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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Review

A best-in-class model that has the power, braking capacity, and comfort to handle long commutes with a trade-off in portability
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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Review
Credit: Brian Walker
Price:  $1,300 List
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Manufacturer:   Segway
By Austin Palmer and Isaac Laredo  ⋅  Oct 23, 2023

#1 of 11
  • Range - 25% 9.5
  • Power - 25% 9.0
  • Ride Comfort - 20% 9.7
  • Portability - 15% 3.0
  • Braking - 15% 8.5

Our Verdict

The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 is a powerful, comfortable scooter for long-distance commuting. It has a best-in-class range of 35.1 miles and a top speed of 21.4. The commute is further improved by a large 10" pneumatic tire and front and rear suspension that cushions small and medium cracks. The user-friendly app, blinkers, and optional cruise control give this model a well-rounded feature set. The design that accomplishes the first-class ride hinders the portability of the scooter due to its heavier weight of 54 lbs. The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 is a great choice for commuters needing a long-range scooter and a comfortable ride. It is not as portable as some other scooters, but it is an excellent option for most people willing to invest. If you're looking for a more portable option, check out our best scooters review.
Good ride comfort
Long range
Cruise control
Stiff handlebar latch
App required to travel at full speed

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segway ninebot max g2
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Bottom Line Superior power, braking, and comfort for long commutes,A powerful scooter with excellent range and a smooth rideThis scooter will appeal to commuters as it is speedy, fun, easy to collapse, and is relatively lightweightA decent scooter with a handy app-based locking feature, a fussy carrying handle, and questionable build qualityA smooth-riding, wallet-friendly scooter with some high-end features
Rating Categories Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Gotrax G4 Razor E Prime III Superfun S1-A Gotrax GXL V2
Range (25%)
Power (25%)
Ride Comfort (20%)
Portability (15%)
Braking (15%)
Specs Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Gotrax G4 Razor E Prime III Superfun S1-A Gotrax GXL V2
Measured Maximum Speed 21.4 mph 19.8 mph 18.4 mph 15.7 mph 12.5 mph
Measured Effective Range 34.4 miles 22 miles 8.2 miles 14.7 miles 7 miles
Measured Charge Time 5 hours 5 hours 50 minutes 6 hours 5 hours 20 minutes 4 hours 15 minutes
Measured Weight 54.0 lb 37.8 lb 24.0 lb 31.6 lb 26.0 lb
Brake Type Front drum brake with a rear electronic brake Rear disc brake and E-ABS braking system Front electronic brake and rear fender brake Front electronic ABS brake with a rear disc brake Front regenerative and rear disc
Tire Type Pneumatic tubeless and self sealing Pneumatic Pneumatic front
Solid rear
Solid (honeycomb) Pneumatic
Tire Size 10" 10" 8" 8.5" 8.5"
Lights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Yes Yes No Yes Yes
App Yes No No Yes No
Manufacturer Maximum Load 265 lb 220 lb 220 lbs 220 lb 220 lb
Manufacturer Motor Size Nominal 450 Watt
Max 1000 Watt
500 Watt 250 Watt 450 Watt 250 Watt
Bell Yes, electronic Yes No Yes Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium Lithium Lithium-ion Lithium

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 is a well-designed electric scooter with several notable features. It is a good choice for riders looking for a long-range scooter, a comfortable ride, and excellent safety features. One of the MAX G2's most notable features is its RideyLONG™ technology. This system coordinates the brushless motor, long-range formula tires, and optimized algorithm controller to increase the range of the scooter. Another notable feature of the MAX G2 is its dual suspension system. This system consists of a hydraulic damper at the front and a double spring suspension at the rear. The suspension and tires provide an incredible ride over potholes and cracked roads that outperformed its competition.

Performance Comparison

segway ninebot max g2 - the full suspension allows this model to travel on compacted dirt...
The full suspension allows this model to travel on compacted dirt trails. Talk about versatility.
Credit: Brian Walker


Range is the biggest concern for many people considering electric transportation. How far can it go? How long does it take to recharge? The answers to these questions will determine which model is right for you, and they vary widely between models. The Segway MAX G2 has one of the best ranges in its class and a respectable recharge time. It is a good choice for anyone looking to do long or multiple commutes without recharging.

In our tests, the MAX G2 traveled 34 miles at a speed of 13 to 15 mph. After our test ride, it took 5 hours to recharge the MAX G2's lithium-ion battery. This is a slightly longer recharge time than some other electric scooters, but it's offset by the scooter's longer range. As long as you're strategic about recharging, the recharge time shouldn't be an issue.

With the app, you can fine-tune the regenerative braking, cruise...
With the app, you can fine-tune the regenerative braking, cruise control, deck lights, kick-start speed, and more.
With the app, you can lock or unlock your scooter and adjust its top...
With the app, you can lock or unlock your scooter and adjust its top speed and acceleration.
The G2 raises the bar for effective range.
The G2 raises the bar for effective range.

Overall, the MAX G2 is a great choice for anyone looking for an electric scooter with long range and respectable recharge time. It's a good option for commuters and anyone who needs to travel long distances on their scooter.

segway ninebot max g2 - we traveled at 16 mph for 31.2 miles during our range test; the...
We traveled at 16 mph for 31.2 miles during our range test; the total effective range was 34.4.
Credit: Brian Walker


Power is an important metric when shopping for an electric scooter, especially if you have a hilly commute. The MAX G2 is one of the most powerful scooters on the market, with a 451-watt motor that can produce 1,000 watts at maximum power. This gives it a top speed of 21.4 mph and the ability to easily climb hills and support riders of up to 265 pounds.

A governor guards the maximum power and speed. Users can experience the full power and speed of the scooter by unlocking them in the app. In our hill climbing tests, the MAX G2 performed very well and nearly reached the top of all three of our test hills, including 10.5% and 15%.

The MAX G2 soared up the first test hill like a rocket, topping out at 18 mph, a mere 4 mph reduction from its top speed. The second hill, a 10.5% grade, proved more challenging, but the G2 still conquered it at ten mph, an 11 mph reduction from its peak. Few scooters can handle the 15% grade of our final test hill, but the G2 made it nearly 65% of the way up, an impressive performance. The MAX G2 is a great choice for riders who live in hilly areas.

Overall, the MAX G2 is a great choice for riders who need a powerful scooter with good hill climbing performance.

Quick acceleration is a sign of a powerful scooter.
Credit: Brian Walker

Ride Comfort

The ride comfort of your scooter will greatly impact your commute, including how far you're willing to travel and how often you use it. We rode each scooter on a standardized loop with small, medium, and large road inconsistencies to test this. Some scooters were tolerable for short rides, but others were so uncomfortable that we couldn't wait to get off. The MAX G2 was one of those scooters that our testers looked forward to riding.

When riding the G2, you might ask yourself, “What bumps?”. The full suspension and larger pneumatic tires eat up inconsistencies on the road. The suspension uses hydraulic shocks in the front and a dual spring shock in the rear. Both the shocks and tires do a fantastic job of absorbing the bumps you'll encounter on your daily commute.

Full suspension: Smoother rides, more control.
Credit: Brian Walker

After our first few bumps, we felt confident in the shock absorption capabilities of this scooter. We hit various obstacles and hazards, such as cracks and potholes, without any problems. The small and medium cracks were hardly noticeable, and the large cracks were insignificant. Even on the worst road sections, we felt stable and safe on the scooter rather than jostled and gripped. Ultimately, the ride comfort of this model is the best in its class and significantly increases the quality of your commute, making you more likely to ride your scooter more often and to more places.

segway ninebot max g2 - a close-up of the independent rear shocks.
A close-up of the independent rear shocks.
Credit: Brian Walker


Scooters often provide a portable and easy-to-store transportation solution for urban commuters. To test portability, we looked at each scooter's folding mechanism, weight, and overall ease of transport. The MAX G2 has many great features, such as its suspension, bigger battery, and motor that improve its comfort, power, and range but hinder the model's portability.

The MAX G2 is the heaviest scooter in this review, weighing 54 pounds. The weight makes it difficult to carry, especially in the context of a commute. Despite its weight, the G2 is relatively easy to fold and unfold. It has a redundant latching system that prevents the scooter from accidentally folding while you're riding. The fold latch is offset, which helps to create a compact and stable package when you're carrying the scooter.

segway ninebot max g2 - this handlebar latch provides 2-stage security. the latch and...
This handlebar latch provides 2-stage security. The latch and folding mechanism is a bit stiff but fully functional.
Credit: Austin Palmer


Slow or weak brakes are a sure sign of an unreliable braking system, which is just as important on a scooter as on any other vehicle. We tested each scooter on flat ground and downhill terrain to test braking performance. The MAX G2 maintained consistent performance throughout the braking tests.

It uses a drum brake in the front and an electronic brake in the rear to provide impressive braking power. The front drum brake is so strong that the rear wheel may come off the ground if you slam on the brakes. However, the brakes are predictable and easy to use, thanks to a one-lever system.

At roughly 12 mph, the G2 stopped in an impressive 17 feet on flat ground. Its hill braking performance was also excellent, with great control on hills ranging from 5-15%. The motor limits the scooter's speed to 22 mph, providing more control while descending.

The braking system, coupled with a governor, is a reliable and strong design suited for hilly and sustained terrain.

segway ninebot max g2 - the electric and drum brakes are operated by one handle on the left.
The electric and drum brakes are operated by one handle on the left.
Credit: Brian Walker

Should You Buy the Segway Ninebot MAX G2?

Despite its high price, the Segway MAX G2 is among the best scooters today. Its best-in-class performance earned it our top award. If you're looking for the best commute or long scenic rides, the MAX G2 is the scooter for you.

segway ninebot max g2 - this scooter had our testers jumping with joy!
This scooter had our testers jumping with joy!
Credit: Brian Walker

What Other Electric Scooter Should You Consider?

The Segway MAX G2 may be too expensive for some people. Fortunately, there are other high-performing scooters available at a lower cost. If you want a more affordable option, check out the Gotrax G4. If you're on an extra-tight budget, we recommend the Gotrax GXL V2.

Austin Palmer and Isaac Laredo