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Bose SoundTouch 300 Review

A great sounding speaker with impressive bass for an integrated subwoofer model
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Bose SoundTouch 300 Review
Credit: Bose
Price:  $700 List
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Manufacturer:   Bose
By Max Mutter and Steven Tata  ⋅  Jun 12, 2017
  • Sound Quality - 40% 8.0
  • Ease of Use - 30% 8.0
  • Sound Customization - 15% 7.0
  • Style/Design - 15% 8.0

Our Verdict

While not the best sounding soundbar we tested, the Bose SoundTouch 300 is a close second. Throughout our testing it had impressive clarity, and produced the deepest bass of any model that didn't have an external subwoofer. If you want the absolute best sound we'd recommend the Sonos Playbar. However, if you already have a Bose system in your house, or you just want the deepest bass you can get without bothering with an external subwoofer, you definitely won't be disappointed with the SoundTouch 300. The SoundTouch 300 can also be paired with other Bose speakers if you ever want to expand your sound system.
Great sound
Easy to use
Nice design

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Bose SoundTouch 300 boasts high quality sound in a sleek looking package. The Sonos Playbar does sound a bit better, but we highly doubt anyone would be disappointed with the SoundTouch.

bose soundtouch 300 - we listened to hundreds of hours of audio throughout testing. the...
We listened to hundreds of hours of audio throughout testing. The Bose SoundTouch 300 was one of our testers' favorites.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Performance Comparison

The Bose SoundTouch 300 was one of the top overall scorers in our testing, falling short of only the Sonos Playbar.

Below we discuss how the SoundTouch 300 performed in all the different tests we conducted. We combine the scores from all of these individual tests to calculate our overall scores.

Sound Quality

The SoundTouch 300 was one of the most melodious models in our sound quality testing, earning a score of 8 out of 10. This score was bested only by the Sonos Playbar. We were incredibly impressed with the power of the bass that emanated from the SoundTouch 300. It was the most powerful bass we experienced from a model without an external subwoofer. It also had a broad dynamic range, crisp sounding treble, and great overall clarity. When we listened to the SoundTouch 300 we were all blown away by its sound quality. However, when we listened to the SoundTouch 300 and the Sonos Playbar side-by-side the Sonos sounded even clearer.

bose soundtouch 300 - the soundtouch 300 produces impressive sound that will likely please...
The SoundTouch 300 produces impressive sound that will likely please anybody, but the Sonos Playbar is a bit better.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Ease of Use

The SoundTouch 300 includes a fully featured remote control, can be connected to the SoundTouch App and be controlled from your phone, and took us less than 5 minutes to set up out of the box. The only small complaint we had was that there are no controls on the actual soundbar. This isn't too big of a deal as you can still use the SoundTouch App if you lose the remote, but we would have preferred to at least have some simple controls on the actual bar. We also paired multiple Bluetooth devices to this speaker without issue. This performance earned the SoundTouch 300 a score of 8 out of 10 in our ease of use testing.

bose soundtouch 300 - there are no controls on the soundtouch 300 itself, but it does...
There are no controls on the SoundTouch 300 itself, but it does indicate which input is connected.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Sound Customization

The SoundTouch 300 offers a decent amount of sound adjustability. You can adjust the bass level either via the remote or the SoundTouch App. It also offers a dialogue mode. This setting optimizes the speaker to produce crisp, clear voices. It's great when watching the news, talk shows, or listening to podcasts.

bose soundtouch 300 - the inset plugs on the soundtouch 300 keep cables tidy and allow you...
The inset plugs on the SoundTouch 300 keep cables tidy and allow you to push it right up against the wall.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Bose definitely has stylish design on lockdown. The SoundTouch 300 earned an 8 out of 10 in our design/style testing, just a point off from the top scorer. The simple, monochrome design and simple lines gives the SoundTouch 300 an unassuming look, but the glossy cover exudes a sense of quality. Our only slight complaint was that the glossiness did tend to show fingerprints, so you'll probably want to give it a wipe down after you install it.


At $700 the Bose SoundTouch 300 is one of the more expensive models we tested. The Sonos PLaybar sounds a bit better and costs the same, so if you're looking for the best overall sound the SoundTouch 300 isn't the best value. However, it still sounds great, so if you already have a bose system in your house and want your soundbar to be compatible, the SoundTouch 300 is worth every penny.


The Bose SoundTouch 300 has great sound, a nice design, and an easy to use interface. However, for the same price, the Sonos Playbar sounds better, making it a better choice for most users. If you already have a Bose system at home or just want the most powerful bass you can get without dealing with an external subwoofer, the SoundTouch 300 is a great choice.

Max Mutter and Steven Tata