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Editors' Choice Award
The ProtectiveClean 4100 is a fantastic toothbrush that holds its own with the very best of the best of these products
Top Pick Award
This is a great toothbrush but prohibitively expensive for most people
Editors' Choice Award
The SmartClean is comfortable with a great battery life though it didn't do the best in our cleaning test
If you prefer a side-to-side brushing motion because it is a little gentler on your gums and our shopping on a budget, then the Sonicare Series 2 is for you
This product is a great choice if you want the ability to finely tune how your toothbrush brushes
We found it hard to distinguish between using the Quip and a manual toothbrush
Great at cleaning and convenient to use, but the premium price can make a dent on your budget
While this is a solid toothbrush with great looks, its exorbitant price gives us some hesitation to recommend
Best Buy Award
Great cleaning performance on a budget but is a bit rough on sensitive gums
The 6100 failed to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack with its lackluster showing
This brush delivered a middle-of-the-road performance and is priced accordingly
Amazing cleaning performance with an app to help motivate but it can be harsh on sensitive gums
If you don't want the clutter of having a separate water pick on your counter, then this is your best bet
While inexpensive, this brush seems quite antiquated and didn't score all that well