ml 1893 ml 385 ml
Water Fill Opening Diameter 3.5" 1" 0.75" 1" 1"
Pad Attachment Velcro Elastic Elastic Velcro Elastic
Additional Mop Head? Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Included Pads 3 2 2 6 2
Cleaning Brush? Yes No Yes Yes No
Hose Attachment? Yes
6'6" hose
No Yes Yes No
Cord Length 16' 23' 25' 18' 25'
Additional Accessories Included Large scrubber, squeegee, precision power nozzle, 5 scrubbing brushes, copper scrubbing brush, microfiber cloth Microfiber soft pad, microfiber scrubby pad, spring breeze fragrance discs and a carpet glider Built-in scrubber, squeegee, hose, medium cleaning head, small cleaning head, grout tool, small scraper, precision power nozzle, 3 small scrubbing brushes, microfiber cloth Large mop head and 16.5" extension wands, microfiber mop pad, scrubbing mop pad, and bristle brush attachment, large brush and 4" triangle brush, jet nozzle, angled nozzle, 3" scrapper, and 9" squeegee, 2.5" round scrub pad and 2.5" round brush, nylon utility brush and 1.5" brass utility brush, storage bag, accessory net, and fill cup Vaccuum

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Dupray Neat Steam has a massive 1600ml water tank capacity with an enormous 3.5-inch opening. It's set on wheels with a separate hose and attachments to do all the actual cleaning. A 16-foot cord plus a 6.5-foot hose gives you plenty of reach. The three included mop pads attach with velcro for an easy on and off experience. It comes with a litany of attachments, including a precision power nozzle, five scrubbing brushes, a large scrubber, copper scrubber, squeegee, and microfiber cloth.

Performance Comparison

dupray neat steam steam mop review - using this mop feels like having an industrial-strength cleaner in...
Using this mop feels like having an industrial-strength cleaner in our hands.
Credit: Laura Casner

Cleaning Performance

When it comes to cleaning power, the Neat Steam is one of the most impressive of the bunch. It outcompeted nearly every other model and crushed just about every task we put in front of it. It glides easily over all types of flooring, from smooth synthetic surfaces to textured tile and deep grout. The pads stay on far better than other velcro-attached models, barely catching any edges or rolling off the mop head. It's easy to clean every surface as you encounter it, quickly swapping between attachments made to scrub grimy grout and a general mop head to wipe away the leftovers.

While most models include some sort of scrubbing brush or attachment, the Neat Steam goes above and beyond with its host of deep-cleaning options. A large area scrub brush helps get after the big stains, while several small brushes — and even one copper-bristled brush — give you precision access for extra elbow grease. A power nozzle lets you direct an already impressive level of steam directly at the disaster you're trying to clean. The hose can be adjusted to three possible length options, all of which can handle any of the many included tools. There's almost no steamable surface this mop can't handle, making it our favorite choice for deep cleaning.

dupray neat steam steam mop review - the dupray neat steam comes with a host of attachments and powerful...
The Dupray Neat Steam comes with a host of attachments and powerful steam designed for deep cleaning.
Credit: Laura Casner

Ease of Use

It's hard to find fault with the 1600ml water tank on the Neat Steam, which is 3-5x larger than every other model we tested. You don't have to worry about sloshing it back and forth either, as the tank easily follows you from space to space on a handy set of wheels. The only downside to this much water in your tank is that it takes a full eight minutes to heat up, where most others take less than a minute. A large 3.5-inch opening makes filling a cinch. And though the tank itself is opaque, that volume of water lasts a long time — we easily cleaned for an hour straight without running out of water! The whole device feels sturdy and well built, almost industrial in its construction.

The long, 6.5-foot flexible hose works exceptionally well, allowing you to clean an entire small bathroom without having to pull the tank around at all. It's extremely easy to swap between attachments as you go along, and the velcro mop pads are effortlessly interchangeable. They are on the small side, though, and we found they get soiled rather quickly. We're glad this device comes with three to really get some deep cleaning done before needing to wash all the pads. We're rather impressed by how easy it is to use and interchange all the pieces that come with the Neat Steam; however, the mop head doesn't pivot nearly as much as most others, limiting how easily you can maneuver into small spaces.

dupray neat steam steam mop review - four wheels keep the massive water tank easily mobile and the cord...
Four wheels keep the massive water tank easily mobile and the cord winds up underneath for easy storage.
Credit: Laura Casner


The thick pads do a great job gliding and turning smoothly across nearly every floor. They are a little sticky on extremely rough flooring, but not nearly as much as most other models we tested. A fairly upright handle helps you get into narrow spaces, but the neck of the mop pivots less than most others, limiting where it can functionally go. The mop head only pivots from side to side — which helps for tall narrow spaces but is no help at all for very short spots. We found it sometimes gets in the way of mopping straight underneath cabinets with a particularly deep overhand or short clearance. And sliding it under the couch is a no-go.

The Neat Steam does a great job getting into edges and corners, though. The mop pads are larger than the mop head, helping them to squish right up against baseboards, leaving no strips of un-mopped areas. Because the hose can be detached at three different lengths, it's easy to get exactly the amount you need for the tool you're using. We love using the full-length and big scrub brush to scour large areas of the floor and then swap for a short hose and small brush to get the grit off the stovetop. Though its 16-foot cord doesn't sound particularly long, adding the 6.5-foot hose into the mix proved to be more than an adequate range for all our cleaning needs.

dupray neat steam steam mop review - the mop head is clamped onto each side and the hose can be shortened...
The mop head is clamped onto each side and the hose can be shortened to one of three lengths for easier cleaning.
Credit: Laura Casner


By this point, we've talked about how great the features and accessories of this steam mop are in just about every aspect of its performance. Very few other models we tested come with this array of add-ons and attachments. Of the few that do, the Dupray Neat Steam still stands out as being one of the easiest to swap from component to component, making it effortless to keep your cleaning momentum as you move from task to task and room to room.

The only area of this metric in which the Neat Steam falls short is steam adjustability. Meaning: it has none; this mop is either on or off. And when on, it always puts out the same level of powerful, deep cleaning steam. If you just want a quick once-over for the kitchen floor before the in-laws come over, this might be a bit overkill. But for deep cleaning and serious stains, it's ideal.

dupray neat steam steam mop review - this steam mop is well equipped to tackle hardcore cleaning projects.
This steam mop is well equipped to tackle hardcore cleaning projects.
Credit: Laura Casner


Even taking into account all the extra attachments, features, and added water tank capacity, the Dupray Neat Steam is one of the most expensive steam mops we tested. If you've tried other steam mops and find them lacking when it comes to fighting embedded grime, the impressive cleaning and stain-lifting power of this mop will be worth the investment. However, if you're just hoping for something to go through and clean your house from time to time, this is probably a bit much for your needs and your wallet.


The Dupray Neat Steam is an all-business steam mop that's built for tough jobs and more than just your floors. It excels at deep cleaning and comes with all the right tools for the job — and is easy to use, too. If what you're searching for doesn't fall into the category of "deep cleaning," this expensive mop package is probably more than you need, but if deep cleaning is your middle name, this mop will be your new best friend.

dupray neat steam steam mop review - filling and using the dupray is easy and always helps us get tough...
Filling and using the Dupray is easy and always helps us get tough jobs done.
Credit: Laura Casner

Michelle Powell and Maggie Nichols

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