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How We Tested Gaming Keyboards

Tuesday August 22, 2023

In order to find the best gaming keyboard, we collected the best products on the market to test side-by-side. In order to do this, we developed five testing metrics: lighting customization, performance, ease of programming and macros, convenience, and palm rest quality. The following is a detailed summary of how each test was conducted.

Lighting Customization

Lighting customization is a crucial aspect when evaluating high-performance gaming keyboards. To accurately assess this metric, our rigorous testing process examines various factors that contribute to the overall lighting experience. Firstly, we assess the overall ease of customizing, taking into consideration the user-friendliness of the keyboard's software or onboard controls.

There are numerous lighting customization possibilities available for this affordable keyboard.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The level of customization offered by each keyboard is another essential aspect of our evaluation. Top-tier gaming keyboards provide a wide range of customization options, allowing gamers to express their creativity and match their setups to their preferences. From basic color changes to intricate patterns and effects, keyboards with extensive customization capabilities garner high marks in this category.

We also assess whether the keyboard offers Zone or Individual (per-key) customization. Per-key lighting customization empowers gamers to create unique configurations for each key, highlighting specific keys for different games or functions. On the other hand, zone lighting allows for broader lighting effects across designated areas of the keyboard. Striking a balance between zone and individual customization enhances the overall lighting experience, offering a higher level of personalization.

We also consider the number of presets available in the keyboard's lighting settings, color options, and where the colors light up on the keyboard. Preset configurations allow users to swiftly switch between various lighting setups without reconfiguring them from scratch. In comparison, color option evaluates the color palette that the keyboard offers.

Seamlessly change your keyboard's color profile with a push of a button.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


For our next metric, we evaluated the performance of each of the keyboards we tested. Our testing process focused its attention on N-Key rollover/anti-ghosting and latency.

When assessing N-Key rollover/anti-ghosting, we examined the keyboards' ability to accurately detect and process multiple simultaneous key presses without any signal conflicts or missed inputs. This feature is crucial, especially in fast-paced and intense gaming scenarios where precise and swift combinations of keystrokes are essential for gaining a competitive edge.

Latency is the time it takes for the keyboard to register and transmit keystrokes to the computer. Swift and precise keystroke response is paramount for gamers seeking a seamless and lag-free gaming experience. We employed advanced testing methods to assess how quickly each keyboard translated key presses into on-screen actions, ensuring that the keyboards delivered optimal responsiveness, ultimately enhancing gamers' overall accuracy and control.

What made the Redragon truly remarkable was its exceptional latency performance.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Programming and Macros

We conducted thorough testing to assess the ease of programming and macros functionalities. We gauged the general impression and ease of use of each keyboard's programming software or onboard controls, ensuring that gamers could effortlessly customize and program their desired macros. We also examined the number of programmable buttons and how straightforward it was to assign specific functions to each key. Additionally, we assessed whether the keyboards offered on-the-fly macro making, extra macro buttons, and the capability for individual event editing, providing users with greater customization options.

gaming keyboard - a simple keyboard can make gaming so much easier.
A simple keyboard can make gaming so much easier.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


We carefully consider the convenience factor that each gaming keyboard provides to its users. We take into account the available switch types, how easy it is to swap keycaps, whether there are dedicated media controls, and the presence and functionality of USB passthrough. By assessing these factors, we aim to provide gamers with valuable insights to help them choose a keyboard that maximizes convenience and usability for their gaming needs.

gaming keyboard - the ducky one 3 mini has many swappable key types giving gamers...
The Ducky One 3 Mini has many swappable key types giving gamers remarkable versatility.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Palm Rest

A good palm rest is an essential item for those who want to game long hours comfortably. Our evaluation is based on the material and approximate angle while considering the ideal hand size for a given palm rest. All of these factors should result in a comfortable experience.

Some palm rests are detachable from the keyboard.
Credit: Abriah Wofford