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Editors' Choice Award
For those that want a top-notch headset and are willing to pay a premium, this product is an excellent option
Editors' Choice Award
If you are ready to make the switch to a wireless headset, then this is our all-around favorite cord-free model
If you want a great headset that does well across the board and won't blow your budget, look no further than the Cloud II
Best Buy Award
If you are shopping for a solid product that won't cost you too much, then we think this headset is a great choice
While the GSP 600 received a good score, it's quite a bit more expensive than some headsets that did a bit better
If you are shopping on the tightest of budgets, then the G332 is an alright choice
Best Buy Award
This headset is a great bargain option, holding its own with the top models while costing considerably less
While this product does an amazing job when is comes to audio, it is 2-10 times more expensive than any other product in the group
Failing to impress us all that much, the G635 had an overall middle-of-the-road set of results
This wireless headset pairs a relatively middling performance with a higher than average price tag
While we do like the lower price tag of this headset, it struggled to distinguish itself compared to some of the other options
The haptics are a neat features but they can't quite redeem some of the other drawbacks with this headset
If you are looking to go the wireless headset route, then this product is a solid option
Programmable lights do little to redeem the overall disappointing performance of the Void Pro