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Best French Press of 2022

We tested French presses from Stanley, Bodum, Le Creuset, and others to find which produced the best cup of coffee
Best French Press of 2022
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Michelle Powell and Nick Miley  ⋅  Jul 1, 2022
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We screened dozens of models in our search for the best French press available today, selecting the 11 most promising for in-house testing. Our coffee experts evaluated each product on four key grounds: filtration, ease of use, cleaning, and durability. Our selections span a variety of styles and sizes. The results of our testing illuminated who were the standout contenders from those that fell short, making your choice as easy as a Sunday morning.

There are many different ways to make coffee. From pour over to high-end espresso machines and pod-style machines to the classic drip coffee maker, you'll find something for every kitchen in our reviews.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on July 1, 2022, to ensure our product selection is up to date. We removed one product from our lineup that is no longer in production.


Best Overall French Press

Coffee Gator Insulated

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Double
Excellent filtration
Smooth action
Polarizing styling

The Coffee Gator Insulated press topped the charts in every one of our metrics. It produced a nearly sediment-free cup — a surprise, considering the typically notoriously muddy brew of pressed coffee. This outcome is primarily the result of the double mesh filters stacked on the business end of the unit's plunger. Further minimizing sediment passthrough is the well-matched carafe/plunger assembly that traps the grounds without limiting the plunger's ease of movement. When the coffee is drained, cleaning the Coffee Gator is a snap. All you need to do is toss out the grounds and pop it in the dishwasher.

Although the Gator is easy to clean, you can't wash off ugly. And while we think it's what comes out of the spout that counts, this unit's outward appearance may not be to everyone's liking. The Gator sports modern-industrial styling that speaks to utility over aesthetics. With that in mind, this press's all-metal construction is nearly indestructible, making it well-suited to busy kitchens and campsites alike.

best overall french press
The Coffee Gator produced the cleanest cup in our tests, but it's industrial styling may not be for everyone.
Credit: Laura Casner


An All-Around Great Coffee Press

Poliviar Double Wall 34-Ounce

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Double
Teak handle and knob
Hand washing required
Lacks all-metal durability

First and foremost, the Poliviar Double Wall 34-Ounce brews a wonderfully clean cup of java, thus eliminating the main criticism leveled at the press extraction method. As with other models that can back up such a claim, this achievement is the product of the tight tolerance maintained between plunger and carafe and the employment of redundant mesh filters. Utility aside, the Poliviar's design captures a more timeless look that may earn it a permanent place on the countertop. We appreciate the mottled exterior of the metal carafe and the oiled teak fixtures.

While the wood adornments are undeniably a nice touch, they do require hand washing — this piece will need to stay out of the dishwasher for longevity's sake. Wood is a less durable material in general, meaning drops landing handle first could prove costly. These caveats aside, this press is more than sturdy enough for most kitchens. We also found the speckled exterior to be a nice choice as it prevents the unsightly smudges produced when handling glass or polished metal presses.

french press - an all-around great coffee press
This sharp-looking press offers great filtration, wood adornments, and a mottled exterior that does not show fingerprints or smears.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for the Buck

Mueller French Press Double Insulated

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Double
Good filtration
Hard to keep clean

The luxurious polished stainless steel exterior of the Mueller French Press Double Insulated belies its modest cost. More than just a beauty, this press hammers home its favorable price-to-quality ratio with double mesh filters well-fitted to an insulated carafe. The result is a gratifyingly clean brew that will maintain its warmth long enough for a top-off or two. Rinse out the grounds after the coffee is drained and place it in the dishwasher. All told, the Mueller's easy-to-use design, and durable construction make it an easy choice regardless of one's budget.

While the Mueller's design is undoubtedly sturdy and easy to maintain, its mirror-like finish readily shows greasy smudges and splatterings, which mars its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, while the filtration is good, it is not as thorough as some other models in this review. Yet, if you're looking to plunge into a better coffee experience without having to take a financial bath to do so, this is a great option.

french press - best bang for the buck
The Mueller press made an excellent cup of coffee and offers great value for its performance.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Large Groups

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated French Press

Capacity: 48oz | Filter: Single
Huge capacity
Relatively unwieldy
Sub-par filtration

With a whopping 48-ounce capacity, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated French Press easily creamed the competition and earned the designation as the leading large capacity press. How much bigger is it? Where standard-sized units are limited to about three mugs of joe, the Stanley filled four with some to spare for top-offs and warm-ups. Speaking of top-offs, this coffee maker's all-metal construction is the proverbial cherry on the cake as it is durable and dishwasher safe. Given the plus-size carafe and the built-to-last design, we believe this unit's performance more than justifies its relatively high cost.

Although there is much to praise the Stanley press for, it is certainly not without its shortcomings. For example, its lid fits somewhat loosely, allowing the plunger to wobble when pressed down. We were also less than impressed with the spout design as it did little to rein in the discharge rate. While these concerns could easily be overlooked, the relatively poor filtration provided by the double filters is stuck in our craw. Still, the Stanley leads the pack if you need a high-volume pressing capacity. And, with a carafe that size, one can spare a little coffee in the bottom to hold the dregs.

french press - best for large groups
The Stanley press is big enough to satisfy the whole house and burly enough to go on your next camping trip.
Credit: Laura Casner


An All-Around Great Press

Sterling Pro Double Wall Large

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Double
Dishwasher safe
Hard to keep polished
Raw filter edges

The Sterling Pro Double Wall is a leader in overall scoring. It offers a double filter that generates better than average filtration, yielding a nearly sediment-free brew. The unit also boasts double wall insulation to keep the exterior cool while maintaining the warmth of the contents. The fully stainless construction makes cleanup easy as it is machine washable. When it's time for a deep clean, the plunger assembly easily comes apart and back together.

Given such acclaim, one may be wondering at the relatively low ranking this press received. This result is a consequence of the Sterling Pro's relatively minor filtration and cleaning shortfalls. First of all, the edges of the filter do not fold over. As a result, the filters permit a bit more flex, allowing more sediment to pass by the plunger. As for cleaning, we found it hard to maintain the out-of-the-box shine that makes this model so visually appealing. Still, when taken as a whole, the Sterling Pro is a top-notch press that is both durable and effective at creating a praiseworthy cup of joe.

french press - the sterling pro makes a great cup and comes at an impressive value.
The Sterling Pro makes a great cup and comes at an impressive value.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Great High-End Option

Frieling Double Wall

Capacity: 23oz | Filter: Double
Great filtration
Double-wall insulation
Small capacity

The Frieling Double Wall French press delivered an excellent performance in all of our tests. This model has that solid feel that speaks to the quality of its construction. The Frieling filters grounds using a pair of stacked mesh screens, with the upper being finer and slightly smaller in diameter than the lower. Happily, this unusual design produces a brew far cleaner than average — though it's not perfect. However, the filtration quality may have more to do with the plunger being well-fitted to the carafe, a feature that is evidenced in the plunger's tight fit and smooth action. Finally, the stainless steel construction allows for machine washing once the dregs are removed.

While the Frieling is undoubtedly easy to operate and maintain, it fell short of the leaders in a minor but notable way. Specifically, using a recessed secondary filter reduces the stiffness of the outer edge of the plunger. Although this contributes to easier depression of the plunger, it allows small amounts of grounds to work their way around the filter as it slides down the carafe. The result is a slightly muddier brew compared to the higher-scoring models. For a product that slightly misses the mark in this crucial metric, we found Frieling's hefty price tag to be a bit out of proportion. However, if money is not object, this stylish press isn't likely to disappoint those looking for a bolder, tactile richness in a cup of java.

french press - with its elegant styling and great performance, the frieling press...
With its elegant styling and great performance, the Frieling press is an excellent high-end option.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Decent Press With Spare Parts

Secura 304-Grade Stainless Steel Insulated

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Single
Includes extra filters
Average filtration
Hard to keep clean

The double-walled, polished stainless steel Secura has the look and feel of a solidly constructed press. This impression is supported by the well-fitted plunger and its dishwasher-safe status. While the unit only uses a single mesh filter to strain out grounds and sediment, it does have the advantage of a doubled-over edge on that filter. The quality of the filter combined with the tight carafe/plunger tolerance produces better filtration than most single filter models. The press also comes with two spare filters, which can be added to the plunger to increase filtration or set aside as replacements.

The Secura scored well in most metrics but came up short in our filtration tests as it was competing with double filter models. While the purity of the brew could be improved by adding one of its extra filters, we chose to test it right out of the box as many consumers don't like to fiddle around with a brand new purchase. Aside from the filter, the only other downside is that the Secura's polished stainless steel shows the grease smudges from every hand that touches it, making it difficult to maintain the mirror-like finish. Overall, this product remains a good choice for someone who likes the look of polished steel and is disciplined enough to keep their hand on the handle.

french press - the secura press fits well in most kitchens and makes a tasty cup of...
The Secura press fits well in most kitchens and makes a tasty cup of coffee.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Modern Spin on a Classic Form

Cafe Du Chateau

Capacity: 34 oz | Filter: Double
Extra filter screens
Unique design
Some cleaning issues

The Cafe Du Chateau press is a modern take on a classic design. The unit has a traditional glass carafe; however, the polished stainless steel frame supporting the glass has the look of a low-cut collar. We'll leave it to the reader to decide if this model's décolletage is pleasing to the eye. Moving on to more practical matters, this model filters well, resulting from its twin folded edge filters. Yet, apart from the curvy polished steel frame, this press lacks distinction.

As with all the polished steel models in our review, the Cafe Du Chateau's finish is hard to maintain, and it readily shows fingerprints. Additionally, the frame forms a pocket wherein residue may build-up, increasing the cleaning burden. However, it's dishwasher safe and comes with a couple of extra filters. When you strip away all of this unit's garnishments, it is simply a decent double filter press at a reasonable price.

french press - stylized embellishments aside, this is a decent press at a...
Stylized embellishments aside, this is a decent press at a reasonable price.
Credit: Jason Peters


A So-So Press With a Modest Price Tag

Bodum Brazil 34-Ounce

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Single
Dishwasher safe
Sub-par filtration

The Bodum Brazil is one of the least expensive presses in our review. This coffee maker features the humdrum, though adequate, performance that we have come to expect from Bodum. The glass carafe and polypropylene frame are dishwasher safe, easy to disassemble, and are relatively durable.

While we prefer simple designs, the basic Brazil leaves out some key features to achieve this end. Most significantly, it only utilizes a single filter, and the screen on this filter has an open edge. The spring supporting the filter screen overlaps where it meets, creating a weakness that allows grounds to pass through. Despite these issues, we think the Brazil is appropriately priced and would be a good choice for the less discerning coffee drinker who'd like to save a buck.

the bodum brazil is a great option for those who enjoy traditional...
The Bodum Brazil is a great option for those who enjoy traditional french press coffee and want the best deal.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Traditional Press

Bodum Chambord 1-Liter

Capacity: 34oz | Filter: Single
Easy to use
Simple design
Below average filtration
Fragile components

When many people think of a press, an image of something akin to the Bodum Chambord likely comes to mind. Whether one agrees with this statement or not, it is undeniable that this model has been a staple in kitchens and coffee shops for many years. This product is simple to use, and as long as everything goes to plan, equally easy to clean and maintain. Coffee drinkers who love a more heavy body tactile experience will find the Chambord to be quite satisfactory.

Tradition aside, when compared to contemporary press designs, the Chambord falters in several areas. First and foremost is filtration. This coffee maker puts out a muddy cup, and while many drinkers will expect that from this extraction method, it doesn't have to be that way. Another issue is that the glass carafe is not securely restrained by the metal frame and can slide out when emptying spent grounds. Given the unit's propensity for unannounced aerial displays, it's not surprising that the manufacturer sells replacement carafes and other parts.

this french press classic has been a staple for years.
This french press classic has been a staple for years.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Press With Rustic Appeal

Le Creuset Stoneware Coffee Maker

Capacity: 27oz | Filter: Single
Timeless good-look
Dishwasher safe
Below average filtration

The Le Creuset Stoneware Coffee Maker catches the eye wherever it sits. This gorgeous kitchen staple features the brand's signature enamel coating and comes in many colors to compliment your decor or existing collection. The Le Creuset press is stain-resistant, and if properly cared for, it could become a family heirloom. Despite its luxurious and fragile appearance, this coffee maker is quite durable and is even dishwasher safe.

Given how taken we were by the good looks of this model, we were disappointed to discover that the high cost of the Le Creuset did not equate to high filtering performance. The single filter and heavy lid are loosely fit to the body, which results in a wonky feel and poor sediment filtration. Additionally, when pouring, the loose-fitting lid caused us to instinctively secure it with our thumb in an awkward grip. Unfortunately, we can only recommend this model to those who value form over function or those looking to match their Le Creuset set.

with its distinctive styling and variety of color options, the le...
With its distinctive styling and variety of color options, the Le Creuset is a beautiful addition to almost any kitchen decor.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Heading up French press research and testing is Michelle Powell. With over a decade of experience as a professional barista, Michelle brings a well-rounded understanding of coffee, and its many iterations, to the task. She has twice competed in the Southwest Regional Barista Competition, undergone countless hours of instruction and training with Four Barrel and Blue Bottle Coffee, and has managed an artisanal cafe where she ran workshops instructing customers on how to make better coffee at home. Michelle has tested hundreds of coffee and kitchen-related products for GearLab. In this most recent iteration of our French press review, Michelle was joined by Senior Review Editor Nick Miley. Nick is an avid home cook and baker, as well as a published research scientist and investigative journalist.

Our French press testing is comprised of four rating metrics:
  • Filtration (40% of overall score weighting)
  • Ease of Use (30% weighting)
  • Ease of Cleaning (15% weighting)
  • Durability (15% weighting)

In order of impact, these are filtration, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and durability. Before purchasing the products for our side-by-side analysis, our team performed extensive research into the needs, wants, and common frustrations of French press consumers. Using that information and our own experience, we devised independent metrics that, when satisfied, collectively describe an ideal press. Far from being a one-size-fits-all review, our analysis allows variables such as carafe size, aesthetic appeal, and cost.

We made a lot of strong coffee in the production of this review...
We made a lot of strong coffee in the production of this review. Whie we drank as much as we could, our focus was on consistency -- consistency of water to grounds and ground coarseness -- so that we could empirically judge the filtration of each press.
The Le Creuset's beauty was some what tarnished by it heavy...
The Le Creuset's beauty was some what tarnished by it heavy, unsecured lid and poor filtration.
The Secura press made a beautiful addition to our lineup of coffee...
The Secura press made a beautiful addition to our lineup of coffee gear.

Analysis and Test Results

The particulars of the tests informing these metrics are described below, including which models performed well and why.


Filtration is the most important and thus most heavily weighted metric in our review. While French presses are not known for producing a particularly clean brew — quite the opposite, in fact — some products address this issue better than others. In this evaluation, the Coffee Gator Insulated and the Poliviar presses are leading the pack. Both of these presses boast double filter screens with folded over edges and plunger pistons that fit tightly to the body of the press. Filtration was assessed by coffee color uniformity, sediment in the bottom of a cup, and, most importantly, mouthfeel.

the poliviar produces a nearly sediment-free brew. this is in part...
The Poliviar produces a nearly sediment-free brew. This is in part due to its well-fitting plunger.
Credit: Laura Casner

While the impact of doubled-up filters and a tight-fitting plunger on the filtration process is easy to understand, folded filter edges may be less obvious. Filter screens are made of woven metal sheets (usually steel), and when cut into disks, they have a frayed edge that exposes the individual wires of the weave. Severed from the structure of the weave, these exposed wire ends are quite weak and prone to let particulates suspended in the water pass by the plunger. Folding the edge essentially doubles the resistance to such action. Stacking the filters adds that much more strength to this vulnerable portion of the plunger componentry.

the cafe du chateau has both redundant filter screens and folded...
The Cafe Du Chateau has both redundant filter screens and folded edges on those screens. However, the plunger could be better fit to the carafe. As a consequence, the brew has more sediment in it than the models that led in the filtration evaluation.
Credit: Jason Peters

Several models in our review employ folded edge screens, double-up screens, or both, and yet, all failed to produce coffee clarity on par with the Coffee Gator and Poliviar. For example, the Cafe Du Chateau yields a slightly cloudier draft despite having both of the aforementioned features. The difference here is in the loose fit of the plunger. Conversely, the Mueller has a tight-fitting plunger and double filters, yet the frayed edges of those filters render sediments levels similar to the Cafe Du Chateau.

the frieling press has an extra-fine secondary filter but we found...
The Frieling press has an extra-fine secondary filter but we found that its smaller diameter leaves the periphery of the plunger more vulnerable to escaping sediment.
Credit: Laura Casner

As a final example, the Frieling, which was ranked alongside the Mueller and Cafe Du Chateau, utilizes a recessed, extra-fine mesh filter on top of a standard filter. While this may seem like a good design, we found that the smaller diameter of the upper filter meant that the unit performed more like a single frayed-edge filter as it moved along the wall of the carafe. If all this seems like a lot to take in, all you really need to know is that a tight-fitting plunger housing double filters with folded edges yields the best results.

Ease of Use

To test ease of use, we made dozens of pots of coffee, using each press multiple times to ensure we became familiar with each model's strengths and weaknesses. The Poliviar was a leader in the class due to the smooth action of its tight-fitting plunger and its well-designed handle that facilitated comfortable, controlled pouring. While it's true that the Poliviar's wooden components will require some extra care, that will be addressed in the ease of cleaning and durability discussions below.

the poliviar's action is smooth and consistent, thus enhancing its...
The Poliviar's action is smooth and consistent, thus enhancing its ease of use.
Credit: Laura Casner

The overall feel that a press has when filling, pressing, and pouring it is a large part of ease of use evaluation. However, these feelings are not lofty sentiments but rather the product of focusing on details such as weight, balance, ergonomics, pour control, and the fit of the components. We have already mentioned the Poliviar's performance in this regard. Close competitors include the Mueller, Secura, Sterling Pro, and Coffee Gator. All of these models feature a plunger that is fit to maximize sediment capture while remaining easy to depress. Moreover, these presses have very similar spouts to the Poliviar, which promote accurate, regulated pours while limiting the spurts that can occur during the press. Yet, none of the handles on these units were a match for the Poliviar.

we found the loose lid of the le creuset to be a bit unnerving and...
We found the loose lid of the Le Creuset to be a bit unnerving and kept a cautious hold on it while pouring.
Credit: Laura Casner

On the other end of the spectrum, we found the Stanley and Le Creuset to be particularly unruly. Due to its massive stature, the Stanley was a bit cumbersome to bring to bear, and its loose-fitting lid wanted to spin at inopportune times. The Le Creuset presented challenges with its loose-fitting lid as well, but more because it is made of heavy enameled ceramic and felt like it would fall out and take the plunger with it while pouring. Similarly, the Bodum Chambord's loose-fitting frame threatened to pour out the carafe when tossing used grounds.

Ease of Cleaning

Before we delve into the differences in cleaning requirements, we want to point out that, in general, French presses are easy to clean and maintain. In comparison to an electric coffee maker, the process is trivial and, in part, contributes to the long-standing appeal of the press extraction method. With that said, we have found that small differences in the ease of cleaning can have a big impact on one's satisfaction with their purchase. The Coffee Gator's all-metal construction, uniform exterior, matte finish, and dishwasher safe rating made it a leader in this evaluation.

the ability to toss these presses in the dishwasher added a welcome...
The ability to toss these presses in the dishwasher added a welcome level of efficiency to our morning routine.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Coffee Gator's dishwasher safe rating is largely a result of its durable metal construction, and the benefit to cleaning is clear. However, the contribution of the exterior features to this assessment may need some explaining. The uniform exterior eliminates the nooks and crannies where coffee residue tends to build up in other models. The matte finish limits the display of water spots following a wash. Finally, it is easy to disassemble the Coffee Gator's plunger when a deep clean is in order.

the mueller ranks high in our ease of cleaning evaluation, however...
The Mueller ranks high in our ease of cleaning evaluation, however, we found its mirror-like finish to be easily tarnished.
Credit: Laura Casner

Models such as the Mueller and Sterling Pro are also dishwasher safe, and their plunger assemblies are easy to break down, but their polished exteriors tends to come out of the wash looking a bit spotty, requiring a buffing to bring back the finish.

the glass carafe of the chambord separated from its metal frame.
The glass carafe of the Chambord separated from its metal frame.
Credit: Laura Casner

As a final note, models that require hand washing suffered in this evaluation. While many deserve such an evaluation, the Poliviar is perhaps an exception. The Poliviar's mottled finish, uniform exterior, and metal carafe make it quite easy to maintain so long as one is willing to forego the dishwasher as its wooden handle and plunger knob won't long withstand such treatment.


No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a promising product only to have it fall apart. This is why we rate each press on its construction materials, manufacturing tolerances, and the quality of its assembly. We asked practical questions such as, would we feel comfortable taking the press on a camping trip or setting it on a table next to a child at play?

The Coffee Gator, Secura, Mueller, Frieling, Sterling Pro, and Stanley all earned top marks in this category due to their all-metal construction. If any of these models were knocked off the counter, they will remain intact. In support of this assessment, all of these models are double-walled, which provides a buffer that will better maintain the integrity of the inner layer and the function of the filter.

the thin glass of the bodum brazil does not inspire much confidence...
The thin glass of the Bodum Brazil does not inspire much confidence in its durability.
Credit: Laura Casner

The remaining models are uninsulated, which landed them on the other end of the spectrum regarding durability. The Bodum Chambord scored particularly poorly because its glass carafe can slide from its frame when cleaning. The Bodum Brazil and Cafe Du Chateau are secure in their frames, but their carafes are also made of glass and thus fragile. The Le Creuset press scored slightly better than the Brazil because of its sturdier-than-glass enamel coating. However, we have observed chipping in other Le Creuset enamel products in the past, causing concern about a similar outcome with the press.

Again, the Poliviar was an outlier due to its wooden adornment. This unit has all the durability and quality manufacturing of its top-rated competitors; however, the wooden handle and knob are not likely to survive a direct blow. Therefore, this model ranked just below the toughest models in the class.

the coffee gator is durable enough to confidently go wherever your...
The Coffee Gator is durable enough to confidently go wherever your coffee adventures take you.
Credit: Laura Casner


Our French press review covers all the performance aspects that make up a top-notch device. We heavily used these products as we made dozens of cups of coffee and repeatedly disassembled them, washed all the parts, and put them back together. We even dropped a few (just another way to test durability!) From our hard work and lots of coffee drinking, we gathered the information and details you need to find the best press to meet your needs and budget.

Michelle Powell and Nick Miley

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