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The 6 Best Planters

We tested planters from D'vine Dev, Fox & Fern, Classic Home and Garden, Rivet and more to find the best options for your plants
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Best Planter Review (Happy, healthy plants in their new, spacious homes.)
Happy, healthy plants in their new, spacious homes.

Our Top Picks

By Jackie Kearney ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 23, 2023

To find the best planters available today, we researched 50+ models of all shapes and sizes, then bought and tested the 16 most intriguing models side-by-side. Our green-thumbed experts planted and transplanted a wide variety of house plants and succulents throughout the testing period to get hands-on use with each one. We thoroughly assessed the aesthetics, quality, functionality, maintenance, and versatility of each planter based on our experiences using them. We include hanging, small, medium, and large models to help you find an option that best suits you, your budget, and your plants' needs.

Whether you're looking for the best house plants to go with your new planter or would like to brighten up your space with some flowers and flower pots, our home & garden experts have tested the best products to help you accomplish all of your growing gardening ambitions. If it's time to break ground on a new garden, we've also tested gardening gear like top-rated gardening shovels and the best garden hose and best hose nozzle combinations on the market.

The Best Planters


Best Overall Planter

D'vine Dev Ceramic

Diameter Tested: 6" | Material: Ceramic
Sleek style
High-quality materials
Drainage tray
Added bonus items of drainage rocks and felt protector
On the smaller side

The D'vine Dev Ceramic is a timeless planter with a classic two-tone ceramic design that's available in several earth-tone color options. The ceramic material and glaze feel high quality, a sense that is only solidified by this planter's great features. It comes with drainage rocks to help prevent splashing during watering and assist in preventing soggy roots, while the included drainage tray and felt pad protects in-home surfaces. The D'vine Dev is stable and easy to plant in, thanks to its cylindrical shape. We love how this option comes with everything needed for planting success.

There isn't much we didn't like about this well-thought-out planter. However, we should note that it will not support larger plant varieties due to its size. The ample drainage and furniture-protecting features easily push the D'vine Dev Ceramic to the top spot as our favorite planter, as it also has a great style that showcases the beautiful plant living inside it.

planter - the d'vine dev comes with a felt pad to protect your surfaces and...
The D'vine Dev comes with a felt pad to protect your surfaces and the planter, and neutral colors make it at home anywhere.


Best Planter and Stand Combo

Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand

Diameter Tested: 10" | Material: Fiberstone and acacia wood
Durable and stable
Easy assembly
High-quality materials and construction
Drainage hole
Clean look but not unique
No drainage tray

The acacia-wood stand on the Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand elevates the style of this option significantly. The design isn't particularly unique but it's versatile and clean. The white ceramic look of this 10" pot is balanced with the straight lines of the smooth wooden stand to match a wide range of decors and styles. Additionally, a drainage hole and plug allow you to ensure that you adequately water your plants without overwatering. The stand is very easy to assemble and allows for the option of a countertop or a stable four-legged floor display. We planted a well-established ponytail palm, and this planter and stand had no problem supporting the weight of the plant and soil.

The main criticism of this option is that there is not a drainage tray included. This makes watering a little more difficult, as you need to use extra caution to not spill onto your countertops or move your plant to give it a good soaking. Additionally, this was one of the most expensive models we tested, so its price may be prohibitory. If you find it affordable, the quality is worth the price tag. Overall, if you are looking for an elegant and timeless planter and stand combination, be sure to consider Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand.

planter - the polished and smooth wooden stand really elevates the appearance...
The polished and smooth wooden stand really elevates the appearance of this ceramic-looking, white cylindrical planter.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Pot

Diameter Tested: 13" | Material: Resin
Holds large plants
No drainage hole
Less stable
Best suited for casual space only

If you have many large plants, or you just don't want to break the bank for your planting needs, the Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Pot is an excellent option. There are multiple color options for this pot, and it is made of a lightweight, sturdy resin, making large plantings more easily moved if needed. The resin is painted with a scratch-resistant coating and a UV protectant that is meant to prevent fading in the sun. The added value of this option also makes it easy to create many plantings or try one of the many colors it is available in.

Value is one of the winning factors of the Honeysuckle Pot. However, the appearance leaves something to be desired. The aesthetic of the painted resin is best suited for a casual or outdoor space. The lightweight resin combined with the slightly wider top can lead to a top-heavy planting. It also lacks a drainage hole and tray. Critiques aside, the Honeysuckle Pot is adequate and affordable, especially for folks planting several large plants.

planter - a budget friendly option with the ability to match many decors.
A budget friendly option with the ability to match many decors.


Best Value for a Large Planter and Stand

Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter With Stand

Diameter Tested: 14.25" | Material: Ceramic
High quality
Stand is sturdy
No drainage

The Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter scores top marks in the aesthetics category and for good reason. We loved the two-toned glaze and the understated metal stand. Additionally, its traditional cylindrical shape will fit most home decors, and the neutral color options will fit almost any color palette. The ceramic material and glaze are high quality, and the stand is sturdy. Setup is as easy as placing the pot on the stand after it is planted. The shape of this design also makes filling and planting easy and leaves your plant with plenty of room to grow.

Though we loved the look and design of the Rivet, it lacks a drainage hole and has a glazed finish. If you'll be planting directly in the pot instead of keeping your plant in its nursery pot, this can present some problems. A glazed finish on the inside means it will retain moisture more than unfinished ceramic or a similar material. Combine that with the lack of a drain hole or option to drill one, and it creates careful watering conditions. Over-watering is not easy to correct, making it most suitable for more experienced plant owners. Also, the stand is only three-pronged. Though stylish, it provides less stability than some four-legged models when accidentally bumped. That said, it would still take a significant knock to topple it. If you're looking to invest in a classic home decor piece, the Rivet is one of the most stylish planters of the bunch with a (literally) elevated design.

planter - the stylish option with a stand that makes its mark with impressive...
The stylish option with a stand that makes its mark with impressive quality at a moderate price for a large model.


Best Self-Watering Option

Lechuza Classico 21

Diameter: 8" | Material: Plastic
Low maintenance
Will match many styles
Brittle plastic gauge
Better suited for moisture-loving plants

If you struggle to stick to a watering schedule and consistently find your plants drying up, we have a solution for you. The Lechuza Classico has a simple and classic shape, and its self-watering feature functions efficiently. This medium-sized planter is made of high-quality plastic with good flex. It also includes all of the materials needed to set up an effective self-watering system: a meter, drainage rocks, and a reservoir for the bottom of the pot. The reservoir meter is low profile but easy to read and lets you know when you need to refill. The golden pothos we planted in this pot is thriving. The self-watering function also reduces watering mess or drainage issues.

Our primary critiques are mostly related to the watering system. Though effective and intuitive once set up, setting up the system is tricky, and we found the included instructions hard to follow should this be your first self-watering device. The water gauge and the reservoir were constructed from a more brittle plastic than the rest of the pot and appeared to lack durability. The design of the self-watering feature also means this planter is best suited for plants that prefer consistently moist soil, making it less versatile than some other models. Generally, however, the watering system is well designed, and this planter is a great buy for those who prefer a low-maintenance planting option.

planter - a sleek countertop self-watering option with a nice, easy to use...
A sleek countertop self-watering option with a nice, easy to use gauge.


Best for Succulents

Mkono Mini Glass Geometric Terrarium Set

Diameter Tested: 3" | Material: Glass
Attractive terrarium design
Keeps soil warm
Best suited for succulents and air plants
Might be too warm for many plants
Difficult to plant and water

We tested a variety of small sets, and the Mkono Mini Glass Geometric Terrarium Set came out on top. The gold and glass design fits a mid-century modern aesthetic and easily blended into our desktops, countertops, windowsills, and shelf spaces seamlessly. The terrarium style helps to keep the plants warmer if placed in the sun. It may be a good option if your space tends to get a little drafty but you have good sunlight. This also made these the best option for a succulent or air plant planting, as they display the warm-weather and low moisture plants spectacularly.

The Mkono Terrarium Set is well-suited for succulents, but it is certainly not the most versatile planting set. The lack of drainage and the interesting shape of the planters makes them best suited for plants such as succulents and air plants that do not have a large, established root system. Their shape also makes it difficult to plant flora without damaging the plants you are using. Once set up with the proper plants, the Mkono Terrarium Set is a lovely way to display your favorite small, slow-growing succulents.

planter - succulents fit great in these little glass planters.
Succulents fit great in these little glass planters.


Simple, Yet High End

Fox & Fern 10" Pot

Diameter: 10" | Material: Fiberstone
Simple and stylish
Can fit in a stand (purchased separately)
No drainage tray

Sometimes, simple is best, and the Fox & Fern Plant Pot nails this avenue. While basic, the white cylindrical design has the high quality and classy look of ceramic or stoneware but weighs much less. This pot also has a durable drainage plug. The cylindrical shape creates volume for root development, and the wide base creates an extremely stable platform able to accommodate tall, top-heavy plants. We tested the 10-inch size. With a flat bottom, this model is ready to be placed into a stand, too, although it must be purchased separately.

We prefer this model when it's with the stand, which elevates its appearance. One of the few drawbacks of this design is how basic it is. While the design will match almost any decor, it also does not stand out among our options for its uniqueness or particularly beautiful design. It's clean, but it's not unique. This is the kind of pot that lets the inhabiting plant do the talking. Additionally, if you are going to use this with the drainage option, you will need to move the plant to water it or provide your own drainage tray, an extra step that would be alleviated with the inclusion of a drainage tray. If you are seeking a universally pleasing design that will fit many designs and plant types, the Fox & Fern Pot is a substantial and well-made model with a clean aesthetic.

planter - the fox and fern holds this ponytail palm extremely well and is easy...
The Fox and Fern holds this ponytail palm extremely well and is easy to move around to good light due to its low weight.


An Attractive Countertop Planter and Stand

POTEY Mid Century Ceramic

Diameter Tested: 5.2" | Material: Ceramic
Classic and unique design
Drainage plug
Includes a stand
No drainage tray

The Potey Mid Century Ceramic is our pick for a planter that will fit on a countertop, shelf, or desk due to its medium size and included wooden stand. The neutral white color and unfinished wooden stand together are a classic design that will fit many different styles. The understated pattern printed into the ceramic adds a touch of uniqueness and creates a higher-quality appearance. The pot also includes a drainage plug to help maintain the proper soil moisture for different kinds of plants. The included stand is also easy to assemble, and the cylindrical shape is easy to plant.

We really like the design and ease of use of this model but wish it had a drainage tray. The stand allows for space to add your own small drainage tray, but it takes away from the minimal mid-century look. If there were a drainage tray incorporated into the design, this criticism would be solved. Additionally, the glaze combined with a single drainage hole does lead to a tendency for the soil to maintain moisture. Overall, the Potey Mid Century Ceramic is a great medium-sized pick that will fit many types of plants and styles.

planter - the stand and pattern on this planter are stylish and classic.
The stand and pattern on this planter are stylish and classic.


A Stylish Air Plant Holder

Nature's Nectar Air Plant Holders

Diameter Tested: 1.5" | Material: Metal
Very Specific Use
Doesn't hold all air plant sizes

The four Nature's Nectar Air Plant Holders are great for hosting Tillandsia plants. The metal design and simple lines mean that these little holders will match any decor. They are easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. We like that this model keeps air plants elevated to be sure that they do not get soggy after their weekly soak. Additionally, their minimalist design keeps the plants the main focus.

The downside of this option is that they are very plant-specific and therefore lack versatility. This option is more of a plant holder than a planter. While they function admirably to display air plants, they are pretty much useless as far as the rest of the plant world goes. This taken into consideration, the Nature's Nectar Air Plant Holders are excellent at what they do.

planter - these little stands have a simultaneously modern and classic look to...
These little stands have a simultaneously modern and classic look to brighten up your sills, counters, and desktops.


A Modern Planter Pair

Umbra Trigg Desktop

Diameter Tested: 4.5" and 3" | Material: Ceramic
Hip and unique design
Easy setup
Little room for root development

The Umbra Trigg Desktop pair is another good option for a sleek mid-century modern tabletop look. The pyramid-shaped pots are a unique shape, and the gold-colored stand against the black ceramic strikes us as of solid quality. The Umbra requires no setup other than placing the upside-down pyramids into their stands. The streamlined look makes this a stylish and versatile option for small tabletop plantings. Being tall, this pair provides significant decor without taking up much table or shelf space.

Where this set scored points for its unique pyramid design, it also lost a few in its stability and functionality. The narrow metal base was easy to knock over, so it's not the best choice for a home with curious pets or children. The pyramid shape also does not leave a lot of room for root systems to expand and grow, making it better suited for slow-growing plants. The Umbra Trigg Desktop is a good option for those looking for a unique and stylish plant accent.

planter - the sleek and modern umbra design can blend well even in a simple...
The sleek and modern Umbra design can blend well even in a simple space.


A Versatile Hanging Option

La Jolie Muse Hanging Pot Set

Diameter Tested: 13.2" | Material: Resin
Good drainage system
Three-point hanging system is stable
No hanging hardware
Very casual design

The La Jolie Muse Hanging Pot Set performed well across the board. It has a basic design with molded plastic that is textured and colored to look like stone. The rope that hangs the pot seems sturdy, having no problem holding the soil and plants we placed in them, and the construction is consistent across the two-pack. There is ample drainage, and the three-point hanging system is stable. The bowl shape leaves ample room for plants to grow or to create a multiple plant array.

The main point of suspicion for this model was at the connection points between the rope and the pot. The rope has thin metal cuffs holding it threaded into the pot, and this seems to us to be the most likely spot for the construction to fail. The positive of this thin connection was that the hanging portion could be easily removed if desired. The La Jolie Muse also did not come with the necessary hardware to hang it, which would have been a nice convenience. While the style is quite basic and casual, the La Jolie Muse Hanging Pot Set has the potential to fit a large range of plant sizes and types in indoor or outdoor spaces.

planter - the la jolie muse can adapt to many different home decors.
The La Jolie Muse can adapt to many different home decors.


Another Good Succulent Set

Dsben 3.2-Inch Ceramic

Diameter Tested: 3.2" | Material: Ceramic
Fun patterns
Easy to plant
Not very versatile
Imperfections in print

If your style includes a little more pattern and flair, the Dsben 3.2" Ceramic Planter Set is a good option for your succulent planting. There are several pattern options, and the black printed pattern makes a statement in your space. The cylindrical design is easy to plant, and the pots include a top that doubles as a drainage tray. The set is stable and fits well on a windowsill or countertop.

With its patterns and small size, this set is not the most versatile of the bunch. Additionally, there were a few imperfections in the print noticeable upon closer inspection of the model we received. While we pinned this as another option for your succulent planting, with its patterns, drainage, and shape, the Dsben would be a good fun option for many types of small plantings that you might have in mind.

planter - these little ceramic planters are great for cacti and will add some...
These little ceramic planters are great for cacti and will add some flair to your space.


A Cute Magnetic Mini Option

Gift Republic Magnetic Concrete 3-Pack

Diameter Tested: 1" | Material: Concrete
Very cute
Gray coloring matches almost any decor
Almost too small to be practical
Difficult to water

The Gift Republic Magnetic Concrete 3-Pack is adorable and received many compliments during the testing process. These little magnetic planters allow you to add a little life to your fridge or any metal object you would like. The construction is sturdy, and the concrete design is resistant to wear if knocked off the magnetic surface. The magnets are also strong and work well, leading to good stability. The simple gray coloring will match almost any decor and planting that you can fit.

When it comes to this set, the key is finding a plant that will actually fit in it. The small, cute size of these was also their greatest fault. The opening diameter is less than 1" wide, making them only suited for the smallest succulents and air plants. This also means that there is hardly any room for a root system to develop, and watering or fertilizing such a small space is extremely difficult. Overall, this set is only suited for the smallest plantings but makes a very sweet little set.

planter - teeny tiny cacti fit nicely into the concrete magnets.
Teeny tiny cacti fit nicely into the concrete magnets.


A Great Option for Kids

Chia Pet

Diameter Tested: 7" Long | Material: Terracotta
Comes with everything you need to plant
Fun for kids
Challenging to water
Can be challenging to get seeds to stick

We all remember seeing the “ch-ch-ch-chia” commercial as kids, and our testers strongly believe that the Chia Pet product line has not gotten any less fun. We tested the Dinosaur Rex model, but there are many fun varieties available. The terracotta pot is well designed, and the instructions are easy to follow. Once set up, the Chia Pet is easy to maintain.

We ran into a little bit of difficulty when initially planting the Chia Pet. We found that the success of getting the chia seed gel paste to stick to the terracotta was directly related to using the exact ratio of water to seeds that the instructions call for. If this is not followed closely, the application of the seeds is difficult and creates a patchy result. Another challenge was topping off the water in the reservoir without overflowing, and children may need help with this step. These challenges aside, this is a fun project to do with kids separately or while you plant your own project.

planter - the chia dino is a fun and interactive option for kids, and if we're...
The Chia Dino is a fun and interactive option for kids, and if we're honest, our adult testers, too. A T-Rex Chia Pet? We can't resist.


A Basic Self-Watering Option

Bloem Ariana Self Watering

Diameter Tested: 6" | Material: Plastic
Low-quality plastic
Susceptible to overwatering

The Bloem Ariana Self Watering pot was not a stand-out in any category, but it is functional at a good value. This model comes in many different color options and has a simple and straightforward design. The self-watering feature comes built-in and requires no additional setup. There is also the option to puncture holes for drainage, but that eliminates the self-watering function.

The basic design of this pot fell short in a few areas during our hands-on experience. The quality of the material seems low, as the thin plastic feels brittle and doesn't give us confidence in its longevity. The style is also not unique as it looks like a basic bulk option you might find at your local garden store. In addition to these aesthetic criticisms, the self-watering feature does not include any way to measure the amount of water remaining in the reservoir, making it susceptible to overwatering. If you are looking for a self-watering pot at a fair value and are not too particular about style or design, the Bloem Ariana Self Watering works.

planter - the bloem ariana comes in many colors and is versatile enough for...
The Bloem Ariana comes in many colors and is versatile enough for most casual spaces.


A Basic Option

Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Diameter Tested: 9" | Material: Plastic
Good Drainage
Low-quality plastic
Narrow decor options

The Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel is a good value if your style is not super specific or you have an outdoor space that you need to fill with many lightweight planters. It has ample drainage, thick enough plastic at the base for good stability, and a slightly wider top to make for easier planting. There is also plenty of space for root system development.

While this option meets many basic needs, it leaves something to be desired in the aesthetics department. For the whiskey barrel aesthetic, you get what you pay for. From afar, it may not stand out, but up close, the printed plastic is obvious, and the material is pretty flimsy. The Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel is also only suited for specific rustic designs or a very casual outdoor space, in our opinion. Overall, however, this option can check a few boxes if you need many plants potted in your outdoor space and have a smaller budget.

planter - the whiskey barrel pot is best suited for casual outdoor spaces.
The Whiskey Barrel pot is best suited for casual outdoor spaces.

Why Trust GearLab

Jackie Kearney, our lead tester, works long days both as a landscaper for a ranch and on a vegetable farm in Telluride, CO. This experience and lifestyle mean she is passionate about plants and creating a thriving life for them. After spending years creating healthy homes for plants, she knows there is nothing better than seeing those plants take off in your own home. She's spent weeks surrounded by these planters and planting them with many varieties of house plants.

To find the best models for varying needs, our editorial team and lead tester extensively researched the best options available. We selected a wide range of styles and sizes and tested them head to head. This involved planting each model or set with what we thought would do well in that style. This was followed by caring for these plants, watering and pruning them as needed. After growing attached to these plants in our homes, we are confident our assessment and experience with them are extremely thorough.

These patterns blend well into warm, basic colors.
These patterns blend well into warm, basic colors.
The La Jolie Muse design has the look of stone and neutral tones to...
The La Jolie Muse design has the look of stone and neutral tones to match a variety of plantings.
We mixed and matched plants and pots to get to the bottom of the...
We mixed and matched plants and pots to get to the bottom of the best models in our test group.

Analysis and Test Results

Choosing the right planter can easily nourish your plants and provide a significant improvement to the style of your home. These products are scored on the aesthetics, quality, functionality, maintenance, and versatility they provide.


For this category, we consider the general look of each product and how that could be incorporated into our homes and the homes of our friends and family. We considered how unique the design is, as well as how versatile it is to fit a variety of home decor styles. Ceramic, fiberstone, and glass models generally scored higher in this metric than their plastic counterparts, including the plastic models that are styled and designed to look like stone or ceramic.

planter - the fox and fern can seamlessly blend with almost any decor.
The Fox and Fern can seamlessly blend with almost any decor.

The Rivet Mid-Century scores high in this category for its high-end but versatile appearance and materials. This model is closely followed by the Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand, which scored high in this category for the simple and sleek appearance that lets the plant itself be the center of attention. The Potey Mid-Century Ceramic also scored well with its subtle pattern and understated stand.

We found that the most unique and stand-out styles often come in the form of smaller models. We love the modern look of the Umbra Trigg black-on-gold planters and feel that the glass terrariums of the Mkono set provide the most stylish way to display our small succulents. The D'vine Dev impressed our testing team, too. While drainage trays often detract from the sleek look of a planter, the drainage tray on this model fits in smoothly. It sports a mid-century modern look that is decidedly “in” right now.

Products that didn't do as well in this category were those that we deemed to have a more specific style or casual application. For example, the La Jolie Muse Hanging Pot Set and Bloem Ariana pot both left something to be desired in their basic style and materials.

planter - we moved this plant all around our house, and found that it fit in...
We moved this plant all around our house, and found that it fit in well with our decor and neutral color schemes.

Quality of Design and Materials

When assessing quality, we examined the materials and construction of each option extensively. We know you want the plant to tell you when it's ready to be moved, not its pot.

planter - the potey mid-century has a level wooden stand and printed ceramic...
The Potey Mid-Century has a level wooden stand and printed ceramic body.

The Rivet Mid-Century again receives top marks in this category due to its ceramic construction and durable metal stand. The Fox & Fern models score highest among non-ceramic options with its sturdy and lightweight fiberstone material, which looks similar to cement while weighing much less. Additionally, the smooth, stained acacia wood stand is built to be sturdy under the weight of soil and large plants. The Potey Mid-Century Ceramic has a thoughtfully designed wooden stand and quality ceramic. The more value-based options did not score as well here. Notably, the Bloem Ariana pot appeared to be made of thin and somewhat brittle plastic, leading to doubts about its durability.

planter - here you can see how neatly the fox and fern stand fits together, as...
Here you can see how neatly the Fox and Fern stand fits together, as well as the nice grain of the stained and sanded wood.


How well does the planter work? To determine this, we considered how easy it was to set up and fill with plants, whether it came with necessary hardware, as well as if it had any additional features such as self-watering. This category also included stability.

planter - the d'vine dev comes with drainage stones, a drainage tray and...
The D'vine Dev comes with drainage stones, a drainage tray and protective felt, creating an easy to use assembly.

The Fox & Fern models have some of the highest marks in this category, as they require no setup, their drainage system is straightforward and easy to use, and it is extremely stable. The Potey Mid Century Ceramic also does well here, as it came with an easy-to-use and stable stand. We also like the low maintenance of the self-watering feature on the Lechuza Classico model we tested, although it was a pain to set up initially, which we found worth the effort in the end. We appreciate the protective felt layer beneath the D'vine Dev model, which kept us from scratching wood surfaces we placed this model upon.

While value options such as Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Pot may fall short in looks and materials, they still scored highly here with their basic shape and adequate drainage. On the other hand, options such as the Mkono Mini Glass Terrarium and the Gift Republic Magnetic Concrete sets did not do well, as they were difficult to plant and hard to use due to their tiny size.

planter - the fox and fern is sturdy, as can be seen by how well it holds up...
The Fox and Fern is sturdy, as can be seen by how well it holds up to this top heavy ponytail palm.


We want to take into account how the design of each product would affect the maintenance of your house plants. For example, drainage is an essential feature to help prevent a common cause of plant death: root rot. Items that included a drainage hole, or even more advanced features like rocks, scored highly here. To go even further, options with a drainage tray that allows you to adequately soak the soil and not create a mess in your home earned bonus points. While adequate drainage is preferable to no drainage at all, the cleanness of a drainage tray increases utility.

The D'vine Dev, with its drainage rocks and tray, is a stand-out here, keeping whatever is under it dry while watering the plant while also providing excess water room to escape, preventing root rot better than many other models tested. The Fox & Fern models again rank highly in this category with their removable drainage plug and lightweight design that makes moving your plant to better light and conditions easy. The Lechuza Classico is a close second with its easy-to-operate self-watering system that allows you to gauge the amount of water left in the reservoir with just a glance. Contrarily, small, oddly shaped options such as the Mkono and Gift Republic sets do not do well here. Their size and shape greatly increase the difficulty of creating and maintaining plantings.

planter - the self-watering gauge on the lechuza classico greatly reduces...
The self-watering gauge on the Lechuza Classico greatly reduces maintenance and is easy to use.


How many uses does each product have in terms of what can be planted in it and where it can find a home in the house? The answers to these questions are related to the materials and design. Note that many of the models we tested come in various sizes, so you can get the size that matches the plants you wish to plant.

Classic designs and neutral color combinations such as the Lechuza Classico, D'vine Dev, and Fox & Fern score well in this category as they both have the potential to match many decors and maintain several different soil conditions with their materials and drainage systems. The La Jolie Muse Hanging Pot set also scored high with its ability to host many types of plants. Again, the smaller sets such as the Gift Republic, Mkono, Nature's Nectar, and the Chia Pet did not score as well due to their plant and design specificity.

planter - the la jolie muse hanging planter has the potential to suit many...
The La Jolie Muse hanging planter has the potential to suit many plants and design styles, as can be seen with this red prayer plant pairing.


Through extensive research and thorough side-by-side testing, we assessed a wide range of planters with the hope of helping you find the right one for you, your home, and your plants' needs. Using professional and personal experience, we developed an involved examination process and rubric to determine the top and bottom contenders for each metric. With our homes covered in plants, we were able to identify the best and worst qualities of each product through a rigorous evaluation. We hope that this review helps you to make an informed decision and liven up your home with the right model for your style and budget.

Jackie Kearney