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Matthew Spencer
Matthew Spencer

Matt Spencer

An avid tech user and gamer, foodie, outdoor recreation and travel enthusiast, Matthew has garnered experiences at a young age that people much older have yet to experience. By the age of 21, he has traveled to 33 states, including most of our national parks and the Grand Canyon. He has spent most of his time in his favorite state, Hawaii, traveling to all five islands multiple times. This is where he discovered his passion for volcanoes. His next adventure will be taking him to Japan and Iceland to further satisfy his curiosity and zeal surrounding volcanology and the geological landscape of these two locations.

At a young age Matthew acquired his love for the outdoors. He spent quality time Camping, hiking, bouldering, and spelunking with his family in California's Sierra Nevada and Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Living in Lake Tahoe has provided him additional opportunities to enjoy and participate further in outdoor recreational activities. Currently he has taken on rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and more recently developed a passion for traversing the trails behind his home on a ski bike. Matthew also enjoys spending time on his motorcycle traveling throughout California and spending time with his two cockatiels, Avalon and Xerxes.

Currently in his third year at Lake Tahoe Community College, Matthew is planning on finishing his education at University of Nevada - Reno with a Bachelor's degree in Geological Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. Science and the way things work has always caught his attention. His interest in the sciences and analytics began early in life. At the age of two, he was using a screwdriver to remove an interior door off its hinges. Today, he enjoys using his analytical skills to be a quality and performance tester at GearLab on hundreds of household electronics and appliances consumers have to choose from and is critical of their quality and performance.