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Vremi 10,000 BTU Review

This unit receives average scores in every testing metric and has a high list price for its performance
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Vremi 10,000 BTU Review
Credit: Vremi
Price:  $400 List
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Manufacturer:   Vremi
By Buck Yedor and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Apr 21, 2022
  • Cooling Power - 40% 5.0
  • Portability - 25% 5.0
  • Noise - 20% 5.0
  • Energy Cost - 15% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Vremi 10,000's only notable feature is the ability to program start and stop times. The user interface on this appliance is a little odd, as the screen only displays the target temperature and not the current room temperature. It is relatively quiet, but has poor cooling abilities compared to its high operating expenses and is awkward to move around. All in all, we would recommend you look at a few other portable units in our review of the top portable air conditioners before choosing this model.
Programmable start and stop times
Average performance across the board
Awkward to carry
Editor's Note: We updated this article on April 21, 2022, to outline additional recommendations.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

vremi 10,000 btu - the vremi 10,000 is quiet and easy to carry but generally scored...
The Vremi 10,000 is quiet and easy to carry but generally scored poorly.
Credit: Laura Casner

Cooling Power

Cooling power is, of course, the hallmark ability of a quality AC unit. The Vremi, while not the bottom of the barrel, fell pretty far down on the list in terms of cooling power. Our testing room started at 80.74 degrees, and after running the machine for an hour, cooled the room down to 72.37 degrees. This gave us a total temperature reduction of 8.37 degrees, putting this unit toward the bottom of our fleet.

vremi 10,000 btu - this unit has a programable start and stop time.
This unit has a programable start and stop time.
Credit: Laura Casner


The built-in grips on the Vremi are tiny. The small grips, combined with a very uneven weight distribution, make this home appliance awkward to pick up. The saving grace for this machine is its lower weight of 54 pounds — it's of the lighter units to pick up. Getting this unit set up in a window is straightforward but requires a screwdriver.

vremi 10,000 btu - compared to other models, the vremi had tiny grips that can make it...
Compared to other models, the Vremi had tiny grips that can make it difficult to carry.
Credit: Laura Casner


The low-level hum produced by the Vremi should be a non-issue for all but the most sensitive to noise. The compressor has a slight rattle when it runs but is still very quiet overall. It produced 58 dBA when we measured its sound output on our decibel reader, which makes it objectively one of the quieter units. Subjectively, the low rattle kept it from scoring higher in this metric.

vremi 10,000 btu - fit with the standard window mounting system, this model requires a...
Fit with the standard window mounting system, this model requires a screwdriver to install and remove.
Credit: Laura Casner

Energy Cost

The Vremi is moderately expensive to operate. Assuming you run this machine for 12 hours a day for three months, your operational costs will be right around $132. When you factor in its poor cooling power, it doesn't feel like you're getting your money's worth.

vremi 10,000 btu - the display shows the target temperature, not the current room...
The display shows the target temperature, not the current room temperature.
Credit: Laura Casner

Should You Buy the Vremi 10,000 BTU?

As our overall lowest scoring model, the Vremi is a tough sell. It's awkward to move around, expensive to run, and has subpar cooling abilities, leaving a lot to be desired.

What Other Portable Air Conditioners Should You Consider?

The AC unit we recommend over all others is the SereneLife SLPAC10. This model has a great energy cost to cooling ratio and has an approachable sticker price. If you are looking for maximum cooling power regardless of energy expenditure, check out the Whynter ARC-14SH, which will suit those in the hottest climates very well.

Buck Yedor and Austin Palmer