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Editors' Choice Award
If you want the absolute best of the best when it comes to electric skateboards, you can't go wrong with the GTX
One of the top boards currently available.
Editors' Choice Award
Earning one of the top overall scores to date, you can't go wrong with the Plus
Top Pick Award
Hands down, the is the best board for you if you value having a good time above all else
Best Buy Award
If you want a board that can venture off the pavement on a budget, then the Pint is the perfect choice
Best Buy Award
For the budget-conscious shopper who doesn't want to make a ton of concessions, the Mini X is a great choice
The Ride1UP delivered a relatively middle-of-the-road performance and retails at a price that reflects that
This product delivers a solid performance across the board with a particularly noteworthy range, but may give you sticker shock at the price
Best Buy Award
The Backfire is by far your best bet if you are shopping for a new E-skateboard on a shoestring budget
If you are looking for an E-skateboard without spending an exorbitant amount of cash, then the Boosted Mini S should be your first choice
Expensive for a fair electric stakeboard
A solid board at a more affordable price than many others but not quite good enough to win an award
The Teamgee H5 is a middle-of-the-road skateboard but you can get better boards for the same price