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Office Chair Ratings Summary

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Editors' Choice Award
Our favorite office chair that we have tested to date, the Leap is by far the best you can get
It's hard to justify spending $1300 or so for a chair that isn't the best
This chair definitely makes a style statement but we wish it were a bit more comfortable
While the Think overall did well in our review, it didn't quite make it onto our list of favorites
Best Buy Award
The DXRacer pairs exceptional comfort and durability, making it one of the best value options around
Given its premium price, this chair's relatively lackluster results are exceptionally disappointing
Best Buy Award
While the Modway is far from the best, it is the best you can get for less than $150
The Alera struggled to distinguish itself from the pack with its overall lackluster showing
There are far better options in the same price range