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Editors' Choice Award
Powerful, fully featured, and easy to use and clean, great for large rooms and those that want precise and consistent humidity levels
Best Buy Award
A great budget option if you don't need advanced features and want to humidify a smaller room
Top Pick Award
Quite effective and powerful for its price, but don't forget you'll have to pay for replacement filters for the life of the machine
Best Buy Award
If you don't mind vigorous cleaning this is a good low-priced high-power option
A simple and budget-conscious option for smaller spaces
A good choice if you're looking for a larger tank capacity on the cheap, but not an elite performer
A nice budget option for standard to large sized bedrooms
Good if your bedroom is slightly larger than average and you don't mind using some elbow grease when cleaning time rolls around
A decent and inexpensive way to add humidify a small bedroom, but better performance can be found for less
Adequate for small rooms, but there are better low cost/small room models available
Multiple other models offer similar or superior performance for much less, both upfront and in the long run
Attempts to be a great budget model, but other offerings perform significantly better in that regard
While good, this is not the best model around, yet costs 5 times as much as other top performers