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The 6 Best Folding Tables of 2023

We tested folding tables from Lifetime, Cosco, Office Star, Coleman, and more to find the right models for your needs
Best Folding Table of 2023
Credit: Amber King

Our Top Picks

By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 3, 2023

We researched over 40 of the best folding tables before selecting 10 to test side by side for this review. Our lineup features options ranging from standard-sized tables and tray sets to a roll-up option for camping and even a picnic table complete with benches. We set each table up while working on construction projects, performing gardening chores, crafting, and even while working remotely. We also subjected each to a series of objective tests to determine performance differences. After hours of testing, we offer you our unbiased opinions to help you find an option that'll suit your needs and budget.

A folding table can be handy around the house as extra eating space for impromptu BBQ gatherings, DIY projects, or for use in tasks like repotting house plants or starting seeds for your garden. It can also be great for camping.

Editor's Note: This review was updated on January 3, 2023 to ensure our selection is current and to edit for clarity.


Best Overall Folding Table

Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Folding Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 48 x 24" | Features: Carrying handle, 3 adjustable heights
Stable at most heights
Durable tabletop
Easy to use push-buttons for height adjustability
Easy to clean and move around
Tabletop does not fold (only legs), taking up more storage space
Some lateral movement at max-height

If a good investment is what you seek, the Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Folding Table is our top recommendation. This high-quality table features three adjustable heights (34 inches, 29 inches, and 24 inches) and a durable design. The steel hardware is smooth and easy to operate. We used it for home construction projects and as a part of our events arsenal for our main tester's outdoor school. Adjusting the height is easy, even with items on the table. The tallest setting offers more height than any other option, while the medium setting is the same height as a standard table. The shortest height is excellent for sitting children, making this table ultra-versatile for any family or household. At the lower heights, it's stable and provides an unbeatable level of performance. It's easy to clean, painless to maneuver, and made of high-quality materials.

While the legs of the Lifetime fold in, the table itself doesn't fold. As a result, it's longer than other standard folding tables, taking up more storage space. And while we appreciate the stability at medium and low settings, the tallest setting shakes and has some side-to-side movement. Still, this is an excellent choice for any family or household due to the exceptional versatility offered by its adjustable height.

best overall folding table
The Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Folding Table features three height adjustments, a solid stature, and a durable table top. Our favorite of all the larger folding table options.
Credit: Amber King


Best Bang for the Buck

Cosco Deluxe Fold-in-Half Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 72 x 29.5" | Features: Tabletop folds in half, carrying handle
Great price
Locking design, when set up
Easy to carry and maneuver
Height is not adjustable
Thinner tabletop

The Cosco Deluxe Fold-in-Half Table is a simple table with a 6-foot length that locks into place when set up. The plastic composite tabletop is relatively durable, and the straight leg design creates a broad, stable base. Setup takes just a few seconds, as it locks into place to enhance maneuverability. The table held a lot of weight, easily accommodating our welder and other construction gear during testing. It can be used for indoor and outdoor use and stands at a height of 29 inches when set up. We think it's a great deal because it's larger, performs well, and has a reasonable price. Additionally, it is also available in an 8-foot version.

While the price is right, we have slight concerns about the craftsmanship. Overall, we found the table relatively stable. However, the tabletop is thinner than other contenders, and it flexed a bit under more significant amounts of weight. Upon unboxing, we noticed the plastic was 'bubbled' in one spot. The hardware looks solid but is thinner and lighter than other contenders. For these reasons, we believe it's not as high quality as pricier options. However, if you're seeking a good deal, the Cosco Deluxe is a steal and will do everything you need a 6-foot table to do.

folding table - best bang for the buck
The Cosco Deluxe Fold-in-Half Table is light and offered at a great price with the ability to take a load.
Credit: Amber King


Best Personal Table

Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 26 X 18" | Features: 3 adjustable heights, ergonomic curve
Very light and easy to store under furniture
Easy squeeze height adjustment
Durable tabletop resists scratching
Lots of different uses
A tiny bit of shake at the tallest height
Have to flip over to adjust the height

For a small personal table at an approachable price, check out the Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table. This table measures 26 inches long (it also comes in a 30-inch version) and boasts three height adjustments (28, 26, and 24 inches). It has a solid and durable 2-inch plastic composite topper that proved scratch-resistant after our testing. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as a laptop station, tv tray, small crafting table, and more, tucking away easily underneath any piece of larger furniture when you're done using it. We found this table more durable and easier to adjust than other products with similar construction. We also appreciate its ergonomic shape, which features an inward curve at the torso, allowing you to get closer.

We noticed the tiniest shake when typing or eating on this table. To adjust the height, you need to flip the entire thing over. From there, adjustment is simple thanks to a squeeze design that allows you to adjust the bars easily. We didn't find the shorter heights very helpful for taller folks, but it depends on your needs. Due to the high-quality and easy adjustments, the Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table is our top recommendation for those that need a small multi-use personal table.

folding table - best personal table
The Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table features three different adjustable folding settings and a durable table top. A multi-use table that can be set-up anywhere.
Credit: Amber King


Best Table and Bench Combo

Office Star 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set

Tabletop Dimensions: 72 x 30" | Features: Benches that also fold, carry handles
Very stable design
Comes with benches
Durable tabletop
Adaptable for inside or outside use
Hard to maneuver when open as the divider has no locks

The Office Star 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set is an excellent setup for inside or outside use. Each of the three pieces is six feet long and folds in half. This set can accommodate a variety of uses; for example, we used it as a coffee station during an astronomy night event outdoors, while eating outside with friends, and as a construction table for home projects. Even on uneven ground, it maintained stability and performed well. The thick tabletop didn't flex under large amounts of weight and stood up better than others to our scratching and slicing tests. We love that the benches and table store flat and take up little storage space when not in use. The carry handles are also well padded, making transport a cinch.

Our main gripe with this product is that it doesn't lock into place when set up. When trying to pick it up after being set up, both table and benches fold in, making it impossible to move it with anything on the table surface. The benches aren't as stable on uneven ground as the tabletop, though the whole system performs as it should on flat ground. If you're looking for a table and bench set that functions as a picnic table and can accommodate 6-8 people, consider this beauty.

folding table - best table and bench combo
The Office Star 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table sets up like a picnic table with a wide variety of uses. It's very stable with excellent storage and portability.
Credit: Amber King


Best for Camping

Coleman Roll Top Aluminum Camping Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 27 x 27" | Features: Roll-up design with carrying case
Excellent for outdoor use
Easy setup on uneven ground
Very stable with weight
Plastic components have questionable durability
Items can fall between the slats
Can blow away in a high wind

If you're headed out on an adventure, the Coleman Roll Top Aluminum Camping Table is a classic must-have. We've used this table for years on river rafting trips, car camping adventures, and at home. The aluminum construction is very light, with a roll-up table top that easily fits into a carry case. It cleans up nicely and has proven its tenacity on several of our camping trips over the years. Set-up requires putting together the frame and attaching it to the elasticized roll-up top. When assembled, it's stable enough to move around without it collapsing. We've cooked on it with a full two-burner stove, accompanying utensils, and accouterments. Over sand, snow, and dirt, it can easily be stabilized, especially when you load it up with a little extra weight.

While this setup is light and easy to take with you, it can also fly away if you're not careful. This table was lifted and sent into the river on a rafting trip during a wind storm. So as a warning, if high winds are in the forecast, put it away or weigh it down strategically. We've also experienced the plastic tips of this table breaking in the past, which renders it useless, so be careful when setting it up and with how you store it. These warnings aside, this is a top-shelf option if you're in the market for a portable and stable camping table.

folding table - best for camping
Is a roll-up camping table on your list? The Coleman Roll Top is a classic and has stood the test of time in our experience. Use it for any car camping adventure, outdoor project, or river trip. Just know to take care when setting it up and taking it down.
Credit: Amber King


Best for Board Games and Cards

Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 33.5 x 33.5" | Features: Vinyl surface ideal for cards, legs lock in place
Vinyl top prevents cards from slipping
Fits up to four people
Solid hardware and locking mechanism
Can rip or tear from sharp objects
No carry handle & larger to store

The Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table is a vinyl square top table that features a reasonably stable construction when set up on the carpet. At a standing height of 28 inches, it fits up to four people. The vinyl tabletop offers a non-slip surface, excellent for playing cards or other larger board games. The table legs are a little thin, with each leg supported by its locking mechanism. The functionality of these parts is smooth and easy to use. We tested it while playing big board games like Monopoly and regular card games. This is our favorite for game nights of the tables in this review. It's also easy to transport and bring over to a friend's house.

After just a few weeks of use and storage, we noticed some scuffing of the vinyl on the Flash, though it did remain resistant to full-on scratches. This wouldn't be our first choice for construction, gardening, or other hobbies involving sharp tools. During our scratch and slice tests, it was no surprise that the vinyl was easily cut with a small blade. Also, it's not the most stable on solid floors. However, if you're looking for a table for a game night, we think this is an excellent option with a classic appeal.

folding table - best for board games and cards
Planning a game night with a couple of friends? The Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table is a solid addition to your night with a vinyl top square construction.
Credit: Amber King


A Larger Personal Table for Laptop Use

Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Personal Folding Table

Tabletop Dimensions: 30 x 20" | Features: Removable legs with 3 adjustable heights
Easy storage and carry
Large table surface
Very stable design
Tallest height is functional
Challenging height adjustment
Plastic tabletop is far from "indestructible"

The Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Personal Folding Table stands out for its larger tabletop and ultra-stable design. For laptop use, it's our favorite, hands down. It features three main height adjustments (29.5, 25.5, and 19.5 inches) suitable for folks of all heights. You can use it to turn a regular desk into a standing desk or use it on its own with any chair or couch. We even used it as our aid station when using a treadmill during our workouts. We found it very stable in all cases because of its broad base. It can easily be stored underneath a couch, and the legs can be completely separated to make storage simple.

The tabletop quality is our only letdown with this product. Even though it's called the "IndestrucTable," it is far from it. After just a few weeks of use, we noticed scratches and scuffs. We also noticed that the plastic polymer on the top sheet started bubbling, suggesting poor craftsmanship. The height adjustment process is also a bit of a pain. Both legs can come out and need to be pushed into the slots, which requires a bit of muscle to release and set. Caveats aside, we reached for this table when we needed to set up a personal laptop station in our living room. We don't think you'll be disappointed if you're in the market for a smaller personal table with a larger desktop space and stable design.

folding table - the iceberg indestructable too personal folding table is our...
The Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Personal Folding Table is our favorite for laptop use with its larger tabletop and ultra-stable design.
Credit: Amber King


A Stylish Round Rattan Table

Flash Furniture Round Rattan Folding Table

Tabletop Diameter: 31.5" | Design: Plastic faux-rattan surface
Stylish option
Easy to fold and transport
One-step setup
Storage requires some space, but it folds flat
Smaller than it looks

If you're looking for a round table that'll look good in your living space, the Flash Furniture Round Rattan Folding Table should be considered. This super cute option looks great and has oodles of uses, from morning coffee to afternoon crafting to evening game night. Its hardware is quality and operates smoothly. It also folds up easily with one single action and can be easily carried by one person and loaded up into a car or truck for transport. The plastic legs have protective caps for interior floors, while the plastic construction also does well outdoors.

While this table easily folds flat, the tabletop doesn't fold in half, so it takes up a bit more storage space. It's also a little smaller than it looks. We originally brought this to a friend's house to play Monopoly to learn there wasn't enough room to set up the board game and host four people. As a result, we'd recommend it for smaller games or fewer people. If you're seeking a good-looking round table, this one looks great indoors or on a patio and can accommodate a wide range of uses.

folding table - looking to share a coffee with one other person? this round rattan...
Looking to share a coffee with one other person? This round rattan plastic fold-up table is super cute and looks great in any living space. Use it for a variety of chores and transport it easily.
Credit: Amber King


Faux Marble Set of 4

Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

Tabletop Dimensions: 19 x 16" | Features: Faux marbled look, 4 trays, rack for storage
Stylish for some decors
Protective on hardwood
Clean look
Comes with 4 trays
Wobbly on hardwood & carpet
No locking mechanism
High price

The Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set features a faux marble surface that'll look chic and sophisticated in most living rooms. The set comes with four tray tables and a storage rack that requires installation. This product is a good solution if you prefer to make dinners in front of the TV or need several matching side tables around your home. We appreciate the user-friendly dimensions that will do as a small laptop station in a pinch and the attractive smooth surface. These also seem to be built of higher quality materials than other contenders of a similar style in this review, and they won't scratch your floors.

While this set will look great in any living room, performance is lacking. It wobbles side to side on both hardwood and carpets when using it for eating or computer work. It doesn't lock when set up, making it seem unstable and impossible to move with items on the tabletop. The most significant caveat, however, is the price. While it's got a cute look and comes in a set of four, it's still expensive with lackluster performance and construction. As a result, it's not one we'd recommend to our friends or family. However, if you like the faux marble look and stability isn't crucial, you might find value in this set.

folding table - a chic faux marble set that is a little expensive with sub-par...
A chic faux marble set that is a little expensive with sub-par performance. However, it still does the job and looks great in any living room.
Credit: Amber King


A Bargain Wood TV Tray Set

Mainstay 5 Piece Tray Table Set

Tabletop Dimensions: 19 x 15" | Features: Wood (particle board) construction, 5 trays, rack for storage
Wooden look fits many decors
Light and easy to store
Great price
Flimsy construction
Legs scratch hardwood
Can't maneuver without it collapsing

The Mainstay 5 Piece Tray Table Set offers the right amount of functionality you'd expect from any low-priced tray table set. It's got a wooden particle board construction that'll allow you to eat a meal or do small crafts in front of the television. The smaller table dimensions will still fit any laptop, and the trays stack nicely on their storage rack. There are five tables in the package with a price that is hard to beat.

Unfortunately, with a great price also comes lower quality. The rough edges scratch the floor, which is not ideal. It doesn't lock into place, resulting in wobble and instability. That also means you can't pick it up and move it with anything on the tabletop. Should you decide to use the storage rack, the installation will take some time. Even though the Mainstay 5 Piece Tray Table Set isn't the highest quality contender, it still performs similarly to others that cost almost twice the price, making it a good bargain buy if you're in the market for a wooden tray table set.

folding table - a cute wooden tray set at a great price.
A cute wooden tray set at a great price.
Credit: Amber King

folding table
Credit: Amber King

Why You Should Trust Us

Our review process for these tables began with deep research. We looked at over 40 different products before selecting some of the best to test side-by-side. Then the real-life testing began — we measured dimensions, shook each at different heights, scratched and sliced tabletops, scrubbed them down, timed setup and breakdown, and used them in the field. We used them for crafting projects, gardening sessions, with kids at work, and for events. We objectively tested quality by assessing the smooth operation of hardware and key craftsmanship details. All to help you find the best folding table for your specific needs.

Our main tester Amber King and her testing team bring a whopping seven years of experience to the table (see what we did there?). Amber has tested and written over 30 categories for GearLab, covering electronics, outdoor gear, and household items. She is the founder of a local non-profit in Ridgway, Colorado, called Treeline Education, which is an outdoor enrichment program. On school days, she uses folding tables regularly. She also uses them during community astronomy events and at home. She works on household projects where each table is regularly employed. In addition, she works remotely part-time, using smaller personal tables as workstations in different locations around her home.

Our testing process includes confirming all manufacturer claims.
Our testing process includes confirming all manufacturer claims.
We don't hold back once the testing gets started! Every table had a...
We don't hold back once the testing gets started! Every table had a run-in with a sharp knife to fully test durability.
All our contenders, lined up and ready to go.
All our contenders, lined up and ready to go.

Analysis and Test Results

This review covers a wide range of folding table options. From full length to personal use tables to tray sets. When using each, we note key differences and similarities to help you understand how each product compares. We assess each on the following key metrics: stability, ease of use, portability, storage, and quality.

folding table - putting our full-length folding tables to work during this shelf...
Putting our full-length folding tables to work during this shelf building project. Here we see the Office Star (left) and Cosco Deluxe (right) table used.
Credit: Amber King


A table that doesn't shake and stays put while you use it is of utmost importance. What good is a table you can't trust to hold up the items you put on top of it? We shook each table and evaluated its stability elements to test this metric. We also set it up over uneven terrain, carpet, and hard floors to test lateral movement. We then used each while doing household projects, working on them daily.

folding table - the iceberg indestructable too personal folding table is incredibly...
The Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Personal Folding Table is incredibly stable, making it our favorite option for a personalized living room laptop station. The wide base and tabletop doesn't shake, even when typing.
Credit: Amber King

The most stable contenders proved to be the Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO, Cosco Deluxe, and Lifetime 4-foot Commercial Adjustable. The Iceberg is a smaller-sized personal table with a base almost as wide as the table itself. The larger and thicker tabletop design absorbs shake and movement, making it an excellent laptop table on hardwood or carpet. The Lifetime Adjustable is another personal-sized option that earns a high score because of its durable tabletop design, but it's not nearly as stable as the Iceberg IndestrucTable.

folding table - a look at the designs of the three larger folding tables in this...
A look at the designs of the three larger folding tables in this review. The Office Star (right) is the most stable when set up due to its bow-legged architecture. The Cosco Deluxe (center) is great too and locks into place when set up. The Lifetime 4-foot (left) is also stable at its two lowest settings, though the highest one gets wobbly.
Credit: Amber King

The Cosco Deluxe and Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial are longer full table options. The Cosco is 6 feet long (and also available in an 8-foot length) with a straight wide leg structure and several stability slats, providing limited movement once set up. It locks across all the folding hinges, ensuring it won't fold in on itself. The OfficeStar Bench and Table set is also quite stable with a thicker tabletop and a similar level of stability to the Cosco Deluxe — though it doesn't have the locking features. The Lifetime 4-foot Commercial is a straight leg design with multiple heights. Its stability varies, with it being the most stable at the lowest setting. Since it doesn't fold in half, its stability comes in the form of its full-tabletop construction. Overall, of the larger tables, if you want the best in stability, go with the Cosco Deluxe.

folding table - the full tabletop construction of the lifetime 4-foot commercial...
The full tabletop construction of the Lifetime 4-foot Commercial Adjustable in addition to the reinforced V-frame makes this pretty stable at low and medium settings. At its highest, there is a little side to side wobble.
Credit: Amber King

All of the table tray sets we tested proved to be relatively unstable, with lots of shaking and lateral movement and no locking mechanisms to speak of. For mid-range sized options, the Flash Furniture Round Rattan is stable on carpet and hardwood, as is the Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table. The Coleman Camping Table stands out for being stable over uneven terrain, designed for adventures into the backcountry.

Ease of Use

How easily can you take your table down and put it back up again? To test this metric, we fiddled with all the parts and practiced putting our tables together and taking them down to understand which are the easiest to use. We also evaluated which are easiest to clean and maintain and assessed their ability to set up and be functional on various surfaces.

folding table - the lifetime 4-foot adjustable table uses a smooth and easy to use...
The Lifetime 4-Foot Adjustable table uses a smooth and easy to use pinch to bring the table up or down. You can do this with the tabletop loaded, with the ability to adjust from floor level to top height in ten seconds.
Credit: Amber King

A vital trait of any folding table is its ease of use, so most tables did well in this metric. The Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial earns top marks in this category since there is no need to fold the table in half to get it going — only the legs collapse. Plus, we love the easy adjustment buttons on each leg that allow you to adjust the height, even with items on its tabletop. None of the other long tables in our review have this level of adjustability, making it one of the most versatile. It takes about 10 seconds to take down and put up.

Our other large table options, like the Cosco Deluxe and Office Star Folding Bench and Table, took about 20 seconds to take down and put up. Both have hooks or latches to open them up, with legs that easily open up for quick and easy setup. Cleaning on all three is simple with a hand wipe or sanitizer. The Cosco proves to clean up a little better than the others because its dark color doesn't show dirt as readily.

folding table - the flash furniture round rattan table simply requires you to...
The Flash Furniture Round Rattan table simply requires you to release the lock on one side and it's ready for storage. One of the easiest products tested to take down and put up again.
Credit: Amber King

The Flash Furniture Round Rattan also has a super quick setup (about 8 seconds) that requires just one simple movement to erect and take down. Cleaning it, however, proved to be a little harder due to the weaved finish. The Flash Furniture Card Table, in contrast, requires opening each leg separately, which takes a little more time (20 seconds), but the smooth vinyl surface is a breeze to clean.

Of the smaller personal use tables, the Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table is by far the easiest to use. It and the Iceberg IndestrucTable Personal Folding Table have three main adjustable heights, with the Iceberg having a few more options as you can remove both legs and choose which slates to adjust it into. However, it advertises only three main heights (29.5, 25.5, and 19.5 inches). The Lifetime Adjustable is preferred because of its easier-to-use adjustment system. For both, you need to flip the table upside down to adjust the height, but the Lifetime Adjustable has a handy spring bar that makes the adjustment much easier. The Iceberg IndestrucTable, on the other hand, has a bar that you need to pull out with a little muscle and push back in manually.

folding table - the adjustment systems of the iceberg indestructable (left)...
The adjustment systems of the Iceberg IndestrucTable (left) and Lifetime Adjustable (right). The Lifetime proves to be much easier as it uses a spring-loaded lever to change the height in less time. The Iceberg requires you to pull the bars from the spaces and push them back in.
Credit: Amber King

The Coleman Camping Table, Mainstay 5-piece, and Linon Home Decor Set are all easy to use as well. The Coleman takes a little more time to put together (about three minutes) and is best over uneven surfaces. The tray sets are ready for use right away, setting up in under 10 seconds.


Most tables that are folded are transported either around the house or from place to place. As a result, we think that portability is very important. To evaluate this metric, we looked at each table's design and how easy they are to transport. We also opened each up and tried to move them around to see if any fold back in on themselves or can't maintain their shape. Those that are lighter with a great carry mechanism that locks on the folding hinges do best in this category.

folding table - contenders like the lifetime 4-foot that can be moved around easily...
Contenders like the Lifetime 4-Foot that can be moved around easily after being set-up do well in this metric. We also like options with comfortable carry handles and a weight that's easy to handle.
Credit: Amber King

The most portable full folding table is the Cosco Deluxe and the Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial. The Cosco Deluxe boasts a six-foot design with a sturdy handle for carrying. In addition, when set up, it locks into place, making it easy to move around. The Lifetime Commercial Adjustable scores a little lower — it's bulkier to carry because it does not fold in half; however, the handle is more sturdy than the Cosco Deluxe. The Office Star 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set is great to move from place to place. Both benches and the table fold in half and lock for transport, with great handles. However, it earns lower points because it doesn't lock once set up. As a result, if you try and move the table or chairs, they collapse, meaning you can't move the tables after set up when things are on top of them.

folding table - the office star set has the best carry handles of the bunch, on both...
The Office Star set has the best carry handles of the bunch, on both the benches and table.
Credit: Amber King

Of the personal-size folding tables, the Lifetime Adjustable Laptop Table and Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO are the most portable. Neither fold up, and neither have handles, but they are incredibly light, and the legs bend down flat for easy maneuverability. The Lifetime Laptop Table earns an extra point in this category because it is slightly lighter and smaller than the Iceberg IndestrucTable. The Flash Furniture Rattan and Flash Furniture Card Table both fold down and are relatively light, though neither have handles. However, they both lock into place, so you can easily change their position when set up, even if you've got the tabletop littered with cards or a game.

folding table - the flash round rattan has no carry handle but it's incredibly...
The Flash Round Rattan has no carry handle but it's incredibly light, with the legs basically turning into a handle for easy transport.
Credit: Amber King


A folding table should also store easily in a closet, basement, or under a piece of furniture. To test this, we simply packed each one up and noted the profile and space they took up. Those that stash away the best earn the highest kudos in this category.

folding table - a look at the size of each contender folded down. as you can see...
A look at the size of each contender folded down. As you can see, the Coleman Roll Top Aluminum Camping Table (bottom left) takes up the least amount of space, making it a great option for travel.
Credit: Amber King

The most storable tables are the smallest, which isn't too surprising. The Coleman Roll Top Camping Table is the cream of the crop in this department as it breaks down completely and fits into a handy carrying bag. The Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table and Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Personal Folding Table both fold up flat and fit under a piece of furniture. The Lifetime Laptop Table is a touch smaller, but the Iceberg IndestrucTable has the ability to remove its legs completely, earning it a slightly higher score in this category. The tray table sets, including the Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set and Mainstay 5 Piece Tray Table Set, come with storage racks that easily stack next to a couch or in a closet. If you prefer to keep them out of sight, they slide underneath furniture easily as well.

folding table - we appreciate that the lifetime adjustable folding laptop table...
We appreciate that the Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table folds and has locks across the back of the table. Here we store it behind our bike trainer for use as a side table to hold water and snacks while training.
Credit: Amber King


A product that you won't have to buy again or that will last you a long time is an important consideration, especially when it comes to the wallet. As a result, we looked at the hardware, materials, thickness, and critical hinge points to assess quality. We also scratched and sliced each surface to see which ones could handle the inevitable scrapes and scuffs of life.

folding table - not all tables are made the same. here we size up the lifetime...
Not all tables are made the same. Here we size up the Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial (left) to the Cosco Deluxe (right). While both perform well, the Lifetime is built from sturdier materials and hardware.
Credit: Amber King

Of all the tables tested, the Lifetime 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable and Lifetime Adjustable Folding Laptop Table have the most durable tabletops. The components are solid, smooth, and don't stick. The Office Star 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set comes in a close second with a thicker scratch-resistant tabletop and burly hardware. The Cosco Deluxe pales in comparison to these full folding tables in this metric. While it seems sturdy enough, the plastic tabletop is thin and showed craftsmanship issues upon unpackaging.

We also like the Flash Furniture Round Rattan and Flash Furniture Vinyl Card Table. Both have smooth components that can scuff, but use a darker color so you can't see the damage as easily. The Iceberg IndestrucTable scores fewer points because the tabletop, despite being thick, has scratched deeply with minimal use. The tray table sets score even lower, with the Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set, a faux marble set, looking to be a touch more high quality than the particleboard Mainstay 5 Piece Tray Table Set.

folding table - we hope our research has helped you out! here we set up a couple of...
We hope our research has helped you out! Here we set up a couple of contenders at a local community astronomy night. One of the many ways we test each product to give you an idea of what's excellent and what should be left at the warehouse.
Credit: Amber King


While the folding table market is wide, there's a light at the end of the table tunnel. We've done the hard work of testing the most popular products, so you don't have to guess your way through the selection process. Whether it is an award winner or a high-ranking option, we believe our unbiased review will help you find an excellent folding table for your needs and budget.

Amber King

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GearLab is founded on the principle of honest, objective, reviews. Our experts test thousands of products each year using thoughtful test plans that bring out key performance differences between competing products. And, to assure complete independence, we buy all the products we test ourselves. No cherry-picked units sent by manufacturers. No sponsored content. No ads. Just real, honest, side-by-side testing and comparison.

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