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How We Tested Wireless Keyboards

Wednesday October 18, 2023

At GearLab, we ask a lot of our gear in hopes that we can find the best of the best. From everyday use to the most bizarre methods, we try everything possible with all of our gear. This is how we tested wireless keyboards for this review. We tested the following four metrics, pushing the gear to the limits as much as possible.

Connectivity & Ease of Use

This metric measures how well each keyboard connects to a computer and other devices. We measured connecting time, distance, lag on wake-up, and actuation distance to test this. We also considered whether the keyboard connects via Bluetooh or USB dongle, and what operating systems it was compatible with.

wireless keyboard - the logitech g915 tkl connects via usb dongle or bluetooth.
The Logitech G915 TKL connects via USB Dongle or Bluetooth.
Credit: Jason Peters


To test features, we recorded what features every keyboard has and then used every feature. We looked for things like the number of devices each keyboard can pair to, hotkeys, n-key rollover, and backlighting. We also recorded any unique features found in each keyboard. We made note of which features were useful, and which were less useful.

wireless keyboard - testing the logitech k480's tablet and phone holding feature.
Testing the Logitech K480's tablet and phone holding feature.
Credit: Jason Peters

Battery Life

To test battery life, we simply used every keyboard. We kept a running total of how many hours we used each keyboard, and made note when or if they died. During the 20-30 hours of testing on each keyboard, none of them ran out of power. We also researched user reviews concerning battery life to get a clearer idea how long each keyboard would last. Our findings were that most keyboards last a minimum of two weeks, or 80 hours.

wireless keyboard - the omoton ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard requires you to replace the...
The OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard requires you to replace the batteries when they die.
Credit: Jason Peters


To test portability, we recorded every keyboard using our testing scale. We also measured every keyboard. We looked at whether a keyboard had any folding capabilities, and if it did we measured it folded as well. We scored every keyboard for portability based on these recorded metrics. The smaller and lighter it is, the higher the portability score it gets.

wireless keyboard - the iclever bk08 folds flat and is one of the most portable...
The iClever BK08 folds flat and is one of the most portable keyboards we tested.
Credit: Jason Peters