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Worx 13 Amp 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

While not perfect, this electric pressure washer offers excellent light-duty cleaning for anyone on a tight budget
worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer
Credit: WORX
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Price:  $100 List
Manufacturer:   WORX
By Austin Palmer and Conrad Salonites  ⋅  Sep 28, 2021
  • Cleaning - 45% 5.3
  • Portability - 30% 8.6
  • Noise - 15% 2.2
  • Ease of Use - 10% 5.1

Our Verdict

The Worx 13 offers a great showing for those who only need a pressure washer periodically and don't want to break the bank. Being electric spares you much of the required maintenance of gas engines, and its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport from the garage to the cleaning site. As might be expected, its cleaning strength is just middle-of-the-road and it lacks organization for the cords and hoses, resulting in a pretty gangly heap. However, for an exceptionally low price, the Worx 13 will handle almost all light-duty needs, plus a little more.
Easy to carry
Quick connects
No hose/cord storage options

Our Analysis and Test Results

We put the Worx 13 through all our tests, challenging its cleaning capabilities, portability, produced noise, and ease of use. The Worx 13 distinguishes itself with its lightweight design and the maintenance benefits of being an electric pressure washer.

Performance Comparison

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - the worx 13 offers nozzle storage on the wand, guaranteeing quick...
The Worx 13 offers nozzle storage on the wand, guaranteeing quick changes.
Credit: Laura Casner


Most consumers' primary concern when shopping for a pressure washer is: how well does it clean? Thus, our cleaning metric accounts for 45% of our scoring process. Given that, the Worx 13 falls solidly into the middle of the pack when compared to the other tested models. To achieve this result, we tested this pressure washer's cleaning capabilities, creatively double-checked its power, and empirically tested the marketed data.

To test the cleaning power of the Worx 13, we soiled a carpet with activated charcoal, then had this washer give it a thorough clean. It provided a consistent showing, taking about six and a half minutes to produce a clean carpet during both tests. This score fell in the middle of our tested products, producing a thoroughly clean carpet, although without some of the time efficiency of the higher scorers.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - with a 1722 cleaning unit score, the worx 13 provides a thorough...
With a 1722 cleaning unit score, the Worx 13 provides a thorough clean of dirty surfaces.
Credit: Laura Casner

To translate the data into a far more imaginable metric, we utilized our homemade bocce ball test to illustrate the concentrated force the Worx 13 can produce. At a 24-degree angle, we were able to keep a bocce ball suspended at 3.5 feet from the nozzle. Once more, a strong, but still middle-of-the-pack showing, from the Worx 13.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - the concentrated force of the worx 13 kept a bocce ball suspended at...
The concentrated force of the Worx 13 kept a bocce ball suspended at 3.5 feet.
Credit: Austin Palmer

To verify the cleaning units for the Worx 13, we got a little creative. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a suitable fitting to hook up to the pressure gauge, so we were required to utilize a subjective measurement from our testers. However, after testing quite a few pressure washers, we trust these measurements compared to similarly performing products, such as results from the carpet cleaning. Thus, we arrived at a cleaning unit score of 1722, this number being the product of our educated-guess pounds per square inch (PSI) of 1400 and our measured gallons per minute output (GPM) of 1.23. We trust this score, as it falls reasonably near the advertised cleaning unit, and continues to complement our experience that this is still a well-performing machine.


The Worx 13 really shines in our portability metric. Being a pressure washer that you can easily carry, this would be an ideal tool to provide deep cleaning in locations that would be unreachable by heavier machines that need to be wheeled around. However, a frustrating cord situation keeps the Worx 13 from first place in portability.

The convenience of a pressure washer that weighs only sixteen pounds and is remarkably compact cannot be understated. However, the Worx 13 becomes cumbersome by a poorly designed cord system, which suffers from constantly dangling. Of course, when in use this wouldn't be a problem, but during transportation or storage, the inability to tie the cords up in a tidy manner is inconvenient. Lacking a designated hook for both the power cord and the hose, with the added inconvenience of zero wand storage left us in the awkward position of unceremoniously dumping the loose parts into a heap.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - the worx 13 weighs only 16 pounds, but the cords and hoses have no...
The Worx 13 weighs only 16 pounds, but the cords and hoses have no onboard storage.
Credit: Laura Casner


Out of all our review metrics, the Worx 13 suffered the most during noise testing. The loudest pressure washer we reviewed, hearing protection is essential for any long-term user of the Worx 13.

Our noise testing involved two measurements: the volume measured beside the Worx 13 and the volume measured from twenty-five feet away. With an average decibel reading of 93.9 alongside the Worx 13, continued listening without ear protection could very easily cause long-term hearing damage. From twenty-five feet away, our sensors registered this pressure washer's decibel output as 79.6. That is almost ten decibels higher than the volume of being right next to an active vacuum cleaner.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - ear protection is highly recommended as the worx 13 can be...
Ear protection is highly recommended as the Worx 13 can be earsplittingly loud.
Credit: Laura Casner

Ease of Use

The Worx 13 fairs better under our Ease of Use metric, providing a solid, though not perfect experience. This is an electric pressure washer, so much of the inconvenience from traditional engine maintenance is nonexistent, but a lack of features that are fairly standard across other models hurts performance.

With nearly all of the hose connectors on the Worx 13 being quick connects, this pressure washer offers a more convenient experience than all the other models. The sole exception is the garden hose connector, but thankfully there is ample room provided to ensure an easy connection. Coming equipped with nozzle storage built into the wand, the Worx 13 does offer some storage convenience. Best of all, despite its relatively lightweight, we never had any difficulty with this pressure washer becoming unstable.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - except for the garden hose connection, the worx 13 offers all quick...
Except for the garden hose connection, the Worx 13 offers all quick connects.
Credit: Laura Casner

Throughout our testing of the Worx 13, what repeatedly left us dissatisfied was the lack of any storage option for the included hose or cord. With a hose length of 25.5 feet and a power cord length of 35 feet, we did not like the apparent complete disregard for any form of storage, leaving us to drop the hose quite literally into a loose pile beside the pressure washer. Although not quite as egregious, our tested model did not come equipped with either an onboard soap container or a separate soap bottle. Although easily procurable, this was the only model we tested which did not provide any sort of addition involving soap.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - although the worx 13 is an electric pressure washer, there is no...
Although the Worx 13 is an electric pressure washer, there is no extra storage for the power cord.
Credit: Laura Casner


Although the Worx 13 is not a perfect pressure washer, it nonetheless would get the job done for anyone on a tight budget. While if you plan on using a pressure washer frequently in the long term, we recommend a different product, anyone looking for a machine that can fulfill their needs without wanting to break the bank will find everything they need in the Worx 13. We do recommend getting some form of hook to hold the loose hoses and cords.


The Worx 13 provides a strong showing as an inexpensive pressure washer. Although it suffers from a medley of inconveniences, many of those are counterbalanced by this pressure washer's exceptionally lightweight design and electric operating system. This would be a great pressure washer for those looking to do some odd jobs around the house a few times a year.

worx 13 amp 1500 psi electric pressure washer - anyone looking for a pressure washer for odd jobs around the house...
Anyone looking for a pressure washer for odd jobs around the house will get their money's worth out of the Worx 13.
Credit: Laura Casner

Austin Palmer and Conrad Salonites
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